Wally Must Die 15

Castellar Zaglike is a dedicated Athenosian. A Greek subculture in the Galaxy, it is a planet inhabited by blood feuds and warring houses. They fight it out with bloodmatches in arenas and in duels, and pride and honour and the family name are everything.

'It is noted,' said the Liberator. 'That Athenosians are not unknown to deliberately start blood feuds. Just for the hell of it.'

'I need a beer for the hell of it,' said Agro.

'You and your beer,' replied Wally.

They neared Athenos, and landed on a vacant runway in a southern region of a large continent. A jeep came out and met them and a man dressed like a gladiator talked with them.

'Troy Barbarossa,' he said. 'I'm congenial lady,' he said, taking Liberator's hand, and kissing it.

'You are aware I have details of the Corporation on this planet and some of its handling of affairs to suit themselves and their intent on retaining power and influence. They are meddling in your politics for starters,' said Wally.

'They are part of Athenosian life. We take that for granted,' replied Castellar.

Later they were in a bunker.

'The war is coming,' said Castellar. 'It will be brief. 2 or 3 days of bombing, for the sake of the grudge, and they will leave us alone.'

'Your clan houses will be destroyed,' said the Liberator.

'We'll rebuild,' replied Castellar. 'Honour is important.'

'But why won't you hit back?' asked Wally.

Castellar glared at him. 'Because it would be dishonourable to retalliate over lust.'

Wally said nothing.

The bombings came, and the family of Zaglikes houses and properties were destroyed. But they were safe in their bunkers, playing cards as if it was an everyday occurrence.

'What now?' asked the Liberator.

'Plug that USB in there,' he said to Wally, looking at his hand of cards, but pointing to a PC against the wall. Wally did so,and brought up some files related to Athenos. He then started rifling through his mind and started typing.

'I'll be typing for about 3 or 4 hours,' said Wally.

It was late, and Liberator was beside Wally who was typing. She was yawning, but looking at the screen.

'It's all in your head, ain't it,' she said.

'Were it's programmed,' replied Wally.

'That's our life, you know. Programs. A world full of zeroes and ones. Been like that a long time in humanity.'

'It probably works for us, though. I like computers when it comes right down to it.'

'Me too,' she replied.

The following day Jordan, Castellar's father, was at the PC, reviewing the files and Wallys notes.

'I see,' he said.

'Guilty of a lot, aren't they,' remarked Wally, sipping on some Coke.

'More than what we probably tolerate, actually.'

'I think we need a bit of a tempered response,' said Castellar. He turned to the Liberator. 'We Athenosians are practical. The Corporation and its sarcastic decadence suits us well enough anyway. We won't try and get rid of them. But some of these things will be discussed with various of their membership.'

'If that's what you think is best,' replied Liberator.

That afternoon they left the bunkers and reviewed their properties. They were all destroyed for the most part.

'There will still be a lot to salvage,' said Castellar. 'We have all our important items in the basements and bunkers, but we could not naturally take it all. We will rebuild soon enough.'

'Good for you,' said Liberator.

'Not for you though,' said Manhunter X, suddenly appearing, and bashing Liberator in the guts.

Wally backed down, and stared at the Manhunter.

'You are dead Wally,' said the Manhunter.

'You got a new line,' replied Wally sarcastically.

'Wally must die,' grinned the manhunter X. Liberator hit him. Hard. He collapsed. His brain went on overload, and he passed out.

'We'll deal with him,' said Castellar.

As they left orbit Liberators looked at the screen on the departing planet.

'Sometimes people don't even want a redeemer,' she said.

'But sometimes they do,' replied Wally.

And then Agro came in with beer, burped, and said 'Let's get the hell out of here.'

The End