Wally Must Die 14

'Where to next?' asked Wally.

'Meridian,' replied Liberator, pushing some buttons on the control deck of the spaceship.

'Meridian. Playboy's paradise,' replied Wally.

'Don't get any funny ideas,' said Liberator.

They travel, and soon arrive on planet Meridian, landing in the city of Astana, near a hotel. They exit the ship and are soon greeted by a lady, a cyborg lady, in techno design outfit.

'Welcome to Meridian. How long will you be staying with us?'

'A short while,' replied Liberator, while Wally is gawking at the woman.

They book a room in the hotel, and Wally wanders down to the main lounge. There are hot women everywhere, paying attention to rich playboy billionaires. Soon Liberator appears, looking stunning, in a red dress. Wally is flabbergasted looking at her.

'You look – amazing,' he said. She shrugs it off.

They spend the evening gambling, and soon at a table they are having a drink, and Wally is doing his best to stay cool.

'You know, we've been through a lot,' he says to the Liberator.

'Quite a bit,' she replies.

'I've grown fond of you,' he says. She glares at him, and he says 'Right. Understood,' and takes a sip on his glass of whiskey.

A man sits down next to them, in a suit, and passes liberator a mini-disk, which she takes, puts in her pocket, and the man leaves.

'let's go,' she says.

They return to their room and start going through the disk on their computer. Wally looks at some of the data, and makes connections with corporation people.

'They run child prostitution here,' she says. 'Young teenage girls. It's rampant in Astana especially. The people live in ignorance of the corruption going on.'

'That will change soon enough,' replies Wally.

The next morning they are at breakfast, and Manhunter X appears, and shoots at Wally. He misses. He shouts 'Wally Must Die!'

Wally jumps up, and Liberator starts attacking Manhunter X, as they brawl.

A lady suddenly appears, grabs wally, and says 'Follow me.'

'She's in trouble,' he says.

'Looks like she can handle herself,' replies the lady.

Wally follows the woman, and they come into the basement, soon departing in a fast travelling vehicle. They come to the countryside, and into a farmstead.

As they exit the vehicle, and elderly man greets them and takes them inside.

'There aren't many of us. But we are widespread. I'm Jonathon. This is Sarah.'

'We met,' said Wally.

'What can you say for us?' asks the man, looking earnestly at Wally.

The following day Liberator appears at the farmstead. She has a big gash in her arm, which is being treated.

'he looks worse,' said the Liberator.

'I believe you,' replies Wally. 'Where is he now.'

'Recovering I would imagine,' said the Liberator. 'I managed to get away after I got him down,' but he wounded me pretty bad.

'You'll live,' said Wally.

'That's encouraging,' replied the Liberator.

Jonathon came in the room. 'You can speak online. We have a link to worldwide television. It was a difficult hack to get done, and we'll probably be cracked shortly. But if you speak now, we can make people know what is going on.'

Wally processes in his mind, and is seated in front of a camera.

'I'm Wally. And I know a lot about the corporation. They aren't exactly the good guys we all would like to think.' Wally goes on to explain to Meridian about the corruption of the corporation, and the child prostitution going on. Scenes show people being shocked about the news, and making comments. When the broadcast was finished Sarah says 'That will change things now. Things will get better.'

Suddenly, though, a loud bang, and Sarahs eyes roll over, as she collapses to the groun, a bullet hole in her back.

'Wally must die.'

'I'm getting sick of that,' says Wally, and grabs a gun, starting to fire at the Manhunter X.

The Liberator attacks the Manhunter, while Wally looks at Sarah for a moment, who is not dead, but badly wounded, though Jonathon rushes to her, and says 'Go. Now. Get out while you can. They have the place surrounded. You can leave out the back. There's a tunnel into the mountain which comes out the other side.'

Wally radios Agro to get the ship ready, and after liberator hits Manhunter X in the head, dazing him, she follows and they find the tunnel, rushign through. They close a gate in the middle of the tunnel, barring it, as Manhunter lets off rounds of ammunition which make shattering noises on the steel gate. They get to the end of the tunnel, and the ship descends, soon the couple climbing on board.

'Lets get out of here,' says Agro, and they take to the skies.

'Do you think Sarah will be alright?' Wally asked Liberator.

'Some times there are prices to pay,' replied the Liberator.

'Don't I know it,' says Wally.

The End