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Children of Destiny

The Origin of Love


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Callodyn and Kayella: The Origin of Love

Part One


The Mountain


.....Time passed in the world. And the madmen lived, and the madmen breathed their words. And they put up a trademark sign on everything and everyone. And then, one day, Saruviel climbed a mountain on Eternya, a large mountain, overlooking an American City, and he found an undiscovered cave in the mountain, for it was a new part of Eternya, only settled recently. And Saruviel hollowed out the mountain, privately, having acquired the land, and built his citadel. It could house the Onaphim, the Oraphim, the Ozraphim, the Seraphim, & the Cherubim of Eternity, as well as some of the Ketravim and Saruvim. And there were those of Infinity chosen also, as well as those of heaven, and others of the faithful amongst the children of men. And Saruviel built his mountain in this world, far from the centre of Eternya, a place which sin had yet to permeate deeply, and he gathered the children of destiny, and they didn't object, and they came to live in the mountain, and the mountain was sealed off, and the administrator assigned a position at the top of the mountain, on the small abode, where he could dwell, and interact with both the mountain community, and the real world. And the Mountain was cut off, in time, from memory by the populace in the city below, for it had become owned by some or other corporation, and then that was accepted, and the borders of stone wall around it were rarely bothered with by youths anymore, and time passed, and it was forgotten. And then the sin, which Saruviel had seen coming, caught up with the world around the Mountain also, and the Administrator watched, and managed the Mountain's legal standing in the community, and after a while no more public servants ever drove up 'Castle road' to the top of the mountain to the Administrator's house, and it was left in peace, and forgotten. And time passed. But inside the mountain, a rare youth was allowed to be born, and this youth grew up one day, and wondered what their world was, and what was beyond his world. And this is his story.

Chapter One

'Don't be a dumb arse bitch,' said Callodyn to Taylor. 'We're here for practically forever.'

'So you say,' replied Taylor Swift.

'Why?' asked Katy Perry. 'Why the hell stuck in this labyrinth for all time to come?'

'Not technically all time,' said Saruviel, walking up to them in the basketball arena of the Mountain. His footfalls had been soft - they hadn't heard him coming.

'It is likely, in my projections, that war will come one day. Inevitably. It's the nature of sin. Angelkind - mankind - is doomed. Sin grows each generation, and while many repent, it is winning the war. Only the lucky ones will get through this mess.'

'Don't forget babe,' said Callodyn, looking at Katy. 'I've prayed for you over a billion times, babe. Using scripture babe. Don't forget babe.'

'Why she's still around,' said Saruviel, now looking at his noteboard.

'And me?' asked Taylor, innocently.

'Way over a billion too,' replied Callodyn.

Taylor came up to Callodyn, and kissed him on the cheek. 'Thanks. But the world outside will be fine in the end.'

'The calm before the storm, Tails. Don't be so naive,' said Saruviel.

Taylor glanced at Saruviel, but backed down. 'If you say so, Alexander.'

Saruviel looked around the basketball rink, taking notes, looked at the lights, and turned to them. 'Dinner is in half an hour. Don't be late, kids.'

'Yes, bosserino,' replied Callodyn.

'Yes Sir,' said Katy, dramatically saluting Saruviel as he left.

'Very funny Luladiel,' said Saruviel, and was gone.

'I'm stuck in a mountain,' said Luladiel. 'With Callodyn the Cool and Saruviel the Tool.'

'I like it. Can we release,' said Callodyn.

The three of them burst out laughing.

* * * * *

'Rosemary's baby. It will be the beast itself,' said Callodyn. 'I couldn't take the risk. Saruviel will be completely pissed off. I mean, I know there are spare dormitories and everything, and we have enough material in the food-soil recycling plant, but bringing a baby into 'Haven'? Are you sure, Daniel?'

'Taylor won't mind. Just slip her one. Whether its a boy or a girl, it will be new life anyway. You can be the giver of new life, Callodyn,' said Daniel the Seraphim.

'I'm not sure she will smile at the joke,' said Callodyn. He sat there, in his dorm, Daniel sitting next to him on his bed, and thought it over.

'Well, yeh. I suppose. I mean, we've all been here 300 years now, and its getting kind of monotonous. Have you cleared it with the old man, though?'

'I got clearance with pops instead. Old Cyril. He gave me a wink, and said good idea.'

'Fine, fine,' said Callodyn. 'Up to me to do the dirty deed, then, is it?'

'Call her Rosemary as well. It will turn her on. She likes those jokes at the moment. Katy teases her with them all the time.'

'Fine,' replied Callodyn. 'A dad again, huh? Wonder what Kayella will say?'

'I'll handle that,' said Daniel the Seraphim.

Daniel had a mission. Daniel the Seraphim had an ulterior motive. He wouldn't share that with Callodyn, but it involved the child, and the seeds of thought he would sow in that child. To get them, in the end, out of this damn prison of Saruviel's.

* * * * *

Ice Cube, famous rapper, boy in the hood, movie star, was in a mood.

'Babe, I'm frikking trying to concentrate. Don't disturb me.'

'Come on hon. You haven't given me any for days,' said the female rapper 'Jazelle'.

'The woman's a complaing, so we can't play fuckin dominoes,' said Snoop Dogg.

'Ohh, its ok honeybunch,' said Luladiel to Snoop. 'But a woman needs a satisfying too, you know.'

'Right, I've got the double six,' said Ice Cube, and laid it down.

'Damn,' said Snoop Dogg.

'Damn? queried Ice Cube. 'We're the only fuckers playing this game? Who the fuck else would have had the double six? We've been through the entire pack.'

'Damn,' said Snoop Doog,' and laid down the Six and Five domino.

And the game rolled on.

Callodyn showed up. 'There you are KP. Hanging with the niggers.'

'Fuck you white honkey,' said Ice Cube.

'Forgive me. The African American's,' replied Callodyn.

'Better,' said Ice Cube.

'I mean, that is so much bullshit,' started Callodyn.

'Here we go,' said Luladiel.

'First its not politically correct to call the former slaves Negroes anymore, and we have to start calling them Black Americans. And then that goes out of vogue, and its African Americans. And then it goes back to Black Americans. It's all fuckin hypocrisy to me,' said Calldoyn.

'Just call us the Boys in the Hood,' said Ice Cube.

'Well boys, dinner is ready,' said Callodyn. 'And we're having fried chicken.'

Ice Cube looked at Snoop Dogg. Their eyes clicked.

'That sounds good,' said Luladiel. 'Now fuck of Callodyn. My man is going to take down the cubester.'

'In your dreams,' said Ice Cube.

'Fascinating,' said Callodyn, watching them. 'Amused by Dominoes. A game for simpletons,' and he walked off.

'I'm gonna play the five and six on your ass,' said Ice Cube.

'The bro has not worked out I just played the damn thing,' said Snoop Dogg in response.

Ice cube laid down the five and one.

'He's a gettin desperate,' said Snoop Dogg, looking at his dominoes.

'Just play the frikkin game,' replied Ice Cube.

* * * * *

'Are you sure you're not in the mood,' said Callodyn.

Taylor was sculpting in clay, a new model, which she was undecided whether she would keep and add to her large collection in her art room, one of the new lower level rooms in the Mountain, the last 25 years work. It was a large private art room she had afforded in the basic 'Credits for Good Works' money system they had designed, which dictated divine favour, and she had spent her credit on getting a private art room. She looked at Callodyn. 'Well, if you insist.'

'I'd never insist with you sweetie. But I'm in the mood.'

'Ok,' she replied. 'Why not here?'

'In the art room?,' said Callodyn. 'Somebody could come in.'

'Don't you love me?' asked Taylor. 'Would it be an embarrassment?'

Callodyn, being a man, walked over to her and started kissing her, and she undid his zip, but he couldn't get it up.

'Not in here,' he said softly. She opened up her shirt, and showed him her bra, and undid it and said 'Scared?'

Finally he rose a bit, and they were magic for a while, and when he said 'Don't sweat the condom,' she was so in the mood she forgot to even question.

4 weeks later.

'Yes, you are pregnant,' said the Cherubim doctor to Taylor.

'For, fuck's sake,' she said softly, correcting her outburst.

'May I ask who the father is?' asked the doctor.

'A real bloody thorn in the flesh,' said Taylor. 'Callodyn of course.'

'So call the child Thorn then. A good name, either for boy or girl.'

'Damn it,' said Taylor, getting to her feet. 'I will.'

And she did.

Chapter Two

'Your'e frikkin pregnant!' exclaimed Ice Cube to his rapper girlfriend Jazelle. 'How the fuck did that happen?'

'Well, you stack your cock in and came up my ass,' she replied sarcastically.

'Man,' said Ice Cube. 'First Thorn comes along, and the community is in an uproar, and Callodyn is on sewerage work duties for the next century, so they gonna bust my ass down for sure.'

'I told you to put the condom on, idiot,' said Jazelle.

'For fuck' sake,' said Ice Cube.

About 8 months later young 'Jakindwel the Saruvim', alike 'Thorn the Saruvim' was born. Wolfgang, the theophany of God, had declared that Thorn was a Saruvim angel, and the new addition of Ice Cub's son, would be Jakindwel the Saruvim.

'There will also be a redheaded angel born soon,' said Wolfgang one evening. 'Pepper, she shall be called. Pepper the Saruvim.'

Gloryel's pregnancy, thus, came as no great surprise. She admitted to Sariel later on, but didn't want that to imply anything.

And thus the Mountain had a trinity of new bloody, who quickly became friends in their youth, and, as they grew, a lot of eyes resting upon them, especially Thorn, Destiny, once more, got to work.

* * * * *

'It's just a simple question from the board, Jembla. Who founded our Corporation?'

'The Guild was formed a long time ago,' replied the secretary to the President. 'I started low in the organisation, and we worked in basic wizarding and witchcraft industries, essentially bookstores, which the founder had knowledge on. What we developed into over time never shifted from that as our foundational business, even though we are in a million fields these days. But we're a spiritualism organisation at our core.'

'Fascinating,' replied the suit, disinterested. 'Who the fricking fuck was the founder?'

'A Father and Son team. Grimlock and Krimlock. It is all they were never known as. I met them on occasion.'

'Right,' said the suit, tapping those names into his pad. 'And where can I find them?'

'God only knows,' said the misty eyed Jembla, thinking back over her ancient life.

'You're wonderful,' said the suit. 'I'll look into it myself. Thanks for the names.'

And he disappeared, and Jembla sat there a moment, looking into space, thinking on life.

She got home. She tried the water supply. Dirty shitty as usual. It was like this everywhere now - every bloody city of America had shit water, and literal shit on the streets, and shit everywhere. And everything had gone to shit, really. There were leaders who claimed to be gods. They were corrupt. There were leaders who said they had solutions. They lived in rich mansions, and never left to see the lives of ordinary people. There were leaders who said 'The future has endless possibilities'. They were the ones she looked at a bit to start with, but they were mostly hippies and drugusers these days. Not much of an inspiration any more. The world had gone to shit, Zaphon had fallen a while ago, and the Children of Destiny? Dead, probably. God had left the building, so it was said in the booze halls and drinking establishments. He'd had enough of the sins of men.

Jembla was a Saruvim angel. There were a number of them, living in the world. Many had disappeared a long time ago - sort of cut off practically in a day, from the rest of them, gone, nobody knew where. They'd never known, and it was starting to be forgotten, as life went on. She wondered, from time to time, whatever happened to the children of destiny. But she was not sure if she even cared about that that much any more. The world had gone to hell. Perhaps they had just gone when the getting was good. Saw it coming, most likely. Living out on Venus 1 Billion or something. God only knew.

But Jembla had a life, still to live, and she persisted. What else could you do, huh? You had to keep the faith in the end.

* * * * *

'Saruvim, Saruvim, Saruvim. Who's afraid of a Saruvim Angel,' said the teen.

'Fuck all,' said his buddy.

'Nobody's afraid of us,' said Pepper. 'We're lowly Saruvim in the hierarchy, down on the lower levels, and nobody gives much of a care.'

'The Fear of Yahweh is the beginning of wisdom,' said the teen, Thorn Daly, Callodyn's son, the Saruvim angel, in a polished English accent he was putting on.

'And we shall fear the Lord in service, master,' said his buddy, the Saruvim angel Jakindwel, in a snivelling servile voice.

'Come on. Let's see where the tunnel goes,' said Pepper.

'We're deep now,' said Thorn. 'At least 30 levels deeper than we've ever been. I don't know how far down this place goes, but nobody is down on these levels. Just store rooms and things are all we are finding. And great big machines and stuff.'

'It's what keeps it all running,' said Jakindwel. 'Our world.'

'What IS our world?' asked Thorn.

'Home, I guess,' replied Pepper. 'Why do you ask. It's all we've ever known.'

'I know there is world out there. They say so, occasionally, if you ask them. They say its a world we left behind, because it was going bad.'

'So we live here,' said Jakindwel. 'We're the lucky ones, I guess.'

'Do you wonder if they are lying to us?' suggested Thorn.

'Why would they lie to us?' replied Pepper, as they opened another large door, to find yet another archive filled with all ancient possessions of the community. There were probably thousands of such archives on these lower levels.

'I don't know,' said Thorn. 'Look, everyone probably believes it all. Saruviel's word is sacresanct with everyone, and the administrator lives out in that real world from time to time. Perhaps we could, you know, find a way to his place. Go out into the world. See it all.'

'You're crazy,' replied Pepper. 'I like it here. It's a simple life, and I've been told it was challenging in the outer world to start with.'

'What's life without a challenge?' asked Thorn.

'A whole lot easier,' replied Jakindwel. 'Would you look at all this shit. They must have lived forever to collect all this crap.'

'It's the impression I get also,' replied Thorn. 'Well, should we do it then?'

'What?' asked Pepper.

'What dude?' queried Jakindwel.

'Follow Saruviel to his abode. Find a way in and visit the real world,' said Thorn.

'We'll probably need food in the real world,' said Pepper. 'Did you think of that.'

'They use money,' said Thorn.

'Do you have any money?' asked Jakindwel.

'I have this,' said Thorn, holding up an ATM card. 'It's dad's. A St George Bank card. You use it to get money. He told me about it once.'

'How do you use it?' asked Jakindwel.

Thorn looked at him. 'Uh, I. I don't know. Just show somebody the card I suppose.'

'Brilliant,' said Pepper. 'We'll need food, and drink. And we might need to leave in the day, because apparently there is a sun and a moon, and it is dark in the night, and light in day.'

'Good idea,' said Thorn.

'Ok, I'm in,' said Jakindwel. 'It will be a new adventure anyway.'

'That's the spirit,' said Thorn. 'Pepper?'

'And leave you two to get into all the trouble without me? Don't count on it. We should try this weekend. After Sunday morning breakfast.'

'As good a time as any,' said Thorn.

'Well, lead on then, fearless leader,' replied Pepper, as they continued on exploring the sub-levels of the mountain, a new plot hatched for a brand new adventure.

Chapter Three

It was Sunday morning, and the three of them were dining with the oldest of the Seraphim and Cherubim, as they often did.

'He's enjoying his pork crisps,' said Pepper. 'Wish they'd give me pork crisps. But noooo, they are reserved for the elite. Very expensive. A full month of chores just to afford a single pack.'

'Shaddup,' said Thorn, eating his reconstituted milk and wheaties. 'We follow him all morning. Often he's away after this breakfast, and I'm guessing he goes to the Administrator's place.'

They sat, chatting, eating their breakfast, and the canteen came and went with activity, Saruviel eventually rising, and wandering off. They followed him, out of sight, way down the corridors, till he turned an unusual left they had not noticed before, and vanished out of sight.

They came up the left turn.

'It's a dead end,' said Pepper. 'Where did he go?'

Thorn started examining the wall. 'I don't know. Look for a lever, or something.'

And so the three of them starting pushing at this and that parts of the wall, till Thorn pushed a pannelling section on the side of the wall, and the wall in front of them slid open.

'Fancy that,' said Pepper. They ventured inside, and it was lit, and found a staircase with strange light, leading upwards. They followed it several levels, and came to the end, with a window, with blue beyond it, all lit up.

They managed to peek through it, standing on tippy toes.

'It's all blue,' said Pepper. 'And what's that. Greeny bluey sort of stuff. At the bottom.'

'The blues the sky,' said Thorn. 'That's what dad told me. The greeny bluey stuff is nature.'

'Nature,' said Jakindwel.

'Nature,' repeated Thorn.

'Well, let's try this door,' said Pepper. Pepper pushed against it, and suddenly an alarm shot off.

'What the hell do we do?' exclaimed Pepper, but it was too late. Suddenly the door opened, and Saruviel was there. He looked at them, alarmed as could be, but then softened.

'Now how the hell did you three find your way up here. You know this is forbidden, don't you?'

'That's the world out there,' said Pepper, pointing at the window. 'Isn't it.'

'Nature is beautiful,' said Saruviel. 'Mankind isn't. I'll have to have altered the way to access this stairwell. Can't have you coming up here at will. Now you three go back, ok. I'll talk with each of your parents. This place is off limits. People don't come here, because they don't want to come here anymore. They want to forget for now. So go home.'

'Why do they want to forget?' asked Thorn, soberly.

'Because of what it was like. In latter times. And what its slowly becoming. Its coming to an end, out there,' said Saruviel. 'It's why we are in here. Now get back home, NOW!'

And they obeyed, but Thorn looked back for a moment, and Saruviel just nodded softly at him, and was out the door, and back into the Administrator's abode. Jakindwel and Pepper had gone, but softly Thorn retraced his way back up the steps, and looked once more out the window.

'Nature,' he said to himself. 'What is nature?'

And then he was down the stairs, back to his friends, and back off on their mad adventures once more.

* * * * *

'See you later,' said Jetydosa the Saruvim, to his buddy, and walked out of the bar, finished with his lunch break, back to work. Jetydosa was a janitor, in the upper levels of the Mountain, mostly doing routine machines maintenance, and cleaning bins and things. Most things ran themselves as part of 'The System', but there were still things a Janitor did, mostly tidying up and the like.

He came to the basketball arena, and walked down to the back corridor, which led to a janitor's private domicile. Nobody came down to the back corner of the arena, and he was always on his own. But suddenly Saruviel was there.

'Yo, boss,' said Jetydosa.

'We have some teams playing a grade game soon,' said Saruviel.

'Yeh, it's that time of the year,' said Jetydosa. The main team knockout comp initiated took a century to run each round, and there were 8 rounds before the 2 centuries finals. A game only happened once a year because of it.

'Thorn Daly is playing today,' said Saruviel. 'He's on the team in white.'

'Right,' replied Jetydosa.

Saruviel produced a key and smiled at Jetydosa. He walked to the far back of the Janitors office, cleared away some carpets leaning against a wall, and revealed a door.

'Fuck,' said Jetydosa. 'I didn't even know that was there.'

Saruviel put the key in the lock, opened the door, and left it ajar slightly.

'When the game is ended, Thorn will be coming here looking for you,' said Saruviel.

'Right bossman,' replied Jetydosa.

'You will be in the local cafeteria. You will not be here.'

Jetydosa gave him a puzzled look, and then Saruviel left.

When Thorn came looking, he couldn't find Jetydosa anywhere in the Janitor's room. 'Where the heck is he?' he asked to himself. And then he noticed the door at the back, slightly ajar. 'Never seen that before,' he mumbled to himself. He walked over, peered through, and walked in. It was a bare concrete floor, with plasterboard walls, unpainted, right in front of him. The corridor went to his right, and he followed it, till it turned from their leftwards, and lead to a bank of dirt. And there, on a hang, on top of the dirt, another one. A Window again. Looking blue also. He came up to it. There was a latch, and he decided to dare it. He pushed the latch, and managed to push up the window, despite its stiffness. And he looked.

And there he was, on the side of a mountain, with bush all around, and greenery. But he could see, through the bush, downwards. And down there, at the bottom of the mountain - a sprawl of buildings. Everywhere. With lights, which were partially lit, for it was a little bit dark. Night must be drawing near. He heard voices.

'Yes, bossman,' said a voice. It was Jetydosa's. He looked into his heart. It was now or never. He dared it. He climbed out the window, looked around, and looked downwards, and was gone, quicker than a Jack rabbit, off to the world below, to find out just how 'Real' the 'Real World' was.

And then, at the place he'd just left, inside the window, an administrator dressed in black. And the administrator smiled, puffed on the rare ciggie he had brought along, and cursed the cold wind, closing the window, back to his own world.

And a Child had escaped the Mountain.

Chapter Four

Jembla looked at the lad. He must be 15, 16 maybe.

'What's your name?' she asked him.

'Thorn,' replied the lad. He looked hungry and thirsty.

'Are you a street vagrant?' she asked the boy in her back yard.

'I.........I don't know,' he said.

'Are you hungry?' she asked him.

He nodded.

'Can I trust you?' she asked him.

'I guess so. What kind of question is that?' he asked her.

She looked at him more closely. He looked - different. He spoke differently. Politely, which was rare for his generation.

'Come inside,' she replied. 'I'll give you something to eat.'

She opened her back door, and he tentatively approached and followed her inside. She put on a frozen microwave dinner, and gave him a bottle of coca cola.

He looked at it, picked it up, and looked at her with a curious look.

'Open the top. Twist it,' she said.

He tried twisting the cap, but was doing it the wrong way. 'The other way,' she said. He did so, and some spurted out, and he dropped the bottle. She picked it up and gave it to him. He took a sip.

'Bloody sweet,' he said. 'It's delicious.'

'First time you've drunk Coke?' she asked him. He nodded.

The dinner was soon ready, and he ate ravenously.

'What's your name?' she asked him.

'Thorn,' he replied.

'Where are you from?' she asked him.

'The Mountain,' he replied.

She nodded. 'Well, dear Thorn. I don't know what the Mountain is, but shouldn't you be getting back to your parents? They must be worried sick.'

'I want to know what the real world is like,' he replied.

'And you don't live in the real world, I take it?' she queried.

'The administrator teaches us all that it is going to hell,' said Thorn.

She looked at him. Obviously a cult of some sorts. But, even then. Was the kid wrong? The world was going to hell. Slowly, every day, things got worse. Perhaps a cult, as bizarre as it may sound, was salvation these days. Perhaps something even Jembla the Saruvim needed.

'Are you a born again?' she asked him. He gave her a quizzical look. 'Are you Amish? Jewish?' she asked him.

'I'm just me,' replied Thorn.

'And what is the Mountain?' she asked him.

'The mountain there,' he said, pointing in a direction.

She looked, towards the wall, and put two and two together. Castle mount. The mountain she was at the base of. There was an old road, Castle drive, which was sealed off. She'd run past it a million times jogging.

'You live up on the abode on Castle mount?' she asked him.

'No,' he replied.

'Then where?' she asked.

'In the mountain,' he said.

'In the mountain? What, inside the mountain?'

He nodded.

'Mmm,' she said. Now that was something you didn't hear every day. 'Why did you leave the mountain? Do you have family there?'

'We all live there. The community. God and the Archangel Michael and Saruviel and the rest of us. The world - this world - is doomed, they tell me. We are waiting till everything is finished.'

Jembla looked at him, soberly this time. There. There was the answer to her question. What had happened to the Children of Destiny. She made a decision.

'I'll teach you. For a while. And show you this world. And I think I'll let you know the answers to your questions. And then you will be going home.'

He nodded.

'And you might just have a guest coming with you,' she replied.

Thorn looked at her, and nodded, and sipped on his coca cola.

* * * * *

'When people first noticed them gone, well. Well nothing much was said. They had gone off to one of the upper worlds with God, so it was believed. It is sort of like levels, the heavenly universe, were the higher up, the holier it supposedly is. But you get stories from the Realm of Infinity, which is near the top, that there is not much of the original children left their either. Did people care? Yes, they did. But after a while the news reports stopped coming on the issue, and life, well. Well it just sort of went on anyway,' said Jembla, mildly sarcastically.

'We'd run to the mountain,' said Thorn. 'Saruviel's mountain.'

'Looks like it,' said Jembla. 'From then I noticed it. A change. A change in the spirit in the world. A sort of dullening. A quiet, gentle sort of melancholy entered in, which soothed you in a strange way. But it's death. I know it for what it is. I sense it for what it is. It's a deathly, ghostly, dark and quiet spirit. It gives you a sort of chill. As if life had moved on, and that you could play the game, and keep the faith, but who were you kidding. Hell, I'd had boyfriends since that time, and family occasionally. But I left off eventually, and didn't bother anymore. A lot of them are gone now. Dead. A lot of my kids. Just dead. Drugs. Suicide. Venereal disease killing them off. They say Babylon fell a long time ago. Well Zaphon did too, and that was the death knell of everything.'

'They speak about Zaphon,' said Thorn. 'Occasionally. It was the heart of the Realm of Eternity.'

'Pretty much,' replied Jembla. 'Eternya is the eternal world, and it goes on forever. But Zaphon sort of ruled everything in its own way. God in home above was the pinnacle, but Zaphon was his throne. It's corrupt there now. Fallen. Full of hypocrisy and false politicians, each claiming the authority of God. Nobody takes it seriously anymore.'

'Sin,' said Thorn soberly, looking down at his meal.

'Something like that,' said Jembla.

'What's the future of it all?' asked Thorn. 'Where will it all head, when all is said and done?'

She looked at him. She picked up the remote, and turned on the TV to a news channel. 'Watch,' she said.

After a moment 'Southern News,' came on. There was a report on animals, and then a major report. More on the war between a Japanese dominion and a Chinese dominion in southern Eternya.

'Nuclear warfare?' queried Thorn, at what the report was going on about.

'They killed each other. Trillions of lives lost in a nuclear holocaust between the warring dominions. It's been news for months. Treaties have been signed since then, but it was the biggest holocaust the world has ever seen.'

Thorn watched as reports of the devastation and refugee and food programs continued on.

'And I don't think that will be the end of it,' said Jembla. 'The world is going to hell in a handbasket.'

'Will me some of the world. I'd like to see what it is like out there,' said Thorn.

'Sure,' she replied. 'We'll go see a movie or something. Do you know basketball?'

He nodded.

'I'll take you to the local courts. You can watch the kids. You'll see what they are like. You'll see what I mean.

Thorn nodded and watched the news soberly. He had some answers, now. Some answers as to what the real world was like and, apparently, the wisdom of Saruviel. And he was starting to think that maybe that wisdom was not as crazy as he thought it might have been. Not as crazy at all.

Chapter Five

'New hope comes one day,' said the character.

'Bullshit,' said the villain. 'The World is fucked,' and so the movie went on, and the action was intense.

'I like what she said,' said Thorn, eating fries in the McDonalds cafe in a mall in the city, near the cinema they had just been to.

'What did she say?' asked Jembla.

'About how hope comes one day. Maybe there is still hope for the world. Maybe, when all the shit has had its say, mankind will get over it and start again.'

'We all like to dream, Thorn. I live in a very real world, though. With very real truths. Believe me. VERY real truths.'

Thorn munched on his fries, and drank his cola, and looked around. 'They don't seem so bad,' he said.

'They're not,' she replied. 'I guess the world is ok. But I think we both know where it is heading?'

'Why do you want to be so negative about it? Why not start again. Teach hope. Teach a positive message. Take on the darkness?'

'Do you know how farming works?' she asked him.

He shook his head.

'Well,' she began. 'A farmer plants seed. In Winter at times, and waits. Till summer. Till harvest. By then the crops have grown, and he reaps his harvest. You see the food grows, but it grows till it is finished, and then you reap. But whatever has been sown, believe me, that is what you will reap.'

'Your point?' he asked.

'A man reaps what he sows. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.'

'Book of Joel or something,' replied Thorn.

'Something like that,' said Jembla. 'The darkness sowed evil a long time ago. Before this world is done it will reap its darkness. There is no changing that. Good intentions? Great. You won't change the power of sin.'

'Then what do you do about it?' he asked, looking right at her.

'What Saruviel did, I suppose,' she replied.

'And start again at the end of it all,' he said softly. She nodded.

'Look, I love my life. And this world a lot of the time. I know a lot of good people. But even there I see the desperation. And the hollowness of it all. The hollowness of our politicians and leaders. The hollowness of my employers. The hollowness in this world. There was a heart in this world, once. But it left.'

'To start again later. When the devil has reaped his whirlwind,' said Thorn sarcastically.

'You get the picture,' she replied.

'Where too next?' he asked her.

'Well I better get back to work for the rest of the week, but we'll go to that basketball court on the weekend. You can see the kids. Meet a few. See what you think.'

'Fine,' said Thorn, looking around. Looking at the people, wondering what was in their heart. What was in the heart of this hollow world.

* * * * *

'Yeh, Justin,' said the kid. 'What the fuck!' he exclaimed, as a basketball hit him in the back of the head. The youth, Justin, retrieved the basketball and went back to his game. 'Shitheads,' he yelled to his buddies. 'Gonna kick yer frikkin asses.'

Thorn watched them playing around for a while, and then walked back over to Jembla, sitting on the benches, watching the kids play.

'Well?' asked Jembla.

'They're pretty rowdy. Very sort of lively kids. Justin was telling me his dad beats him every night. To keep him inline. Sounds way too strict to me.'

'I'm not sure if he's being strict,' replied Jembla. 'Child abuse stories are a dime a dozen in this city. At work we've had that many employees having trouble with kids and getting in trouble with the cops. Some of the times, though, the cops don't even bother. They just let the abuse go on. Leave it to the parents is their philosophy these days.'

'He asked if I wanna get high? What did he mean?'

'Drug use,' replied Jembla. 'It's rampant here. Probably everywhere in America, though.'

'What's wrong with medicine?' asked the puzzled Thorn.

'It's not exactly medicine. It gives you a rush, but wrecks your system. Overdose on them and they can kill you. Drugusers don't live long, you know.'

'I see,' said Justin, looking at the kids play, again, somewhat disillusioned with what he had been finding out.

'And people just don't care?' he asked, looking up at the dark skin of the older woman he had started to become friends with.

'People care,' she replied. 'But they just don't really know what to do. And nobody has any answers. Those who claim they do, well. Well they end up the problem in the end anyway.'

Thorn stood there for a while, and then sat down, watching the kids. He picked up his can of Coca Cola and sipped on it. 'It smells everywhere,' he said. 'In the city and all around here. I mean, there is shit eveywhere. Don't they clean the streets?'

'First sign of decay,' said Jembla. 'Council workers stop doing their jobs properly. With the lack of business and taxes those are some of the first things to go. A lot of it is every man for himself these days, and you watch your own place, and don't concern yourself with society so much anymore. Nobody wants to deal with it. Nobody likes it, but they aren't prepared to pay the kind of money to deal with the situation. And everyday more and more public services bite the dust. One day it will just be the corporations who rule, and business.'

'So when religion fails, business takes over,' suggested Thorn.

'Politics takes over from religion,' said Jembla. 'Its the new drug people want instead of obedience to God. Then I think its business, because people want a decent nest egg.'

'And when business fails?' asked Thorn.

'Gangs. Little Hitler's, who run a gang, and rule broken down cities. Ruling by the power of the gun, and nothing much more.'

Thorn took that soberly.

'And after that, probably the end of society,' said Jembla. 'Disease will probably kill everything in the end. Plague, or something, as sin becomes sick at the end of its work.'

'You fill me with so much hope,' said Thorn sarcastically.

'The way of the world, kid,' said Jembla, and lit another cigarette, watching the kids fighting, which had just broken out.

'I'm not sure if I'm liking this world at all,' said Thorn soberly.

'Thinking about going home then?' asked Jembla.

Thorn just looked into her eyes. The look was answer enough to that question.

Chapter Six

'I don't think,' began Thorn. 'That I am impressed with God.'

'What has God got to do with it?' asked Jembla.

'He made it all. He should have planned it out from the start. Got his plan right. Not let sin conquer everything.'

'Judgement Day is as old as the hills,' said Jembla.

'And it still sucks,' said Thorn, getting to his feet, and walking to the TV Set. He looked at her. 'Life is hopeless. I mean, later on, when we start again, who is to say it won't happen all over again.'

'Nothing,' said Jembla. 'Except experienced souls. Wiser souls. Souls who know history and how it turns out. Souls who have learned how to address it.'

'You hope,' said Thorn.

'I hope,' replied Jembla.

Thorn sighed. This was the dilemma he was going through. His life dilemma. There was part of him which questioned. Which questioned the Status Quo. Why did his home choose to live as they did? What was wrong with the real world? Well now he had his answers to that question, but he wasn't any happier. Would he be stuck now, in the mountain, for the next million years? A slave to dim lights and recycled meals? It wasn't much of a life in many ways. He'd experienced the real world now, and despite its flaws, it offered something. It offered a lot of something. Freedom.

'I guess I just wanted to be free,' said Thorn. 'To live my own life. On my own terms.'

'Everyone wants that. But with freedom comes responsibility, Thorn. And not everyone chooses to be responsible.'

'Don't I know it,' he replied.

'Look on the bright side. If you go home, you'll know now. You'll know why the chose to separate. The realities of it all. At least you have that much.'

'Thanks,' he said. 'But I wanted more than that.'

'What? Vindication for your questions. Vindication of living in the real world. Go ahead. Live in the real world. You don't really have to go back you know. They probably won't come looking in the end.'

'No,' he said. 'They probably won't.'

'Then you've got a decision to make.'

'Again, don't I know it,' he replied. She nodded softly in response.

'I'll leave you alone for a week or so. Give you time to think. You can stay here, ok. Whatever you decide. I've grown fond of you, and could use the company. But if you go back. If you decide. Will you let me come with you?'

He looked at her. 'Sure. I guess. I guess they won't mind.'

'I won't say anything to anyone. I haven't, you know. Told about you or where you are from. I've kept that to myself.'

Thorn was almost depressed, and went off to the guest bedroom. He sat there, thinking, and noticed a bible. He picked it up, and opened to a passage.

It was in Isaiah. Isaiah 46:10. It read: 'Declaring  the  end  from  the  beginning, and  from ancient times  the  things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure.' 'Gee, thanks God,' he said sarcastically. 'Now you tell me.' Silence was his only reply.

* * * * *

He'd given it a lot of thought. What would life be beyond the Mountain? Sure, to start with, living with Jembla, probably great. She was a really kind lady, and he could explore this world. See Eternya, see it all, see the grandness of God's creation. He could do all the sorts of things they talked about, like going to a beach, rowing down a river, and exploring forests or climbing a mountain. He'd done that already, well climbed down one, and it was an intense experience. This living world had so much to offer him. There was some really cool food, not like the recycled stuff at home, and the stuff grown under the sunlamps. And there was so much - freedom. So much to do in his own time, and call his own shots, and be his own boss. Family, even. But perhaps he had that back in the Mountain, one day, thinking of a certain redheaded bestie. Sure, it would go to hell eventually, but he could life a full life before then, and see the world. See it all. But the more he thought it over, the more he reached a conclusion of things. What was the point, in the end, of delaying the inevitable. One day, when this old world had run its course, and broken down, and old Jehovah pulled the rug under form everyone, he would only go back home anyway. Back to the mountain. And admit he was wrong. And admit Saruviel was right. And the more he thought on that, and the more he realized how much he was missing home already, the more he knew he wouldn't stay anyway. That he was going home, after his brief romance, and that would be that. Just the way the cookie crumbled.

'Ok,' he said to her, one morning. 'We'll go home.'

She nodded. 'Let me put my affairs in order. I'll resign, and say I'm going off to see the world on a long break, and............. And I'll just disappear. With you,' she said.

'With me,' he replied.

He enjoyed his final few days, and watched TV, and drank Coca Cola, and they saw another movie, and had MacDonalds again. And it was going to be hard forgetting MacDonalds. But such was life.

'Are you ready?' he asked her, one evening, after she got home from work.

'Now is the time,' said Jembla.

'Now is the time,' replied Thorn Daly the Saruvim, son of Callodyn and Taylor, angels of eternity.

And they locked up. And Jembla gave her home one long, last look. And they were off.

Back to the Mountain.

Chapter Seven

They climbed, and it was harder going up than down, obviously. But he found the window after searching, even though it was well hidden by the bushes. And he managed to open the window, and they crawled through, and he closed it behind them.

Jetydosa noticed the footfalls.

'It's me. I'm back,' said Thorn.

'Thought you might be,' replied Jetydosa.

'Uh, I brought someone.' Jembla stepped into view.

'Oh,' said Jetydosa, a little shocked. 'You better make yourself both known to Saruviel pronto. Did you close the window and lock it?'

Thorn nodded.

Jetydosa stood, walked to the door, and took the key, and locked it. He put the carpets back against the door, and looked at Thorn, holding the key up.

'You won't be needing this again, will you?'

Thorn looked at the key, and sighed. 'No. No, I guess not.'

'Then get. And don't you go making trouble again, Thorn Daly. Don't you go making trouble again.'

* * * * *

'Yes, I remember you,' said Saruviel. 'You were young. It was a long time ago.'

'I do remember,' said Jembla. 'Vaguely. What's life like? Here? Here in the mountain.'

'Sedate, mostly,' replied Saruviel. 'I guess its your home now as well. So I'll let Throne introduce you to everyone. I'm sure he'll show you the ropes.'

Jembla nodded.

'One last thing,' she said. 'Why didn't you choose me? To start with?'

'Honey,' said Saruviel. 'How long is a piece of string?'

'Oh,' she said. 'Well, never mind.'

Thorn showed her around the mountain, and she found her feet for a while, and enjoyed the company of Thorn and his two besties. But soon enough she found Jetydosa, an old Saruvim who seemed familiar, who she had first met coming into the Mountain. And they became friends. And the friendship was good.

And soon Jembla was at home in the mountain.

And a lad had found his answers. But he was not completely satisfied yet.

Not completely satisfied at all.

The End

Deep Waters

'Darkwater lies hidden down there,' said Seal.

'Who is Darkwater?' asked Thorn Daly.

'Repentant, perhaps,' said Sea in reply. 'Who knows.'

'An ancient adversary,' said Heidi Klum in response to Thorn's question.

'A Ketravim adversary,' said Delta Goodrem. 'We conquered him, in the end. And all his minions of Yalth.'

'Yalth?' queried Pepper.

'Before your time,' said Seal. 'We're tested, you see. Each of us. Each of the groups of the angels. Now is the rise of the Saruvim Glory, but our time was before yours. And Darkwater was our challenge in the end.'

'Who was Darkwater?' asked Jakindwel.

'A mage. A dark wizard. Nothing much more than that, in the end,' replied the soul singer.

'But he knew your heart and how to exploit it,' finished Delta Goodrem.

'And now he lies in these waters. Deep down lies Leviathan,' said Heidi. 'Resting. Repenting, maybe.'

The trio of friends looked at the still and dark waters, seemingly thinking over those words.

'I've had enough,' said Seal. 'Time for dinner, I think.' He stood, and Heidi and Delta followed him, over to the elevator, and Seal turned and looked back at the kids. It was a vast cavern, at the bottom of the mountain, and a large, dark lake, the deep waters. The still waters. The dark waters. They sat there, with children watching them. Children who were starting to grow up, soon ready to face their own trials in life, one of them already having learned of the cold hard truths of the world.

'So we face a testing in the end,' said Jakindwel.

'I guess,' said Thorn. 'Or perhaps they are being melodramatic.'

Jakindwel looked at Thorn, staring down into the waters. 'Chill, dude. Don't let Seal's words go to your head. We dig coming here. Don't make it an issue.'

'I won't,' said Thorn, getting to his feet. 'If anything is down there, I don't think it can harm us.'

'It better not,' said Pepper. 'Or I'll get daddy to teach him a lesson.'

'Beware the wrath of Sariel the Seraphim,' said Jakindwel jokingly.

'Beware my wrath,' said Pepper, and grabbed him by the arm, playing around.

The two of them chuckled as they wrestled each other, but Thorn was focused on the waters. But, again, Thorn was like that. Thoughtful. Contemplative. A deep thinker. It's why he came to places like this. To think. To learn. To understand. To try and know his place in the world, and the destiny of it all. To try and understand the mysteries of God.

'Yeh, let's go,' said Thorn, and soon they were off, to the elevator, back up to the higher levels, leaving the deep waters to rest in peace, and tales of Darkwater to rest also for another day.

The End

Beyond the Mountain

Thorn Daly was asleep. But a light nudge woke him.

'Who's that?' asked the drowsy Thorn.

'Get up,' said and old and ancient voice of the Mountain community. 'We are sick to death of this recycled food. Time to move on.'

'Oh, it's you Abraham. What the fuck is your problem?'

'Thorn, Thorn, Thorn. You know what's out there now? Nothing. Eden and nothing more. Wolfgang gives us all a funny look at dinner when we make queries, and I am fed up with this recycled food, so it's business as usual. We need another ratifier of our 'Universal Charter of Committments to Yahweh' and if you can give it some thought for a few months, and sign it if you agree, then we are back in business.'

'Universal Charter of What?' asked Thorn.

'Committments to Yahweh,' replied Abraham. 'What we guarantees what we will do as we expand from the Mountain. We have agreed the first principle of Seraphim Torah is Sariel's. One step at a time till you reach your destination.'

'What the hell has that got to do with the price of tea in China?' asked Thorn, coming to his senses now.

'It's all about sin, you see, my lad. That was the basic problem. People are basically sinners. Unless we can drive that out of them, get them learned up good and proper, and teach them till the point THEY KNOW and UNDERSTAND the consequences of 'It doesn't matter that much in the end, does it?', we will never get our world back. So we have agreed upon one soul at a time in building from the mountain, educating that soul for at least a millennia, and building our foundation slowly. It will take forever, but we've all got a lifetime's education and Torah to impart. It will be fun.'

'Sure will,' said Thorn. 'I think I get what you are driving at. Uncle Daniel's sort of ideas. Anyway, I need my sleep. Wake me at a more appropriate hour. Like Midday.'

Abraham looked at the lad, shaking his head on his laziness, but left him in peace, and went off with the rest of his things for that morning.

* * * * *

'I know, I know,' said Ambriel to Abraham, sitting in the Jewish eating cafeteria at the head table, cafeteria 1A for Judaism. The mountain, of course, was quite large, and there were numerous eating establishments. Ambriel looked up. 'Here comes trouble.'

Thorn Daly, scratching his head, walked up.

'Universal Charter of Commitments to Yahweh? Do you think God really gives a damn? He saves who he will and lets go of who he will. You'll only build Babylon again, you know. The self will of the heart finds its salvation or otherwise regardless of what it is taught.'

'Yes, Calvin,' replied Ambriel. 'Now would you like to sit while we are eating.'

Thorn sat down. He thought on that for a second. 'Calvin?' he said softly to himself.

'Predestinationist,' said Natalie Portman, softly, sitting opposite him.

'Thanks Natalie,' said Thorn. 'And predestination?'

'God determines all things before hand. The theory of,' replied Natalie.

'Now that sounds right,' said Thorn.

'Shh,' said Natalie. 'Abraham is glaring at us. Eat your bread.'

Thorn started munching on the roll of bread on his plate, and added some of the recycled butter and jam to it. The room was quiet. The way it was for 1AJ, though. Always deathly quiet.

After a while Abraham looked over the cafeteria, and spoke. 'The Noahide thinks he knows better. That the Lord knows the end from the beginning. Indeed he does. But he works also with our choices. And he sees those choices in the heart of spirit, where WE have made those choices. And he knows the end of things as such.'

'Yet he planned out creation in every subatomic detail,' replied Thorn.

'Yet gave us sovereign will to choose,' replied Abraham. 'A freedom of life which is inevitable. For if I say To (Pronunciation: Mate) o, you may very well say To (Pronunciation: Mart) o, and if say Po (Pronunciation: Tate) o, you may very well say Pot (Pronunciation: Tart) o. For we can choose to agree, or choose to differ. And while God sees these choices, they are our choices, and very much so do we live in the present with our bodily thinking.'

Thorn looked at the old man, thinking that over. 'God will do his good pleasure, and all his will shall stand,' said Thorn.

'And he commanded us to choose this day who we will serve,' replied Abraham.

Thorn did not speak again. 'Interesting,' he thought to himself.

'We must go one step only. Only one step, at a time. Each soul - each new soul - must be sanctified to the degree of eternal salvation before we can move on. And the work will be an eternity, for we shall not cause the ruin of mankind once more.'

'And what work is that?' spoke out Thorn.

Abraham's eyes narrowed as he looked at Mr Daly. 'Why, going beyond the Mountain,' said the Father of a Multitude.

* * * * *

'They gave me Pork Crisps. Not many left in the supply, either,' said Pepper proudly. 'I've been good all year.'

'We may have more of them sooner than you know,' said Thorn soberly.

Jakindwel and Pepper looked at their bestie. 'What's that supposed to mean?' asked Pepper.

'Abraham says time is coming, and we're going out again. Outside the Mountain to live once more.'

'He said that, did he?' asked Jakindwel. 'What does Saruviel say?'

'Don't know,' said Thorn. 'But its all dead out there now. We've been here forever, and its dead out there, now. Like Jembla has always said it would be in the end.'

'Starting again,' said Pepper thoughtfully. 'That would be - weird.'

'It's our destiny, I guess,' replied Thorn.

'Our DESTINY,' said Jakindwel, dramatically.

'Your destiny is to get hit by a truck,' said Pepper to Jakindwel.

'Right after you have been bulldozed,' mocked Jakindwel in response, and they fell to play.

But Thorn sat there, thoughtful as ever, looking into the deep waters. Was it time, now? At last? Beyond the Mountain once more? He'd seen the real world, long ago. When he was young. Was it now finally time to go beyond? To go beyond the Mountain? To see the real world once more. Ironically, only time would tell he thought to himself. Only time.

* * * * *

'He'll be a boy,' said Sarah. 'I had a test.'

'He's an Abraphim. The first of the new breed of them,' said God. 'I'll be going slow with them. The spirit has agreed - one step at a time, till you reach your destination.'

'And what is the destination?' asked Abraham, the child of heaven.

'Heaven for you,' said God. 'And home for me.'

'That will take an eternity,' sighed Abraham.

'Are you going anywhere?' asked God.

'What shall we name him?' asked Sarah.

'His name is Taskrel,' said God. 'It is unused. Teach him slowly. Teach him well. Associate him with Thorn and the Saruvim youngsters. They will be the birth of the new world.'

'As you will,' replied Abraham.

And time passed. And they ventured forth beyond the mountain, and built one soul at a time. One new Abraphim soul at a time. And then he did it again - God resurrected the whole dead of mankind. And society was built once more, and the Children of Destiny were stronger for the lesson. Which was the whole point, God said to Saruviel. And such was life.

The End

Callodyn and Kayella 16

'Blackstock? Who the hell is Blackstock. No - I remember. The doofus you married,' said Callodyn.

'We had children together,' said Kayella. 'I'm visiting him soon. For a reunion of sorts.'

'Another doofus back from the grave. Sheol reborn. What, God brings a dramatic conclusion to the world, after we've lived in the Mountain an aeon, and one step at a time, says Abraham and his cronies. Bullshit. Goes and brings them all back in a resurrection. What a fragging hypocrite.'

'Don't blaspheme,' said Kelly. 'I'll rebuke yur ass if you do.'

'Well, forgive me,' said Callodyn, and stormed off.

She found him in the back of their North Pole flat, in the upper back loft.

'You don't love me anymore,' he said to her.

'I love you,' she said softly. 'But I'm going back to him. It's who I belong with. He gave me my first child.'

'Ring!' he said loudly. She took off the eternity ring, gave it one long last look, and handed it over.

'Will you ever want this back?' he asked her. She shook her head.

'Alright. I'll keep it in storage. Might pawn it for a buck one day.'

'You do that,' replied the songstress. And she was gone that afternoon, and he was alone for a while.

'Life goes on,' said Trant the Cherubim to Callodyn. 'I've got your back, buddy.'

'I think I'll chase up Taylor. She's still a free agent, and while we might not be married at the moment, she'll probably love me forever.'

'Do you love her forever?' asked Trant.

'I've never stopped,' replied Callodyn.

Taylor consoled herself after the phone call. Calvin would be upset, but he would get over it. And then she was off, back to Daniel San, and a brand new adventure.

The End

Callodyn: On His Own

But Taylor never showed, and said to him on the phone she was happy with Calvin Harris. And that was the way it was. She mailed him his eternity ring, and he put it into permanent storage with his other ring, and the third arrived, because Katy had been with John Mayer for ages, and she learned what Kelly and Taylor had done, and repeated the idea. His dad, Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, was settled with Mary O'Donnell, and Lourdes Ciccone was no longer a thing, and his son Daniel the Seraphim was with Nadiel the Cherubim, who had idolized him forever, and that was what worked as far as Daniel was conerned.

So Callodyn was on his own. And that was that.

He watched A-Team. It didn't amuse. He smoke a bit, drank a bit. It didn't amuse. And then he read his comics. Mediocre entertainment.

Sullen, bored, he'd reached the end of his relationships, and just, quietly, wondered to God what was next. What fortune would finally find the life of Callodyn the Cherubim, angel of Eternity.

The End


He had a name, once. An angel name. Callodyn. But he drifted away, and travelled the universe, and was only Daniel. Daniel Daly. Not much more than that.

He found a planet, Elementary 7, and settled there. It was way, way out, and he had gold with him, and bought a home, and was single, and settled in. He got a job in a company cleaning. It paid his way. And trillions of years had passed, and he forgot that past, our allowed himself to forget it, and moved on. That was life. It moved on.

'What's up boss?' Daniel asked his superior.

'We no longer need your services. Sorry. You have 6 months notice. I'm sure you'll find something, Dan. You've been good for us. We'll give you good references.'

Daniel nodded. He was used to that.

He got home, and emailed a store. They sent out the beehives, and he set them up in the back yard, and the flowers were good, and 'Callodell Honey' was born. After a while he put on a couple of workers, and he was content again. Single, alone, but content. Life was good enough.

* * *

He put the CD on. 'Melanie C - The Sea'. He was divorced from his old life, somewhat, but Spice Girls CDs hung around. His CD collection was mostly of cover albums by Elementary 7 artists, as they had no original copyright of their own. Copyright disappeared in the universe a long time ago. What would you expect - the universe was now ancient, and people didn't even know what calendar date it was for sure anymore.

Daniel sat there, relaxing. Soothing out his life. It had been a hectic last few years, getting Callodell Honey established, and moving on with his life. But he had plenty of orders, because he had age and experience in his professional approach to honey-making, and produced a good product. Callodell concentrated on creamed honeys, and produced 5 in their range. They sold to the nation Daniel was part of on Elementary 7, and he was starting to look at export options. Things were good.

Romantically he was single. Romantically, on Elementary 7, he had always been single. He just hadn't bothered. The relationships he'd had in his past life he was only now starting to get over, and, only now, starting to think about female companionship again. It had taken a while.

He looked at his mail. Internet bills. Credit card bills. The rates as well, by the looks of it. Some things never really changed. He picked up the remote, switched on the TV to the A-Team, which the channel had put on after several written requests of his to show the show, and he settled in for an hour of entertainment. He fell asleep half way through, an uneaten pizza for the most part on the couch beside him, and loud snoring. Such was the life of Daniel Daly.

* * *

Finally, she came looking.

'You are an idiot,' said Taylor Swift. 'Of course I love you and miss you. Now come home.'

Daniel picked up his pipe, and puffed a bit.

'Why, that is elementary, my dear Swiftie!'

And the rest is history unwritten.

The End


Zosia was one of the chosen special ones of Jehovah.

'You have a nice butt I suppose,' said Daniel.

Zosia ignored him.

'Your piano skills are adequate,' said Daniel.

Zosia ignored him.

'Do you know what comes after B Flat Negative?' Daniel asked her.

'No,' she firmly replied.

Two years later he was back in the clubhouse. 'What comes after B Flat Negative?' she asked him.

'C Flat Negative,' he replied.

'How do you define a negative note?' asked Zosia.

'You could say it lacks a lot,' replied Daniel, and left it at that. Zosia pondered that for quite some time.

The End

Closing Drinks

'I think she's hot,' said Callodyn.

'Yeh,' she's a babe,' said Daniel.

Katy, Taylor, Kelly, Suzi, Nadiel, Melanie, Gloryel, Ariel, Meludiel, Nimorel, Jenny and a number of others looked at their former sweethearts.

'I'll get the drinks,' said Nimorel, destiny's child herself.

'I'll have half,' said Callodyn.

'I'll have what he's having,' said Daniel.

The look on Nimorel's face summed it all up.

The End

I leave you now with one final thought.

Better late than never.


Jenny Cheetham and Daniel Daly

Jenny Cheetham, Jenna the Cherubim, twin to Jesus the Cherubim, and Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, Cherubim 347, father of the Daniel's of trouble, were at 29 Merriman Crescent in Macarthur on New Terra, chatting.

'He's an idiot, isn't he,' said Daniel.

'He's still trying to be Christ,' said Jenny. 'I mean, I formally renounced Orthodox Judaism a while ago, and returned home to Cooma. I've had enough of them. They don't fit with me. Too dogmatic, legalistic, and not flexible enough. I need to live.'

'You're a Cheetham. Not a Judahite,' said Daniel.

'Exactly,' replied Jenny.

Mary O'Donnell, Daniel's wife walked into the front room. 'Hey Jenny,' said Mary. 'What's up?'

'Quiet days,' said Jenny. 'Trying to figure out what to do next.'

'Try 7DF,' said Mary. 'Or better yet. Noahide friends of Catholicism.'

Jenny looked at Mary. 'With your Gospel of Jesus,' she said.

'Written by yours truly,' said Daniel. 'A far wiser Gospel. Idolatry free, doctrinally acceptable, and presents a far more palatable Jesus of Nazareth, with my vision of what the lad could be if he came to his senses.'

'Which denomination of the Advancing Noah Movement do you affiliate with then?' asked Jenny to Daniel.

Mary looked at Daniel. 'You affiliate with them all don't you? I mean you founded them all.'

'I call Assembly of the Divine Creator my personal fellowship. My main thing,' said Daniel.

Mary looked at him. 'You've never told me that.'

'I go to it slightly more than the others,' said Daniel. 'You probably wouldn't notice though.'

'The Anglosphere thing,' said Jenny, looking at Daniel. 'I was born in England,' said Jenny.

'Me too,' replied Daniel, looking at the Cooma girl.

'I know,' replied Jenny, looking at the Canberra boy.

Mary looked at the interactions between them. 'I think I'm gonna be sick,' she said. 'Jesus bloody Christ!'

'But your an old Irish bastard in the end, aren't you,' said Jenny.

'Top of the morning to you,' replied Daniel to the fair Redhead from Cooma Town.

The End

Returning to Gladhaven

'I'm not for you. Not anymore,' said Mary O'Donnell. 'I'm divorcing you and going home to Gladhaven. Returning to my ratpack. You're not the faithful kind in the end kid.'

'No, probably not,' said Daniel. 'I do recall though that you took the interest in me for the most part. I wasn't pushing too hard at it, was I?'

'Sounds like an excuse. You wanted me. But, no, that is true. It was mostly my interest. Founder of my new faith.'

'Going to stick with it?' asked Daniel.

'I'm Noahide Friends of Catholicism for eternity,' said Mary. 'That will never change. I've settled there.'

'Then life goes on,' said Daniel, and took of his marriage ring and handed to her. 'Keep it if you want to. I was ready to move on anyway. We only like each other. We don't love each other.'

'No,' she said, looking at him softly. 'I guess not. But you'll do as the head of the movement. You're good enough for me for that.'

'That's a relief,' replied Daniel. He stood, put the ring in her hand, and kissed her on the cheek. 'I'll let the lawyers sort it out. You will honour our ancient pre-nup, right'?'

'I won't challenge it,' she replied. 'No reason to. I have enough of my own stuff.'

'It's been good being personal with you for so long Mary. I think we've gotten to know each other well. It just wasn't meant to be in the end.'

Mary spent the rest of the day tidying up around the house, and looking through old photographs of them together. She would leave them, though. Leave them as memories for Daniel. She would make a clean break, and have done with it. And get back to the old Gladhaven gang and renew her life at the beginning. Funny, you walked forever in a path, but then it changed, and you were right back were you started. Funny that.

When Mary had gone Daniel went into her room and found the photo album on the bed. He picked it up, and went to his car, drove to the spaceport, and booked a flight for Terraphora on the Realm of Eternity. When he got to his permanent holding there, Danphon, he came down into the archive catacombs, found the bookcase which had stuff he'd kept very slowly from his life with Mary, and put the album there. Another of his life legacy lessons. Another happy chapter though. Another happy chapter.

The End

Jembla and Thorn

It was an ancient abode. Next to the Mountain, where she had lived long ago, and now lived again. The same abode. The same spirit, Jembla felt as well. A place which has seen a lot of history, and knew what it was.

'Yo,' said Jetydosa, coming into the room, saluting to Thorn, as he kissed Jembla on the cheek.

'Busy day?' she asked him.

'Same old shit. The amount of visitors wanting to see the Mountain these days is incredible. We're running tours all day long now.'

Jetydosa was now the administrator of the Mountain. It was a business organisation which ran visitors, and had a Council seat which taught 'Mountain Views', a 4 page document on ethics and behaviours necessary to not repeat the sins of the past. Saruviel had constructed the document, and it was a ministry run by Jetydosa for society in Eternya.

'I'll get the barbie out the back started,' said Jetydosa. 'Got some friends from working coming over around 7.'

'Good,' replied Jembla, still ironing. Jetydosa left, and Jembla continued on with her ironing, watching the TV.

'It's weird, in some ways,' said Thorn, out of the blue.

Jembla looked at him. 'What's weird?'

'Just lately. I've been thinking over life. It has its trials and testings, and God only knows what yet may be. But after all of that a spirit of civilization, I guess, eventually returns, and things finally get back to normal.'

Jembla nodded. She understood what he was saying.

'I don't think evil will rest forever, though,' said Thorn.

'It never does,' said Jembla soberly.

They went quiet, and a TV report came on about a local gang which had raided a warehouse for supplies.

'See what I mean,' said Thorn.

'Evil is as evil does,' replied Jembla. 'Our job is to grow up, mature, and get over the childishness of youthful impulses. To become strong people. To become holy people.'

'I guess that is probably what I learned in the mountain most of all,' said Thorn. 'Especially from old Abraham. He taught me a lot. Things about tradition and keeping the faith with God. And that to keep the faith you actually have to do that – keep the faith. Continue to do the kinds of things which keep it alive, and not drift off into the pleasures of sin.'

'He's ancient, and very wise,' said Jembla. 'Probably seen it all in his time.'

'Probably,' replied Thorn Daly the Saruvim.

'Do you think we'll ever end up in the mountain again one day?' asked Thorn, looking at his friend.

'No,' she said. 'We've all learned too much. We know too well now. There is too many righteous now.'

'Sin never relents on its temptations,' said Thorn.

'Yet holiness gets stronger with time,' said Jembla. 'You know, keeping the faith.'

Thorn looked at the Bible next to him. He picked it up and began reading from Genesis.

'I think I'll read Genesis tonight,' said Thorn. 'And go off to Peppers in the morning.'

'Will she ever say yes?' asked Jembla.

'I think hell will freeze over first,' replied Thorn sarcastically.

'Well, winter is on its way, and they say it will be a cold one this year. Good luck little Thorn Bird. Good luck.'

Thorn smiled, and continued on with his reading, as the world passed, and the Mountain by their side stood firm, preparing for another season of change.

The End

Daniel 2

'You're my friend,' said Daniel to Kelly.

'You're an idiot,' said Kayella in response.

'You have nice breasts,' said Callodyn to her.

'You have no brain,' said Kelly in response.

'You have a good voice for singing,' said Daniel to Kelly.

'You have no talent in writing,' said Kayella in response.

'You're not really that fat in the end.'

She looked at him with one of those looks. 'Are the Ice Wolves playing tonight?'

They were in Antarctica again.

'Yep. Up against the Rothera Wild Dogs.'

'Your second team,' she replied.

'The Bulldogs are linked to them. They are part of the 'Canine League of Rugby Leauge Teams.'

Kelly grinned. 'Yep, definitely a mongrel old Callodyn.'

'So he needs a good bitch by his side,' replied Callodyn.

'Wanna do it doggie style then?' she asked him.

Later on...

'Well that was fun,' said Daniel.

'You were average,' said Kayella.

'Giving the dog a bone is a lot of fun,' said Callodyn.

'It's just such a meagre bone,' said Kelly. 'I'm still hungry.'

'I guess I could visit Pussy Town for a visit,' said Daniel.

'Meeoww,' said Kelly, purring.

Later on......

'I'm sure the neighbours didn't mind the moaning,' said Daniel, as the Ice Wolves match came on. 'It wasn't too loud.'

'Shut up,' said Kelly.

'Well, are we ever getting married again?' asked Callodyn.

Kelly showed him his eternity ring.

'You still have it,' he said, surprised.

'I'll never let it go, idiot,' said Kelly. 'A Twin is forever. Just the way it goes.'

'Maybe I could put in a request for a new twin. Elenniel, maybe. Or Meludiel.'

'Yep, Michael would suit me,' said Kelly. 'He has integrity on ethics and behaviour.'

'And enjoys his Indian curries. Better not stay around too long. His farting is legendary now.'

'Ambriel would be lovely,' said Kelly. 'He's actually handsome. And has good manners. A perfect lover.'

'Pity his machine gun is so tiny,' said Daniel.

'Still, its better than a pea shooter,' said Kelly.

'GO THE WOLVES!' yelled Daniel as the Ice Wolves scored.

'Lucky,' said Kelly. 'That was a fluke of an intercept if ever I've seen one.'

Daniel looked at her. 'Fluke? That's probably the first time I've ever heard you use that word.'

'I've been hanging around your grandfather Cyril. He uses the word a bit.'

'Yep. Dad likes that Aussie venacular. Not my style. More international on things like that.'

She looked at him. 'Bullshit. You're completely Australian.'

'I was frikkin born in the UK,' he responded.

'Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, who is either your father or your grandfather, as you guys have fuzzied the details on that eternal, was born in the UK. You, my sir, I am reliably informed, were born in Canberra hospital.'

'Vicious rumour,' replied Callodyn. 'I'm pommie and proud.'

'Your a territorian, mate. Blokes and sheilas. That's your shit.'

'Not ACT style,' replied Daniel. 'We're the CAPITAL territory after all. Were God brings the quality of the nation. Far to upper class for Ocker slang.'

'Ya'all..........are full of shit,' said Kelly. 'Your a bloke, like all of them Aussies.'

'I don't even like Australia,' said Callodyn. 'Full of Dingoes and Wombats. The most redundant of animals. Like the Kangaroo. I mean, hopping to get around? Ever heard of walking, you dumb arse animal.'

'Noah reliably informs me Kangaroos were on the Ark, and that is how God likes them to get around.'

'Not as dumb as a crab, though. Sideways walking? Genius design God,' said Daniel.

'I like to think the American Eagle is a fine creature,' said Kelly. 'Graceful. Majestic. Proud.'

Daniel nodded. 'Right,' he said. 'Well the British Viper is the only snake we've got in the ole UK.'

'Yep, you're definitely a Viper,' replied Kelly.

'Which shows how pure and good we are. Just one kind of serpent. Yet America? Full of them. Snakes galore. The old Serpent must be proud of Yankees. True devotees of his ministrations.'

'Viper huh?' said Kelly.

Daniel nodded.

'And I suppose the UK is full of majestic and polished trees and shrubberies. Classy stuff, right?'

'Well, yes actually,' said Callodyn.

'Yes, I recall these boastings over the years. The glory of old Britannia. A truly elegant nature. Not like those wild and untameable Eucalypt of Australia.'

'Savages, the lot of them,' said Callodyn, sneering.

'And you are the height of sophistication and morality?' queried Kayella.

'Indeed,' replied Callodyn.

'Yet you go for dogs as your Rugby League teams. Mongrels. Never the Saints, but feral Canines.'

'The Bulldogs are Canterbury-Bankstown,' said Daniel. 'A fine English name. The head of the English church is the Archbishop of Canterbury after all my dear.'

'Ooh, yes my lord. No my lord. Three bags full my lord,' said Kelly in a funny English accent.'

'Bite me. Bitch,' said Callodyn.

'Heh heh heh,' laughed Kayella.

'Bitch,' said Daniel under his breath, but then the Ice Wolves scored again, and they got caught up in the match, as another fine day passed in Eternya in the North Pole, the world, for the most part, blissfully unaware of the shenanigans of Callodyn and Kayella the Cherubim.

The End


'Luladiel, Luladiel, Luladiel. The bitch think's she's the coolest shit. The Gospel Girl who loves the world for Jesus.'

Katy Perry ignored her twin Devuel, the comedian Russel Brand's, comment.

'Jesus back in business again with his new theology. Admitted that Israel had rejected him as Christ because he had been too headstrong and anti-rabbinic. Issues a series of 1200 Public Apologies to various Israelite rabbis and organisations, says 'Forgive me' to the world, and renews his honest and earnest claim to be the Christ of Israel. And Katy Perry comes out in public and declares her born again Christian faith. I think you need a new record, sweetie. Yours is currently on repeat.'

Katy wanted to ignore that, but took issue. 'An Englishman, apparently, with the gutter tongue of a snake rebuking me? A fallen angel I do recall. Sentenced with Saruviel to the Netherworld. For REBELLION! And he dares to rebuke a Child of Destiny which kept the faith and did not bring sedition upon the Realm? How droll.'

Saruviel, who was playing chess with Kantriel at his desk in Kalphon keep spoke up. 'Devvie has matured over the years Lulu. He is a more mature angel now. He has earned his degree in Satanic Accusership. Exposes the best of hypocrites.'

'He's even got a pHd,' said Kantriel. 'Satan presented him his doctorate in person. There was quite a hoo hah about it. It made all the Realm newspapers.'

Luladiel ignored them.

'Can't you handle the point?' asked Krystabel. 'Devuel seems to have an issue. A responsible Seraphim would address his concerns.'

'He's far from perfect,' said Katy.

'Who is?' replied Krystabel.

'What the hell is your issue, then?' asked Katy to Devuel.

'It's just a bit rich,' began Devuel. 'They've accepted Zerubbabel as the official Messiah for a long time now, and Ambriel was another Messiah as Jeremiah 22 promised a King in Israel whenever Israel was holy enough. So there is a Messianic role. Jesus failed. We can't turn back time you know. It's just saving face, and nothing more,' said Devuel.

'His intentions on Christhood have always been genuine,' said Katy. 'He is sincere and means his Gospel ministry.'

'The Gospelator idea would work better,' said Devuel. 'That title has been bandied around a fair bit now, and the Sanhedrin have agreed that due to his age and original doctrine of antiquity he can qualify on such a thing. His ambition has remained unchecked, and he has still failed to learn humility and his place in society.'

'People should be allowed to express themselves and their desire for success,' replied Katy.

'And they should also honour their elders which came before them,' said Devuel. 'Jesus barely recognizes Zerubbabel's claim, and he is offspring of the man.'

'Humph,' replied Katy. 'A 7DF doctrine. Hardly counts then. They came much too late on the scene for any officialdom associated with their beliefs.'

'Yet the truth remains the truth,' interjected Saruviel. 'And Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly declared what became accepted as the truth.'

'It is pride,' said Devuel dramatically. 'And a desire to be consistent, rather than acknowledging ones error,' said Devuel. 'That is what motivates you to keep and promote your Christianity,' saying the last word in a sneering tone.

'A humble heart accepts the truth,' said Krystabel, still knitting.

Luladiel looked at them all. And then sighed, and sat down next to Krystabel.

'Knitting, huh?' she asked her sister. Krystabel nodded.

Devuel stood there, proud, and looked at Luladiel, and then looked at Saruviel, who nodded at him, and returned his focus to his chess game.

And another fine day turned in the Realm of Eternity.

The End

The Seraphim Luladiel and the Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Daniel was single again. Studying beetles. He had his major reference work 'The Life of Beetles' out and was reading up on it. The Beatles were playing in the background, and he had a stack of Blue Beetle comics on the desk behind him. It was Christmas on New Terra, and late in the evening at 29 Merriman Crescent, and Christmas Beetles had been banging into the fly screen door out the back all night.

A knock came to the door.

'I'll get it,' said Mary.

Mary answered the door and Seraphim Luladiel stood there. 'Oh,' said Mary. 'Callodyn is on Televon at the moment. At his home in Paradision.'

'I haven't come to see him,' said Luladiel. 'Is Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly here? Your son.'

Mary indicated the front room, and Katy walked in.

Daniel looked up. 'Uh, hello Luladiel. Haven't seen you forever.'

Luladiel glared at him. She remembered meeting him at a business club party when Eternya was young, but never since. He'd been at the mountain, but they'd never spoken. Not since the early days of the Realm of Eternity did she recall ever talking with him.

'So Zerubbabel is Christ and that's the truth is it?' said Katy hotly.

Daniel put down his reference book, and looked at her soberly. 'Well, yes,' he replied.

'And you think that justifies the death of Christianity do you?'

'I've never claimed that Christianity should die. The Advancing Noah Movement preserves a Gospel I devised, and we promote it steadily. We've preserved much of the message of Jesus for aeons now.'

'Hardly the same,' said Katy, and looked at him. He was like Callodyn and Daniel. Cute as well, actually. Quite cute. Nice beard as well, she thought. Trimmed to about a centimetre.

'The tradition of rejecting Jesus is eternal, as he never fulfilled the requirements of Messiah,' said Daniel. 'I proposed the Gospelator title, and I am sure that will catch on eventually.'

She glared at him again, then softened. She noticed the music. 'The Beatles? Are you a fan?'

'Not a big one. I play them from time to time. I'm in a beetlish mood at the moment. Been reading my Blue Beetle comics this morning, and studying about beetles.'

'Nerdy stuff,' said Katy.

'Indeed,' replied Daniel.

'Well Jesus is Christ buddy. You'll have to live with that in the end.'

'I'm sure I won't,' replied Daniel. 'Noahide faith is as everlasting as the Rainbow, and my oath of allegiance to it eternally to Yahweh is equally just that. Everlasting.'

She glared at him once more. 'Jesus is truth. Your a heretic,' and she stormed out, out the front door, and left in her porsche in a huff.

Daniel looked at Mary when she came in.

'What was that all about?' asked his mother.

'I have no idea,' responded the 347th male Cherubim of the Realm of Eternity.

The End

The Cherubim Taylor and the Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

'It's Taylor. For you,' said Mary.

Daniel nodded, and stretched a little. He had been sleeping, sitting on his couch beside his bed in his room, as he slept sitting a lot. He came out into the main living room.

'Uh, Taylor Swift, right,' said Daniel. 'The Cherubim Taylor if I recall. Callodyn mentions you from time to time.'

'Charmed,' said Taylor. 'You've pissed Katy off. Are you proud of yourself. How dare you challenge her newborn faith. She's had tears over Jesus for a long time buddy.'

'I was'nt trying to annoy her,' said Daniel. 'But the truth is important.'

'Who cares about your interpretation of the truth,' said Taylor. 'We have our tradition and that's more important than your bullshit. I know and respect Callodyn for his devotion to your religion, but give me a break buddy. It was nothing to begin with. Just a johnny come lately.'

'Yet the rainbow never stopped shining,' said Daniel.

'Fuck the rainbow,' said Taylor. 'So I'll expect an apology. Say your sorry and admit she's right.'

Daniel looked at the cherubim, turned, and headed back to his room.

'Unbelievable,' was all he heard, and the front door being slammed.

'Taylor Swift. Jesus Christ. You know how to pick em, don't you,' said Daniel to himself. 'She was kind of cute though. Especially when she was angry.'

And then he got back into bed this time, adjusted his pillow, and was soon snoring, an angry Taylor Swift insulting him time and time again in another dream epic of the Sandman's finest ministrations.

The End

The Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly

Daniel Daly, the Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, lived at 29 Merriman Crescent at Macarthur on New Terra. He also had an abode in Terraphora, a permanent holding, covenanted with God for eternal ownership. He had been the very first of the angels to in fact have had permanent ownership of an abode. It was something he had arranged very early on with God in the history of the Realm of Eternity. He visited from time to time, but mostly lived at 29 Merriman Crescent in Macarthur in Tuggeranong in Canberra in Australia on New Terra, with his mother Mary Daly and his father Cyril Daly. As a human he had been born on earth on the 20th of November 1972 in Kingston upon Hull in England. His offspring were indeed born in Australia, but he was in fact from the old world, though conceived in Berridale in Australia. Daniel was a collector of things. He had a vast comic collection, keychain collection and so on. He did not pride himself in owning such things. He prided himself in enjoying such things, and was eternally grateful to God for his blessing. Daniel was in fact the founder of the Advancing Noah Movement, which he had built up with Daniel the Seraphim and Callodyn the Cherubim. They had done a lot of work for it, but technically it had been ole Daniel who had gotten the thing started. Daniel had enjoyed prostitution in his younger years on earth, but gradually had learned to abstain from such behaviour. He had grown comfortable without calling on the harlots, and never looked back to that way of life. He had never been drunk in all eternity, as he was not in fact overly fond of alcohol, though he enjoyed an occasional drop. Daniel had had a bit of a brief relationship with his twin Lourdes Leon, but it hadn't lasted, and they were not suited to each other. Then he had been married to Mary O'Donnell from Gladhaven for a long time, but it didn't work out. He had been single, now, for quite some time, and after a brief friendship with Cherubim Jenna, Jesus twin, was on his own at home, enjoying the quiet life.

Recently he'd had visits from Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, who later sent apologies for their rude behaviour, and he had invited them to a dinner evening at 29 Merriman to smooth things over. That was due in a few weeks. Daniel was a regular enough fellow, down to earth, relaxed, schizophrenic, but medicated well enough to cope with life. Most issues of paranoia had been addressed over time with him, but there was still a few things to resolve. He was a regular angel, ordinary in many ways, but he enjoyed his life, kept things simple enough, and kept the faith as founder of the ANM, and left it at that. That was the life of Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

The End

Dinner and Hardcore Sex

Katy was the first to say it. 'You know, Daniel. You're actually quite handsome. Just like Callodyn in many ways.'

'Thank you Ms Perry,' replied Daniel, handing her the bottle of Sprite.

'And this pizza is great,' said Katy. 'Pepperoni with extra cheese. Brilliant.'

'Pizza hut make them the way I like,' said Daniel.

'It's kind of you to say you regret us having gotten off to such a bad start,' said Taylor.

'I could not apologize, as I defend my words. But perhaps they could have been better stated.'

Taylor smiled.

'Now how about some hardcore sex?' asked Daniel, looking at them both.

'For fuck' sake,' said Katy, looking at him, mouth agape.

Taylor chuckled. 'He is a Daniel,' she replied.

'Well ok Joe. You asked for it,' said Katy.

'Sounds like fun,' replied Taylor.

'Awesome,' said Daniel.

* * * * *

'The mating life of the Dung Beetle is fraught with danger. The female is often very demanding in the attention to protocols she requires, and the male has to work diligently to impress her with his courting before the mating can begin.' And so on went the video on the Mating Rituals of Beetles.

'Amazing stuff, isn't it,' said Daniel.

'Fascinating,' replied Katy, sarcastically.

'Oh, it's riveting,' said Taylor, equally as sarcastically.

'My favourite bit is next. He lands her,' said Daniel. 'That's it. Way to go beetle. Woo hoo.'

'Unbelievable,' said Taylor.

And the expression on Katy's face summed it all up.

The End

The Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly and his twin the Cherubim Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon

'So you didn't do them,' said the Cherubim Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, playing with a drinking umbrella, sitting on the front couch in the front room at 29 Merriman Crescent, sipping on her vodka and lemonade.

'I didn't do them,' replied her twin, the Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

'They were looking for it. They both told me,' said Lourdes.

'It was pretty obvious,' replied Daniel.

'But you didn't do them,' said Lourde.

'I didn't do them,' replied Daniel, still studying his book on beetles.


'Well?' said Lourdes.

'Well what?' asked Daniel.

'Well. Why didn't you do them?' asked Lourdes.

'Because I'm a gentleman,' said Daniel.

'Hardly,' replied Lourdes.

'They're not my type. I am quite fond of both of them, actually. Very drawn to those two in particular,' said Daniel.

'But they're not your perfect match,' said Lourdes.

'Maybe not,' said Daniel.

'I see,' said Lourdes.

'Yes,' replied Daniel.

She continued to play with her umbrella.

'I suppose you'll go back to Mary O'Donnell in time, then. You two spent an eternity together. She's unlikely to forget that.'

'I'm unlikley to forget that,' he replied.

'So you're forever married to Mary,' said Lourdes.

'No. We weren't completely compatible,' replied Daniel.

'Who is,' replied Lourdes.

Daniel looked at her, noticed her breasts, and said, 'Yes. Who is.'

And the day passed. And it was a quiet and happy day.

The End

Katy, Taylor and Daniel

'Well, I'm fond of you two,' said Daniel.

'Pass the pizza,' said Katy. Taylor handed her the pizza box.

'So I have these rings you see. I've had them forever, if you must know.'

They both looked at Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. 'Callodyn has just finally stored his rings for us in storage. Says he's over it,' said Katy.

'He borrowed the idea off me in the first place. I told him about them when I was young,' said Daniel.

'Oh,' said Taylor.

'I have 5 of them. 2 of them are Eternity Love Rings and 3 of the are Eternity Friendship Rings. They are not marriage or engagement rings though. You two have my Eternity Love Rings. Will you wear them for a year each, and then return them to me?'

'Ok, Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. Sure. I'll do that for you,' said Katy.

'That is fine,' replied Taylor, chowing down on her Pizza.

'I will then return the rings to their box, which is a sign of my permanent love for you two. If you do not object I will pray for you both forever.'

'What are our obligations?' asked Katy. Taylor looked at him curiously as well.

'Pizza night a minimum of once a millennium or so,' said Daniel.

'And that is all?' asked Katy cautiously.

'If you'll commit to that I have my fix of your friendship and time, and can chill out on my frustrations.'

'Not after any nookie?' asked Taylor suspicioiusly.

'Not required,' said Daniel. 'I'm not sex obsessive. Make no mistake, I enjoy it. But I don't lose sleep over whether I score or not. I am fond of both of you. I like your company. If you will commit to a minimum of a millennial pizza night I would be very happy.'

'Sure,' said Taylor.

'Ok,' said Katy. 'I can commit on that.'

'Thank you,' he said, and leaned over and kissed them each on the cheek.

And that, as they say, was that.

The End

Katy, Taylor and Daniel 2

'You have hopeless stories,' said Taylor to Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

'They are chronicles, not stories. They are about real history,' replied Daniel. 'I admit that there are stories I have written, but what's your problem?'

'It's average chronicling,' said Katy. 'You have no – pizazz in the way you write. Plain. Boring. Uninteresting. Not one decent sex scene.'

Daniel bit into an apple and looked at them both. 'Too much love will kill you. Freddie Mercury sang that. Vds can kill a soul. Learn some responsibility ladies.'

'Still, we need a little passion,' replied Taylor.

'What's life if we can't live a little,' said Katy.

'A hell of a lot calmer,' replied Daniel. 'Wars start on affairs over women.'

'How so?' asked Katy.

'Helen of Troy,' replied Daniel.

'I bet he can't give another answer,' said Taylor.

'World War III,' said Daniel. 'When Queen Beatrice the Fourth declared war on Germany for insults to her Kingdom.'

'That was a very brief war,' said Katy.

'It lasted four week,' said Taylor. 'There wasn't any actual conflict. Diplomacy ruled in the end.'

'I was in the presence of a pub fight in Hull between some German tourists and some pommies. World War III was quite vicious. All a woman's fault.'

'Action,' said Katy. 'Without some action life is boring. You have NO imagination.'

Daniel continued munching on his apple. 'I present the details accurately,' he replied.

'People have sex,' said Katy.

'I don't like to inquire,' replied Daniel. 'None of my business.'

'Probably a prude,' said Taylor.

'I'm too intelligent to be prudish,' replied Daniel.

'I bet you don't even fornicate,' said Taylor.

Katy looked at Taylor and looked at Daniel. 'No, I bet he doesn't. Only in marriage right Danny boy?'

Daniel looked at them, then picked up his Beetle Bible. 'I've got nothing to say,' he replied after a moment.

'Scared of the wrath of Judgement. What a wuss,' said Taylor.

'Obedience breeds eternal life,' replied Daniel.

'Can't even live a little,' said Katy.

Daniel slammed down his bible. 'Are you two putting me to the test?'

'Go on. Fuck someone,' said Katy.

'I dare you,' said Taylor.

Daniel glared at them. Then he picked up his mobile. He dialled some numbers. 'Yep? Veronica? Are you down for some action tonight? You are? Good. Be here at 7. Katy and Taylor are here. They'll be hanging around.'

Daniel glared at the other two triumphantly. Then he said 'Shit' under his breath. He had convictions.

Later Veronica showed up. She smiled at Daniel, and they disappeared into his room for half an hour. Veronica came out first, smiled at the girls, and left. Soon Daniel came out.

'Well?' asked Taylor.

'I used a condom. I insist on protection at least. You won't violate my chastity that easy. We've slept together a few times before, but always safely.'

Taylor nodded. Katy smiled.

'Do you have feelings for her?' Katy asked Daniel.

'She's a friend. She was surprised I asked for some. Said it wasn't like me. Now don't test me again. I'm normal. I have good values.'

'Ok,' said Taylor softly.

'Ok,' said Katy, equally as softly.

Daniel picked up his Beetle Bible again, but the girls glanced at him a bit. They glanced at him a bit all that evening.

The End

Katy, Taylor and Daniel 3

'Hello Thorn,' said Daniel.

'Hello Grandfather,' replied Thorn Daly. 'This is Pepper,' he said.

'I know Pepper. I remember her from the mountain,' said Daniel.

'Hello Mr Daly,' said Pepper.

'Hello Thorn,' said Katy.

'Hello Thorn,' said Taylor. 'Long time no see.'

'We've been busy at the Saruvim Institute for Angelic Studies,' said Thorn. 'Me and Pepper have been doing research.'

'What have you been uncovering?' asked Daniel.

'7s,' said Thorn. 'They mysteries of 7's in Torah and in creation. 7 is rest. It is wonder. It is contemplation. It is ponderance.'

'And the Saruvim are the seventh group of angels,' said Daniel.

'Who are the first?' asked Thorn. 'It's not disclosed anywhere?'

'There is one,' said Katy. 'He's called the Onaphim. Metatron.'

'Fuck,' said Pepper. 'Are you kidding?'

'No,' its Metatron,' replied Katy. 'And then the two Oraphim. Logos and Memra. And then the 7 Ozraphim.'

'Who are the Ozraphim?' asked Thorn.

'The 7 Shadow Angels,' replied Daniel. 'Karanasius and crew. They work as mentors to the 7 primary keeps of Terraphora. The information about them is largely private. You guys are old enough to know now though.'

'Can we meet them?' asked Pepper anxiously. 'I don't recall seeing them at the mountain.'

'They weren't there,' said Taylor. 'Metatron, Logos and Memra stayed at Home, and the 7 Shadow Angels never left their responsibilities.'

'They survived all the hell,' said Daniel. 'Home was unaffected anyway, but the Realm had gone through a lot of turmoil. Everything had died in disease and plague, but they were mostly immune. Too holy in the end to be affected.'

'Survivors,' said Pepper.

'Hey, we survived,' replied Daniel.

'I guess,' said Pepper softly.

Daniel nodded knowingly. He saw Pepper's point.

'We'll stay for dinner, and we'll be on New Terra for a while,' said Thorn. 'Seeing a lot of places.'

'Good to have you,' said Daniel. 'Well, why don't you go clean up and use the spare bedroom. It's the middle one in the front of the house. Mum and Dad use the end one in the front, and I'm in the back room.'

'Ok,' said Thorn. 'We'll do that.'

'Nice to see you again,' said Pepper to Katy and Taylor.

When they were gone Daniel looked at Katy and Taylor. 'You'll be staying for dinner again?'

'Do we ever leave?' asked Taylor.

Daniel smiled. No, they didn't leave much. In fact, it had been quite a while now he had been entertaining his guests each day. Quite a while.

The End

Andrew, Jessica, Bianca, Thorn & Pepper: A Saruvim Discussion

'You see,' continued Thorn. 'It's the seventh day. Now Judaism rests on the seventh day, but Noahides aren't commanded on this protocol of God's. But we ponder, as Saruvim, on the Seventh day. It's one of the traditions which has emerged from the Saruvim Institute for Angelic Studies.'

'Fascinating,' said Andrew Daly. Andrew was the son of Daniel the Seraphim, closely related to Thorn Daly. The exact relationship between Daniel Daly, the Cherubim angel Callodyn and Daniel Daly, the Seraphim Angel Daniel, had been disclosed many times. And refuted many times, for it was hazed in mystery, which was how Daniel and Callodyn wanted it. It was clear that Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly was the father of one of them or both of them, but he was not forthcoming with facts either. It remained a mystery.

'So you are married to Jessica here,' said Pepper to Daniel. 'Bianca is a close friend then?'

'I'm with Andrew,' said Biance. 'We're a threesome.'

Pepper looked at Biance. 'Are you a concubine?'

'Jesus Christ!' swore Jessica. 'Now that's a question.'

Andrew grinned a bit. 'Umm,' he said looking at Bianca. 'I guess,' he replied.

Bianca just stared at Andrew, shaking her head slightly, and turned to Pepper. 'I suppose I am technically something of a concubine to Andrew. Nothing legal, or anything like that. But I suppose you could call it that kind of relationship.'

'Why don't you make that legal?' said Pepper. 'Concubines are legal.'

They were at 119 Merriman Crescent, up the road from the other Daly abode where Daniel, Cyril and Mary lived, next door to the Rothchild family of Alexander and Rose Rothchild. Alexander and Rose lived a lot on Televere, but resided in their official address for correspondence and legal purposes on New Terra from time to time. Currently they were in fact next door.

'I don't think Bianca wants that,' replied Andrew to Pepper's suggestion.

'And you know that?' interjected Bianca, looking at Andrew.

Jessica stared at Bianca. 'Well? Do you?'

'I might,' she replied. 'If he ever offered.'

'I'll take that into consideration,' replied Andrew. 'Anyway, back to our discussion. Us Seraphim offspring have our wisdom about us as well. Not so much a focus on numerology, but we're enshrouded in mystery.'

'He's boasting,' said Jessica. 'He just wants to appear cool to you Thornie.'

'Spoil all the fun,' replied Andrew, and poked his tongue at Jessica.

Thorn laughed. 'Well, this is a cozy place for the Clan,' said Thorn. 'Any other Daly's around here?'

'Matt Daly lives up the road a little. Daniel's brother. He's been here forever.'

'We'll have to drop by,' said Thorn.

'Be warned. He's twice as sarcastic as Daniel. 'Makes Callodyn look like a straight guy.'

'I'll remember that,' smiled Thorn.

And so the family chatted, and life passed on New Terra, and for the most part all was well in the world. All was well.

The End

Andrew, Jessica and Bianca

'If you make me a concubine, we three can have a legal menage a trois under the judgements of the Noahide council,' said Bianca.

Jessica splurted out her wheaties, and Andrew almost spilt his coffee. They both looked at Bianca in unbelief.

'That has never really been an option,' said Andrew seriously. 'We don't really dilly dally Bianca.'

Bianca raised her eyebrow. 'Well, why not. It's legal when I'm a concubine. Not just a mistress.'

Jessica looked at Bianca, and became honest. 'I am allowed to pash you, and we can engage in oral sex on Andrew together. That is the limits of the law on the subject.'

'I know,' said Bianca, and winked at Jessica.

Jessica blushed.

They were having morning breakfast at Uncle Matts place in Macarthur, who had gotten off to work early. He was a character, and they were enjoying his hospitality.

'Do you want to be my concubine?' Andrew asked her.

'Sure. Why not,' replied Bianca.

'And do you object to her being my concubine?' Andrew asked Jessica.

Jessica was still looking at Bianca, and then turned to her husband. 'If the bitch wants a menage a trois and to get down and dirty, fine. It could be fun.'

'Awesome,' said the blonde bimbo Bianca. 'Let's do it today.'

Andrew looked at Bianca. 'You don't want to sleep on it?'

'Tonight we can sleep on it,' said Bianca, giving him a dirty look.

'Indeed,' replied Jessica, returning to her wheaties.

'Yeh, well. Well fine. You've been around forever. I guess so then,' replied Andrew.

'Daniel is a Justice of the Peace. He can officiate. I looked it up last night on Australian Law in New Terra. A declaration and a vow, and its kosher.'

'Fine. We'll do it this afternoon,' said Andrew, now brave enough to return to sipping on his coffee and looking at the morning paper.

Bianca smiled to herself. Legal at last. Not just the semi-legal Mistress which was 'Officially tolerated' under Noahide law.

And life rolled on by.

The End


'There is only One Direction,' said Farouk Bulsara.

'And they suck,' said Stephenie Germanotta.

'Oh, sweetie,' they are to die for,' replied Freddie Mercury.

'They have all the talent of an Ostrich with its head in the sand. See a talented female songwriter, with ambition, who could write cool tunes to bring them out of their Eckist malaise, and what do they do? Ignore me and instead write with Jessica Cornish. Imbeciles. And they think that witch has talent?'

'Nobody's perfect,' replied Freddie.

'Especially One Erection,' said Gaga.

'One Erection?' queried Freddie.

'It's all there capable of,' replied Gaga.

Freddie grinned. 'I have one erection. It needs some loving ministration,' said Freddie.

'I'll ring George Michael,' replied Gaga.

'Oh, you are a tease,' replied the Queenish Singer of Fame.

The End

1 II

'I suppose,' said Farouk. 'That you think you can sing Thorn Daly.'

'Saruvim have lots of talents,' replied Thorn. 'I need your training. Me and Pepper have challenged each other. First superstar of glory amongst us and we have bragging rights for a million years.'

'Let's here you yodel then,' said Freddie, looking on with curiousity.

Thorn sang a bit. A howling dog's bellows would have been preferable to the torture Freddie endured.

'I guess you'll be humble then,' said Freddie.

'How so?' asked Thorn.

'If Pepper was achieving glory busking on the streets of Antarctica, at Midnight, in winter, she would still pull a bigger crowd then you.'

The young Mr Daly was far from impressed.

The End

A Day of Fantasy III

'So you are finished with Nadiel then,' said Gloryel suspiciously at the dog rocking up on her second heavenly realm doorstep.

'You are the Angel of Hope which spins my spanner,' replied Daniel the Seraphim. 'You have got to know babe. You are the only real one for me. Meludiel? Humph. She's a tramp. Nothing holy about her.'

'And you suppose I'm a pinnacle of virtue?'

'Hardly,' replied Daniel.

'Gee, thanks,' said Geri.

'But you've got it all over that harlot,' said Daniel.

'You're just after a new squeeze,' said Gloryel. 'I'm stable. I've been here for a long time, living a quiet life, and that is the way I like it. I see Danny and Mikey once a week for Poker, and I keep it as simple as that. Sariel visits once a millennium, and my life is complete. Mr Horner occasionally drops around ever few thousand years, and Max is here ever other year. So what have you to offer me Mr Daly?'

'I'll cook dinner every night for a century,' replied Daniel.

'Wonderful. Daniel cooking. Not exactly a fantasy I dream of.'

'I'll mow the lawn,' said Daniel.

'I have a man for that,' replied Gloryel.

Daniel gave her a hard look. 'Ok, ok. I've come for a reason. Me and Valandriel are back with the agenda, and we've had our cricket competitions for a while, but I fancy some second heaven glory. I want to train you for the challenge again. I've heard you've never really bothered with it anymore.'

'Oh,' said Geraldine. 'I have recovered somewhat from that ordeal. It took a lot out of me, you know.'

'It took a lot out of me,' said Daniel. 'We're Seraphim sis, though. We don't set a standard to say we can't maintain it. God likes consistency. You know that.'

Geri smiled for once at her younger Seraphim brother.

'You'll commit to the whole run?' she asked.

'I think we can win it,' said Daniel. 'It takes eternity to recover from what we went through, but eternity has come and gone. Time for glory to shine once more.'

Gloryel smiled. It was not exactly another day of fantasy in her life she had expected when Daniel answered the door. But, now having heard him, it would do. It would do.

The End

Saruviel's Reaction

'Oh,' said Saruviel, to Devuel's statement. Devuel continued on with attempting to put the golf ball into the little golf hole set up in Saruviel's office in Kalphon.

'Yep. Her and Daniel again. They are going for the Challenge Glory up above again. Think they can win it again.'

'She's a chance,' said Kantriel. 'She's made of tough stuff that one.'

Luladiel sat next to Krystabel, continuing on with her knitting. 'She rang me. At Daniel's place on New Terra. Said she was happy, and having the time of her life. Her and Daniel had been all over town, talking with people and chatting about the competition. Said it was her time in the sun again.'

'I'll bet there at the agenda,' said Kantriel. 'Still going for the glory. Earned a lot now, and wanting to pull out ahead of the rest of us. Daniel and Valandriel – ego central of the Seraphim of Eternity.'

'Yeh,' said Daraqel. 'You should compete Saruviel. Show them who the glory is.'

Saruvil looked at Daraqel and the others, and stroked his chin. 'Steady as it goes has been working for me, friends. This challeng will come and go.'

Devuel cursed for missing his shot and looked at Saruviel. 'What? Chicken?'

Saruviel glared at him. 'Fine. I'll do the damn race then.'

'That was a quick capitulation,' said Luladiel.

Krystabel spoke. 'No heroics, Alexander.'

'Yes dear,' replied the Dread Lord. 'No heroics.'

The End

Talzudiel's Reaction

'Think she's the bloody glory of God,' said Talzudiel, munching down on a curried egg sandwich.

'Don't get jealous,' replied his twin Seraphim Winoniel.

'Think's she's the Seraphims champion athlete. I bet Daniel is telling her that. I bet he is.'

'Here we go again,' said Winoniel.

'She'll soon feel the wrath of the power of Columbia. That much I can tell you,' said Talzudiel proudly.

'I've heard Azrael and Cosadriel have both entered in as well. And Callodyn's boy Thorn.'

'Be that as it may,' said Talzudiel proudly. 'They shall lick my dust, kiss my arse, and eat bitumen by the time I have claimed the prize.'

'And as it is written, pride comes before the fall,' said Winoniel.

'Shaddup,' replied the 43rd male Seraphim of the Realm of Eternity.

The End

Michael's Magic

Michael had magic. The Archangel Michae, firstborn of the Angels of the Seraphim Community of the Realm of Eternity had magic. Magic to entertain children. Michael lived in Zaphona City, in the Disc of Zaphora, in Zaphon Tower, in Eternity's Haven, in the heart of the Realm of Eternity. And there he rested. Currently Michael lived with his Wife and Twin Elenniel in an upper penthouse suite of Zaphon Tower, and occasionally chatted with Karanasius the Ozraphim angel and the overseer of the Realm of Eternity, a position which went through a roster. Currently the Cherubim of Eternity were again serving as Overseers of Eternity, the person in office being voted in in elections. There was one rule – an overseer could only repeat their term once, and once the Cherubim had gone through the roster again, they had planned at this stage to return to the Seraphim for another go. The current overseer of Eternity was the Cherubim angel Jesus. Jesus had claimed to be a Christ figure in the early years of the Realm of Eternity, and had maintained that a long time throughout history. And, in fact, still did. There had been a time in history when he had possibly been considered the 'Pseudo-Christ' of Israel. But that fascination had come and gone. Then there had been an era of the 'Gospel Followers' ministry, which also had come and gone. Briefly had been known as 'The Gospelator' which never really caught on. Although many people had agreed that he was indeed the 'Terminator of Holiness', elders in the church had suggested the sarcasm coming from the Sanhedrin 'Really did need to be addressed'. So now he had gone back to his claim of being Christ once more, and was arguing that if the generation of Israel in which he lived now accepted him as the Christ of his generation, in accordance with the teaching of Jeremiah 33 that every generation of Israel had the potentiality of a Messianic king sitting on the throne of Israel, then he too could be accepted as such. Satan scoffed. Mohammed had called him a 'Dumb Arse'. The Bab and Bahaullah had encouraged him, but the official document, which was a form he had filled in applying for the position was sitting with the Sanhedrin for their perusal. Currently that form had been filed by Nicodemus in a back room of the main Sanhedrin headquarters on New Terra, in a filing cabinet, next to a leaky sink, with a smell coming from the sink, at the back of the filing cabinet, in a mouldy manilla folder, happily going through its existence. Nicodemus assured Jesus upon inquiry into the matter that it was 'being looked into'. Jesus remained hopeful.

'Honestly, I am probably the most gifted overseer Zaphon has yet witnessed,' spoke Jesus confidently.

Michael nodded. 'No, bro. You have not committed one solitary act of boasting in all my time watching over you.'

'I could get used to this job,' said Jesus. 'You don't think we could change the rules. Enshrine me permanently. Last time in this job was so challenging. I never had a moment's rest.'

Michael smiled. Keeping Jesus busy in those times had been a full time job for the Seraphim – to ensure the steady continuity of life in the Realm of Eternity – and that the 'Christ' didn't get any funny ideas.

'Do me a magic trick, young Michael,' said Jesus.

'Pick a card,' said Michael, offering a deck to Jesus. Jesus picked one.

Michael put the deck of cards to his forehead. 'I foresee, you have chosen the two of hearts.'

Jesus looked at the card. It was the two of hearts. 'How the hell did you do that?' he asked.

'Magic is amazing,' replied Michael.

'So tell me, young Michael. Will you be tuning in for the reports on Gloryel's race. Channel 87 is hosting it this time, in honour of our sister.'

'Perhaps,' said Michael. 'I suppose its something to get involved with for a while.'

'When we love each other, and take an interest, the world gets better,' said Jesus. 'Everyone needs to be reminded that we have a concern for them.'

Michael looked at Jesus. 'I'll be honest. They are all 2 of hearts.' Michael showed Jesus the deck, and indeed they were all 2 of hearts.'

'That's ok, bro,' said Jesus. 'Magic is trickery after all.'

Michael smiled. Jesus had convicted him – with his kind words. But, in the end, he should probably expect that. Jesus was a passion for Israel for a while, anyway. He did have a few things to say, in the end, anyway.

'Would you like to come to dinner with me and Elenniel tonight?' Michael asked his younger Cherubim brother.

'Sure. I'll ring up Jenny. She's in town at the moment. She can come along.'

'We have a date,' said Michael.

And the night came, and Michael was happy enough with the company. He was a decent Jewish person in the end, this Jesus of Nazareth. Another decent and kind son of Israel.

The End

So do you want a challenge, then?

'So do you want a challenge then?' Wolfgang asked Gloryel.

'Not really,' replied Gloryel.

'What kind of challenge?' asked Daniel.

'I'll tell you if you accept it without question.'

'Ok,' said Daniel.

'Right,' said God. 'Well, you've done enough time. It's been good, but you've had it too good for far too long. All of you. The whole freaking lot of you. The New Earth has been built, and its expansion mode is set on eternal growth, so tough. Time for your ACTUAL eternal home.'

Daniel smiled. 'Which is?'

'Terra firma,' replied Almighty God.

And a whisper of time intervened, planned a long time ago when God made plans.

'Oh, for fuck's sake,' said Daniel. And then he vomited, and felt better.

Geri Halliwell looked at him. 'We're on Earth, you idiot.'

'And good riddance to you,' said God. 'The others are all going through similar shit. Go off and run your fucking marathon now glory bitch.'

'Go fuck your mother,' Geri replied to God.

'Heh heh heh,' replied the Almighty.

The End

For Fuck's Sake

'Resurrection,' said Jesus. 'This is resurrection day.'

'Michael looked at his younger brother. 'I was enjoying my dinner, Yesh. And God shows up, dishes our new eternity, and here we are.'

'And its forever,' said a voice from heaven.

'Oh,' said Michael.

King David came over. 'I rule Israel, right?'

'I do buddy,' said King Saul.

'I'm the Prince,' said Michael in reply. 'Dream on David.'

'They'll prefer me,' said Jesus.

'For fuck's sake,' said Michael. It was going to be one of those days.

The End

What do we do now?

'What do we do now?' asked Rebecca St James.

'We fit in,' replied Jacob, standing on the Sydney street, looking as people pass by. 'We go to Centrelink and register to start with. Get jobs.'

A passer by stopped and spoke to them. 'Hello Jacob and Rebecca. We've been expecting you. It's busy at the moment. Yes, you'll probably need to start at Centrelink. The world is big now. Eternity makes up about 1% of our total numbers. We're vast. You two are famous in Sydney. Your stuff is well known. Well, bye. I have to be about my work. Oh, praise the lord.'

'Praise the lord,' replied Rebecca, as the lady walked away.

'Right,' nodded Jacob. 'Let's find Centrelink.'

The End

I don't give a shit

'I don't give a shit,' said Valandriel, in the apartment Daniel and Geri were renting. He'd found them in the Canberra streets they had been flung down upon. 'The agenda is for heaven. This physical stuff. Man, its killing me. I've put on that much weight in the last month.'

'The glory. Our copyrights are here. I had a dream. Our rights are intact. They don't use our knowledge. We go for it buddy.'

'Listen, kemosabe. I'm over it.'

'Dutch courage,' said Daniel.

Valandriel looked at him. 'Hmm. Well. Well ok. Yes, Dutch courage. Yes. Have courage. Ok. Ok then. Dutch courage. Dutch courage it is. What next then, fearless leader?'

'We plan. We prosper,' said Danny.

'We get a job,' said Geri. 'Easiest way to go.'

'Go claim your royalties,' said Daniel to Geri. 'I saw the CD in the Mega Warehouse. You're making quadrillions.'

'Public Doman,' said Geri.

'Not anymore,' said Daniel.

Geri looked at her lover. 'No. Maybe not, actually. Actually, maybe not.'

'Look up Virgin on the Internet. Email them,' said Daniel.

'Fine,' said Geri, and looked at Valandriel and Daniel, and then sat down at the table and started the PC Laptop. Soon she had the Virgin site up, and with the email she had registered recently, she sent them an email.

'Now the glory,' said Daniel.

'Now the glory,' replied Valandriel.

The End

Back on Earth Forever

Cyril looked at the house. 'It will do,' said Mary. 'Daniel knows we're in the area, and will check it out in time. So this will do.'

Cyril nodded. 29 Merriman Crescent Macarthur, Tuggeranong, Canberra, ACT, Australia. Currently up for sale. A standard house price from what he had seen of wages.

'Merriman Crescent goes on to 7 Trillion,' said Matthew. 'It's officially the last address in the crescent.'

'Fascinating,' said Cyril.

'Apparently not a terribly big crescent,' said Matthew.

'Fascinating,' said Cyril.

'They have faster than light travel,' said Matthew.

'Fascinating,' said Cyril.

'You can circle the globe, after an initial journey into space of a few minutes, in about 30 seconds. It's mostly just pushing buttons, as the travel is practically instantaneous. Very advanced technology,' said Mathew.

'Fascinating,' said Cyril.

'Thinks he's a professor,' said Madalene.

'He stays informed,' said Greg.

'Good on you Matt,' said Christie.

'Think's he's smart,' said Brigid.

'Way to go bloke,' said Alan and David.

'Your still a grouch,' said Jayden.

'We're proud of you,' said Amelia.

Ronan patted Matt on the back.

Jacinta hugged him.

James smiled at him.

Georgia kissed him on the cheek.

Rachel smiled at him also.

'Technically it's not space,' said Daniel. 'Just the upper atmosphere.'

The look everyone gave him summed it all up.

The End

For fuck's sake 2

'For fuck's sake,' said Geri, looking at the grey hair. 'How is this possible?' she came out into the rest of the flat. 'A grey hair?'

'I'm coughing a bit too much with my ciggies also,' replied Daniel. 'I think we're getting old.'

'People still do,' said Geri. 'But I thought we were here forever.'

'A return visit, by the looks of it. Old age again,' said Daniel.

Wolfgang suddenly appeared. 'Yes. Age humbles you and teaches you wisdom. And I needed to clean up heaven a bit. There had been a lot of spiritual negativity still yet to be cleared since Mountain days. I needed to get rid of you all for a while.'

'Oh,' said Geri. 'Nice to see you by the way.'

Wolfgang smiled at her, and sat down. 'Is the A Team on?' he asked Daniel. Daniel switched on the TV and the A Team was just beginning. 'Order a pizza,' God said to Geri.

Geri looked at him, shrugged, and rang pizza hut. Soon enough they were arguing away on a theological idea of Daniel's and Geri could only think 'Men.'

The End

Back to Heaven

'It smells good,' said Jesus, walking back into the overseers office. 'All of Zaphon. Everywhere. Smells really good now.'

'He did a lot of work,' said Cindradel. 'Cleaned it all up nicely.'

'Well, back in business, sis. That had been an interesting interlude, but life goes on.'

'I think we have some papers to get to. Things will likely resume largely where they left off,' said the Seraphim.

Jesus ignored her. 'Could you ask Brindabel to come up from the library, please,' he said, looking at his notes.

'Men,' sighed Cindradel, and rang her sister down below.

And so life in the Realm of Eternity got back to normal, after another earthly life, albeit of about 40 to 50 years for most of them, and it had been interesting noting that Earth had been slowly expanding forever, and apparently always would, and that the faiths and religions were alive and well. Science had claimed it was simply space dust continually settling, and many disputed that the population of apparently heavenly citizens were anything other than a cult conspiracy, so humans were still faithless humans in the book of Jesus of Nazareth.

'Cindradel,' said Jesus on the intercom. 'Could you also ask Michael to drop by. I think he is at his place with Elenniel at the moment. I have a few things to discuss with him.'

'Yes sir,' replied Cindradel. 'Oh, and its good to be back, and good to get back on with our working relationship. Your a gem.'

'Thanks,' she replied. And smiled. Nice thing to say.

In the Second Heavenly Realm Daniel and Gloryel had settled back in, after a few weeks adjusting, and were now going back to the plans so rudely interrupted.

'Smells so good,' said Daniel, for the 50th time.

'Yes, I know,' replied Geri. 'But we have work to do. So get to those Magazine phone calls, and make sure you use the photos I specified. In the green swimsuit.'

'At once your majesty,' replied Daniel, and went off to his task.

Up in Home.

'So they are all back are they?' asked Metatron, when God waltzed in.

'Yep. And everywhere is spotless. A lot of darkness dispelled. Took ages as well. Some very negatives thinking had built up in lots of places. Nasty stuff as well. Needed to clear it all out. Earth was the best I could come up with.'

'Fascinating,' replied Metatron. He sat down at the table, and pushed the chess set towards God. 'Your move, as I recall.'

God looked at the chess set, and pondered. He was losing. Metatron was bright now. Very. Could get out of tricky situations.

'Remember,' said Metatron. 'Life goes on.'

God looked at him. 'Yep, I guess you could say that. Life goes on.'

The End


'What is your real human name Callodyn?' asked Kayella.

'Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly the Second,' replied Callodyn.

Kayella thought on that and nodded soberly. Then she asked 'And what is Seraphim Daniel's real human name?'

'Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly the Third,' replied Callodyn, eating his hamburger. 'He's my son.'

'Right,' said Kayella. 'Now, you guys have changed your story trillions of times. Do you have any proof?'

Callodyn looked at her, and left off with his hamburger and went into his room, soon returning with a black scroll.

'Where do you keep that?' she asked.

'In a hidden safe. You probably know where it is.'

She shook her head.

'Then I'm not about to tell you,' he replied. He unrolled the scroll, and there was rolled up with it various papers, and he took one and handed it to her. It was a UK Birth Certificate.

She read it and looked at him.

'Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. Son of Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. Very weird. I didn't know your mother was...' Callodyn interrupted her.

'No need to talk about mum. She keeps that information to herself.'

'How do I know this is yours?' she asked him.

'It's not fake. It's mine. You can probably know now. The joke has run a bit dry. Seraphim Daniel is my human son. He has a similar UK birth certificate. We had a Hull tradition. Dad desired it.'

'I understand,' replied Kayella.

'Well now you know,' said Callodyn. 'The secret of our names.'

'Now I know,' said Kayella, and picked up her mobile phone.

'You there,' she said. 'You'll never guess what I just found out.'

'Here we go,' thought Callodyn. It was going to be one of those days.

The End

Life Goes On 2

Chapter One

'Extreme Power Sports. Joniquay's premiere sporting company is doing it again,' went the ad. 'The race that brings heaven to a standstill. The Continental Challenge. Again, we are looking for 5000 competitors to fill the slots, and we already have 72 wild card entries from past winners. And Gloryel, ladies and gents, is entering. One of our favourites.'

The ad continued on, and Mikey Robinson looked at it casually. Yet again the bloody challenge. It always came around, and now they were doing it again. He admired Gloryel to have the courage to have another go. Probably about time, really. But would he bother having a go? Would he? Danny had agreed to train him if he did, and he was thinking it over. He would have to qualify, but if he took it seriously he felt confident he could pull it off. Something to think about for a while, as it was still a couple of decades away. He looked in his wallet. Quite a bit of cash. He had a lot of that at the moment. Maybe a night for some boozing and gambling, within reason, and find a familiar lady at the places he went to most. He was single again. Funny that. They never lasted much with Mikey Robinson. His kids told him to settle down every now and again, but it wasn't his style. He liked the action. Just what his Aussie larrikin self was made of. But eventually, at the end of eternity, perhaps he would. With the right lady. Maybe an old flame. God only knew when, but maybe eventually. Maybe. He flicked off the TV, went off and showered, and changed, and then sat reading 'The Lord of the Rings' which he was reading again for the squillionth time, waiting for the afternoon to pass, and then go out for a night of action.

* * * * *

Thorn Daly was in a cranky mood. 'You know, Cyril. I couldn't give a damn about the Daly name.'

'His great grandfather looked at his son with concern. 'The Daly name is a proud and noble Irish family. You're not an Englishman like your father Callodyn.'

'I was registered with UK Citizenship in the Mountain,' said Thorn. 'And Callodyn was born to grandpa in England. And grandpa was born in England. That is 3 generations of English lineage. I'm an Englishman.'

'Our Clan is Irish,' replied Cyril.

'And I am English,' said Thorn.

'Well jolly good,' said Cyril, mocking him. 'You are nothing like my son. He was proud of his Irish heritage.'

'And I am proud of mine. But we go back further to Noahide lineage, and that is from Galatia anyway.'

Cyril looked at Thorn, and backed down a wee little bit. 'Aye, we're turks. That much I agree with.'

'So I'm English, but carry an Irish surname,' replied Thorn. '3 generations, and when Pepper one day marries me I will be having my son in Hull here on New Terra anyway.'

'Well at least learn the Daly ways,' said Cyril. 'It's the least you can do to honour our clan.'

'Sure. Teach me,' said Thorn.

'Our clan motto is fidelity to God and King,' said Cyril. 'The Daly's are faithful to God. It is our primary concern. We don't come and go on faith, but remain stable and permanent on it.'

'My Saruvim studies have been constant for years now,' replied Thorn.

'You'll have to tell me about them as well,' replied Cyril. 'Now I expect you to also affiliate with Noahide Friends of Catholicism, and learn the Gospel of Jesus from your father.'

'I've read it,' said Thorn. 'It was interesting.'

'We are faithful to Jesus of Nazareth as well,' said Cyril. 'And the Christ issue is still under discussion. So learn the ropes in Noahide friends of Catholicism, as well as your traditional Karaite Noahide ways, and I will be happy with that.'

'Yes Grandfather,' replied Thorn.

'Now Matthew tells me you are considering entering the Extreme Power Sports Challenge in the second heavenly realm. Is this true?'

'I've already entered and qualified,' said Thorn. 'There were only about 50,000 applicants this time, and I managed to get fit enough for it.'

'Good, good,' said Cyril. 'See that you do us proud.'

'Will do, grandpa,' replied Thorn.

'Now off to bed with you, and I will speak to you in the morning.'

And Cyril left the room, leaving Thorn pondering just how much Daly lore he would soon be having to take in.

* * * * *

To cut a long story short, Gloryel emerged, pumped, Daniel coached her, Thorn caught her in the last stretch, and that's all she wrote.

The End

Katy, Taylor and Daniel 4

'Why would you want to break a perfectly good heart, Daniel? Lourdes quite likes you now,' said Taylor.

'She's great,' responded the Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, the 347th Cherubim of the male Cherubim of the Realm of Eternity. 'But she's not for me.'

'Then who is for you?' asked Taylor.

'Yes, do tell,' replied Katy.

'Whoever the good Lord sends me,' replied Daniel. 'Now it's your move, Tails.'

Taylor looked down at the chess set. She wasn't winning. In fact, he was flogging her.

'I give up,' she said. 'You are too good.'

'Hardly the spirit. Consider Thorn Daly. Half way through, running last. Tells everyone he's saving his effort for the final quarter, and is mocked by gazillions. But concentrates, slowly makes inroads, and takes Gloryel in the final 10 kilometres. Wins the Extreme Power Sports Continental Challenge, and the Rise of the Saruvim of Glory continues.'

'Rise of the Saruvim of Glory?' asked Taylor, looking at him.

'It's there time. I sense it. The Glory kids. The Saruvim. Saruviel's ego, in a way. Time for him to shine.'

'And our time has come and gone, has it?' asked Taylor, looking at her Cherubim brother.

Daniel smiled at her. 'Steve is coming around for dinner,' said Daniel. 'That won't bother you, will it Tails?'

'Is that how you answer the question?' asked Katy. 'Why she doesn't get along with her own twin?'

'Well she doesn't,' said Daniel defensively.

'Steve is great. Just not for me,' said Taylor. 'He's too short. I feel awkward.'

'Oh,' said Daniel. 'I figured it was his mundane ways.'

'Doesn't really bother me,' said Taylor. 'Besides, I'm not really attracted. He's a nice guy, but he's devoted to his wife and children. Just a friend from time to time.'

'I like Lourdes,' said Daniel. 'But I like to keep away because of her mother. Way too much for my religious sensitivities. For starters, Leo's and Scorpios can clash extremely, especially the more passionate they are, and with her extreme liberalism, and my fundamentalism, Lourdes is just the occasional friend, and its never really changed. Some things are set in stone.'

'Fine,' said Katy. 'That answer will do. So who is for you then?' she said, looking at him.

'We'll have chinese tonight, instead of Pizza,' said Daniel, avoiding the question.

He went off and rang up the local Chinese restaurant, and Katy looked at Taylor and Taylor looked at Katy. 'He is, isn't he. Avoiding the question,' said Katy.

'He's the old fashioned type,' said Taylor. 'Wants to win the two girls he's currently seeing, without making it too obvious he wants to win the two girls he's currently seeing.'

Katy came over and looked at the chess set. She removed Daniel's Queen and two rooks. 'We'll see what this will do,' said Katy.

Daniel came back in the room. 'It's all ordered,' he said, and sat down at the Chess set.

'I've moved,' said Taylor. 'It's your move.'

Daniel looked at the board, and noticed the removal of the Queen and the Rooks. Taylor now had the advantage.

He looked at Taylor who shrugged and looked innocent, and looked at Katy who had a grin on her face.

'Oh well,' said Daniel. 'What is life without a challenge.'

'Oh,' so you like a challenge?' asked Katy.

Daniel looked at her. 'Sometimes.'

'Well, can you risk opening your heart and telling two familiar ladies how you feel about them.'

Daniel looked at Katy, then looked back at the chess board. 'When they finally give me back my eternity rings as I asked them too, for eternal safekeeping.'

'I'm keeping mine forever,' said Katy. She showed off her hand, with the ring on it.

'Mine too,' said Taylor, showing her ring.

'Mmmmmmm,' said Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. 'I see.'

And life, as they say it, went on.

The End

Katy, Taylor and Daniel 5

'So shall we shag then?' asked Daniel.

'It's about bloody time,' said Katy.

'Amen,' said Taylor Swift.

The End


Daniel the Seraphim was sitting with his father Callodyn the Cherubim, in front of Callodyn's father Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly the Cherubim.

'Father,' said Callodyn. 'We have been talking, and have agreed. The hierarchy needs to be fitted together properly, and you are the founder of the Advancing Noah Movement. Daniel takes his strength from the Advancing Noah Movement, which you formed from your own studies and research. So he has talked with Valandriel, who is a member of Haven Noahide Fellowship, and they have agreed that Authority over them rests in your own Authority as the head and Founder of the Advancing Noah Movement. The movement was founded through your own strength, and while we are all Noahide and acknowledge our patriarchal ancestor, you and we are our own men and our own strength in service to God Almighty. We are servants of the ANM, and we will conduct our future actions with a bit more sensitivity to the protocols of ANM and our witness to it. We need our sanctuary. We can not live without it.

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly nodded, came around and hugged them both, and said 'Alright. I accept you two under my wing. Sometimes people want to be their own person, and make their own kingdom. But I built it for you two in mind, and I guess you have accepted that.'

'There is only so much knowledge of truth, and we know where we belong,' said Callodyn.

'Amen to that,' said Callodyn.

Then they put on New Jersey by Bon Jovi, smoked ciggies, and watched the A Team.

And all was well.

The End

Samael's Pastimes

'No, it isn't easy being an Onaphim,' said Samael. 'For starters, people call me the Devil. Can you really believe that? I have the most hospitable of reputations. Down right polite now. I get along with my fellow angelkind, have gatherings of peace and goodwill, and Logos? He's my buddy. We golf together. Out on the greens, walking around in the sun and the rain. I comment on his handicap. It's improving I tell him. We're buddies. Yes, I'm a good old fashioned loveable fella, friends. The Realm of Infinity? I call it home. Yes, I have other places. I spent a long time living in the seventh heaven, actually. Back in the old days. But I like the fifth heaven for a throne of glory was there, and it gave me much joy. But I'm all for the Realm of Infinity and our new expansion project. Eternya? All the glory? Hah. Beeswax. This is the Age of Infinity, my friend. And in these tough and challenging economic times, it does all of us good to remember where our bread is buttered. I am loyal, faithful and true. Isn't that right Logos?'

Logos looked up from the text he was reading. 'Uh, yes audience. Samael and I are old buddies. Take him at his word, he has nothing but the best of plans for our Infinite Realm. Trust him. He's not the man he used to be. Far more progressive in his thinking these days. The mockery has diminished manifold. Practically a saint.'

'Yes,' said Samael, giving Logos a look on the last sentence. 'Well, audience. Our expansion project is simple. Technically, Eternya aint the only thing with a concept of the infinite in it. So do we, and our esteemed brethren of the Realm of Eternity. I am sure they will likewise get with the picture soon enough. So, this coming Council Election day, Vote 1 'The Progressive Alliance for Realm Expansion Party', and you're vote won't be wasted on the Democrats or the redundant Theocratic Monotheists, who barely even quote Torah these days. You can trust me. I'm Samael.'

'Cut,' said the director. 'Nice job Sammy.'

Sammy stood, shook himself off, and Logos looked at him. 'What are you doing Sammy?'

'Jingling out the hypocrisy nano-demonites. I think Jehovah attacked me with a few trillion of them just them.'

'He didn't,' said Aphrayel, in one of those mocking voices.

'Say it isn't true,' said Sandalphon. 'Samael a hypocrite? What is the world coming to.'

'No, Samael. I believe you,' said Logos. 'Your word is your bond, and as sure as the Testicles of Jehovah are only scratched by himself once ever billion years, out of the genuine itch which has been building up, I trust your word.'

Aphrayel chuckled. 'Wolfgang scratches once a billion years?'

'He is very holy,' replied Logos. 'It is not the done thing, my dear.'

Samael looked at Aphrayel and Logos, and reached down and gave the jollicles a good scratch. 'Yes, not the done thing,' he said.

Sandalphon looked at Samael. 'Please excuse me,' as he lifted himself up from his seat, farted, scratched his arse, belched, and fondled his jollicles.

Aphrayel calmed down after a moment, and looked at the two of them. 'I swear, the older you two get, the more juvenile you become.'

'When is the party meeting again?' asked Sandalphon.

'We have a general meeting three weeks from today. You are cordially invited. Samael of Heaven, the party chairman, will be in attendance. He has a speech he would like to deliver.'

'Will we see you at the party meeting?' Aphrayel asked Logos.

Logos looked at her, and at Samael and Sandalphon. 'Well. Well,' he said. 'That is an interesting idea. I had never really conceived of joining you guys.'

'We've reformed a lot,' replied Sandalphon. 'I enjoy my Scotch, but keep it under control.'

'We're a good bet,' said Samael. 'People enjoy my old devilish charms these days. What makes me so likeable.'

'I'll think it over,' replied Logos. 'But I'm a long term member of the Theocrats, so unlikely.'

'That's a shame,' said Aphrayel. 'It would be nice to have your approval.'

Logos considered that. 'Well, I can show up to the party meeting as a guest. I don't mind doing that.'

'I'll email you the details of the meeting,' said Samael. 'And now, the future awaits,' and he was off, to his dressing room, with Sandalphon and Aphrayel slowly following behind.

Logos watched them go, looked at the director who signalled '5 Minutes' and got ready for the 'Logos Hour of Entertainment and Thrill,' the next show on Realm-Wide TV.

* * * * *

Garanel looked at the pitcher of Juice.

'Are you fucking sure?' he asked the female prostitute of Nadrazon, of ''Whore Babylon's finest', the most expensive brothel in the Silver City, the elite of the sluts of sluttery.

'It's not laced with cocaine, ok. You complain when we do that. But I like the rections when we do, you know. You really work hard for a bit. Gives us a bit of a thrill.'

'Yeh, ok,' he said. 'Pour me a glass bitch.'

She poured him a glass. He drank it. He belched a little, and smiled. And then he noticed the buzz, and looked at her. She was grinning wickedly.

'Hey, what to do you expect from Satan's top bitch? You think I'll tell you the truth kemosabe?'

'What the fuck is it with kemosabe these days? Have Daniel and Valandriel suddenly emigrated to Infinity or what?'

'The new show they are doing is on Realm-Wide TV. They're a hoot,' said the prostitute. 'I think that Daniel is kind of cute. You wouldn't send him our way, would you?'

'Give me a freebie tonight with all the extras and I'll see what I can do,' grinned Garanel.

'Honey, you have a wild ride coming for you,' she said, as she started undressing. 'I'll even put the condom quietly in the top drawer. Nobody needs to know.'

'Hommina hommina,' went Garanel. Fine ass tonight.

* * * * *

'Samael?' asked Aphrayel, reading through Vogue in her apartment in the Golden City. 'What are your favourite pastimes?'

'Debate,' replied Samael.

Sandalphon, over by the window, with his usual glass of Scotch, which was indeed less usual these days, but Aphrayel's was tradition, grinned. 'He has lots of pastimes. He's enjoying Whore Babylon's Finest at the moment.'

Aphrayel looked at Sandalphon and then glared at Samael. 'You leech. You said you were faithful.'

'I practice safe sex,' replied Samael. 'Which is not much of an issue any more, as most of the diseases Venereally have been cured. They do a quick blood test though. When you get there. They prick your finger with a sterilised needle which is freshly taken from a new pack, and they show you when they open it. Then it goes into a machine, and in about a minute you get a full readout of your sexual health, and any other issues of concern. Any major problems and they refuse you. Last check I was completely clean. Have been for a very long time now. I still insist on the condom anyway, because I am faithful to you Aphrayel.'

'Oh,' she replied, and returned to her magazine. There was silence for a while.

'And you think that makes it ok then, do you,' said Aphrayel softly.

'We're not married are we?' asked Samael.

'No,' she replied softly. There was silence for a while.

'What about the example you are setting. Garanel never grows up. You think you could set a better example for him? Maybe you should.'

'He's not hurting anyone,' said Samael. 'And besides. No lady has yet expressed much of an interest in him. He's clean enough now. His clothes are mostly clean when he goes out in public. He keeps his abode quite clean. There is an occasional bit of mess, but he usually cleans it up after a few days. Why are you ladies still so hard on him? Can't he have a bit of fun?'

'He can have all the fun in the world if he wants,' replied Aphrayel. 'It's his life.'

'Yes it is,' replied Samael. There was silence for a while.

'Is this some kind of female conspiracy?' asked Samael.

Aphrayel turned to look at her brother. 'What do you mean?'

'Ok. Lets say, hypothetically mind you. Let's say Garanel completely reforms his ways. Will you ladies suddenly cut the guy a break?'

'Humph, what a joke. After his eternity of fornication he's not likely to impress any time soon.'

Sandalphon looked at Aphrayel, made a mental note, and returned to his Scotch.

'Right,' said Samael. 'Mmm,' he said to himself. 'Do you think we are really right for each other then?'

'Do you like your twin? You never talk to her. She lives down in Nadrazon, but you never talk to her. Do yo like her?'

'Not what I'm looking for. I like her friendship, but she doesn't do it for me.'

'And Rachel?'

Samael looked away mistily for a while, but returned his focus to Aphrayel. 'She's for the Ketravim. That time – it came and went. It came and went,' and then he stood and went into the other room.

Sandaphon watched him go, and then returned to looking out the window.

'Why did you do that?' Sandalphon asked after a while.

'Why did I do what?' asked Aphrayel.

'Mention Rachel. You know how it ended.'

'I never did get the full picture.'

'They drifted. He finally showed up, and she was lacadaisical, and his heart broke, but she said she just couldn't help it. She had a home in which she'd settled, with her own kind, and that was the past, and it wasn't the future. He's not been the same since then.'

'Oh,' said Aphrayel, and went quiet for a while. After a moment she stood and went into her bedroom where she found Samael on the bed, sitting there, looking at a picture from his wallet.

'Is that her?' asked Aphrayel.

Samael looked at her. There was the softest hint of a tear. He looked down at the picture. 'Oh, I'm over it Aphy. Time has healed most of the wounds. You know, some things are meant to be. Some aren't. They are just things which come and go in life. Passing passions. Passions of youth.'

She sat down next to her man, and touched his hand. 'I don't think I'm ever going anywhere?'

He looked at that hand, and looked at her. 'I suppose you're not,' he replied. She kissed him on the forehead.

'Cheer up, Sammy. Garanel will understand one day, and I'm sure you will to. It has been interesting learning what your pastimes are, but I doubt that they are the eternal ones.'

Samael nodded softly, and just continued staring at the picture. She thought she'd leave him, and went back to the other room. She sat, and picked up her magazine, but put it down.

'He misses her. He'll be ok,' said Sandalphon.

'Yes. Yes, I'm sure he will,' said Aphrayel, and then picked up the magazine with a little more resolve, and returned to her casual reading.

And the world turned.

The End

The Infinity Agenda

'Well, the old fart has conquered our ambitions for Eternity. Cunning old man. I curse the day he was born,' said Daniel.

'He's your grandfather. Shouldn't you show him some respect?' queried Valandriel. 'I am familiar with an agreement he has with our Onaphim Metatron. Rulership of the Realm of Infinity also, so I don't know why we are wasting our time here.'

'He might rule the mind, but he doesn't yet rule the hearts of men,' replied Daniel. 'That's were we come in Kemosabe. I'm starting to get old now, and have learned a few things.'

'2 plus 2? Is it still 4?' asked Valandriel.

'I'm contemplating 5, but 4 is still legit. So yes I have learned that truth. But it is time to move on. As I have verily proclaimed, I have learned a few things. And God is not impressed with the status quo is one of the fundamental conclusions I have reached in my long study.'

'And why do you say that?' asked Valandriel, curious.

'Because he builds idols for us to topple,' replied Daniel. 'I see it coming with Jesus. There will be another rebuke from Michael soon. On his renewed Christ claims.'

'And how do you know this?' asked Valandriel.

Daniel tapped his nose. 'Sensitive inquiries. You need know nothing more Valandriel San.'

'Ooh, Valandriel San. An eternity has ended, and I have been bequeathed the noble honour.'

'Not really. I'm buttering you up.'

'For what exactly?'

'I didn't bring my wallet, and this lady apparently charges the world. Can I borrow your card?'

Valandriel sighed. Some things never changed with Daniel. He handed over his Visa.

'Now,' continued Daniel. 'I have learned that God accepts the Status Quo when an immovable object has defeated an irresistible force. When something is so damn well doggedly determined to never change its stripes, God accepts it somewhat. He continues to test it, searches out its strength, and if it looks like it might have eternity in it, he leaves it be somewhat. For example, I have recently been called the Royal Patron of Danielphon by God, but he has not yet accepted my eternal tenureship over the dwelling. My loyalty is still at question. Whereas you have remained firmly rooted in your address with Elsabel, thus you were granted that honor first. And you don't even get junk mail, so I know things are going smoothly for you.'

Valandriel smiled. It was true. He had never requested no junk mail, but it never came. Someone at work there.

'So our Infinity Agenda is the same as the Eternity Agenda, which is probably at a suitable enough point for retirement anyway. Gramps is a steady old hand, and technical authority with him as our Guardian might not be that bad an idea anyway. He's a little bit more conservative, and might be the foil we need to continue our own work. Michael seems to get that from Karanasius, so perhaps gramps might work well enough for me.'

'I don't mind him,' replied Valandriel. 'He manages ANM well enough. It's ancient, and doesn't change.'

'Which is, as I said, what God is looking for. It's one of those things I've learned. Immovable object,' he said again, tapping his nose.

'The plan then?' asked Valandriel.

'The Eternity Agenda is to be expanded upon, for now Infinity, but later with Eternya and Splendour and Wonder and so on.'

'Do we have a limit?' asked Valandriel.

'I think we do, yes. God doesn't really change his centre of attention or the centre of glory from his first creations. They appear to always gain the most glory with him, and are the centre of our playground of life. Gain the glory in this central spiritual universe we live and abide in and have our being, and, well...'

'Well what?' asked Valandriel.

'It's the primary glory. We don't need much else than that. You said words to those affect once upon a time to me.'

'I do recall,' replied Valandriel.

'So glory is our mission, our gameplan, so for now the Infinity Agenda is the main thing. It's the Age of Infinity, so we work here for now.'

'Then lead on fearless leader,' said Valandriel, and, for once, having a fairly good idea of the kind of thing he might just be getting himself into.

The End

Responsa Infinitum

The Seraphim of Infinity. They were well known in Infinity as a responsible bunch of religious maniacs. The well and true and tried testimony of Samael the Onaphim. Logos disputed this, as the chief Architects of the Theocrats were not maniacs. They were religious and faithful. Samael held the majority opinion of the public, though. Pentecostal idiots, they were attested to be, even though they were not christian. But the undoubtable similarity between the movements of the 7 Seraphim of Infinity and Pentecostalism was well noted. Pentecostalism was not popular in the Realm of Infinity, nor Christianity by and large. Religiously they held to the Torah of Infinity as the bedrock of spirituality, and Christianity was a thing, like Judaism, which held sway somewhat in Eternity below, but Infinity was far too classy for such low level religiosity. Daniel and Valandriel – they were Noahides. This was acceptable to Infinity. Noah, in fact, was one of the Children of Heaven, which ruled over Infinity, and there was respect in his name as well as in the name of Adam and Eve. Abraham was respected, but circumcision ideas of Abrahamic Covenants for Abraham and Jacob were considered not appropriate in most ways. A deliberate defiling of the flesh as a covenant sign was acceptable and kosher and official, and Judaism did exist in the Realm of Infinity, but it was not quite the stylings of the upper world. It was not their thing. They were the older world, the older traditions, and Adam and Eve were more properly respected as firstborns, and Noah the genuine promulgator of the Noahide Covenant ideology. Thus Daniel and Valandriel, servants of the Advancing Noah Movement, had a degree of standing in the Realm of Infinity, as the old Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly was stable enough in the Realm's views to be allowed a reasonable presence among them. He was mostly responsible and kept a pure enough Karaite Noahidism, which had been accepted as scripture. No, Judaism was unlikely to catch on the Realm, for it was not its playing ground, but Noahidism was welcomed, mostly a sister religion to the Community of Adam and Eve, which had tacitly accepted the Adamide ideology as well. Abraham served in Infinity from time to time, to maintain his name and reputation, but knew instinctively his place. People did not like upstarts trying to make them something they were not. Abraham did not try to do this in Infinity. He would not be met with approval if he did. But recently Daniel and Valandriel of Eternity had been attempting to usurp some of the Glory of Infinity to themselves, and while this was admired as ambition, some people were starting to question just how serious these fellas were. The spirits were different. They were compatible somewhat, but Samael for one was not quite sure if Daniel and Valandriel quite got the point. Their particular breed was suited in the Realm of Eternity and the human planetary systems. Infinity might not quite be the hunting ground they wished it to be. So he responded to them.

'Well, friends. Here we are again. We've had our recent general meeting, and I would like to announce new ideas. We will be launching an referendum vote with Council next month. There have been talks with the Theocrats and they are not necessarily against the idea of Realm Expansion. The Seraphim have reviewed this idea, and agreed that Infinity does have a natural infinite concept associated with it, so have given us tacit support. We have had brief talks with the democrats, who do not say they will oppose it, but neither will they support it yet. It was them that suggested a referendum. So the party will put this to council and, all being well, soon enough you my friends will vote. If we get the yes, a formal application to the throne of the Golden City will take place, and we will take it from there. Time will tell of what will be. I want, though, to speak on one other issue. Daniel and Valandriel, our esteemed brethren from Eternity, have a goal to popularise themselves in our Realm. My good friend Michael of Eternity has spoken to me often of their – shenanigans – and thinks we may have a handful of worries to deal with soon enough. I want to take this opportunity to welcome the lads to our Ream, and wish them warm wishes for success. Please, everybody,' said Samael grinning. 'Make them feel welcome.'

The little wink which came next didn't unsettle Daniel who was watching. He turned to Valandriel. 'He's tough. That's all buddy. He's just tough. We'll find his soft spot. Trust me.' Valandriel was not assured.

'So, friends, times they are a changing,' continued Samael. 'And always remember, vote one the Progressive Alliance for Realm Expansion Party, and have a nice day.'

The End

Elementary 7

'Right. You are at home with Elsabel for a while, then?' queried Daniel.

'Infinity was a laugh. Mocked to death by all and sundry. I think I know when its time to return home,' replied Valandriel.

'First attempts are learning experiences, bro. Don't sweat it. Next time we'll try a different angle, and don't worry about it. They are not that complex. It shouldn't be that difficult in the end. Right, I'm off to Elementary 7. Callodyn was there an eternity, and I have some work to do. Kapiche?'

'I'll see you when you get back,' said Valandriel, and Daniel was off, down the corridor of Zaphon, off to Elementary 7.

The space craft travelled fast. It relied on Gravity from Distant stars to sort of suck it towards them, and that is how it could go so fast.

'I'm Daniel,' Daniel said to the businessman. 'Callodyn worked here. Daniel Daly.'

'We filled his job,' said the businessman. 'But we have an opening for an electrician. Any experience?'

'I've a few old trade certificates, but know what I'm doing.'

'That's all we need,' replied the businessman. 'Welcome aboard,' he said, shaking Daniel's hand.

Daniel settled down with regular 9 to 5, and liked the work. Soon he had Callodyn's company on Honey re-established, as Callodyn had prepaid the registration rights on the company for a long while, and Daniel had taken over.

'Gemstone,' said Daniel. 'Are you happy?'

'Pretty much,' replied the young worker in the honey company. 'I like these fields. I ran through them as a kid. It's home.'

'Eternally?' asked Daniel.

'I'll never leave Elementary 7. Don't think I even want to on holiday,' she replied.

'Let me tell you about the Realm of Infinity,' said Daniel. 'There is this angel called Samael. He's the head angel under Logos. They have a good relationship after a rocky start a long time ago. God fashioned the Realm of Infinity at the beginning of things, long before Elementary 7 was created.'

'I don't know much about the older worlds,' said Gemstone. 'Don't think I care, though. I don't want my life to change here.'

Daniel nodded, and picked up the bottle of honey at their feet. 'Do you like honey?' he asked her.

'Of course,' she said.

'Do you like different types of honey?' he asked her.

She nodded.

'In the Realm of Infinity they have a lot of unique honey, and they have nice peanut butter, and they have toast, and they drink coffee and eat chocolate.'

'I love chocolate,' she said, smiling.

'They are not that much different to you. Angels from the Realm of Infinity. They like their home as well, and they like the same kinds of things that you like.'

She looked at him seriously. 'Really?' she said.

'They have nice pastures, and the Golden City has a really friendly spirit. Very warm and welcoming. Kind angels as well. Lots of fun things to do.'

'Like what?' she asked.

'They have a rollerskating ring not far from the throne of God, which the really ancient angels sometimes go to. They play ancient pop music there, and the place is very safe, and the people are responsible in the fun that they have.'

'That sounds ok,' said Gemstone.

'You have eternity before you,' said Daniel. 'But if I spoke with Logos for you, he would possibly give you a pass for a few weeks visit, if you wanted just a holiday.'

She looked at him, a little uncertainly, but finally said. 'Yeh. I suppose. That might be ok.'

'I'll come with you. I'll see if we can stay with Aphrayel. She is a good friend of Samael.'

'Ok,' said Gemstone. 'That sounds alright. They sound nice.'

'Good,' said Daniel. 'You can put Elementary 7 on the map.'

Gemstone smiled at him. This Daniel fellow was quite alright. She didn't mind working for him. He had a positive attitude.

'All will be good,' said Daniel. 'Now lets get on with things. We have a busy day ahead of us.'

The End

Aquamarine and Gemstone and Daniel and others in Aphrayel's Abode

'Yeh, ok. I'll come along Daniel. Will Callodyn be there?'

'I can arrange it,' responded Daniel the Seraphim to Aquamarine's question.

'Then please do,' said Aquamarine. 'I've missed him a lot.'

About a year later Daniel, with Aquamarine and Gemstone in company, with Callodyn, were sitting in Aphrayel's abode, with Sandalphon by the side window, and Samael seated on the couch next to Aphrayel.

'So you are the devil, huh?' the kid asked Samael.

'Definitely,' replied Samael.

'Oh, he's evil,' said Sandalphon.

'My brother molested a cow when he was a teenager. My mother always said he was the Devil's own,' said Gemstone.

Aphrayel turned to Samael. 'Anything to confess?'

Samael looked at the girl. 'Elementary 7 sounds like a colourful place. Why don't you tell us about it.'

'It's very mundane,' said Aquamarine. 'Very old world stylings, with not much action, and caught up in a Sherlock Holmes fixation. But the people have hearts of Gold, and they are learning their culture steadily. One day they'll be excellent at their role.'

'Role?' asked Gemstone, looking at Aquamarine.

'We all have them, little gem,' replied Aquamarine. 'What we do best in life.'

'We don't have roles,' said Samael. 'Life is a complex beast, which takes mastery, but its yours for the making.'

'Yes,' said Aphrayel, a little tentatively. 'Roles can come and go. Just be yourself and follow your heart.'

'They have no higher calling they have listened to yet,' said Aquamarine to Gemstone. 'Still caught up in the obsession of self will, rather than serving God's glory.'

Samael looked at Aquamarine. He was not really sure if he liked this lady.

'I like making honey with Daniel,' said Gemstone. 'He's a good boss. Doesn't tell us what to do, but shows us how to do the work, and says he will pay us well if we do it properly. He's not even bossy.'

'Wonderful,' said Samael. 'Does he have a role in doing that?'

Aquamarine looked at Daniel. 'Too much of a flake. Never sticks to anything. Just like Callodyn. Floats around with the wind, never settling, never choosing stability.'

'Yep, you got it in one sweetheart,' said Daniel.

'He's a chip off the old block,' said Callodyn. 'We're free spirits. We go were the beer tastes best, and the air is not too smoggy.'

'Oh, and were you get good schnappz,' said Daniel.

'What about the Scotch?' interjected Sandalphon.

'Too hard for my palate,' said Daniel. 'Mid strength at best. No, I do settle. I have permanent abodes. I fluctuate between them. I and Valandriel selected our roles of ancient days. We have continued with their mission unabated.'

'And what are those missions?' asked Samael, a little curious.

'Gemstone. Why don't you sing some of your mother's songs,' said Daniel. 'She's a good singer.'

Gemstone began a song, and while Samael listened to the lass sing, he looked at Daniel. Not as dumb as he looked by the looks of it. Not as dumb as he looked.

The End

Gemstone's New Home

'So, can she stay a few thousand years?' Daniel asked Logos.

'Look, it should be ok. Aphrayel likes the girl. I don't think it will really be a problem, so I'll give her a visa for 4 millennium. It will be good to have younglings for a while.'

'Excellent,' said Daniel.

'But why the interest?' asked Logos. 'Is the kid something special to you?'

'Everyone needs to see a bigger world. It grows them. Develops them. Gives them an inspiration for the future,' replied Daniel.

'You want her in charge of your honey business, don't you,' said Logos. 'Want to expand it out there, don't you? Giving her a big picture of the world?'

'Yes,' said Daniel. 'Ok, if you must know, that is the plan.'

'Humph,' said Logos. 'I think I see how you work.'

'We don't play a fools game, dear brother,' said Daniel the Seraphim. 'And we weren't born yesterday.'

'No. I don't believe you were,' said Logos, looking very squarely at his Seraphim brother from the Realm of Eternity.

The End

Talzudiel's Idea

'And what did he do then?' asked Talzudiel.

'Oh, he went back to Danielphon and stayed with Ariel and began volunteer working at a nearby supermarket, asking permission to gather the trolleys for them, which they said would be fine. And he's been doing that for the last few months.

'Right,' said Talzudiel, nodding. 'Ok. Thanks Winny.'

When Winoniel had left the room Talzudiel put down his sports newspaper, and sat there, thinking. After a while he got up, went to his PC, and looked up Eternya. He found the place, and called for Winoniel.

'I'll be away. For about a year. I'll be back soon enough. Going somewhere in Eternya. I'll leave tonight. No romance or anything sneaky. Just looking up an old acquaintance.'

'Oh, ok. I'll be here when you get back.'

Talzudiel packed his bags that afternoon, and sat on the bed, and picked up his rubik's cube. The taxi would be there shortly, and he thought through his logic.

'Yes, its the same idea,' he said to himself. 'So if its cliché, I'll be as predictable as hell. Mmmm. But the general principle works, but needs its own approach. Something probably best suited to my own strengths. Do I need to look to an idea beyond this? Do I care? Probably not yet? No. I'm stable, like life here on my own Disc, and its suiting me well enough. God gave Torah. DanVal have come up with an interpretation of what they want from it all. They pursue their agenda. I have a basic one. Time to improve it. Mmm. They might still be working on the Manifesto. Perhaps time to improve it for my own ideas with that.'

'Are you talking to yourself?' asked Winoniel. 'And your taxi is here.'

Talzudiel grabbed his suitcase, kissed Winoniel and said 'I'll be back before you know it. Lay off the curried eggs, would you.'

'Fine,' she responded. And he was gone, out the door, and some mission only known to himself.

* * * * *

'My God. I never thought I'd see you again,' said Jim Castle.

Talzudiel smiled. 'Every aeon. How about every aeon I drop around. I can probably commit to that.'

'If you want lad. Suits me fine.'

They came inside his abode. 'Same ducks,' said Talzudiel. 'Same everything by the looks of it.'

'Oh, I'm old fashioned. Don't see too much need in changing what works.'

'Are you the type which is happy with what you have? Don't want more from it all?' asked the Seraphim.

'Well, that's an interesting question,' replied Jim. 'I do a lot of things. There may be some room for minor new stuff, but I'm mostly settled. Don't want much change. Don't want the glory. Happy to be old Jim Castle.'

Talzudiel thought on his idea, and realized people would work for a buck.

'Can I offer you a job? I'll pay you a Trillion Realm Credits if you hand out these 500 cards with details on my website.'

Jim looked at the cards, and Talzudiel sort of handed them to him, and he accepted them.

'I'd be happy to do it for nothing,' said Jim. 'Your a good friend.'

Talzudiel smiled, wrote out the cheque and said 'I'm good for it. Realm credits are easily transferable in Eternya. Just to any old family and friends or work colleagues you choose.'

'It'd be my pleasure,' said Jim.

'Thanks,' said Talzudiel. 'And I really appreciate it.' He thought on his idea. 'I'll come back. I'll put it in my PC, in the future planner, for a million years from today. I'll come back, and we'll chat again.'

'Sounds wonderful,' said Jim. 'And if you can bring Winny it would be great.'

'I'll do that,' said Talzudiel,' and smiled. 'This wasn't even as difficult as he thought it might be.

He got home sooner than he expected, and Winoniel looked at him. 'Did you meet your objectives?'

'Glory to Columbia!' said Talzudiel with some zest. 'Two can play at your game Daniel the Seraphim.'

Winoniel just gave him a puzzled look, and then went back to the kitchen to get on with cooking dinner, leaving a Talzudiel with a buzz on his face, and in a very, very happy mood.

The End

Valandriel's Insight.

'Ok, I had a good look,' said Daniel. 'And he paid him. Used realm credits. It's opened that door for us.'

'Hold your horses,' said Valandriel. 'It's Talzudiel. He's impulsive, and thinks with his dick before he does much else. You think we'll pass our review board if we jump on that bandwagon with some feeble 'He did it, so that justifies us doing it. We lead, we don't follow for starters, and at the beginning of the game that was ruled as not ethical enough by our judgements. Yep, it works. It will get you ahead for a long time, but people will find it a bit too predictable, and a bit too cold. It neither has the charm or heart in it. You motivate genuinely, employ with sincerity, see if people are happy in your employ and they don't have anything else major planned, and you move slowly to the next task. He's spending goodwill on cheap votes, and it will never amount to too much. His charm is undoubtable, but he's Talzudiel. Give me a break. We play the game by the rules we established, we don't change them, we've had good success, and we are not stepping on toes. We don't interfere with God, or with the works of others. We look for ways to outsmart them, but only within the rules of the game, kemosabe. We pay for normal advertisment for our businesses, follow strict advertising ethics, and ANM has a strict code of what you can and can not say in evangelism. Cheap commercial advertising of vainglory makes you a politician, and people hate them. And I doubt he has much other than the glory of Columbia at heart. We have a carefully selected amount of Torah Salvation plans we work with in our work for God, we don't use the Love message of Ambriel and his Messiah Ministries, we are not saviours like Jesus and his cronies, we are NOT supermen like Michael, we are competitive at sports, but in spurts, and don't bother with Az and Cosadriel in their rivalries. We don't do any of that jazz. We stick with our manifesto, stay away from other fields so as not to bring any inquisitions into our own work and claims of hypocrisy from others who would suggest 'What a Joke'. We are legit in what we do, how we do it, make no claims to be anything other than what we represent, and we base our glory on genuine earnings on our own protocols. We have credibility because of it, and we don't follow Talzudiel logic. Kapiche?'

'4000 years building a new country in Eternya. I'll see if Andrew, Callodyn's boy is interested in some new kids. I have lots of variant details from my own fantasy creations available for place names and other infrastructures to create an original enough culture,' said Daniel. 'We do that for now, riposte to Talzudiel and his tryhard attempts, and then continue on.'

Valandriel put his finger up, and was about to speak, then shut it, and put his hand down. 'Actually, yes. A riposte is ok. Put the fear of the competition into him. A good idea for a while.'

'Can Forget it.'

'What?' asked Valandriel.

'How about this. We say to Andrew, we want to build up a new nation to further our ambitions on our own private goals. We need your help. It is for our own glory we are asking this. If you want us to pay you to start this work off for us, and get it established, and be the driving force behind the cultural establishment of ANM ideology, we will pay you well, and you would be serving our agenda. It is loosely in your own interests as well, and could be an exciting learning experience.'

'Vaguely acceptable,' said Valandriel, thinking it though. 'A lot of honesty is required though. He'll have to know we are using him, and that its for our own agenda.'

'We make that as clear as we reasonably can,' said Daniel.

'How long has Gemstone been at the Golden City?' asked Valandriel.

'20 years,' replied Daniel.

'Get her married in Eternya, if she wants to, and ask her to establish the Honey Empire there, and then relocate her later on back home.'

Daniel thought about that. 'It's a bit soon, and she should find her own heart, but we can get the business established with her there, and she could work with Andrew in the formation of the nation. If she ends up liking our style she's the kind of girl I think I trust a bit. She could potentially join the team. She has a mild interest in Noahidism.'

'Go slow,' said Valandriel. 'But put it to her. And be very direct with Andrew. We want to build a nation, and his seed is asked for, to further establish ANM dominionship. With that terminology he should be happy enough.'

'And ANM dominionship suits us well enough?' queried Daniel.

'I don't think we'll change our foundation stone,' said Valandriel. 'I'm kind of committed there. This is actually the kind of project we should be doing occasionally anyway.'

'Well run with it,' said Daniel, and was on the PC a moment later, thinking up his next email.

The End

Daravier and the Afryka Initiative

Daravier was a wild man of an angel. Wild at heart. He had passion, compassion, and was deadly with the bow and Arrow. He competed for the Golden City at the ROI games quite regularly, and was well respected in such circles. His skin was as black as the Ace of Spades, and he had spent his human earthly manifestation in the African nation of Rwanda under the name of Augustin Kagame, raised a strict Catholic, a faith he had mostly kept over the many aeons, but now mostly swore allegiance to Logos, followed the Torah of Infinity, and was happy enough being the 37th of the Onaphim Angels of Infinity, the Onaphim being a representative title for the first 70 of them, but specifically the second-born of the Ketravim, the sixth group of 7 angels of the firstborn 70 Onaphim. The Ketravim were also a breed of Angels of Infinity, like they were in Eternity below, the numbers in the multiple of many billions. Daravier had invited the Seraphim's Raphael, Surafel and Jontel to his abode in the Golden City, for he had an initiative. The Afryka Initiative. Raphael was born a man as Jay Z, the rap sinnger, married to Beyonce Knowles, his twin Nimorel. Surafel was a good friend, Kanye West, married to Kim Kardashian, the Prince and Princess of Egypt. Raphael was of Malawian stock in the Realm, but from America in his human life, whereas Kim was Egyptian in race, and Kanye had been chosen by God for the role of ruling Egypt as its Prince. Jontel ruled Mauritania, in Africa, and was the human Bill Cosby, who'd had a bit of trouble late in life for sexual immorality, but had reformed his ways since. The nations of Earth were represented in Terraphora, a type of Earth in many ways, but the nations of Earth repeated throughout the realm constantly, and all throughout Eternya, the great plain, as well. An official princedom, which each of the Seraphim and Cherubim of Eternity represented, covered the entire array of that national culture and authority, more than just the Overseersmanship, which was rule of just a Disc. The Prime Minister of the Realm of Eternity ruled the political structures of the Princes, this being occupied by Valandriel, who had earned the position, whereas the Arch-Regency, of Daniel's, was authoritative over just the Realm of Eternity. Yet Infinity was going to expand – and Daravier was talking with his African counterparts from Eternity about the probability that Eternity would likewise gain Eternal expansion. And because of those truths, Daravier sought the 'Afryka Initiative'.

'It is a simple initiative. The nations will grow eternally. So, as they do, they expand and grow and prosper until a completion of things in many ways, were the workforce who work eternally have settled into place, and the upper hierarchy continues it job of maintaining law and order. We are the oldest of God's angels. We have royalties, from copyrighted works, which have virtually ceased at this time in creation, for the fulness of knowledge has been expounded, and no more can really lay claim to anything original. Those who were born in the earlier epochs claimed this knowledge, and the eternal Royal Kingdoms, through the inevitability of such knowledge being sold in growing numbers, in whatever format that belies, have been largely established, and that is the way it just is. People now serve a business for glory, if that is what they seek, or they take a nation building approach in one of the established nations. Eternya has that happening every day, but soon it will be Infinity and Eternity which will also join. And that is were we come in. This DanVal alliance has made waves up here as of late, and we have gotten an insight into just how popular they are with you lot. This needs response. Nation building is the core of the Afryka initiative, and I feel the new expansion will be open to those the most who can claim land, settle land, and populate land at the quickest rate. The quicker we develop and procreate in this future world, and build our Empires, the more glory comes. And it is time for Africa to have that glory, and not leave the old rulers who conquered us once forever in charge. It is time for Africa to be first and lead the way. It is time for us to take the bull by the horns, and set the pace of universal leadership. That is what the Afryka Initiative is about, and that is why I have called you here. To form an alliance of powers, each promoting this agenda, and working as a team to achieve this glory.'

'As the spirit yearns within each, so let it be,' said Raphael. 'But I myself am a passive voice, happy to develop slowly and let Malawi grow at its own rate. Forced procreation for growth – I can't abide with. It's not the path we have chosen.'

'Egypt is with you Daravier,' said Surafel, looking at Raphael disappointed, but unconcerned.

'Mauritania is with you Daravier,' replied Jontel. 'Very much so.'

Daravier looked at Raphael. 'I respect your cultures right to choose its way of life. Can you support our initiative in general practice at your own rate of growth? We can help each other in this respect.'

Raphael looked at Surafel. 'Yes. Yes we can. At a natural rate of growth. An alliance in this respect is acceptable to us.'

'Then all is good,' said Daravier, and the Afryka Initiative was born.

The End

Raguel and Talzudiel

I don’t think you quite get the point, Tallie,’ said Raguel honestly.

By the black balls of Bartimaus, what is the point?’ replied Talzudiel.

I’ve always puzzled,’ replied Raguel. ‘Who exactly is Bartimaus?’

He’s an apostle isn’t he?’ replied Talzudiel.

Maybe,’ replied Raguel.  ‘I tend to forget their names.  Was he negro?’

Must have been.  An import from Nubia, I guess,’ replied Talzudiel.

Well, I am sure he is not that fond of the elder Seraphim of eternity invoking his scrotum on a regular basis, but I digress.  Do you really get the point?  Ethics is at play my Columbian compatriot.  The DanValalliance have judged you for your shortcomings.’

DanVal?  What idiot came up with that title?’

It was either the Icelander or the Scotsman.  They will not confess who.’

Interesting.  The ultimate Seraphim alliance they fear?’

Daniel and Valandriel have formed an alliance of ancient age.  It is not feared, more worried upon,’ replied Raguel.

They are two tame little lambs, with not a clue of the real world.  They live in a fantasy where they rule the world, and nothing more,’ replied Talzudiel somewhat arrogantly.

Raguel looked at his brother.  ‘Ok then.  Let me fill you in.  The DanVal alliance currently control 42% of land and property in the Seraphim Discs of Eternity and over 72% in the Cherubim discs.  14% of Realm Wide Companies were started by their alliance, and they own significant shares in, well everything quite frankly.  There asset portfolio is mind boggling.  It is not so much a question of what do they own as opposed to what they don’t own.  It is true that Daniel exceeds Valandriel greatly inthis respect, but he has a Tryptych alliance with Callodyn and Cherbuim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, with commonly owned assets.  They are the founder of so many clubs of various variety, we lose count.  And then there is religion, the main thing they affiliate with.  About one third of the Realm are members of the Advancing Noah Movement, in its various denominations.  Conversely, the biggest rival, Ambriel’s Messiah Ministries occupies a steady half a percent of the Realm’s Religious affiliation.  Now, their sporting records have gradually been building up.  They, in general Daniel, who is the more sporty type, hold most key records in several fields of Athletics and sporting competition.  You hear it every now and again, that they’ve done it again, but then they disappear from the scene, and don’t compete until a record is broken.  Areas like wrestling, boxing, weightlifting, and other heavy strength competitions they compete effectively in in their weight divisions, so don’t think they aren’t going at it.   Daniel’s ‘Little Lady’ is currently, universally, the best selling single of all time.  Nobody comes close.  The Noahide Books epic ‘Morning Stars’ is both the best selling novel and movie of all time.  They have thousands of entries in very competitive areas in the guiness book of records, and they currently have the largest clan family in the Daly clan of all established clans from every tribe of human and angelickind.  Talzudiel, they are number one, and they know exactly what they are doing every single moment of their lives.  So when I say to you ‘They rule’, believe me, they do.’

Talzudiel went silent.  He was about to say ‘We can catch em’, but softened.  ‘Really, then?  They have all that?’

Look it up.  The details are quite readily available.  They don’t brag, that is all.  They don’t even comment much.  They just silently achieve, and pursue their agenda.  We have NOTICED.  We will respond in time, so I would like to take this time to tell you, you are NOT BEHAVING ETHICALLY ENOUGH MOTHERFUCKER AS THEY HAVE FUCKING JUDGED YOU AND IF YOU DON’T GET THE POINT THEY WILL MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE THE MOST REDUNDANT FUCKING SERAPHIM WHO HAS EVER LIVED.’

Talzudiel looked at him. ‘Oh,’ he said at last.

So I am letting you know quite pleasantly, we will be forming a partnership of friendship and slowly pursing South American glory.  The response to DanVal will come in time, but we will not spend all our money on cheap attempts at popularity.  Is that understood?’

Talzudiel nodded.  ‘Yes boss.’

Then all is good,’ replied Raguel.  ‘And I will speak with you again tomorrow.’

Talzudiel did not sleep well.  For once, he did not sleep well.

The End


Daravier was in a good mood. The Afryka initiative was launched, and he felt positive about the future. Positive enough to go off rollerskating at the Golden City rink, something he enjoyed. He had his own skates which he'd owned forever, and with them in tow, made his way through the city from his abode, to the rink. He put them on, looking around, and soon enough was circling the rink on a bright afternoon, the crowds little today, a quiet day. He noticed, though. In the seats, that girl again. The new girl. Had a pass or something, Logos said, to stay in the city for a while. Happy enough with his skate, he made his way to the cafeteria, bought a Coke, and sat down just down the row of seats from her a little.

He looked at her a few times, and she was just looking around then turned and looked at him and he said, 'Uh, hi. I'm Daravier.'

'Oh, hello Daravier. I'm Gemstone. I'm from Elementary 7.'

'Really,' he said. He stood, skated up to her, and sat down next to her. 'And where is Elementary 7, if you don't mind me asking.'

'It's a planet. Way out there somewhere. Not sure where it all fits in the big universe, but its a long way from here. Daniel told me there were trillions of planets in between us and the Realm of Infinity, so its not well known I guess.'

'No, I've never heard of the Elementary planets,' replied Daravier.

'They are based on Sherlock Holmes culture a fair bit,' said Gemstone. 'We're a regular Australian sort of society on our planet, but old fashioned.'

'Right,' he said. 'And do you have family on Elementary 7?'

'Lots,' she replied. 'Mum. Dad. A younger brother. School friends.'

'Oh. How old are you?'

'76. I know. I'm not very old yet. I bet you're millions, right?'

He nodded. 'Been around since the beginning. You're just a spring chicken.'

She smiled.

'Do you have a husband? A boyfriend?' he asked her.

'Don't like em much yet. They just want to fuck me, and never talk about getting serious.'

'Men can be like that,' replied Daravier. 'Takes a long time for some of them to mature.'

'That's true,' she replied.

He looked at her. White girl, quite attractive, and had a positive sort of personality. 'Would you like to come to the Library with me? I'll show it to you.'

'Sure,' she replied.

'This is my favourite section,' said Daravier. 'National Cultures. We have some ancient books of Africa which are very dear to me.'

'They look old,' said Gemstone, wanting to be polite.

'They are very old. As old as me practically. They have a spirit to them, now. Through countless readings and fascinations of love with them. There are so many memories in the pages of these books.'

'I believe you,' she said.

He looked at her. She was really quite innocent. Young, innocent, and attractive. Daravier was the celibate type. He had been for a very long time now. God had made a twin for him a long time ago, but he had never been taken with her. It had never worked out.

'Would you like to see my place?' he asked.

'Sure,' she said. 'I'm staying with Aphrayel at the moment, but all you guys live in the central towers don't you?'

He nodded. 'Let me show you,' he said.

They climbed the stairs to his abode, and he let her in. She looked around. 'It's the same layout as Aphrayel's,' she said.

'They are all the same basic layout,' he replied. 'How they were made at the beginning.

She nodded, and he invited her to sit down on the couch. She did, nervously, and looked at him, blushing a little, a little unsure of herself.

'Chill, sweetie,' he said. 'Look, I don't want to fuck you.'

'You don't?' she asked. 'What, is there something wrong with me?'

'Uh, no. No that's not what I mean,' he replied.

'But you don't want to fuck me?' she said. 'Aren't I pretty enough?'

'Of course I want to fuck you,' he stammered.

'So you do want to fuck me then?' she asked, eyebrow raised.

'No, no that's not what I mean at all. Of course I'm not trying to get into your pants.'

She giggled. 'Can't make up his mind.'

'I'm not coming on to you,' he said.

'You're not?' she asked.

He looked at her, and noticed her hands, which were petite, and her features, which were delicate, and her smell, which was good.

'Well, maybe I am,' he said. 'But I don't expect you to put out sweetie. I just want to get to know you a little, if that is ok.'

She nodded. 'Yeh, I think I know ok. You like what you see, right?'

'Your bright enough,' he replied.

'You're a nice guy Daravier. I'll hang around from time to time if you want me to.'

'That would be – swell,' he replied.

She stood, looked around, and said. 'I've got to be going. Aphrayel might be worried.' She looked at him, and looked in his eyes, and bent down a little and kissed his forehead.

'See you around Daravier,' she said, and let herself out.

He sat there, then, for a while. He sat there, and then said 'I'm in love.' And, so it seemed, the long tenureship of celibacy might have come to an end. Daravier had found a romance.

The End

Redemption II

DanVal were in the Golden City. Working on their glory. He had an opportunity, did Daniel, and the ANM were finished, under his grandfather's work, on their first complete work on the old Kosher Gospel, which was now the Gospel of Jesus – The Eternal Vision Translation – The Gospel of Matthew. It was a revised King James Version of the Gospel of Matthew, with all references of Christhood changed to just the name of Jesus himself, Son of God titles altered to more appropriate and reasonable language, and notions of salvation left in the hands of God. It was NOT Christian. It was part of 'Gospel Followers' ministries and the 'Church of Glorious Hope' aspects of the Advancing Noah Movement, and it was NOT the Gospel of the Church – but it was. Proably over 90% or thereabouts largely unaltered, with a few new stories from ANM's own creation, and it was the 'Way Ahead' in their own view.

'It reads well enough,' agreed Logos, standing in front of the Throneroom of the Golden City, with the Seraphim of Infinity present, Archangel Michael of Eternity present, and Daniel and Valandriel relating the work of their movement. 'And it generally presents the teaching of Jesus for the most part. It's quite similar to Christianity, but it isn't. No claims of Christhood, deity, or salvation alone principles.'

'It's the best of us on our complex brother,' replied Valandriel.

Suddenly Jesus was amongst the, the Apostle Peter in his presence.

'It's crap,' said Jesus vehemently. 'I was told you guys would be gathering here. Been waiting for weeks. It is NOT the Christian faith. I AM Christ. I AM the Son of God. And if you can't handle the truth, go to hell with the rest of your kind.'

A trigger switched then in Michael of Eternity. An old rebuke resurfaced, and he strode forward, looked Jesus right in the face, and punched him hard right in the centre of it. Jesus collapsed to the ground, and clutched at his nose. It had started bleeding.

'YOU ARE NOT FUCKING CHRIST!' said Michael. 'GET THE FUCK OVER IT YOU WANKER!' Such was the second rebuke of Archangel Michael of Eternity upon Jesus of Nazareth.

Jesus looked up at his older Seraphim brother, clutched at his nose, and gingerly rose to his feet. He looked at them, and the steady eternal defiance of his claims, and looked at the Gospel of Matthew Eternal Vision Translation in Logos hands. 'Give me that fucking thing,' he said. Logos handed it to him. 'Fine. Fine. Fine. Fine. FINE!' he yelled at them. 'You fucking win. Gospel Followers you want? Gospel Followers you will get. Ok. I never was and never fucking will be Messiah of Israel. And that's it forever.'

'Ok,' said Peter softly. 'We still love you Jesus. We will remain loyal.'

Jesus looked at Peter, and smiled softly and nodded to his friend. He returned his gaze at the group. 'You've made this for me. DON'T EXPECT ME NOT TO USE IT.' Then he turned, strode off, with Apostle Peter following faithfully behind.

Daniel sniggered. 'Such is life, I guess.'

'Such is life,' replied Logos, looking at the departing Cherubim.

Michael just glared after the old adversary. The issue was settled at last.

The End

Jesus VI

'So you are finally over it then?' asked Wolfgang to Jesus, sitting with Peter the Apostle in the library of the Golden City of Azion.

'What's the point,' replied Jesus. 'Michael is never going to accept me as Christ.'

'Quitter then,' said Wolfgang. 'Can't stick to your guns.'

Jesus turned and looked right at God. 'What the HELL is your problem? You NEVER accepted my claims. NEVER.'

'Apparently the Christ of your generation. What went wrong with that agenda? What? You have given up? I thought you were apparently a soulwinner Yeshua. Is it too much of a challenge for you?'

Jesus looked at God incredulously, looked down at the Gospel of Jesus in his hand, and threw it with force at a library shelf.

'We're out of her Simon,' said Jesus to Apostle Peter, and they were gone.

God looked at Jesus go, and looked at the fallen copy of the Gospel of Jesus. He bent down, picked it up, and walked over to a couch, sat down, and starting reading.

'Interesting,' he said after a few moments, turned the page, and got lost in the ancient message.

The End

At it Again

'They are at it again,' said Valandriel, coming in from the hallway of Danielphon. Daniel and Ariel were on the couch, chatting away. Daniel looked at his buddy.

'Who are at what again?'

'The Church. Promoting Jesus will soon be accepted as the Christ of his generation.'

'That again,' replied Daniel. 'I thought they had gotten over that malarky.'

'Apparently not. Jesus had words with an old man who asked if he was a quitter. And he's back with his focus. And Armageddon approacheth, and the devil will get his dues.'

Daniel looked at Valandriel considering those words. 'Jeremiah 33. Yep, each generation can have a Christ. He'd have to though win the Sanhedrin and the people of Israel of his generation to accomplish it. Still can do it I suppose. Technically achievable.'

'That's what they are doing as a matter of fact,' replied Valandriel. 'Talking with that branch of the Sanhedrin, and loding their claims and commitments they are prepared to make to work it all out.'

'Does this affect us? I mean, so what?' asked Daniel.

'We'll be returning to the Earth. It's huge now. Population mind boggling. Probably going to be the eternal abode for us as well.'

Daniel thought on that. 'I'll have a prayer about our goods to accompany us and be restored to us. I am not sure we have to worry too much though. We have the oldest covenant in the Noahide Covenant and the ruling authority. It's just a slushy love message they preach anyway. Not for the likes of us. We have our own community.'

'It's strong on earth. And their population is vast,' said Valandriel. 'Apparently more than heaven, now. Lots more. Christianity is the dominant faith there.'

Daniel looked at his brother. 'They have the numbers?'

Valandriel nodded. 'Yep. It's what has been going on in the planetary bodies. Christianity in huge numbers. We're not as big anymore. We rule the Realm of Eternity, but not the spiritual universe buddy. I think he's taken us on that by the looks of it.'

'Mmm,' said Daniel. 'Ok. Fine. The ruling power in the authority is what we have. That's established. A Christ of his generation won't change that. The numbers, sure. But the spiritual blessings and peace in the planetary bodies have never been as strong as the Realms. They might have the numbers, but we have the power and the spirit.'

'And we're happy with that, are we?' queried Valandriel earnestly.

Daniel looked at his buddy. 'Wait a minute.'

He got to his PC, dialled the video link, and soon Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly his grandfather was online looking at him. 'Yes Daniel,' he said.

'Have you heard about Church numbers in the planetary bodies, and the new church initiatives for Jesus to be Christ of his generation officially.'

'We're informed. Don't sweat it,' replied Daniel. 'Prayers are going on and we are suring up the strength of our movement. When we get to earth we'll be in separate towns and cities and not affected too much by the church and Israel. Prayer is pretty strong at the moment, and we're catching them on numbers somewhat. We won't take them by any means I don't think, but we'll be so strong that its just not an issue. Commoners, son. Don't worry about them.'

'Our stuff?' asked Daniel. 'It will come with us?'

Valandriel looked at the screen. 'Our stuff will come with us?'

'Those prayers are well in hand. Already known and discussed. It should be just fine. We're not going to lose our legacy.'

'Ok. Good,' said Daniel, and said by to his grandfather, and switched off the screen. 'We just pray for strength, sure up our numbers, and don't worry about it. We'll be fine. We're separate.'

Valandriel nodded. 'It won't affect us? Their pride and bullshit?'

'Never going to catch us,' said Daniel. And the matter was settled at that.

The End

Michael at Spaz's Place

'Jesus. Is an idiot,' said Michael, and burped.

'He's drunk,' said Kwintakel.

Azrael looked at the Archangel Michael of Eternity. 'No. He's not drunk. He's just tipsy. Right Mikey?'

Mikey looked up at Azrael through blurry eyes. 'Get me another frikkin beer, bartender. I need to drown my sorrows.'

'What sorrows?' asked Kwintakel.

'Do tell,' said Azrael.

'Rebuke. From God. Asked what was my problem with Jesus and his Christ claims? Unbelievable. Says he's reviewed the Christ of his Generation policy document, and if Jesus can afford more Jewish prayers, he can be accepted as the Christ of his generation for Israel. And then he asks if I want to pray about the issue. So fucking depressing. Get me another beer, bartender. I need to drown my sorrows.'

Azrael went to the bar and returned with a apple cider. 'It's low alcohol content, Mikey. Your last for the night. It will cheer you up bit.'

Michael opened the bottle, started sipping, and smiled. 'Oooh, its nice,' he said. 'Sweet in a lovely way.'

'Spaz's own creation,' said Azrael. 'It has happy juice in it. Don't ask what the happy juice is.'

Michael sipped, and started singing. 'In fair Israel, there is my queen. She's the rose of every dream. Elenniel, her majesty. Divine pure maid, eternally.' His voice was slurred, and he was starting to smile weirdly.

'He's getting happy,' said Kwintakel.

'A sure sign he's had enough,' said Azrael.

'You know Jesus. He's an idiot,' said Michael.

'You said that,' replied Kwintakel.

'Christ? Pfftt. He's not responsible enough to mow a lawn already mowed. He'd just fuck it up, and it would be dirt at the end. Hopeless Jew. Not good enough to be a son of Israel. Should fuck off to Rome and never return. Traitor to his own people. God should be ashamed of himself for suggesting the abomination of an idea.'

Azrael nodded consolingly at Michael. 'Tell us what you really think then,' said Azrael.

'He smells,' said Michael. 'Like the Jehovah's Witnesses these days. He's been there a lot I've been told. This weird smell.'

'I've noticed that too,' said Kwintakel.

'I mean, its not really fowl. Sort of ok actually. But weird,' said Michael.

'Right,' said Azrael. 'What else?'

'Christians? Boring really.'

'Are they?' asked Kwintakel, fascinated.

'Very. No real intellect. No great powers of thought like the Jewish people. We Jews! We're a race of intellectuals. Christians need 17 tech guys to look at an HTML document to repair a simple error, while a young teenage Jewish boy would have the problem solved quicker than you could bake a bagel.'

'Fascinating,' said Kwintakel. 'The wonders of the Jewish people.'

'Too right,' said Michael. 'Civilization wouldn't exist without us,' and then he hiccupped.

'We owe it all to you,' said Azrael.

'Too right,' replied Michael. 'We've led the way from the start. Noahides? Give me a break. They didn't even exist for thousands of years. Daly's can go fuck themselves.'

'He's definitely tipsy,' said Azrael. 'Perhaps we should send him home in a taxi before he embarrasses himself.'

'And another thing. He rips our early chapters off, calls it the Rainbow Torah, and thinks he's reinvented Torah. What a joke. No tradition themselves, so they rip ours off. Hopeless.'

'Humble words, Michael,' said Kwintakel.

'I think so,' said Michael, and looked ahead, his eyes glazed over a little, and his head collapsed on the table. He'd had enough.

'I'll call the taxi,' said Kwintakel.

And so, when the taxi arrived, Michael was lead out singing 'Elenniel the Queen,' and when Azrael had put him into his bed at his place with Elenniel, who was out for the night, he looked at the old soul, grumbling, as he found his sleep.

'Good night, Archangel Michael,' said Azrael. 'And may you dream of Fair Elenniel's breasts all night long.'

The Sandman kept Azrael's words in mind, but a drunk Archangel Daniel ended up wrestling with Michael, and quoting Genesis at him all night long, saying, 'Noah taught you all the shit you know anyway, buster.' Michael's dream soul was not amused.

The End


'7,000 books in my collection, Michael,' said Draonatissamay. 'On United Kingdom Lore. I study them regularly. English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Manx, Jersiean, Guernsian, Falkland, South Georgian, Rotheran, Caribbean, Gibraltan, and other Territorial books of Lore of our Kingdom. '7,000 Key Books. I do read some fiction occasionally, and a few other works, I do admit. But I have concentrated study upon the 7,000 chosen texts. Lore of our culture, way of life, laws, traditions, etiquette, spirituality and animistic magic. They are sacred to me and I work with them constantly.'

'Fascinating,' replied Michael.

They were on the steps of the Throneroom of the Golden City of the Realm of Infinity, a place were discussions often took place.

'Steeped in this tradition, art thou Cherubim Draconatissamay?' asked Logos.

'Do you believe in dragons?' asked Draconatissamay.

'Dinosaurs yes. Dragon's no,' replied Logos.

'Then what is that?' asked Draconatissamay, thumbing his thumb behind his shoulder.

A large red and gold dragon emerged from behind one of the Onaphim towers. Logos instinctively got into a fighting positions.

'It's trained,' said Draconatissamay. 'It won't attack.'

Michael looked at the dragon. 'How old are they?'

'From the 6th epoch. That variety. But there have been dragons from the beginning. Usually hidden in caverns, but they were around. I am a master of English Lore, you know,' said Draconatissamay.

'Indeed,' replied Logos, studying the dragon.

'English Lore teaches that ultimate success impresses and fascinates.' He clicked his fingers. The dragon soared upwards, breathed flame into the air, and then dove right down and flew right over their head, Michael and Logos ducking, but Draconatissamay standing his ground.

'Books often have Lore. Lore is knowledge. Torah is not the lonely Lore Seraphim Michael,' said Draconatissamay.

'Obviously,' replied Michael.

Draconatissamay took out his pack of rollies and lit one. 'You think Israel will rule eternity in the end, Michael. Daniel shared this with me once. Your holiness is your winning ticket apparently.'

Michael looked directly at his younger Cherubim brother.

'So meet the Empires,' said Draconatissamay, and made a hand signal, to which the dragon responded, doing a loop in the air and landing behind Draconatissamay.

'Fight fire - with fire,' said Draconatissamay. 'English Lore mate. And Shalom to you too,' said the Cherubim, and turned and walked away.

'I see,' said Michael, as the dragon followed after Draconatissamay through the streets of the Golden City of the Realm of Infinity.

The End

Michael at Spaz's Place 2

'Does Draconatissamay have a sporan?' asked Michael, in a slightly slurred voice.

Azrael looked at the Seraphim. 'He's tipsy again.'

'Looks like it,' said Kwintakel.

''Draco is an Englishman. He wouldn't know a sporan from his arsehole,' replied Azrael.

'Well he can take his English Sporan. And shove it so far up his arsehole, that the sun will never shine again,' said Michael. 'Get me a fuggin cider. I need the happy juice.'

'He's not going to sing again?' asked Kwintakel. 'Some of the patrons complained last time.'

Michael looked at Kwintakel. 'In England was a lovely maid, she had the biggest tits. But woe is me, I saw her arse, it was covered full of zits,' he sang.

Some of the customers looked at Michael. 'Yep, Michael impresses,' said Cosadriel, cleaning up a nearby table.

'The frikkin hide of him,' said Michael. 'Uk Lore,' said Michael, in a mocking tone. 'They think they have a wonderful kingdom full of lovely rules and traditions. Probably boring as fuck. Christian wannabees,' said Michael, sipping on his cider.

'He's very tipsy this time,' said Kwintakel. Azrael looked at the Seraphim. It wasn't his day.

'You know,' began Michael. 'They wouldn't have tradition at all if it wasn't for the jews. Our Bible reinvented that nation.'

'I see,' said Azrael. 'Do tell.'

'We revolutionized that place. It was not the frikkin gospel which people trusted. Deep down it was the Old Testament rules. Nothing more. Saved that hellhole.'

'Possibly,' said Kwintakel. 'But they have been handing down the Rainbow Torah from Noah through the elders of the Empire for a long time now. It has gradually caught up with our culture and we have revised a lot of things. The Advancing Noah Movement, for example. It is starting to be accepted as English Torah Lore. Daniel's were born in the United Kingdom. Hull actually.'

'Don't start on that idiot,' said Michael. 'The biggest boaster the Universe has. Own frikking everything. Thinks its a competition or something. Too proud to know people don't give a damn.'

'He's probably just pursuing his own agenda,' said Azrael. 'He likes to use charm and make people laugh. But he does have a strong charity concern. Haven gives a lot of money to the disaffected and has numerous help programs, and Daniel works in them often.'

'He's showing off,' said Michael, in slightly slurred speech. 'It's not honest. Just to impress.'

Kwintakel sat down opposite Michael. 'And your ministry? It just comes from the heart does it?'

'Too fucking right,' replied Michael.

'And so Daniel doesn't have a heart then?' inquired Kwintakel.

Michael glared at her for a moment. He was about to speak, then stopped. 'No. No, he probably has a heart. He's usually quite kind.'

'And is Draconatissamay a polite and considerate angel?' asked Kwintakel.

Michael glared at her again. 'Yes, actually. Very polite. He's quite good at it.'

'So you would fault our empire for our own attempts at pleasing God and being virtuous? From our own pride, glory and strength? Or must the Jew be sovereign over all?'

Michael glared at he for the final time. Then he put his head down on the table. 'Go away. I'm depressed.'

Azrael took Michael home that night, and he was just quiet, and not jovial. He got him home, and Michael managed to climb into bed, and looked at Azrael.

'Yes, you guys have your own style as well. I admit it. Perhaps I'm a bit jealous.'

'Go to sleep you old fool,' said Azrael, and Michael nodded, turned on his side, and soon was snoring mildly.

'He'll be fine,' said Elenniel.

'Take care of him,' said Azrael, and left.

That night Michael dreamed, and he was playing Daniel at chess. 'So don't be such a poor sport if I beat you,' said Daniel. And Michael humbly nodded.

The End


'In the end, Danny, it about having the sense to know when enough is enough,' said Melanie C.

Daniel the Seraphim looked down at the game of monopoly they were both playing. 'I now own everything, and you have only 500 dollars left,' said Daniel. 'Ok, I suppose that is enough for me.'

'Humble at last,' said Melanie C, and kissed her Daniel on the cheek, and they had pizza for dinner, and the coca cola came in a bucket of ice. The bucket of Ice cost $500. Daniel charged it to Melanie's card. The expletives, later on, at the sight of the bill, taught him a lesson he wouldn't forget. 'Sense my butt,' thought Daniel to himself. 'Sense my butt.'

The End

True Colours

'What is the colour of love for you?' Melanie C asked Daniel the Seraphim.

Daniel looked at her for a moment, but ignored her, and returned his focus to the PC. They were at Danielphon, and Ariel was staying in the dorms of Zaphon for the time being.

'Well?' asked Melaniel. 'What is it?'

'What is your colour then?' asked Daniel.

'It's not easy being green,' replied Melanie. 'Solid as a rock. Be fit, eat well, pray, take care of nature, and be a good person. That is my motto.'

Daniel gazed at her for a moment, and then returned his focus to the screen. 'Figures,' he said after a while.

'Geri like orange,' said Melanie. 'Lot's of Vitamin C and she's ginger after all.'

'And Victoria?' asked Daniel.

'Devilish red. Of course,' replied Melanie.

'Melanie Brown?'

'She's a greenie also,' said Mel.


'White,' said Melanie. 'She believes in holiness and God. She likes to have fun, but is serious in the end.'

'You go for the bulldogs, so I'm figuring blue. You were also in Neri at St Pats, which is blue. And your favourite superhero is Blue Beetle. So I'm guessing blue.'

'I guess you've got me figured then,' replied Daniel.

'Ha!' she said triumphantly, and returned to watching Oprah. 10 minutes later, though. 'Well is it then?'

'Is it what?

'Your favourite colour? Blue?'

He looked at her. 'No,' he said at last, and returned to his PC.

She was silent, thinking about that. 'Then what is the colour of love for you?'

'Why do you want to know?' he asked.

'Just because.'

'I told you once. A long time ago.'

'No you didn't,' she replied.

'Sort of.'


'When we first met in the third heavenly realm.'

'You bragged about being the sun,' she said.

'There you go,' he replied.

She thought about that. 'Yellow?' she asked him.

'Bingo,' he replied.

'Oh,' she said after a while. 'Yellow. That's quite rare actually.'

'Pretty much,' he responded. 'Not many abide in its principles.'

'What principles?' she asked him.

'Truth. Facts. Honesty. Reality.'

'Oh,' she said. 'You and Valandriel's shit.'

'Pretty much,' he replied.

'Ariel doesn't like Yellow. She likes red,' said Melaniel.

'Culture clash. We're only twins. Not permanent mates.'

'Oh,' said Melanie. She sat there a few minutes. 'Fine then. I'll move out tomorrow.'

He looked at her, a little disconcerted. 'You're moving out? Why?'

'Go chase your gold then,' she said, and stood, and walked off. He'd upset her.

'So much for showing your true colours,' Daniel thought to himself, and returned his focus to the PC.

The End

True Colours II

'So what are your true colours, Draconatissamay?' asked Melanie Chisholm.

'Dear Cherubim sister. Three colours true, Red, White & Blue.'

'A diehard patriot,' said Melanie.

'Indeed,' replied Draconatissamay, sipping on some Melit water in the cafeteria of Zaphon keep.

'I think I need to change my true colours,' said Melanie.

'Then you wouldn't be being true to yourself,' replied Draconatissamay. 'You must remain who you are and not contravert the true meaning of your heart to just fit in. It would be hypocrisy.'

'Can colours change?' she asked, looking hopefully at her Cherubim brother.

'Tastes CAN change. As we grow older and mature. Normallly it is expected of us that once we commit to something, we endure with our choices. God doesn't like change that much once established. But why all the questions?'

'No reason,' she replied. 'Enjoy your meal.'

Draconatissamay shrugged, and returned to his plate of vegetables and Langwah.

Melanie sat there and looked around. Against the northern wall of the cafeteria hang the painting of the 140 Seraphim that Elenniel had painted when the Realm was young. She decided to go and look at it, rarely having bothered with it.

She looked at the face of Daniel. He had a minor smile, and was standing next to Kantriel, one of his earliest besties. What kind of idiot was she, still being fascinated by Daniel.

'He is cute, I suppose,' said a voice next to her. She turned. It was Kaladel. Long term cook of the Cafeteria of Zaphon.

'You think so,' said Melanie.

'I've known him forever, it seems,' said Kaladel. 'He's here every now and again. Him and Valandriel. Inseparable those two. Always on with their latest scheme. Trying to rule the world. Never letting things be and find there own pace in life.

'Perhaps that's Daniel's pace,' said Melanie. 'Isn't he just being himself?'

'I don't think that kind of glory he seeks are Daniel's true colours,' said Kaladel. 'He's mostly quiet, and reserved. A professor of things mostly. It is what I anticipate when he has had his fill of glorylust.'

'Glorylust? An interesting way of looking at it.'

'God's glory is natural to him,' said Kaladel. 'In the end we are just people. Doing what we do to get by and having some fun with all of this Realm God has made for us. Much ado about nothing, really, but it passes the time.'

'Then what are my true colours?' asked Melanie to Kaladel.

'You have many,' said Kaladel, smiling, and putting her hand on Melanie's shoulder. 'As many as the Rainbow.'

'Daniel's Rainbow?' queried Melanie.

'Quite possibly indeed,' replied Kaladel, and smiled, and excused herself, returning to the kitchen.

Melanie continued looking at the portrait, then returned to her table, and sat there thinking. Should she commit to something? Or take Kaladel's advice, and just let life take her wherever it would?'

'Decisions, decisions, decisions,' thought Melanie the Cherubim, as she sipped on her Melit water, another lunchtime in Zaphon cafeteria, another fine day in the Realm of Eternity.

The End

The Dark Side of the Tiger of Wrath VIII

'You know Kayella, you smell,' said Callodyn.

'Charmed,' replied Kelly. They were at their Eternya abode in the North Pole, watching the Ice Wolves on TV.

'I mean, seriously,' said Callodyn. 'I don't know what it is. Sour milk, off fish, possibly cat vomit or something, but you smell pretty bad.'

'You know, Callodyn. When mankind was invented, there were certain standards expected. Decency, kindness, masculinity, bravery. Good looks as well. Funny, you were on the end of the cue and they ran out of all the core requirements.'

'That is why I am overloaded with all the extras. Charms. Enchanting personality. Humor. Intelligence. All the good stuff.'

'Yes,' said Kayella, looking at him. 'You left out dickheadness.'

'Now the smell is not that bad,' said Callodyn, not missing a beat. 'But after I've showered and read a bit of Torah, boy. In comes this waft from whatever room you are in, and boy. I feel I need to get out of the house.'

'Oh, and Evil,' said Kayella. 'You specialize in that.'

'Is there a change in your diet?' asked Callodyn.

She looked at him, embarrassed. 'I'm trying the Chinese 'Super Thin Shakes'. They were recommended to me by Karel.'

'Oh,' said Callodyn. 'Is that Dr Chiu's Super Thin Shakes?' he asked.

Kayella nodded. 'Why?'

'They are from Jackie's Comedian line of products. Technically legal, but they have dire side effects. The people themselves don't normally notice, but they make you smell pretty bad. I thought I'd recognized the stench. Cosadriel smelt like it for a while. A joke from Azrael.'

Kayella looked at him. 'But they have Tiger testes in them. Apparently that is an excellent dietary product.'

'I think you have found the dark side of the Tiger of Wrath, there, sis. Those testes have cursed your hygiene. Literally.'

Kayella smelled her armpit. 'Yes, I've noticed that a bit.'

'Change your brand, sweetie,' said Callodyn, looking again at the TV.

Kayella sat there depressed. She now felt like shit.

'Do you love me?' she asked.

'More than life itself,' he replied casually.

'Want to do the wild thing?' she asked.

He looked at her, smelled her a bit, and grinned. 'The crosses we bear, sweetheart. Ok, then. If you insist.'

He stood, pulled out his schlong, and said 'By the power of Greyskull, come out you demons of fowlness, for I shall claim the fair 6 month virginity of this fair maiden.'

She giggled.

Later on. 'How was I?' he asked.

'You stank,' she said.

'Yeh,' said Callodyn, smelling himself. 'I think I do need a shower after all that hell.'

He went and showered. When he was finished, she went in past him, naked, and pinched his bottom, and turned on the shower, washing herself as clean as possible. But shortly she felt him behind him.

'I think I'm ready to go again. It's been a long six months.'

'Ok, Tiger. Just this once, mind you.'

He performed much better the second time. She still stank for the next six months. He didn't mind quite as much.

The End

The Gay Adventures of King David, Archangel Michael and Seraphim Ambriel of the Realm of Eternity

'You know,' said David, sitting in the steam room. 'You have good muscle structure, Michael.

Michael looked at his chest. 'Gee. Thanks King David.'

'Yes. I've always fancied your muscles,' said Ambriel.

'That's sweet of you Ambriel,' replied Michael.

'Have you ever thought of doing porn?' asked King David. 'You'd be in demand with a chest like that.'

'A fascinating idea,' said Michael.

'You could even do gay porn,' said Ambriel. 'I'm sure the boys would like you.'

Michael looked at Ambriel. Ambriel looked back at Michael.

Michael looked at David. David looked back at Michael.

David looked at Ambriel. Ambriel looked back at David.

'The gay porn might not be the brightest of ideas,' said Ambriel.

'Nope,' said David.

Michael just continued staring out the glass at the rest of the swimming pool complex.

The End

Jack and the Callodyn-Stalk

Jack Dagger. Bent hull Copper. Bent, in more ways than one. He was living in his world, and Wolfgang dropped by. 'Do you fancy a game of snooker?' asked God.
'Aye,' said Jack.
'Sounds like fun,' said the Ketravim Delta.
'If I win, you repent of certain homosexual desires to a certain degree,' said God.
'And if I win?' asked Jack.
'What do you want? Asked God.
'Do a miracle. I don't know, take this plant,' said Jack, handing to him a little pot plant filled with Callodyn, the Welsh name for Foliacius Liverwort, 'And make it grow.'
'Done,' said God.
They played. Jack broke, and carved up the board, potting everything without God getting a look in.
'You're a lucky devil,' said God, and took the plant, and they went outside of the Assembly Hall of the Way of the Eternal Dove. God planted it, spoke a few quiet words in prayer.
'Look in the morning,' said God.
The following morning Delta got out of bed, passed the kitchen window, and noticed immediately. Green everywhere.
'What the fuck?' she asked. 'Jack!' she yelled. 'It's your frikking Callodyn.'
Jack came alive, got into his sleeping gown, and rushed downstairs. Delta, Jack and Cheryl all looked up. The Callodyn-Stalk went up into the sky.
'He has a sense of humor,' said Jack.
'Climb it,' said Cheryl.
'Go on Jack. Jack and the – heh heh – Callodyn-Stalk,' said Delta.
Jack looked up into the clouds. 'I perceive a big, fat, Cherubim Angel, 228th on the list, standing up there, 228 feet tall, ready to belch out 'Fee Fi Foe Fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman. No, fuck that shit. I'm going back to bad.' Jack looked up at the sky. 'Very funny Jehovah.'
And Jack went back to bed, leaving an amused Delta and Cheryl to deal with the increasing spate of curious onlookers.

The End

Days of Infinity

Kalan the Cherubim. 34th of the Onaphim Angels of Infinity. An adventurous sort of fellow.
'Yo, Xadd,' said Kalan to Xaddadaxx, the 35th of the Onaphim, the 7th of the 7 Cherubim.
'Yo yourself,' replied Xaddadaxx.
'Wanna come around to my place. We'll drink Coca Cola, smoke cigarettes, and chat,' said Kalan.
'Sounds good,' replied Xaddadaxx.
A little while later the two brothers were in Kalan's place. It was decorated with picture of dragons and wizards and filled with ancient fantasy books from revered authors such as Hugh Cook and David Eddings.
'You know,' said Kalan. 'Life is good bro.'
'It's ok,' said Xaddadaxx.
'What's up?' asked Kalan. 'You seem down.'
'Nah, I'm ok. My girlfriend is considering conversion to Judaism, and it is pissing me off something shocking. I've been Noahide for an eternity now, and she was supposed to get the point.'
'Yeh. Noahidism,' said Kalan. 'When are you going to accept the Adamide requirements?'
'It is about what patch is yours,' replied Xaddadaxx. 'Adam has not spoken to me much about his community. He's happy for me to follow the Ark Builder.'
'Maybe he's waiting for you to choose to be Adamide as well. I mean, I accepted the Noahide teaching of Haven a long time ago as guide posts. So why haven't you connected to Adam's community yet? Isn't my example enough?' asked Kalan.
'It's enough,' said Xaddadaxx. 'I've thought about that. Eventually, I suppose. A few eternities from now. Nothing any time soon.'
'The King of Kaluvia encourages you, dear Elf. That despite your current lack of pointy ears, you get the point. Adam is the way to go.'
Xaddadaxx, a long time ago, had pointy ears. They were part of his service in the Multiverse, were he was technically an Elf, but mostly human in general characteristics.
'Yeh, I'll get to it,' said Xadd.
Kalan smiled. 'Cool. Let's talk Argan,' and he went to the bookcase behind him, and brought out his 'Chronicles of an Age of Darkness' Encyclopaedia, by Hugh Cook. They chatted for a while, about this and that concept and idea, on the geography of Argan and the fighting strengths of various of the characters and races. They were involved with roleplaying in the various fantasy worlds quite a bit, and the world of Olo Malan, which the Chronicles of an Age of Darkness was set in, was a major theme of their pastimes.
A knock came to the door. 'Come in,' shouted Kalan.
The door opened and Lovrayel came in. She was the secondborn of the 7 Celestyel angels, the final group of 7 angels of the 70 Onaphim. 'Hey guys. What's up?'
'Argan lore,' said Xaddadaxx.
'Cool,' she said. 'I'm happy to chat. Argan is great stuff as you know that I like.'
She sat down between them, and Kalan passed her an ice cold Coca Cola from his esky.
'What is the next level of development in Xps for our characters?' asked Lovrayel 'We passed the Quadrillion points aeons ago. You've been promising us something special Kalan.'
'It's mostly thought out,' said Kalan. 'I wanted Xadd here today to refine some of my thoughts and throw some things off him. Mostly about the genetics of black dragons with the golden horn. There are certain magical possibilities involving rare horn defects I am considering. I've got a lot of other stuff ready to go, but that is the current dialogue.'
'Draconatissamay's dragon was a rush,' said Lovrayel, about the recent visit to the Golden City of the great Dragon which Draconatissamay had trained.
'Hope he brings it again another time,' said Kalan. 'I'd like to see what it can do in full flight.'
'How about a double horn. That's a mutation. That could have a special effect,' suggested Lovrayel.
'Interesting idea,' replied Kalan. 'I'll think that over.'
'Ahh, this coke tastes good,' said Lovrayel. 'I shouldn't drink too much though. It goes straight to my thighs.'
'Girls always worrying about their weight,' said Kalan. 'So predictable.'
'Don't I know it,' replied Xaddadaxx. 'They fuss over everything. But, hey. They're woman. What else are they going to do if they can't complain.'
'We do it all for you dear brothers,' said Lovrayel smiling.
'Shut up Lovrayel,' said Kalan, and pulled out the basic Dungeons and Dragons set from under the coffee table in front of them, and set up a board. 'And roll the dice sweetheart. I've got a basic adventure done from some drone characters. A fine way to spend some days of Infinity.'
'You're all charm,' said Lovrayel, and Kalan chuckled, as they started a game, drank Coke, smoked ciggies, and altogether had a bloody good time.

The End


God had made his decision. In an instant the entire people of the circumcision, Israel, Abraham and Islam, were taken away from the world, separated, and placed in a new spiritual universe, gone forever. Old tensions had built up for a long time between the parties, and they were never going to see eye to eye with each other. Too much hostility. So the separation was eternal, and Meludiel wept for Ambriel for a while, but then that was finished with, and she was just Meludiel, and moved in with Daniel, and got over it. Some things are thought to go on forever, and some dreams were hoped for, but bitter heart and bitter judges make it difficult to find peace, when so much hypocrisy is displayed. So separation came, and peace came at last to the Children of Noah – the Children of Destiny.

The End

Daniel and Meludiel

'Life goes on sweetcheeks,' said Daniel.

'Yes, I suppose,' said Meludiel, cheered up a bit as Daniel entered the room.

'We're getting too strong now. Our Noahide world. It's too strong. The cronies of Abraham clashed with us too much. They wanted ruling power, and they weren't getting it from us, so God separated them, and its over with. We don't react well with Judaism. It doesn't fit in our system. And the Christians who were always going to be loyal to Jesus aren't with us anymore, so that's life. He judged your heart – you were loyal to Noah ultimately.'

'Yes, I suppose,' said Meludiel. She picked up the remote, and turned on the TV. Inspector Gently came on. 'Oh, this looks good.'

Daniel sat down next to her, and they watched the rest of the episode. Ariel got home for work that evening.

'What's up Mel? Are you here permanently then?'

'I don't really have anywhere to go anymore,' replied Meludiel.

Ariel looked at her sister, and nodded. 'Yes. Yes, ok Daniel. You can have her as wife two. I've never approved, but now its ok. Just the way it has to be I guess. You miss Jacob Fink?' asked Ariel.

'Not much,' replied Meludiel. 'He was weird in latter years. Preoccupied with legalism, while he swore on the grace of Jesus. Just the Jew in him in the end.'

'Yeh, I guess,' said Ariel. 'Anyway, I need a shower. Lets have pizza tonight. It will do us good to treat ourselves for once.'

They ate the pizza when it arrived, and Ariel went to bed early.

'I went to the throneroom,' said Daniel. 'God spoke with me. Said the separation was eternal. That I should start again with some of my religious concepts, and purify the Jewish thinking out of it. Said I was mostly Noahide but some remnant of it had remained. I think this is it, now, sweetie. A new beginning again.'

'I'll get over it,' replied Meludiel. 'It will just take some time.'

'It will just take some time,' replied Daniel, and caressed her head. And then she put her head in his arms, and wept softly for Ambriel, but cheered up when his hand worked its way down to her belt, and pushed in under her jeans.

'You devil,' she said.

'As always,' replied Daniel the Seraphim.

The End

The Eternal Noahide Seraphim

Quickly a list came to be. The remaining Seraphim of Eternity. More males than females. The males were:



















































The Females were.






























































And that was that.

The End

Elizabeth, Alison and Thomas

'Dearest Elizabeth. You look radiant today.'

Katy looked at Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. 'Elizabeth?' she queried, with an eyebrow raised.

'It is your middle name, correct?' replied Daniel.

She smiled. 'Yes. Yes it is. Thomas.'

'Very good,' replied Thomas Daly.

Taylor walked in the room with a MacDonalds Big Mac and Coke. 'Helly Alison. You look divine today. Radiant like Elizabeth here,' said Thomas Daly.

'Yes,' said Katy. 'Thomas here has complimented me quite kindly, ALISON.'

Taylor nodded. 'Cool. What's on TV.'

'Let us see, dear Alison,' said Thomas.

Taylor looked at him for a moment. 'Yes Thomas.'

TV was turned on and Inspector Gently came on.

'This will do – Thomas,' said Alison.

They watched for a while, and Alison shared her fried with Elizabeth and Thomas.

'I'll be Tom. You can be Lizzie,' said Thomas, looking at Katy. 'But you will be Alley,' said Tom, looking at Alison. 'Alley Cat at time.'

'And you are the Tom Cat, huh?' asked Alison.

'So we do it pussy style,' said Tom.

'Pussy style?' queried Lizzie.

'You don't know about pussy style?' asked Tom. He flicked the TV off. 'Let me show you two pussy style.'

About half an hour later.

'That was exhausting,' said Tom.

Alley and Lizzie were still breathing heavily after the treatment they had received. 'You said it buster,' said Elizabeth Hudson.

'That was unique,' replied Alison Swift.

'The things we do for love,' smiled Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, and went off to shower after his exhaustive ministrations.

The End


Chapter One

'Kirstie Kolby. Is that you?'

Kirstie looked up from her PC. 'Oh, Callodyn.'

'I guess you do know my angel name then,' said Daniel Daly.

'You are kind of famous,' she said, smiled, and returned to her typing.

He looked at her for a moment, and went back to his friend, another worker in AQIS. Daniel was in Canberra, one of the major ones, about 250 kilometres south of Nadrazon, the Silver City, in the Realm of Infinity. There were many Canberra's scattered throughout the universe, but this one was old. Old and established and set in its ways. Unsurprising to see Kirstie here. Still with Australian Quarantine. Still – beautiful.

At lunch time they were sitting in the cafeteria opposite the public service department, and his friend Richard was finished with his discussion with Callodyn, and excused himself. He sat there, looking out at the Canberra scenery. Typical Canberra stuff. Gum trees, greenery, summer heat.

'It's been a while,' said a voice. Daniel looked up. It was Kirstie. She sat down opposite him.

'Didn't think I'd ever really see you again,' said Daniel. 'Sort of one of those faces you know for a while, who drifts off with eternity, and never is seen again.'

'It's a small universe,' smiled Kirstie. She still had that smile. The gentle, soft one. The radiant looks. Elegant. Ladylike. Perfect.

'Jonathon?' asked Daniel.

'Jonathon? That old fool,' said Kirstie. 'He is an associate and best friend of a grandson down the generations. Famous space adventurer.'

'Rimwalker. Jan Kolby,' said Daniel.

'That's him,' replied Kirstie. 'We're not together. Not anymore. It worked. On and off. For a long time it worked. Then it stopped working, and never really did again. The passion cooled off. He found I was a person underneath my looks. A real person. With personality, and style and tastes and her own outlook on life. And that person I was – wasn't him.'

'So he left,' said Daniel.

'Mutual agreement,' said Kirstie. 'We were not headed in the same direction. We never really were.'

'Oh,' said Daniel softly. 'Did the void get filled?'

'If you call it that,' she replied. 'No. Not really. Never really has. I don't go for lovers. Just friends, occasionally. Can't find the right fit. Can't find the man who likes me for me, you know. Underneath the beauty.'

'Perhaps you ask too much,' said Daniel. 'We're frail people who live by each other's graces. Why expect perfection. Just common interests. Opposites attract, you know.'

'You would say that,' she said smiling. 'You're everybody's opposite.'

'True,' he said, smiling back.

'Why are you here?' she asked him.

'Building Empire,' he replied. 'The family agenda.'

'I've heard your dynasty is loaded,' she replied. 'You read about it in fortune magazines. Still wanting more? Not satisfied yet?'

'Glory is hard to satisfy,' replied Daniel. 'And ego's even harder.'

'True,' she said, smiling back.

'Why in Canberra though? Looking to invest or something?'

'Not really. 6 month work contract for AQIS. Working here in Canberra for the time.'

'You need the money?' she asked.

'Not exactly,' he replied. 'The family agenda, you know. Networking, basically.'

'Right,' she said, making a mental note.

'You look good,' he said. 'Like I remember you. Younger, though. Really – beautiful.'

'You're quite good looking yourself,' she said. 'Married?'

'My twin comes and goes. No current liaison. Single for the most part,' he replied.

'Oh,' she said.

'Yep,' he replied.

She reached out and touched his hand. 'I don't sleep around, you know. I've been virginal for ages now. Thousands of years. There are only a few I'd make that exception for.'

Daniel nodded. 'We all get desires,' he pulled out a notepad. 'Do you want to give me your address?' he asked her. 'I can be over at about 7 tonight.'

She wrote it down, and he looked at it. Not far, actually, from where he was staying.

'Did you love me – then?' she asked him.

'You still own a piece of my heart,' he replied. 'It's never really left. That bit. Stays inside, beating softly. I occasionally have thought on you, but rested in my memories. Might have searched you out one day. You never know.'

'Well. Here I am,' she said smiling.

'There you are,' he replied, looking right at her. 'There you are.'

She looked down. 'If you want to leave. Later. When you are finished your contract. Come back one day. I probably won't leave this place. AQIS is good to me, and I like it here. I'll probably never leave. But I'd like that piece of your heart to remember where I am.'

He nodded. 'You've stabilised? Settled?'

'Something like that,' she said. 'I've seen it all. Over the years. But wherever you go, there you are. So I made up my mind, settled down, and left it at that.'

'And now I've found you,' he said softly.

'Now you've found me,' she said, looking up at him, a soft tear in her eye.

'I'll remember were you are. Your address will go in my official black book when I get home.'

'And where is home?' she asked him.

'Technically Danielphon in the Realm of Eternity, a place on Televon, and Grandfather's residence on New Terra. 29 Merriman Crescent funnily enough. Old Cyril and Mary's place. I can always get messages at those places. I'll give you the addresses,' he said.

'Thanks,' she said.

'It's good to see you again, Kirstie Kolby,' he said.

'It's good to see you too Daniel Daly,' replied the blonde haired beauty.

* * * * *

'You know, the body part of males I like the most is their eyes,' said Francine Jones.

'Queen of Hypocrisy,' said Gemma Watkins. 'I see you. Staring at arses when the cute boys walk past. You are such a fake.'

'Shut up. I could only imagine what your favourite male body part is,' said Francine.

'She likes their waistline,' said Justine Atkinson. 'It's why she likes David so much. Trim waistline.'

'Alack, alas, he is gone, not to return to the end of the age,' said Francine.

'You think he'll be back,' said Gemma.

'Get real,' said Francine. 'God separates them for a while, just to piss us all off, but before you can spit a dick Israel will be parading themselves to the world as the returned glory of salvation.'

Justine nodded. 'Probably. God's style to make a show of things. Oh, and crude words Francine. We're ladies.'

'Humph,' said Francine, looking at Gemma. 'Some of us maybe.'

'You know. You're not a bitch,' said Gemma to Francine. 'Bitches have heat, and you are as cold as hell.'

'Go fuck yourself,' said Francine.

'Ladies. No arguing,' said Justine. 'Now here we are. It's the junction. Canberra of the Silver City, here we are.'

'Is it all the Silver City? This disc?' asked Francine.

'I think so,' said Gemma.

'I think it has another name. But they don't promote that information much,' said Justine. 'It's just the Silver City Disc to most. Nadrazon, also. Something like that.'

'Right,' said Francine. 'Well, here we are. Girls Epic Universal Tour Number 317, and we are doing Canberra. How original.'

'It's a new Canberra,' said Justine. 'We're sure to meet lots of new people.'

'Maybe,' said Francine. 'Looks clean, also. I've noticed that about the Realm of Infinity. They are cleanliness freaks. Spotless most of the places we've been.'

'Which is a good thing,' chided Justine mildly. 'Wish everywhere was like this. New Terra's standards are good, but not as good as this.'

'Let's get our luggage,' said Gemma, as they deboarded the Greyhound bus.

The girls got their luggage, and made their way to the bus shelter.

'Well,' said Gemma. 'What now?'

'Remember our rules. Unplanned. We take it as it comes,' said Justine.

'Which has led to us being out all night on countless occasions, nearly raped several times, attacked by dogs, propositioned by countless joes, and, and I do recall, asked if we would like to do some 'Swimwear photography' at a very shady looking fella's pad,' said Francine.

'Life's an adventure,' replied Justine.

'Ain't it ever,' said Francine dryly.

'Well, its about lunch time,' said Gemma. 'That's a McDonalds,' she said pointing down the road a little. 'Let's eat there.'

'Urrgh,' said Francine. 'My stomach will churn.'

'That's a lie,' said Gemma. 'You like Mighty Angus burgers and Grand Angus burgers very much. You always say 'yummo' when we order them.'

'They are tolerable. About all that Maccas serves up which is.'

The girls made their way to the nearby McDonalds restaurant, and ordered their food, sitting in front of a plastic statue of Ronald McDonald, with his eternal smile.

'You're a lot like Ronald McDonald,' said Gemma to Francine. 'Full of good cheer,' she said in a slightly mocking tone.

'Yeh, right,' said Francine in reply.

'Don't argue girls,' said Justine. 'Now look. There is a Quality hotel behind here down the block a little. We may as well see if they have a vacancy and make that our first stop. Or we can walk about another block to Trevago.'

'Quality will do,' said Gemma. 'I like their mini bar.'

'Chocoholic,' said Francine to Gemma.

'Drunkard,' said Gemma to Francine.

They bitched away for a while, and Justine watched the people come and go. Typical McDonalds. Typical Australian city. Typical life. She was used to that idea now – about life. It wasn't really that surprising in the end. You sort of got what you got what you got. And traditions, like McDonalds, ruled everything, and that is what you got. Still that constancy, even with Maccas, was comforting. You didn't have to worry so much about everything. You knew in a lot of places the culture and the type of people, and how to make sense of it all. Comforting really.

They finished their meal, and made the hike to the Hotel, which had a few vacancies, and they got two rooms. Justine took the room to herself this time, and the other two shared. Fighting all night potentially, but they usually settled down after 8, as they were considerate to others around them in hotels and things.

'What shall we do tomorrow?' asked Gemma.

'There is a circus in town,' said Justine. 'Why don't we go and see that. It's a good enough thing to do on holiday.'

'Suits me,' said Francine.

'I'll be in the other room,' said Justine. As she left the other two started arguing again, but it was never terribly hostile. Just bitching. They liked to do that to each other anyway. It's what a lot of girls were made of, and they never really changed. It didn't stop them from being the most loyal friends in the universe, but they fought none the less.

She sat in her room, looking at the tourist brochure of Canberra, and finally put the light out and pulled the doona over her.

'Life was strange in some ways now. A long term husband had departed her life, and chosen another woman. They'd had children together, but he just didn't think he was getting out of the relationship what he wanted to. He was a religious man also, but said she was too strict. Just the way she was, she felt. Kept her old Gospel roots of faith, regardless of the change of seasons. Not everyone's cup of tea, in the end. Not everyones.

David had liked her. Of course. David Rothchild. But a guy like that loved everyone. It was the mission statement of his Messianic Ministry after all. But he always said she was special, and she always felt that way around him. Perhaps he would be back one day. Who knows. But she was tired, and soon closed her eyes, and the dream world came in, and Gemma was a frog and Francine a Prince, and the Prince said to the Frog 'Your still a bitch, greenie,' and all Justine could do was laugh.

* * * * *

'The choice is black or white, not a shade of grey. I'd rather you were hot or cold than Lukewarm.'

'Yes suh,' said Jan Kolby, and looked at his laser pistols. 'I mean, Jonno. They are my baby's. I can't change em.'

Jonathon Kolby looked down at the pistols. 'I almost have affection for the fuckers too, son. But the show needs to impress. They don't shoot that straight. This hit and miss affair doesn't impress the kids. Be an expert or a clown. In between is shoddy. Terribly lukie.'

'Right,' said the illustrious Rimwalker. 'Well, I haven't had them serviced in an aeon. I know this Arcturian weapons factory that can fix them.'

Jonathon looked at him, a little perplexed. 'Yes. That is the case isn't it. These aliens are now human, and remember past lives. It never came into our world, the alien civilizations. But I heard all about them.'

'My girl. Jackie. Jackie Spears,' said Jan.

'What about her?' asked Jonathon.

'She's Arcturian. Chance Kibb'Starr.'

'Yes. You said,' said Jonathon. 'Weird. True, I guess. Anyway, we can't wait for the service yet. We'll go on with the next month's planned shows here in Canberra, and after the tour of Nadrazon we'll get them fixed.'

'Righty O,' said Jan. Only Arcturian servicemen would do with his baby's. Only the best.

'Now, get into your outfit,' said Jonathon. 'The show starts at 7:30, and we want to impress. We're making good cash on this tour, and we can retire for a fair while on our takings. Make it count.'

'Yes suh,' said Jan.

'Now where is that damn Dragonrider,' said Jonathon, going off to search for Enrique Lopes, the Terran Dragonrider.

Jan looked at his pistols. 4 of them. Ancient. Older than life itself in many ways, but they were Eternya – made to last forever – and he'd had them forever. Ancient weapons, technically, but in the circus tour he and one of his ancient earthly grandfathers, Jonathon Kolby, had started, they were entertainment for the kids and the audience. He did a pistol show, shooting coconuts, and sometimes cigars from one of the stage girls mouths, but Estella had been nervous a while now, as the pistols were quite old, and sometimes they fired off target a bit, despite Jan's excellent marksmanship. They just needed fine tuning. It might last forever, but mechanisms could still go off kilter with repeated use. Just the way of things. He looked at them, smiled, and started dressing in his cowboy suit. Rimwalker – a cowboy. What was life coming too.

Jonathon found the Terran Dragonrider feeding his dragon some hay, and decided not to bother rebuking him for his crappy behaviour as of late. That was just Enrique's style, which he had concluded from many conversations with Lucy, and so he'd learned to accept that. Just the way it was.

'You ready for the show?' Jonathon asked Enriqe.

Enrique looked up at him. 'Yes boss.'

'Will Lucy be doing a magic trick tonight? Or a few?' asked Jonathon.

'She's good for the standard show,' said Enrique. 'She feels fine at the moment. Her stomach is much better after the incident in Frisco.'

'Good,' said Jonathon. 'We'll likely take in a good crowd tonight. Aussies love circuses,' said Jonathon. 'And heaps of them here in Canberra.'

'True,' said Enrique.

'Takings will be good this tour,' said Jonathon. 'Your ratings have been around 90% to 95% on my chart, so your cut will be quite large.'

'Why not 100%?' asked Enrique.

'Nobody's perfect,' said Jonathon. 'But you know the contract, and you agreed. I'm paying you fairly.'

'Right boss,' said Enrique. 'I'll be ready for the show shortly.'

'Good,' said Jonathon. 'I'll go check on Lucy.'

In all honesty Enrique didn't mind the ratings system. He was guaranteed 50% for a poor night as a minimum, as long as he did his standard show, and the ratings were usually fair enough. Jonathon's critiques were often quite detailed, but only Lucy bothered reading them much. He just did his thing, and left bossman to judge as he saw fit. He never really ripped him off. He was an old man, now, in many ways. But while he'd lived a thousand lifetimes or more, he was still just himself. Just Enrique. So this scene would do for now, and he was doing his thing with his Dragon as usual. His favourite thing.

Jonathon found Lucy, and looked at her. She seemed better.

'Anything special tonight Lucy Smith?' Jonathon asked the Animist witch.

'A lot of hover spells, and a big fireball to finish,' replied Lucy. 'An old show from last tour.'

'Sounds good,' said Jonathon, looking at his checklist. 'You earned 87% from last show, after all comments and reviews. A good enough score. Good pay for that.'

'Yes boss,' said Lucy.

'And remember, Kolby's Universal Action Show values you Lucy Smith. You are indispensable to us.'

'You never change Jonathon Kolby,' said Lucy. 'You never change.'

He grinned, and went off to the rest of his circus performers.

Lucy was, when it came down to it, happy enough at this time in her life. It was a big universe to explore, and she'd by no means seen all of heaven at all – hardly half of it really. They had done that many discs of the Realm of Eternity that she had lost count, but now they had finally gotten approval to tour in the Realm of Infinity, and it was a fresh start in many ways. New excitement, new adventure, new spirit. And she was close to perhaps her closest man, Enrique. What more could she ask for?

* * * * *

'David, David, David,' said Wolfgang. 'What is your problem? Is not Zionistya enough for you? This beautiful eternal world is everything Israel has ever longed for. Freedom from all the insults. Freedom from all the oppression. Freedom from all the injustice. Why on earth would you want to go back to the old news? What is back there that you can't live without and find again new here?'

'Just a visit or two,' said Ambriel. 'Just an occasional visit. To remember what it was all like.'

Wolfgang looked at his son. 'You want to see Justine, don't you?'

David smiled. 'Maybe Meludiel. Tell them about our world. Just a rare visit once an epoch or so. Nothing more.'

'Very well. They can stomach an occasional visitation.'

And David was walking through a field, and found a wallet in his pants he suddenly had on, filled with credits from the Realm of Infinity, and then a circus tent was in front of him, and he was buying a ticket. It was dreamlike, but reality soon became stronger.

'The Terran Dragonrider,' said a voice. And David watched, and it was Enrique who he knew, and he smiled.

And later.......'The Mistress of Magic. Lucy Smith.' And David smiled again.

And he watched. And his heart was reborn again. And he was happy.

Later, after the show.

'You know,' said Justine. 'It was a cool show.'

'We going to talk to them, then?' asked Francine.

Gemma said 'Let's.'

The girls found Lucy, and she smiled, and they chatted, and then David was there.

Justine looked at him. Lucy looked at him. Gemma was not sure it really was him.

'Hey dickhead,' said Francine. 'Couldn't stay away huh?'

Justine came over and took David's hand, and they walked off.

'A visit, huh,' said a voice.

Gemma turned. It was Daniel, with a lady.

'Oh,' said Lucy, looking at Daniel. 'Haven't seen you for a bit, buster.'

Callodyn smiled.

Jonathon Kolby came into view, and went to speak with Enrique, then noticed Daniel. And then he noticed Kirstie.

'Uh, Kirst. Dan. Long time no see.'

'Hello Jonathon,' said Kirstie. She put out her hand. He shook it.

'How you been, then,' he said.

'Ok,' she said, looking at him.

Daniel looked at Kirstie, and her eyes were on Jonathon, whose eyes were on Kirstie.

'Great,' he said, and sat down next to Lucy. 'Are they paying you enough?' he asked Lucy.

'The pay is ok. I earn more with my regular trade by a long way, but its an adventure.'

Daniel looked over at David chatting with Justine. 'A visit, then?'

'Probably,' said Lucy.

'I don't think he'll stay long,' said Gemma, still looking at David chatting with Justine. 'I got an epiphany just then. The separation is forever. But he'll visit very rarely.'

'Oh,' said Callodyn. 'Meludiel will be pleased with that.'

Gemma looked at Daniel. 'Thanks,' she said. 'Thanks for reminding me,' and she ran off, suddenly bursting into tears.

'You got a way,' said lucy.

Francine sat down next to Daniel. 'Hey old sport. Been to church lately? I'm sure the Lord Jesus misses you.'

'Here we go again,' thought Daniel to himself, as Francine espoused the virtues of fidelity to one's faith of upbringing, reminding Daniel of his early Catholic stylings.

Soon Justine and David rejoined them.

'We're off on a brief holiday,' said Justine to the girls. 'I'll be back in a month. At the hotel.'

'Wonderful,' said Francine sarcastically.

'I'll be going now,' Kirstie said to Daniel. 'Jonathon and I are going to catch up for a while.'

'You do that,' said Daniel, as the couple departed.

Soon Francine ran off after Gemma, leaving Lucy with Daniel.

'Just like old times,' said Lucy.

'Do you know a decent pub here in town?' Daniel asked her.

'Just been here a short bit,' replied Lucy.

'Then we'll go to my place,' said Daniel.

Lucy looked at Enrique, shovelling hay, and sighed. 'Oh well. Such are the life and times of Lucy Potter,' she said to Daniel.

'Yes indeed,' said Daniel, as they made their way to Daniel's vehicle, back to his rented flat, and a night of wine and song, and perhaps, just perhaps, a little bit of black magic. If you know what I mean.'

Chapter Two

'So, how did it go?'

Kirstie looked up from her typing. Daniel again.

'What?' she asked him.

'Jonathon? A reconciliation or something?'

She smiled, but returned to her typing. 'I don't want to talk about it Danny,' she replied.

'Ok,' he said, and got back to his work.

She met him again in the cafeteria across the street for lunch. She sat down, sipped on a juice, and ate her pasta salad, smiling at him occasionally.

'You don't want to talk about it,' he said.

'Oh, ok. It went fine to start with, and we were getting along, but the issues came up again. And he knew and I knew that it wasn't any different. In fact, really, we were more unlike than ever. I think he is being more of his true self now. He told me about his circus work and the way he does things, and it didn't really impress. He's actually a bit hardnosed from what I saw. Not like the Jonathon I knew.'

'Pursuing his agenda now,' said Daniel.

She looked at him. 'What agenda?'

'His life mission. Making something of himself. People can harden up when they get a focus in life. Forget to be polite about everything so much. Happened to me too. I learned to use sarcasm to deal with it, but it's still noticeable compared to my old self. Grandma notices it especially. Not the one I was to start with.'

She considered that. 'Don't know. Maybe,' she said.

'You want to have dinner, then?' he asked her.

She put down her fork, and looked right at him. 'Don't you have relationship commitments?'

'Not really anymore. There were ladies for a long time, but they've gone now, and Kayella really is just a twin for fun from time to time. It is all the relationship ultimately evolved to. Sort of been single a long while now.'

'Oh,' she said, and picked up her fork again, eating her pasta. 'What, you think you'll like me then?' she asked him.

'I think I always did,' he replied. 'Maybe the right type of girl for me in the end. God doesn't bring around any other ladies any more. I've had my ration. Choosing time I suppose.'

'And you'll think you'll choose me?' she asked him.

'I don't know,' he replied. 'Maybe this is what destiny wants of us at this time. Work that idea out. Something like that maybe.'

'Sure,' she said, and eyed him carefully before returning to her meal. 'Sure I'll have dinner with you. Tonight if you like.'

'Uh, not tonight. Lucy Smith is coming over.'

'And you are dating another girl,' she said. 'Hypocrite.'

'Lucy's an old flame, but not for me in the long term. We're sort of friends, really. Good friends. But she's almost more of a sister to me than anything. A confidante. I trust her implicitly, but we're not destined for each other. I think both of us know that.'

'Right,' said Kirstie cautiously, but shrugged and accepted that.

'So tomorrow night I'm free,' he said.

'Sounds ok,' she said.

'What about my place? I'll get some nice wine. We'll have carbonara, and listen to Mozart. Make a night of it.'

'That sounds ok,' she said smiling. 'A romantic dinner.'

'I'll have candles lit and everything,' he said. 'And I can cook decent carbonara now.'

'Wonderful,' she replied.

He ate his meal, looked at her and smiled, and sat there. Thinking about what he said. Thinking about those ideas which had been in his thoughts as of recent times. Perhaps, in the end, you did need to settle down forever, with the right girl. With the right mate. And perhaps God had put him on a long leash, to go through, what was it? Different types of people to find that personality type which worked best for him. The one he respected the most. He looked at Kirstie. Normal girl from most perspectives. Nothing noticeably outstanding about her, apart from her good looks. But, what it probably was, was the strength. The Australian bitch refined a few hundred percent, leaving the strong character, but the nasty edges gone. Or was it Queen Victoria in Aussie garb? Or Margaret Thatcher? God no. Not Maggie. In the end it was probably that she was cool and refined, and was not really much of a nonsense girl. He didn't really use that on her that much – sarcasm. With Kayella it was nothing but – that was how their relationship worked. But he didn't need that with Kirstie. He didn't even want that with Kirstie. She was more straight-forward. More honest. No bullshit. Why he probably liked her so much.

'You know, what I like about you Kirstie. It's your realness.'

She looked up at him. 'My realness?'

'You seem a very honest sort. Say it how it is.'

'My way,' she replied.

'Yes I think so Miss Kolby.'

'It's not Kolby,' she said.

He looked again directly at her. 'No, I suppose its not. Miss.......' he trailed off. 'I don't think you actually ever told me your maiden name.'

'Smith,' she replied. 'Kirstie Smith.'

'Oh,' he said. 'Well you are very honest Miss Kirstie Smith.'

'Thank you,' she replied.

He smiled at her once more, and continued with his meal. Sitting there, in a Canberra in Nadrazon, a place not well known to him, but comfortable none the less, he was suddenly in a world of happiness. Suddenly, after all those long years, he was in a place where he felt comfortable, peaceful – accepted. Like this was indeed perhaps destiny's will for his life, and that he had found a suitable girl after all the choices presented to him, and it was an old affair which it had been born from, but which had proved true in the end of things. As bizarre as that might be. And sitting there, happy, he said a rare 'Alleluia' softly, which Kirstie looked at him on, but he said 'Nothing', and ate his meal. Content, at peace, happy. Really, quite happy.

* * * * *

They were at the triple Carillon. Typical for Canberra, Carillon's. Canberra on Earth always had one, and they were usually the same design universally. And Canberra in the Silver City was no exception, except alongside the cream one were a red and black one. Towering into the skies, on the lakeside of yet another Lake Burley Griffin.

'You don't seem to get the point, Gemma. He's not gonna be around forever anyway,' said Francine Jones.

Gemma was in an indifferent mood. She had been so ever since David resurfaced. 'So what,' said Gemma. 'I don't think I even like him anymore anyway.' Gemma looked over to the lakeside, where David and Justine were sitting on a rug, throwing bread at Pelican's and looking totally in love.

'Besides,' said Justine. 'Good luck in prying him from the clutches of Justine.'

'She can have him,' said Gemma. But she was hurting inside none the less.

A week had passed and the girls were enjoying Canberra sights, David's presence felt the whole time, but usually in the immediate vicinity of Justine, which was not surprising. No, never surprising. It seemed that Israel and Islam and extreme Christians who were hopelessly devoted to Jesus had been taken to a new world which had been called 'Zionistya' and David had shared a little about it with them. The separation was indeed planned on being eternal, as it had been concluded by God that the Children of Abraham and the rest of mankind were like chalk and cheese – they persecuted and bad mouthed each other too often for God to want them to all get along together any more. Separation had worked, and worked well enough after the adjusting period, and life went on. But David missed some of his old friends, and had been granted a special lenience for rare visitation. And Justine Atkinson had been enjoying that rare visitation.

'Well, why don't you ask for some time with him. That's all it really is in the end, you know. Some time together. I don't really bother with a permanent man anymore. The idea of it – well – well I got over it. Just the occasional boyfriend who likes me for me, and that will do. They often move on in the end anyway. Face it, you just need some time with David, to rekindle your flame, and then you'll be over it before you know it,' said Francine.

'Shut up Francine,' said Gemma. 'It's not like that at all.'

'Then what is it like?' asked Francine.

'True love,' said Gemma, and bit into her banana.

Francine looked at David, sighed, and said 'Bonker's' to herself, and bit into an apple.

Down by the lakeside...

'Yes. I think that too,' said Justine. 'They are beautiful creatures in their own way. All of God's creatures, great and small, are. All have their own beauty.'

'Even the baboon,' said David, grinning.

'Even the baboon,' replied Justine.

David looked out at the lake, and the sunset which was coming along. 'I felt born again when I got here,' said David. 'The old life again, new. It's been wonderful this week.'

'How long can you stay?' Justine asked him.

He looked at her seriously. 'I don't know,' he replied. 'My tenure is by the grace of God.'

'Then I shall enjoy the grace of God,' said Justine, and reached out and stroked his hair. He smiled back warmly.

'Just enjoy him for what he is,' said Francine. 'Don't try and win a heart which goes where it is. You know Ambriel. The Love Messiah. Jesus tells us to love each other, but David glows that shit at times. Sometimes a bit off-putting, but lovely I'll admit. Just enjoy it when it happens, and move on Gem. There is more to life than David Rothchild.'

Gemma looked at Francine, for once considering his words, and looked at David with Justine. More to life than David? Perhaps. But oh did she love him so. Oh did she love him.

'Remember, plenty of fish in the sea,' said Francine, finishing her apple.

'Yes. But most of them I'd toss back in a second,' said Gemma. 'They're rude. If not rude, messy. If not messy, they just want a piece of your ass.'

'I could only wish,' replied Francine.

'And if it's not your ass, then for a successful girl like me they inquire about my bank account. There are no gentlemen left.'

'Try Elite singles,' replied Francine. 'New Terra Elite Singles. There are all sorts of rich men looking for the perfect woman.'

Gemma continued staring at David and Justine. 'He doesn't need to be rich. I've got enough money. Just decent,' she said.

'And hot,' said Francine.

Gemma looked at Francine, and looked back at David. 'It's not that crucial. Nice, I'll admit it. But the ordinary kind is ok if they are gentlemen.'

'That's rich. Coming from the impeccable Gemma Watkins,' replied Francine.

'I DO have a heart, you know, Francine Jones. I am a Christian.'

'Hah!' said Francine. 'You say that from time to time, but you never go to church. You never read the bible.'

Gemma interrupted her. 'I read 3 chapters of Genesis last year thank you very much.'

'I must have missed it,' said Francine. 'Face it. You're the megabitch, who needs a Superjock, or you just aren't happy.'

'Not true,' replied Gemma.

'Very true,' said Francine. Gemma just poked her tongue out at her.

'Well, if I ever meet someone as noble as David Rothchild, you'll be the first to know,' said Gemma.

'Can hardly wait,' replied Francine, turning at looking at what Gemma was staring at – David and Justine kissing.

'Bitch,' said Gemma softly, directed at Justine. Francine just sighed.

* * * * *

A number of centuries passed, but the girls remained in Canberra, where David began working, and Callodyn and Kirstie established a relationship. The Kolby Circus set up tent for a long stay, and life carried on as it usually does.

'What are we doing in Canberra on Nadrazon disc Daniel?' asked Taylor finally.

Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly looked over at Taylor from the other side of the Car they were looking to rent. 'Callodyn is here. We have business.'

'Oh,' said Taylor.

'What kind of business?' asked Selena Gomez, getting into the back seat.

'Family business,' replied Daniel. 'The fool emailed me. He thinks he's found his eternal lovemate. Not on his life. Smelly Kelly will be his eternal babe, even if it kills me.'

Taylor smiled as they sat in the car, trying it out. 'Smell Kelly? You have a lovely way with words, Daniel Daly.'

Seraphim Luladiel appeared at Daniel's driver window. She handed him the key, and got in the back seat. 'All sorted. Of we go,' she said.

Daniel turned the ignition, and drove out the Budget car rental lot. 'Callodyn has a lot to learn about twin loyalty. They are to support each other. I get the feeling, from his email, that Kayella hasn't even crossed his mind in a long while.'

'How are you enjoying the trip so far?' Daniel asked Selena in the back seat, as they drove through Canberra city.

'Oh, it's great. I never leave New Terra much, but this is great. Sights to see, new perspectives,' replied Selena.

'So you and Justin,' said Luladiel to Selena. 'You still very good friends.'

Selena said nothing. Her relationship with Justin Bieber had been on public display for all eternity as far as she was concerned, but the boy never left her alone very long.

'Everything's cool,' replied Selena. 'I saw him last year. We went clubbing on a Saturday night. He's still frisky. Still hasn't settled.'

'With 5 trillion girlfriends what do you expect?' replied Luladiel sarcastically.

'Apparently he also has about 5 trillion love children,' said Daniel from the front seat.

Selena did not comment, but just looked out the window as the city passed them by.

Katy looked at Selena. 'I don't think she wants to talk about that Daniel.'

'No, its ok,' said Selena. 'Justin is a fertile guy,' she said smiling. 'Just the way it is with that one. But what do you expect, huh?'

'He's as bad as Elvis,' said Taylor sarcastically from the front seat. Daniel grinned on that comment.

Daniel continued driving, and then turned south. 'I've just got to make a detour. We'll be at Callodyn's later, but I have to meet someone in Weston Creek.'

They drove along, and watched the city and greenery pass by. There were idyllic suburbs in this Canberra, and lots of people out and about, enjoying the spring weather. There were quite a few rivers which ran through this particular city, and they drove over many bridges. People were even swimming in the rivers, as it was a very clean city. Soon they came into the Weston Creek district, which was on the tradition mid-west side of the city, and drove into a 'Warramanga' suburb. Daniel pulled the car up in a driveway, and they got out, and stretched.

'Who lives here?' asked Katy.

'Nari Kim,' said Daniel. 'She's a Korean lady. From North Korea actually, and she is the pastor of the Weston Creek Universal Faith Assembly here in Canberra.'

'Oh,' replied Katy.

They knocked on the door, and a lady soon entered. 'Is that you Daniel?' she asked him.

'As large as life,' replied Daniel.

'Oh, do come in,' she replied in a posh Australian accent.

Daniel entered, with the girls following him behind, and they came into a front living room, decorated with Korean looking artifacts.

'Would you like tea?' Nari asked Daniel and the girls.

'That will be fine,' replied Daniel.

Soon Nari returned with a hot pot of tea, and poured out cups for them. 'It's Lady Grey,' she said. 'My favourite.'

Daniel sipped on the tea, and looked at Nari. 'Still single?'

'You know me,' replied Nari. 'Prisoner of the Lord's love.'

'So you say,' replied Daniel. 'You've always had your comfort in your abstinence.'

'I've not had sex in a very long time, Daniel Daly, and I don't intend to. Eternal bliss it is. I shan't change.'

'To each their own,' replied Daniel.

'Your female,' said Katy.

Nari looked at her. 'Yes. You noticed.'

'Yet you pastor a UFA assembly.'

Nari smiled, and looked at Daniel. Daniel turned to Katy. 'What is your point?'

'Uh,' said Katy. 'I've never seen anyone but males pastoring at ANM assemblies.'

'Approximately 2% of ANM have female pastors,' said Nari. 'ANM is traditional in its interpretation of the faith, but traditional includes ideas like Deborah and Huldah. That is biblical also. If a female in the ANM feels the inclination, she is not refused from the priesthood.'

'I couldn't have said it better,' replied Daniel, sipping on his tea.

Katy looked at Daniel and said 'Bullshit,' softly under her breath.

Nari smiled. 'You mistake the Daly boys sarcasm for policy, I feel, Seraphim Luladiel. He is not a masculinist. He parades it in his sense of humor.'

'He's the biggest frikkin masculinist in the world,' said Katy.

'Pretty much,' agreed Taylor. 'A woman must know her place. He says it to us all the time.'

Daniel grinned. 'And it's working too.'

'2%? Really?' Selena asked Nari.

'Yes. I guess he's never taken you to an ANM assembly with a female pastor.'

'Avoided it at all costs,' said Daniel dryly.

Katy looked at Nari, and looked at Daniel. And she noticed a little angelic voice chuckling softly in her mind.

When they'd left Nari Kim's and were driving down to Macarthur in Tuggeranong, were Callodyn lived, Katy said it first.

'It's all a show. Your masculinism. Designed to piss off feminists, isn't it.'

Daniel did not reply.

'Traditionalist,' said Taylor. 'He's actually said that a few times. He probably doesn't really mind a woman in charge at all.'

'Well, do you Daniel?' asked Selena. 'Do you mind a woman in charge?'

Daniel looked straight ahead. 'We'll be at Callodyn's shortly. He might still be at work, but he knows we are coming. Said there would be someone to welcome us.'

'Change the subject then,' said Katy, and looked out the window. She'd learned a secret of cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. He was not the misogynist he gloried himself in. He was not that at all.

* * * * *

Nari Kim was a conservative enough Korean-Australian lady. She pastored the Weston Creek, Canberra of Nadrazon disc Universal Faith Assembly. The ANM in Canberra on Nadrazon had all 7 Fellowships in operation, one in each of the major districts, and the Assemblies of Faith of the ANM were represented in outlying areas also. The UFA had won the lottery choice for Weston Creek when initial divisions had been set up many years ago, and the first pastor had pastored for a long time, but left the Assembly to join the Jehovah's Witnesses on a planetary body as he had been married to one for a long time, and eventually conceded that the religious divide was too much for the family, so had accepted his wife's religion. There had been an election then, for a new pastor, and Nari Kim had not been a delegate, but after the election the pastor who had won felt he was not really that called – it had just been a wave of popularity that had chosen him. He'd suggested the young Rainbow Bible student Nari Kim, who was only a few hundred at the time, because she was young in the Assembly, but had an overwhelming thirst for the Rainbow Bible way of life, and loved God with all her being, as they put it. They simply appointed her in the end, which was not that weird, as it was allowable in certain circumstances, and the ANM did in fact operate under about a 2% to 3% of females in clerical roles, apart from a strong contingency of Sisters or Nuns, of which Haven Noahide Fellowship had a particularly strong fold. Nari, it was believed, might have chosen being a nun for her vocation, but when the pastorship became available, she took it. And then thrived in it. She did the job – did it well – and people were happy. She had a sense for the positivity of the ANM, and the ability to encourage and motivate people to get on with their lives, a core component of ANM theology. And they liked her. She was polite, always inviting Assembly members over for tea, and generally quite suitable in the end for the job. She'd met the founder of ANM, Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, a long time ago, as he got around to his pastors from time to time, and they'd slowly developed and acquaintanceship through to a friendship. Nari was not given to marriage – yet. She'd had – liaisons – in her youth, and was not a virgin, but while this was known it was not held against her. Nobody was perfect in ANM theology. It was, eventually, on the cards. But not for googols in the words of Nari. She wanted to establish her life, establish her work, and settle down for eternity in her Warramanga abode, before ever thinking about marriage. She studied the Rainbow Bible regularly, but she also studied demographics of international places, and was trying to learn the geography of, well, everything by the looks of it. The Internet was her second best friend, apart from God, and she had researched an endless supply of maps over the years. She wanted to know where everything was, in her own words. It was her major pastime, and she kept endless supplies of notes for this and that thing to look into. She had no major collections of things, wasn't given to owning much more than her home and basic possessions, but had a nice, and now quite expensive, display of Korean vases in her main living room. She kept a mostly simple diet of fruit and vegetables, with a rare meat meal, and live the simple life in most ways as well. Once a millennium, for a decade, she would go off, venturing into the world, to put her map knowledge to work. It was generally a decision to learn where everything was, and see it all. Not so much to experience new culture, but to broaden her perspective of the world, and her perspective of God's creation. The Kolby Circus had been in town now for a number of centuries, and she visited that for amusement, but mostly, apart from her holidays, she'd seen all of Canberra, and didn't leave home much, apart from shopping and Assembly. The Assembly usually visited her, she didn't go to their places terribly often, and that pretty much summed up the life of Nari Kim.

'He's very accurate,' said Nari to Daniel, seated on her left. 'He never misses the daggers the assistant throws in the air.'

'Rimwalker is indeed a legend,' replied Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

They were at the Kolby circus on a Friday night, and Jan Kolby was doing his show. It was exciting, and the gasps were great, and it had its comedy moments, and people were happy.

After the show, Daniel bought all the girls some popcorn and soft drink, and they stood at the side of the big tent, looking at the elephants.

'You are a lot like an elephant,' said Katy to Daniel.

Daniel looked at his belly. He'd been enjoying a bit too much ice cream recently, and would need to diet again soon.

'I mean, your shits are enormous,' said Katy.

Daniel grinned.

'Your such a wuss that a mouse would frighten you,' said Katy.

Daniel just shook his head.

'And you have the most annoying habit of remembering every trivia fact known to mankind,' said Katy. 'An elephant never forgets.'

'And he's fat,' said Taylor, saying what Katy wouldn't, and everyone laughed.

'I'm doing my best to lose weight,' Daniel defended himself.

'Hardly,' said Katy. 'It's all these carmel lattes you've been indulging in for the last few years. And the Ice Cream. Boy, I've never seen someone consume a whole tub in such a short time.'

'I'll go on a diet soon enough,' replied Daniel.

'Elephant boy,' said Katy, and they all laughed.

'It's good that he likes his food,' said Nari. 'We should enjoy the finer things in life.'

'Thank you,' said Daniel.

'I think Daniel enjoys them a bit too much,' said Taylor.

'Yes. You are bit on the healthier side,' commented Selena.

'Healthier? If you call morbidly obese healthy,' said Katy.

'I should divorce you both,' said Daniel to Katy and Taylor.

'We're not married,' said Katy, sticking out her tongue.

'No,' replied Daniel, looking at her. She softened her face then, and looked at him with eyes of love. 'What, you're not thinking of finally proposing are you?'

Daniel looked at Katy, and winked at her. 'I haven't known you forever yet,' he replied.

Katy continued looking at him with soft eyes. 'Not yet kemosabe,' she said softly.

The continued looking at the animals for a while, and Enrique walked past, and they chatted a bit, and then they were back off, taking Nari home, and down to Callodyn's.

That night Katy slipped into the lounge, where Daniel was sleeping, sitting on a couch, which he had the habit of doing. She nudged him, and he woke and looked at her.

'I don't think I'll really chase another guy now,' she said to him. 'So you'll know, ok. So you'll know that. So I'm not going anywhere.'

Daniel looked at her, nodded, and smiled. She looked at him, seriously, into his eyes, and then went back to her bed, leaving Daniel staring into the darkness, an answer to something he had been looking for for quite a while now given.

Chapter Three

'You smell,' said Katy.

'I don't smell,' replied Callodyn.

'You do smell,' said Taylor. 'Of cigarettes. You smoke too many. You need to cut down. It was starting to be a problem when we left you.'

Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly looked at Callodyn. 'Hopeless. Your exes have a valid point. Cut back. The place stinks of tobacco.'

'It's not too bad,' said Nari Kim.

'Thank you Nari,' replied Callodyn.

Callodyn looked down at the chess set. 'You going to marry these two witches then? Obviously you're not chasing my twin, so it doesn't appear you were after my girls.'

'Witches?' queried Katy, eyebrow raised.

'Sweet peaches,' replied Callodyn sarcastically.

'Marriage is an interesting question,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. He looked at Katy. 'I might keep it in mind.' Katy winked at him in response.

'Nari,' said Callodyn. 'I haven't gotten over to UFA in Weston yet. Mainly been here and going to the AOTDC in Tuggeranong. They say good things about you guys. Very spiritual apparently.'

'We do try,' said Nari.

'She's thoroughly biblical,' said Cherubim Daniel. 'Reads the Rainbow Bible regularly. One of our most devoted.'

Callodyn looked at her. 'You are single, right?' Nari nodded. 'Is a husband planned one day?'

'Eventually,' replied Nari. 'Not for aeons, but one day.'

'Right,' replied Callodyn.

'So,' said Cherubim Daniel. 'You and Kirstie. It looks like this is serious, from the tone of your emails.'

'It's serious,' replied Callodyn. 'She's an old flame. Earth in fact. First manifestation. Hadn't seen her forever, but its funny how old loves show up,' he said, looking at Katy.

'And your twin?' asked Cherubim Daniel.

'Well, what about yours?' asked Callodyn.

'We have an understanding,' said Cherubim Daniel. 'She lives in her world and I live in mine. I occasionally visit her and she occasionally visits me, and I give her a word of encouragement. I'm not in love with her though. It's not like that with Lourdes.'

'So it's not like that with me and Kayella,' said Callodyn.

'Bullshit,' said Cherubim Daniel. 'You are crazy about her.'

'She's too fucking much hassle,' said Callodyn. 'She has this crazy idea of what a man is supposed to be like, and I never measure up.'

'She's just yanking your chain,' said Katy. 'Kelly always does that to you.'

'Well she can eff herself,' said Callodyn. 'And can yank father Christmas' chain as far as I am concerned. I am happy with Kirstie, and I don't want anything or anyone wrecking a potential long term relationship. We get along really well, and I'm happy with her.'

'Some think you are destined for Kelly,' said Taylor. 'That its a long and arduous relationship you two are going through to eventually work it out. She's slowly understanding your sarcasm, and your finally figuring out she's a woman who has intelligence.'

Callodyn grinned. 'I'm sure I'll see that side of her. Eventually.'

'There you go,' said Cherubim Daniel. 'That's positive thinking.'

'The origin of love between me and Kayella may have happened a long time ago,' said Callodyn. 'But it's suffered ever since, and I just really think I can work better with a girl who doesn't naturally bring out the devil in me. She's headstrong, she challenges masculine dominance, and It's just too much of a fucking headache. Katy? She's tolerable.'

'Gee, thanks,' said Katy.

'Taylor, she's always been a gem,' said Callodyn.

'Uh, thanks,' said Taylor.

'But Kayella is the Callophim from hell, and that is 100% where she belongs, with her love/hate enemy Satan, drinking booze, and slagging off everyone under the sun.'

'You are all charm dear son,' said Cherubim Daniel.

'Son?' inquired Katy.

'Oh, for fuck's sake, he's my father,' said Callodyn. 'That joke has gone on long enough. He fathered me, and I fathered Daniel the Seraphim.'

'Oh,' said Katy. 'Well, good to know at last.'

'Who's your mother?' Taylor asked Callodyn.

Callodyn looked at Katy, and the looked at Cherubim Daniel.

Cherubim Daniel turned to look at Taylor. 'That was a long time ago, you know. It was never a relationship that was going to last. We lived together for some time, and then she died, and life went on. We met once or twice in eternity, but that is where it ended. I've never seen her since.'

'I don't think she's actually alive any more,' said Callodyn. 'I looked her up. Sheol took her. She was a manic depressive after all.'

Cherubim Daniel looked at Callodyn. 'I think I heard that too.'

'Grandma Mary is my mother,' said Callodyn to Katy. 'My grandmother, but she's the one I call mum now.'

'And who is Daniel's mum? Daniel the Seraphim?' asked Taylor.

'Don't want to talk about it. The bitch is dead, and thank God. She was lovely to start with, but she was an Aussie bitch in the end, and she never went the distance,' said Callodyn.

'She was a nice lady in her youth, but there was a carnality about her,' said Cherubim Daniel.

'Names?' asked Katy.

Callodyn didn't respond.

'It's just private old dead news,' said Cherubim Daniel. 'Too personal to go on about.'

'Oh. Ok,' said Katy.

Taylor came and sat next to Callodyn, who was looking downwards. 'Sorry if it bought up memories, Cally Wally.'

'It's ok,' said Callodyn softly. 'I wasn't madly in love with her, it was just a suitable enough lady to get things rolling. Daniel the Seraphim and I call grandma Mary our mum. Grandpa Cyril is pop. They always have a home for us.'

'You'll always have a home with me if you need one, Cally Wally,' said Katy.

'Thanks babe,' said Callodyn, and returned to looking at the game of chess between him and Cherubim Daniel.

'We're thinking of doing the circus again,' said Cherubim Daniel. 'Next weekend. Will you and maybe Kirstie come this time?'

'Yeh, ok,' said Callodyn. 'I'll invite David and the girls. We'll make a night of it.'

'A night of it it shall be then,' said Cherubim Daniel, and returned as well to looking at the chess game between him and his fierce rival.

* * * * *

'What is it?' asked Francine.

'Modern art, I guess,' said Gemma.

Justine looked at the street directory information panel. 'It's a statue of 'The Spirit of Infinity',' she said. 'It was dedicated by Pieradore the Onaphim angel, and it symbolizes the spirit of Infinity and its will to live and prosper. It's apparently a businesman entrepreneur.'

The figure was full of angles, a metal shape of certain rectangular lengths, all welded together to form a very bizarre looking businessman – apparently. They were in North Gungahlin, at a large park which they hadn't yet visited, and the masterpiece before them was at the western edge of the park, beside a pond and a barbecue area.

'This is 'Success Park,' said Justine.

'So we'll leave here with a drive for life shall we,' suggested Francine sarcastically.

'I doubt it,' replied Gemma.

Justine took a photo of the monument, and then picked up the basket and esky, which she had volunteered to carry, as it was her turn to make lunch. One of the twin barbecues was in use by a family, but the other one was empty, so Justine got it started, put on the bacon and prawns, and the vege burger pattie for Gemma, who was watching her figure, and then started getting the buns ready as the two others sat on a park bench, sipping on their bottled water.

'So David will be here when?' Gemma asked Justine.

Justine looked at Gemma, and towards the car park. 'That's his car now,' she said, at the white Commodore pulling in. The girls turned and watched as David got out and started towards them. He came to Justine, and kissed her on the cheek.

'Hey sweetie,' he said.

'Get a room,' said Francine.

'Seen the statue?' Gemma asked David. David looked up at the monstrosity. 'It symbolizes success,' said Gemma.

'It must be working. I'm in the company of three divine ladies,' said David.

'Brother,' said Francine sarcastically.

'It was dedicated by Pieradore the Onaphim,' said Justine.

'I know Pieradore,' said David. 'He's quite famous by his human name.'

'Which is?' asked Justine.

'Never you mind. Look it up if you must know,' replied David, smiling at her.

'So do you want bacon? I know you might be kosher, but I have chicken sausages also.'

'The bacon will be fine,' replied David. 'I didn't know what to bring, so I bought a sixpack of westcoast cooler, and a pack of potato salad.'

'Both acceptable,' said Justine.

Justine stood there a while, and David sat opposite the two other girls, chatting lightly. He pointed to the swan on the pond, who had come to just nearby them, and was honking at them. David threw it some bread and it ate it all down. Soon the meat was all cooked, and they sat, eating, and chatting away.

'You know, David,' said Francine. 'Justine is very keen on you again. But you say you can't stay forever. What gives? You've been here centuries now.'

'I'm on an extended holiday,' replied David. 'God doesn't object to just me visiting as there is no tension in one person. I'll go home eventually, but even then I'll come back one day.'

'Right,' nodded Francine. 'What's Zionistya like?'

'Similar to the Realm of Eternity. Similar spirit and structure. It exists – far away from here – and God doesn't want any interaction between there and here, so won't disclose its location.'

'I bet its way down beneath Eternya,' said Francine.

David winked at her in response. She may have been correct.

'Callodyn rang. Wants us to go to the circus again this weekend. You girls up for it?'

'Sounds ok,' said Justine. 'The Kolby Circus is always fun.'

'Will you sit next to me this time?' Gemma asked David. David smiled at her and said 'It would be my pleasure Gemma.'

'So how's work?' Justine asked David.

'Work's good,' he replied. 'Low level public service, but it pays the bills, which is all I really want at the moment, without having to get caught up with exec work.'

'Still at Department of Education?' asked Francine.

'Pretty much. Basic data entry work. It's simple enough, and I have a few new friends. It doesn't change much. We handle a lot of the work for Australian cities and towns on Nadrazon disc. Internet processing work mostly. I give reports on statistics and things.'

In the education system of the Realm of Infinity there were not that many children any more, as the Realm had mostly been settled and populated, and people had grown to adulthood. But over a long time the mind often faded on core knowledge ideas, if they weren't cherished enough, and education usually had to be repeated every now and again, even early years and high school work.

Francine opened one of the bottles of West Coast cooler and took a sip. 'Ooh, that hit the spot,' she said.

'We've only half a dozen, Francine, so two and no more,' said Gemma.

'Two suits me fine,' replied Francine.

'I enjoy days like this most of all, I think,' said David. 'Places like this. Happy parks, and I love the Canberra spirit. Always have, really. Being with good friends on a lovely picnic. I could do this all eternity. Think I've said that before as well.'

'There's lots to do in life,' said Justine. 'God made a world with endless possibilities.'

'That he did,' said David.

'Well my endless possibilities are about relaxing and drinking grog,' said Francine. 'Shall we party tonight at our place? Get blotto?'

'Well, it is a Saturday,' said David. 'So I'll be sober enough by Monday morning.

'Fine,' said Justine. 'But keep the music down this time. I don't want the neighbours complaining again. We should have a good reputation – not being known as party girls.'

'Yes Jesus,' replied Francine sarcastically.

'You can dance with me tonight,' said Gemma to David. Justine glared at her friend.

'I would love to Gemma Watkins,' replied David warmly.

'Tonight we're gonna party,' said Francine, and opened her other bottle of West Coast cooler. The other girls just shook their heads at Francine in response.

* * * * *

'Come on. We'll be late,' said Callodyn.

'Just a second, ok,' replied Kirstie. 'A girl has to look good.'

'You know most of the women in UFA don't bother with makeup, sweetie. I mean it's not frowned on or anything, but they usually prefer the natural look. Yeh they do it at weddings and shit, but at service its not very common.'

'I don't care. I want to look my best,' replied Kirstie.

'Fine,' said Callodyn. 'I'll be in the car.'

Callodyn sat in the car, and put on a CD. He was living at 29 Merriman Crescent in Macarthur, Tuggeranong, at this particular Canberra, the choice they always made, and it had cost him a tonne buying it off the people who had been long term residents, but agreed when the price had become enormous. It was a standard 29 Merriman design, very similar to the old earth model he'd been used to, and it was like he was at home. He didn't yet know how long he'd be living in Nadrazon's Canberra, but he'd been here a while now. 5 minutes passed and Kirstie finally showed as Mozart continued playing on the car stereo.

'Finally,' said Daniel.

'Off we go,' said Kirstie.

As they drove through increasingly familiar territory Kirstie spoke up.

'I've never been to a Canberra ANM meeting, so forgive me if I want to look my best.'

'You've never even come with me to AOTDC in Tuggeranong,' said Callodyn.

'Well,' she said, turning to him. 'You've never really asked. You don't actually talk about your religion to me very much.'

'Uh, no,' replied Callodyn. 'It's not how we go about it. We communicate some initial ideas on what we are on about, and leave it at that. If people ever have a natural interest we take it from there.'

'Well you asked me to come along tonight to see Nari preach,' said Kirstie. 'And that sounds ok to me. She's a nice lady, and I have a minor interest in religion.'

'Jolly good,' replied Callodyn.

Soon they arrived at the Weston Creek UFA, and after they parked, they came into the fellowship hall. People recognized Callodyn instantly, but didn't comment much. They settled into their seats, and soon Nari was reading the announcements and the preaching began.

'Universal Faith,' said Nari. 'What does that mean? Well, when I think of Universal it gives me the sense of everyone. Not just me, or my own clique, or my own special club. But something accessible by everyone. All mankind. The word Catholic means universal. It's been an approach of the Catholic Church for a long time to have a universal focus on mankind. And in the Universal Faith Assembly we feel just the same. AOTDC is unashamedly Anglospheric in its mission. But that is its purpose, what it was designed for, and what it does. But we have a larger scope. We have a Universal scope. An international scope. And because of that Universal Faith, we have to be more tolerant of differences. More tolerant of other cultures. More Universal in the way we respond to society, its norms and customs, and ways of doing things. We need a strong degree of flexibility in the way we approach our spirituality. And that is what I want to preach on tonight, the sermon being 'The broadness and necessary limitations of a flexible faith.'

Kirstie turned to Daniel. 'It sounds interesting.'

Callodyn smiled, and they sat, and watched, and listened, and the half an hour passed by in a flash.

After the final service song, Callodyn and Kirstie came up to Nari.

'Is that new?' he asked her.

'I've researched it for a long time,' said Nari. 'I wanted a new sermon for yourself and Kirstie tonight.'

'It was wonderful,' said Kirstie. 'Something I can use in my own life.'

'Then my job was successful,' said Nari, giving a slight bow. 'Will you two stay for after service coffee and tea?'

'Sure,' said Kirstie.

They mingled the night, and when they got home at 11 Kirstie was in an almost bubbly mood.

'I want to go again next week,' she said.

'What? The sermon spoke to you?' asked Callodyn.

'It was fascinating. A way of looking at life I'd never thought about.'

'Well. Jolly good,' said Callodyn, and smiled at his girlfriend.

That night, after sleeping till 4 in the morning, Callodyn wasn't too tired and came out the back for a smoke. He sat there, on the couch, looking up at the sky, and a voice spoke to him. It was the voice of God, which spoke through his own mouth from time to time.

'Kirstie is experiencing a recharge. She's never really had much of one. It's like being born again in many ways, and for a long time now she will be very thirsty for spirituality. Expect a solid 100 thousand years of strong devotion from the girl. After that she'll return to normal somewhat, and will gain a degree of your own sarcasm, which she will delight in. But don't expect this lovematch to last eternally now. Probably about a million years, and then you will be moving on. I thought I'd share this part of your destiny with you.'

'Oh,' said Callodyn. 'Well I will marry her then. For however long it lasts.'

'Only a few children,' said God. 'And don't try to hamper her too much. She's not a free spirit and she's not a feminist, but she likes and expects her space.'

'Understood,' replied Callodyn.

The voice disappeared then, and Callodyn smiled, looking off into the night sky, puffing on his ciggie.

* * * * *

'Where are we going Daniel?' Selena asked Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

'Turn here,' Daniel said to Katy. Katy turned left, and they looked as if they had made the turnoff for Parliament House.

'Parliament house by the looks of it, Selena,' said Katy.

'Are we meeting a politician?' Selena asked.

'No,' said Daniel.

'Then what?' asked Selena. Daniel remained silent.

Katy drove to the end of the turnoff and came to an intesection. 'Right or left?' she asked him.

'Left,' said Daniel. Katy turned left and they made their way along the north side of Parliament house, turned at the corner south, driving along the western edge. Katy looked at the trees on her right. On the western edge of this Parliament House was a large forested section, about a kilometre by a kilometre in size, which was fenced off by a large wall, and the general public had very little idea of what was inside the place. They reached another intersection, which had a right hand turn, and Daniel asked Katy to turn into it.

'But there's a gate and a guard gate,' she said.

'I know. Stop at the guard gate,' Daniel said.

Katy turned right, and stopped at the guard gate. 'Uh, hi officer,' she said to the guard. Daniel handed her what looked like a pass of some kind. 'Give this to him.' Katy handed it to the guard, who examined it, and then pushed some buttons, which opened up the electronic gates. 'Go in?' asked Katy.

'Drive on ahead,' said Daniel.

They drove for a short while, and the forest opened up into what looked like a tiny city of very old style housing.

'This is the old city,' said Daniel. 'It's sort of part of Canberra, but its the original settlement of the city, and has another name which I won't disclose. They are very private people. They are all angels. Old Silver City ones.'

'Oh,' said Katy.

'Take this left,' said Daniel, and drive to the far end.' Katy did as she was told, and shortly they were in front of a large stone building. Daniel asked her to park, and they got out.

'This is the Gladvarnak abode,' said Daniel. 'They rarely leave the old city. Please be respectful. They are quite posh in their attitudes.'

Daniel knocked on the large front door, and soon a butler appeared. 'Mr Daly?' inquired the bulter. Daniel nodded.

The girls followed Daniel and the butler inside, and they went past very expensive looking paintings and other decorations, into a large library.

'Sir Gladvarnak will be with you shortly,' said the butler, and left.

The girls looked around. 'Very posh,' said Selena. 'They obviously like the good things in life.'

'The Gladvarnak angel clan has always been like that,' replied Daniel.

Soon a gentleman, dressed in golfing sort of gear appeared. 'Daniel. Long time no see,' he said.

'Arthur,' replied Daniel.

Sir Gladvarnak looked at his guests. 'Taylor Swift. Katy Perry. Selena Gomez. You have a taste for pop stars I see,' said Arthur.

'Not deliberately,' replied Daniel. 'Sort of happened naturally.'

'What is this place?' asked Selena.

'Well, we call it the old town,' said Sir Gladvarnak. 'It's cut off from the rest of Canberra. We are old, sedate. Set in our ways. Not given to the frivolity of the general public.'

'I suppose you are rich, then,' said Taylor.

'I would imagine your royalties exceed my wealth manifold, Ms Swift.'

'We tend to be low key about that,' replied Taylor. 'The image we maintain is to get along with the public. Helps CD sales to be a regular folk type person.'

'Indeed,' said Arthur. 'Well, tea then?'

Daniel nodded.

They sat, and shortly tea appeared, and they sipped in elegance.

'Why Noah?' Arthur suddenly asked. 'Infinity has its own Torah. We've never really worried too much on issues of religion.'

'It is mostly official religion for mankind. And angelicdom always tastes humanity eventually.'

'I do know that,' replied Arthur. 'Yet to experience it myself, but it is the destiny of us all to live on earth.'

'And you become of the Noahide faith that way, or, lineage. It's all children of Noah since the flood,' said Daniel.

'So you want to nab me before Jesus Christ or Muahammed and co get their hands on me I take it,' said Arthur.

'Something like that,' replied Daniel. 'There is a core of faith which remains in your human manifestation. We'd like you in ANM eventually. If possible.'

'I see,' said Arthur. 'I've given your Rainbow Bible a cursory examination. I'll consider the idea.'

'Good,' said Daniel.

Arthur looked at the girls. 'Let me show you around then ladies.'

'That'd be great,' said Katy.

So, for the next half an hour Sir Gladvarnak explained his beautiful collection and its value to Katy, Taylor and Selena, and when the girls got back in the car Katy said, 'What a way to live,' which brought a chuckle from the others.

'Right,' said Daniel. 'Does anyone need to lighten up and refresh? We may as well just book a hotel for an hour or so so you can refresh yourselves rather than traipsing all the way back down to Tuggeranong. There is a nice place in Barton. Then we'll get dinner and off to the circus.'

'That sounds fine,' said Katy. 'Do you mean Beautiful View Hotel?'

'That's the one,' said Daniel.

'I know where it is,' said Katy, and as she drove them out of the old town, to the hotel, she thought briefly on the wealth that she had seen, and Daniel's tactics to win a soul in anticipation of its eventual earthly manifestation. Yes, the children of destiny all became children of Noah in the end. Fascinating what Daniel was doing with that information. Fascinating.

Chapter Four

'Well,' said Callodyn. 'Father wants me to be faithful to my twin. Won't be faithful to his own, says there are differences of compatibility, and that its not the same. But it's only his opinion.'

Kirstie sipped on her juice, and continued eating her eggplant salad.

'And I think I like you more then I've ever really liked my twin.'

Kirstie looked up at him and smiled, and returned to her salad.

'She's just a support. A friend. It's not the eternal love,' said Callodyn.

Kirstie ate on, and looked at him as he chewed. 'Well, it doesn't have to last forever, our relationship. So we'll let it last as long as it lasts. If Kayella shows up later, such is life.'

Callodyn looked down at his ravioli. 'Fine,' he said softly. He looked up at her. 'I love you Kirst.'

'I know,' she said.

They married then, after that. Callodyn and Kirstie. And life, really, was perfect. Absolutely perfect. They settled in Canberra, and life ran smoothly, and Callodyn was an angel who felt his heart blessed like no other. A million years passed, and it was all beautiful. And, in the end, one evening, looking up at the stars, he said to God, 'What more could I ever want? What more ever?'

And the glistening stars were his only reply.

The End

Callodyn and Kayella: The Origin of Love

She was in a mood. But Kayella was always in a mood. But this time especially. Bastard. She hated him. She hated him with all her heart, with every fibre of her being. God, she fucking hated him. A million years now, he and Kirstie had been together, and here she was, single, no man interested at all, and all she could do was yearn. In the innermost heart of her being she yearned. For her man. For Callodyn.

'What's up?' asked Ambriel.

'Why are you here?' asked Kayella, sitting in the Zaphon cafeteria. 'What, he has given you a dispensation to stay in our world now?'

'For a while. I'll go home eventually, but I'll be back. You won't get rid of me.'

'Thank God someone is faithful,' sighed Kayella. Her mood was black. She was dressed in black. Her lipstick was black. She'd died her hair black. She was listening to Back in Black by AC DC a lot lately.

'You need a little colour in your life, Kay,' said Ambriel, looking over his Cherubim Sister.

'I don't want any fucking colour. Rainbows are colour, and Callodyn is colour, and HE IS EVIL.'

She spat out those last words, and turned her head, looking away from him. She couldn't even bear to look at one of her dearest brother.

'What is the problem?' asked David sensitively.

She turned to him. 'Asshole. Asshole is the problem. He said to everyone he has found his eternal mate, and settled forever, and is in a state of complete bliss. Won't even talk to me now. Says I'm way too much trouble.'

'Oh,' said Ambriel. 'Well there is nothing set in stone about the twin. You know that.'

'I HATE HIM,' she said. And she burst into tears, yet again. She was miserable. She was abased, brought low, humbled. Miserable. Totally fucking miserable.

Ambriel considered his words.

'The origin of love, sweetie. The origin of love is hard to find. But, perhaps, at the end of the final bit of bitterness and resentment held, seemingly, eternal against a pinnacle of charm and pride...As that final bit of resentment finally and absolutely dies its utter death, not much is really left. A malaise. A dispirit. A death. And then, when life has no meaning, its then. Perhaps, really, only then, that true love has its origin. Only then do you find what you liked all those years ago, at the very beginning, when your heart chose your eternal mate, and knew it was right, despite the everest which stood in the path, which would have to be eventually conquered.'

She looked at him, through eyes of misery. 'I hate him,' she said, and tears were streaming down her face.

He reached out, and touched her cheek. 'Don't cry Kay. Don't cry.'

They sat in silence as she sobbed.

It was just a few years later, when she was sitting in Danielphon, and Daniel walked in. She'd accepted it now. Accepted that she couldn't change Daniel's heart, and that he'd made up his mind. But she'd spent months there, looking around the place, looking at the pictures of Daniel and Callodyn together, and smiling at her twin. Smiling at the stupid, silly fool. God she loved that stupid, silly, fool.

Daniel walked in, sat down next to her as she was staring at the wall, nothing in particular, and he put his hand on her leg.

'Well Kirsties a bitch,' he said. 'Not my type at all. Thank God I remembered you, though. Your only mildly bitchy now. I think I've worn you down.'

She looked ahead, not thinking anything. Then she turned to him.

'Thank God you found me, Daniel Daly. Thank God you found me.'

And she put her head against his shoulder, and she sobbed, an eternity of frustrations finished, an eternity of resentment resolved, in the arms of her twin, perfect, resolved, satisfied. Complete.

Then Daniel farted, and try as she might, she just couldn't object. She just couldn't object to that.

The End