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The Sands of Infinite Progression

Krystabel and the Clock of Eternity V

The Devil of Eternya

Callodyn's Mother

Daniel's Mother

Wolfgang's Mother

The Tranquil Swans of Dovedale Manor

Morning Stars 1400141

Wolfgangs Mother 2

The Vengeance of Draven III

Wolfgang's Mother 3

Daniel and Taylor

In Control


Epic Quest


Common Truths

Angelicray the Cherubim

Asael and the Clock of Eternity

4 O'Clock 24

Zionistya in Progress

Ruth 30

Universe Revisited

The Moon and the Sun and the Stars

The Wind and the Waves and the Clouds

King Saruviel


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Eternal Terra

The World of the Giant Spiders

A Fine Suvrael Manor House

Affairs of the State

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June Grey


Danielphon 2

Stupid Blonde Girl

A Sharp Acorn

Interconnected 2

Stupid Blonde Girl 2

Stupid Brunette Girl

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Card Night

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Star Tower

Meludiel Monopoly Morning

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Doves and Gloves

Doves Bar

Universe Revisited 3


Epic Quest 2

The Wedding of Samael and Aphrayel

Universe Revisited 4

Angelicray the Cherubim 2

A Quiet Drink

The Tranquil Swans of Dovedale Manor 2

In Control 2

The End of the Affair



The Sands of Infinite Progression

Saruviel stood on the sea shore. There were sands – countless. Theoretically, if he took all the sand, well to a certain level of deepness anyway, and put them in a big warehouse, he could count the grains eventually. Like life, and the years that went by, they weren't technically endless, even after trillions of years – they could be counted. Saruviel didn't normally pander to technicalities though, but that idea struck him. Souls, though, was the main issue. Souls which came into the world – countless souls – like sands on the seashore – born each and every day – and a destiny was necessary for each and every one of them. And that is when Saruviel knew he could craft destiny, and be their god. It was not Messiah Ministries – rather the autobiography of his time in the Realm of Eternity when he was overseer. It was already in publication, and had an online fanbase, and numerous social media website groups. And that is where he would begin his new agenda. He would show up online, announce the formation of the official study club for his memoires, and influence them to accept him as president of the club, and gain their adulation that way. He had workers in Kalphon – people he was responsible for – but they didn't necessarily adulate him. They just did their job in the end. But, for once, he would indulge and enjoy simply being popular with his legal copyright,a and build up a fanbase, and call it a community – church had been taken long ago – and simply enjoy being King Saruviel of the worldwide 'My Life as Overseer of the Realm' study club. And through that he would count souls, and ask them questions, and enjoy something as simple as infinite interactivity. Well, technically countable, but who was he to split hairs.

'Still got a ministry of concern?' Saruviel asked Kantriel in his office in Kalphon Keep.

Kantriel was playing with Saruviel's handheld game 'Trip Over Traps' from Tomy, and looked up. 'Every now and again bro. Probably my angelic duties.'

Saruviel nodded. 'Angelic duties are overrated. Every man for himself as far as I am concerned. Me? I plan on being King soon.'

'Still on the current agenda, huh?' asked Kantriel, playing the game.

Saruviel lit a cigarette and sat down behind his desk. 'Michael is in the overseer's office at the moment, so the fabric of organised life is progressing fine in the Realm. He does know what he's doing to maintain order.'

'I think you did that ok as well, quite frankly, when you were in the job,' replied Kantriel.

'Which is why I will be King,' replied Saruviel.

Kantril put down the game and looked at his older brother. 'Ok. Shoot. What's the gameplan?'

'Memoirs. I'm pushing the official club, and will do that for a while. But its a building block in the agenda. I'll continue to emphasize they have no real zest left, and that I shall provide. But more than that. I've thought it over, and one of the motivations of adversariralism is that, technically, I do give a damn. The zeal for freedom was supposed to be motiavated by a better system of life.'

'True,' replied Kantriel. 'Why I followed you.'

'So Kingship is the goal, for a season and a time, to have a bit of influence, and shake things up. Get them going again. Back on track with a bit of spirit for eternal life, and not so average about it all.'

'Make em shine, huh,' replied Kantriel, picking up his game again.

Saruviel puffed on his ciggie. 'Dirty job. But someone's gotta do it. I sort of think that, with the new souls born into our realm, they need a spirit which challenges them and gets them to perform well.'

'I think I've probably signed up for that job as well,' replied Kantriel. 'The philosophy I've learned here at Kalphon.'

'Our mission is probably even holy,' said Kantriel, and turned to look at the picture of his father Alexander Darvanius on the wall. 'I guess even Saruviel the Dread Lord of Darkness has angelic duties.'

Kantriel nodded, and returned to the game.

After a while. 'I do care I suppose,' said Saruviel.

'What Krystabel always says,' said Kantriel.

The room went quiet and Saruviel smoked silently. Then he put on some relaxation music by Aeoliah, and enjoyed the quiet time with his brother Kantriel and thinking carefully about being King, and pushing the realm to find some life again and that souls, on their infinite progression throughout life, those countelss souls, would touch base with their effort in life, and carry on with the point of it all.

The End

Krystabel and the Clock of Eternity V

Krystabel walked up the steps of Zaphon and made her way to the library. 'Brindabel. Do you have a watch?'

Brindabel nodded.

'Ok. Note the time. I'll be back in an hour. I'm going to the throneroom to contemplate the clock of eternity, but I want to come and borrow a book on the history of clocks, so you have an hour to find me an appropriate tome.'

'I'll find the perfect one for you Krissie,' replied Brindabel.

Krystabel made her way to the throneroom, came up behind the throne, and sat next to the clock of eternity, sitting down on the seats. She sat there, gathering her thoughts. Shortly Ambriel came in and sat next to her.

'You knew I was here? How?' asked Brindabel.

'Small world,' replied Ambriel.

'Right,' nodded Krystabel, and took out her knitting, and gave the clock a glance, and began knitting.

'Knitting looks therapeutic. But not terribly masculine,' said Ambriel.

'Saruviel knits,' said Krystabel. 'He locks the office door so nobody can see him, and knits black jumpers, which he donates to charity.'

Ambriel smiled. 'Darth Vader knts? Fascinating,' said Ambriel.

'Maybe you could knit,' said Krystabel.

'Art is my therapy,' replied Ambriel. 'Pelnaphon or Pellersphon every now and again, a soothing watercolour, up on the wall for a century, and off to a member of Messiah Ministries.'

'Very good,' replied Krystabel. 'Noble of you to share you work.'

'You knit for charity?' asked Ambriel.

'The boys of Kalphon, and the girls,' replied Krystabel. 'Kantriel has an ongoing demand for sweaters, and Daraqel likes scarves of his football teams regularly. And Saruviel of course.'

'Of course,' agreed Ambriel.

'Takes time, of course,' said Krystabel. 'But we have plenty of that.'

Ambriel looked at the clock. 'Eternal time when it comes right down to it.'

'So we fill that eternal time with productive and useful enough things which benefit the world,' said Krystabel.

'Indeed we do,' said Ambriel.


'I'm going to the library, shortly. To borrow a book on clocks,' said Krystabel. 'To honour the clock of eernity which grants me eternal life.'

'I think God does that,' said Ambriel.

'But without elements of creation we would live in a vacuum. We need things in life to give it a point,' said Krystabel. 'And the clock is a good focus for me. Party of my life therapy to cope.'

'Let's go,' said Ambriel.

They came to the library.

'Your book,' smiled Brindabel, handing Krystabel a book on clocks.

'Do you have any books on knitting?' Ambriel asked Brindabel.

Krystabel smiled.

The End

The Devil of Eternya

Semyazen had rebelled. He'd effed off to Eternya, in the words of Satan, and was in a province called 'Estoria'. He had bought a house with Galctic credits and had settled down to read 'Harry Potter' fanfiction. He was an old fan of J K Rowling, and Harry Potter fanfiction jiffled his jaffle.

'Monday,' sighed Semyzen, getting up from his bed. He looked out the window at Estor City and sighed. Another day in Eternya. He got up, showered, went to the toilet, and got his breakfast cereal, muesli flakes, flicked on the TV and started watching. Same old shit in Eternya was what he had noticed. Soon enough he got dressed properly, and grabbed his wallet and headed off.

Sitting at the bust stop he noticed the blonde again. She was hot. He'd have to chat her up soon enough. The bus came, and he found his seat. Soon he got to 'Chapelle Station' got off, and walked steadily to the employment centre. He was on time, and got his appointment.

'Your qualifications?' asked Mrs Sanders.

'Asshole,' said Semyazen.

'We need professionals,' replied Mrs Sanders.

'Professional asshole,' replied Semyazen.

'We know who you are Semyazen,' replied the employment officer. 'Go to this addrss. They will employ you there.' She handed Semyazen a slip of paper, he nodded and left.

He took the bus to 'Martin Square', got off, and found the office. He came inside. 'Shit,' he said. The blonde was the receptionist.

'Oh, its you,' she said.

He handed her the slip. She looked at it.

'It's dull photocopying work,' she said.

'Fine,' he sighed. 'Show me where its at.'

The rest of the day he photocopied. He filled out the forms of employment at the end of the day, as they were satisfied with his work. He asked the blonde out. She replied that she would look at him for a few months before taking Semyazen of Infinity seriously. He didn't expect much different. He got home, ate his dinner, watched the news, then clicked on 'HPFanficArchive' and started reading. A few weeks later, the same old routine, but he wasn't bored for the moment. And the blonde was starting to look at him. Life wasn't that bad.

The End

Callodyn's Mother

Callodyn was with his father Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. Callodyn's mother was present.

'Now, Chelle. Can you cut Callodyn some slack. He wants to have a bit of family time.'

Chelle Bridges, daughter of Kerry Bridges, sighed.

'Why do you have to bother me here on New Terra. Isn't Televen enough for you Callodyn? I enjoy a quiet 6 Bradley Street life, and I have a system which works.'

'I need my mum for a bit,' said Callodyn.

Chelle held her boy. 'Come here baby boy,' she said.

The End

Daniel's Mother

Daniel the Seraphim was with his father Cherubim Callodyn. Daniel's mother was present.

'Now, Chiarda. Can you cut Daniel some slack. He wants to have a bit of family time.'

Chiarda Bridges, daughter of Kerry Bridges, sighed.

'Why do you have to bother me here on New Terra. Isn't the Realm of Eternity enough for you Daniel? I anjoy a quiet 6 Bradley Street life, and I have a system which works.'

'I need my mum for a bit,' said Daniel.

Chiarda held her boy. 'Come here baby boy,' she said.

The End

Wolfgang's Mother

Wolfgang Debear Daly was with his father Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. Wolfgang's mother was present.

'Now, Taylor. Can you cut Wolfgang some slack. He wants to have a bit of family time.'

Taylor Swift, daughter of Andrea Swift, sighed.

'Why do you have to bother me. I have a quiet life here in the Realm of Eternity following around Daniel. Your a bastard child Wolfgang. We put you out to adoption.'

'You two were married weren''t you?' queried Wolfgang.

'Shotgun wedding,' replied Daniel.

'Only techcnially,' replied Taylor. 'I went back to my career.'

'Mom,' said Wolfgang.

Taylor held her boy. 'Come here baby boy,' she said.

The End

The Tranquil Swans of Dovedale Manor

'Favourite artist?' asked Claudia.

'Kelly Clarkson,' replied Callodyn.

'Favourite Band?' asked Claudia.

'Boom Crash Opera,' replied Callodyn.

'Favourite person?' asked Claudia.

'Claudia Daly,' replied Callodyn.

'You get a pass,' said Claudia. She dipped her toes once more into the pond, and looked at the swans. 'Sedate,' she said.

'This place gives new meaning to that word,' said Daniel, looking up at Dovedale Manor were Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly was sitting with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. The French gentleman and his English Professor associate were also having breakfast. They seemed to be permanent guests of the Manor. They were on New Terra, in England somewhere, Spokingtane, a small village of New Terra he recalled, and it was a getaway. His father Daniel had invited Calloydn and Claudia along. It was a few weeks in a place he'd found out. Very strong animistic spirit. Probably well prayed over.

'Well,' said Claudia. 'Shall we go have some brekkie?'

Callodyn and Claudia strolled up the green lawn to the stairs and up on to the verandah of Dovedale Manor. They took their seats.

'Will Madame Claudia be dining with us?' asked Monsieur Perrot.

'I do hope so,' said Professor Chambers.

'They're taken with you,' said Callodyn.

'She's pretty enough,' commented Daniel. 'You nabbed a fair maiden. Nice to see you sticking with one of them at last.'

'I'm committed,' said Callodyn.

Taylor looked at Daniel. 'You can't commit,' she said.

'He doesn't want to commit,' said Katy. 'Not his style.'

'Hey, you've got an eternity ring,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. 'What more do you want?'

'Have one of those from Seraphim Daniel as well,' said Taylor.

'Me too,' replied Katy.

'Mine are older,' said Daniel. 'He got the idea from me.'

'I keep Daniel's in the bottom of a trunk,' said Taylor. 'With some of his love letters.'

'I keep Daniel's in my jewellery box,' replied Katy. 'Never wear it, but I do get it out and look at it sometimes. Reminds me of him. I smile at that.'

'They're friendship rings,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. 'Eternity is too long for commitments.'

'Not sure if lovers are the right way to go, though,' said Taylor.

'At the end of eternity, when the computations of life have been lived well enough, decisions can be made,' said Daniel. 'When people know where and who they fit with.'

'Not a bad policy,' said Professor Chambers. 'Give it time. See where the heart is.'

'Or maybe the lay of the land,' said Monsieur Perrot, sipping on his tea.

'What works. What feels right in the end,' said Taylor.

'Something like that,' replied Monsieur Perrot.

'In the end,' said Callodyn, looking at his wife. 'I think the tranquil swans of Dovedale Manor will watch life come and go. They will watch romances and strifes. Tiffs and apologies. Broken hearts and truest devotions. And they will see it all, and the greatest of mysteries is that they will still be more occupied which what lies at the bottom of the pond.'

Monsiuer Perrot smiled. 'True Mr Daly.'

'I say, anyone for a game of tennis?' asked professor Chambers.

And so the group of happy holidaymakers passed the morning on the courts of Dovedale Manor, and the swans occasionally glanced at them, but soon enough returned to their more swan focused devotions.

The End

Morning Stars 1400141


Rachael was hungry. She was in the kitchen in her house on New Terra 779, and she was hungry. She had been fasting for 3 days, and tonight, when her fast ended, she would order pizza. But stuff it – 3 hours short didn't matter that much, and it hadn't be a vow of a fast, mainly just a determination. She looked at the bread, made herself a sandwich, and started eating it, drinking some orange juice. This was life, stuck on New Terra 779, a Cherubim, a Ketravim, with nothing much better to do than to disappear into anonomity and be herself.

The phone rang. She answered.


'Yes,' she replied.

'This is Cindradel. We never got to the Ketravim as overseers. Just been flaking around for a long time with every Tom, Dick and Harry under the sun who has wanted a go and insisted they deserved one.'

'It was hardly worth the bother,' replied Rachael. 'Let them fuss.'

'Lot of Ketravim now,' said Cindradel.

'Our numbers are nearing completion,' replied Rachael.

'We know. Time for you. Azrael asked for you. They had a vote who would decide, and Cosadriel and Azrael voted for Azrael. Everyoen else voted for themselves. He said time finally for Rachael.'

'I'm busy,' said Rachael, and hung up.

She put down her sandwich, and finished her juice, and flicked on the television. But it nagged her. It nagged her and nagged her and nagged her. Then she had a shower, changed her clothes, rang her boss at home on the weekend and said she was in indefinite leave, and grabbed her purse, locked the windows and doors, and headed off in her car to the airport. She paid a taxi man to take her car home at his convenience, and booked a flight. She wated half an hour, and the plane left. Soon she got to the spacepart, and the next flight to the Realm of Eternity was leaving right then. She paid, got on the shuttle, and sat there, looking out the window. Whatever beckoned, it was time for the Ketravim to have their say.

Chapter One

'Of course, I've been overseer before. For 1 week,' said Rachael. 'Just out of formalities. There was a string for a few years, then we had a dozen who lasted for a decade or so each, but we gave it away, and they only came in, some of them thereafter, when they felt they'd earned it. In total 456 Ketravim overseers in 3499 years of service. In the life of the Realm of Eternity, a heartbeat. So, with that said, this is what has been decided is the proper and true and hopefully authentic debut of Ketravim service to the Realm of Eternity.'

Rachael the Cherubim was in the press room in the overseer's office, speaking in front of many cameras and press club members.

'Any questions?' she asked.

'How will you administer? A basic word on your philosophy?' asked Channel 9 Universal.

'Mmm,' replied Rachael. 'I will be firm but fair. Some things, though, I intend remedying somewhat. The casual attitude which has crept in to the realm. Certainly, in all honesty, the Ketravim were not really ready for doing the job properly, and things slid a bit into roughshod manners at times. All sorts of crazy overseers with all sorts of crazy ideas. But looking back the Seraphim and in turn the Cherubim overseers did the job properly enough. Things were run smootly and orderly. Expect that. As simple as that.'

'Policies with the Prime Minister and Arch Regent?' asked Channel 7 Warner Network.

'Officially I acknowledge their positions, and any issues of policy will go through formal and correct procedures. Nothing will change in this respect.'

And so the questions came for the day, and what was noted by Cindradel watching the whole affair was the general nods of the head. It seemed it was felt Rachael was bringin an air of sanity back to the proceedings. Times could be a changing indeed.

* * * * *

'Naturally, Samael can handle the bitch,' said Saruviel.

'Charming way to speak about our new overseer,' said Luladiel who was practicing some golf putting.

'I mean no offense,' replied Saruviel. 'She's the new bitch, will do her serious jazz, and then retire a polished and posh Hollywood Babylonian Harlot Celebrity, with her yoga sessions, her sushi, her little tiny dog which everyone fucking hates, her mobile – no – tablet. Coz she's cool and hip with the kids, and she'll look back, and write her memoirs, and declare her brilliance. Yep, standard bitch, just hasn't admitted it yet.'

'You have a refreshing and positive insight into the life of angelicdom,' said Luladiel.

'He's often right,' said Daraqel. 'Often his birthmark rules his heart, but he's often right.'

'Give us a look at that shit,' said Luladiel, and Saruviel showed her his 666 birthmark, and this 4 birthmark also.

'Ruled by Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly,' said Kantriel. 'The main mark on Saruviel from his humanity. That Cherubim keeps him under control through his stooge Daniel the Seraphim. Saruviel hasn't nutted those fellas out yet. Still contemplating how they go about business.'

'People reveal themselves gradually,' replied Saruviel. 'I watch. I learn. I will conquer inevitably.'

'Saruviel the King,' sighed Luladiel. 'Yet another relic of bygone simplicity.'

'King's get the glory,' said Saruviel. 'They get the special treatment. Why I'm interested for a bit. Part of the overall agenda in making my mark.'

'And what is that overall agenda?' asked Luladiel, returning to her golf.

'Life is about patience,' began Saruviel. 'We only learn a little to start with, and first of all we are all innocent and good little children, swearing eternal devotion to the throne of God and begging him for eternal salvation. But, as time passes, and the game goes on, you start to notice that people form their own opinions a lot of the time, they think for themselves, and do their own thing. They rebel. It's what I started with, and as people find their feet in life, they do the same thing. That is where it gets interesting, and the game begins, and it's about superiority complexes, and see who can muscle up as time passes by and get a name for themselves. A good name or a respected name earns a lot of privilege and power in life. And a lot of kickbacks.'

'And satisfaction for doing the right thing and setting a good example of course,' replied Luladiel.

'Oh, of course,' said Saruviel.

* * * * *

On the north-east side of Zaphon, down the grass embakment which surrounded the keep, there was a road which ran around the keep. Accross the road on the north-east side was Zaphora square. Zaphora square was one of the main centres of activity in the Realm of Eternity, and where some of the guild halls had their central location. The builders guild hall was located in Zaphora square, and Seraphim Gilgadel was the current president.

'So, Gilgadel,' said Rachael. 'Things doing well. I've been studying the basic structure of builders guild growth, and have a few comments.'

'Shoot,' said Gilgadel.

'Well, as you would know well, for a long time now buildings in the Realm of Eternity as they are legally built are usually assigned a notification of intention to eternalize. For well over 90% of the realms new projects this is the requirement. And as such, building is a temporary career, usually, unless you drift outwards with the new discs and quadrants and segments as they come along.'

'Been that way a long time now,' said Gilgadel.

'And because its a nomadic lifestyle, and only attracts a certain type of person, the guild assesses applications for new members carefully before they are admitte into the guild.'

'They have to be prepared to move on at times,' said Gilgadel.

'And that is as it should be. But what I would like to propose is an old traditional way of how we go about business. From Terra years, when your surname spoke your occupation in life. I want to legislate in the realm the requirement that family tradition 99% of the time dictates which person goes into which job.'

'What does that mean?' asked Gilgadel.

'Well, as the realm continues to expand outwards, you always need new builders. But from now on I only want the natural offspring of the established builders dynasties to take up those positions.'

'I see,' said Gilgadel, stroking his beard. 'You know, we don't try and force people to be builders forever, but in reality most long termers have settled into this being their thing. New life, we gotta have it occasionally, but what you are saying is how it works somewhat in reality already.'

'So I'd like to formalize it,' replied Rachael.

'We'll need to set up a meeting with various figures,' said Gilgadel. 'Discuss it theologically and morally and then practically.'

'Understood,' replied Rachael.

And they chatted, and Rachael left the office, walking across the street and back up to Zaphon, slightly pleased at having some success so far with one of her first acts of business.

* * * * *

'Jack Dagger lasted,' replied Rachael. 'Some where being groomed and spiritualized and formation was slowly happening. But for the Ketravim it's a thing which happens slowly and gradually to a human. They gradually transform angelically, and it doesn't always work. Some just don't pull through. There were fellas older than Jack, but none lasted. It wasn't them in the end. Ultimately the eternal list of Ketravim forms slowly. We've had a go in the past at some of our fellas and lasses who've had goes at being Overseer, but some of them faded away into behaviours which weren't angelic, and returned to the United Galaxy, and are simply over it. For Ketravim it's a work in progress – it isn't finished yet. But we're getting there, and this time I'll be going the distance of 1 million years to the day in the traditiona overseer term in office, and handing my executive toilet key, because I know all the traditions, onto Jack, and then it's his turn. And I've had words with him, and he assures me that, while technically the overseer chooses how long they are in office, he'll honour me and give us a solid million years of foundational devotion, and probably a few extra decades where he wants a reflection period. So I'm it for a mega, and I'm getting on with the job, and the Ketravim are quite serious about affairs now. We had some time out, a long time to think about the basics, establish our foundation stones more firmly, and now we're ready to get on with the job more properly.'

Cindradel nodded. 'I have a feeling I know,' she said. 'I saw it in the discussions with the boys.'

'Who are these boys?' asked Rachael.

'Daniel, Michael, Ambriel, Valandriel, Azrael, Cosadriel and Saruviel, and sometimes Kantriel, Daraqel and Sariel show up. Those are the real powers of eternity. Elenniel is respected for her maturity and grace, but doesn't particularly care for bothering with boys clubs. Gabriel usually hangs with Michael – those two are old tradition, you know.'

'I could imagine,' replied Rachael.

Chapter Two

'Interactivity in the fanclub,' said Saruviel. 'I wish to have interactivity and to get to know my people. There are old members from older fanclubs, but in this official fanclub we are creating the official world – the official standing members of Saruviel's knowledge. Now I stress the importance that people find their own path in life, and we don't do it God's way. We do it our way and find our own life. Their are cardinal axioms of societal harmony which need to be contemplated on an individual level to find the pathway of moral structure which works for you. And when that moral structure is developed sufficiently, there are tendencies to find a life purpose and mission. It's not about glory. It's about consolation. It's about being happy with what is happening in your life. It's about finding some inner peace and that life is worth the living. An overseer doesn't try to run the realm. He lets its citizens find how they connect to the life of the realm. And what it is as a member of Saruviel's official fanclub is that in your overseer status you observe the life of the realm and observe the interactivity which goes on. And its that observation which is the enjoyment. You let this observation become experience which generates wisdom in the long term when truths become more apparent. So make me king.'

'Why King though?' asked a club member. 'We don't adulate you Saruviel. We get a buzz from you, and you are inspiring. But you're not responsible. You're name doesn't have those qualifications. Not conditioned to order sufficiently.'

'Pfft. Order is boring. Predictable. Dated. You become stagnant and smelly. Like a pair of old Moses pants. Crap stuff.'

The club member laughed.

'Live a little, idiot. And if you can't be a devil, you haven't got much but to sing but boring alleluias and making holy humble tithe to the Pastor lord.'

'Fine,' replied the club member. 'We'll consider your request.'

'We'll vote on it in a while,' said another club member. 'We'll make you king if you do this club properly and give it enough panache.'

'Pretty happy with the idea, because you are long term members of this and that online group for me stuff, so my fizzle probably jizzles your dizzle, so obviously your the peeps worth stickin wit.'

'Mmm,' said the first club member who had spoken. Saruviel was probably speaking his honest mind on those particular words.

* * * * *

'Interactivity in the Realm of Eternity is a good thing,' said Rachael to Cindradel. 'I wish to have interactivity and to get to know my people. There are ancient citizens in the realm which have been here a long time now, and Interactivity is my primary focus as overseer. For people to get to know people, and to pay dues to ancient servants.'

'Sounds a good enough theme for Ketravim Prime,' replied Cindradel.

'Ketravim Prime? Flattering,' replied Rachael.

'Oh, you have a note on your screen. An old flame,' said Cindradel.

Rachael returned to her overseer's desk, took the post-it-note off the screen and set it to her side, and completed some work on the PC. After a while she finished typing, and picked up her bottle of water and drank a little. Then she finally looked at the note. She looked at the name. Samael of Infinity. Why wasn't she surprised? She picked up the phone, found his number in the online directory, dialled, and waited.

'Hey babe,' said the olde devil. 'Long time no chat.'

'What do you want Samael?' asked Rachael.

'Chit chat. Downtown Zaphora. Got some ideas for you and Saruviel and things. Plans we can make to give ourselves a lively new Arc with a new Overseer of Eternity. Word's got round you're committing to the full Megamax, so we're pretty chuffed that the Ketravim are going to finally take it seriously, and Saruviel wants to, politely mind you, upsettle the courts a bit and have a bit of a go at things. No great tensions in the community, but he wants to ruffle some feathers and he wants a chat with you to let you know he's going to ruffle some feathers. So you can respond and have some planning time and all. Kapiche?'

'I get the idea,' replied Rachael.

'Oh, its great to hear your voice babe,' said Samael.

'How is she then?' asked Rachael.

'Who?' queried Samael.

'You damn well know who,' snarled Rachael.

'Aphrayel you mean?' asked Samael.

'Don't play dumb, Sammy. It's not your style.'

'Aphrayel is doing just fine. We're good friends, you know. Long time pals.'

'I'll bet,' replied Rachael. The grudge in her voice was thick.

'Hey babe, you left and all. You've been gone ages. Hardly have a word. I'm pretty sure, technically. You're pulling the strings on our relationship. I mean, I'm rarely sleeping with Aphy. Happens every century or so, coz we both need a bit, but I'm mostly an unattached fellow.'

'And the thing is, you think that is good enough for me?' asked Rachael.

There was silence. Finally.

'It probably should be, though. I'm saying goodbye now. Goodbye.' And he hung up.

Rachael put down the phone and looked at the screen. She sat there a moment. A cog in her brain turned over. 'Ok, Samael. I can't expect perfect fidelity if I'm not hanging around. You do have a right for me to show up if I mean it. I'll grant you that much.'

And she stood, took her water, and wandered off for lunch.

* * * * *

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly the Cherubim drank some water, and looked over at Taylor on the edge of the verandah. She was dressed in a white dress, with lace, and had a traditional olde style umbrella in her hand, a hat on, and putting her hand out to the rain which was falling, catching it.

'It never ends. You'll never catch it all Tails,' said Daniel.

'Life is meant to be lived,' said Taylor. 'And we have to do some things with it, if we are going to live it.'

'Lots of things to do with it,' replied Daniel.

'Like get married and mean it,' replied Taylor, coming back to the seat and sitting down.

Monsiuer Perrot appeared, tipped his hat, and sat down at his table, the professor soon joining him. Katy was not risen yet, as it had been a late night, and there was no sign of Claudia and Callodyn.

'A new overseer,' said Taylor. 'Life goes on. Living some life and maybe some unreleased Ketravim data awaits us.'

'They probably have some magic tricks left in felix's hat they haven't divulged on the world yet, I would agree,' said Daniel. 'Apparently she's committed to a full million years. And then the illustrious Jack Dagger.'

'Ever thought you want the job again?' asked Taylor.

'Have you?' replied Daniel.

'Life chooses new things a lot of the time,' said Taylor. 'And people come into the overseer of eternity's job who have never tasted glory. It's got to go on. People need their momentto shine. But put yourself down on the waiting list and you can get another go.'

'Well I'm not about building my own kingdom, or anyone elses,' replied Daniel. 'It's about the traditional rainbow covenant and the community of God. We express that in our traditions in Karaite Noahidism, and I leave it at that. The Almighty runs the show, I serve him, do my best to maintain a society in the world which is lawful and orderly, and leave it at that. We have a great amount of wealth in the Daly foundation, and we enjoy our life and get on with things.'

'Simple theology,' said Taylor. 'You can't do better? There are other ideas in other views which embellish life a lot more. You don't take that in very much Daniel.'

'Won't, actually. Against policy,' replied Daniel. 'Never gonna own a crown. Never gonna sit on a throne. I have a desk and a chair at the Daly Foundation, and I sign documents on occasion, and occasionally have a word with an ANM member to keep the faith, and get on with a standard life. It works for me.'

'Maybe you're too boring for me,' said Taylor. 'Too simple. My IQ has exceeded yours for a while now.'

'You know my IQ,' replied Daniel. 'Good for you.'

'You lack refining and knowledge on a lot of issues,' said Taylor. 'It's obvious when people meet you. You just don't really get it a lot of the time. Daniel the Seraphim and Callodyn are the same. They don't really get it. Small world view.'

'Have some tea,' replied Daniel, and poured Taylor some tea. She smiled and drank some.

'I like to shag em at times,' said Daniel. 'And watch Conan movies, and play Risk. 'Bit of grub, smoke a ciggie, and how's your father. That usually suffices. And maybe a DC comic once a century or so.'

'An amazing life,' replied Taylor sarcastically. 'So many thrills.'

'And you're my number one,' replied Daniel, and grinned at her.

Taylor sipped her tea, and looked out at the lawn. 'I'm so honoured,' she said.

'You're not happy,' he said gently.

'Wish you'd read a bloody different book for once,' said Taylor, and stood and stormed off.

Daniel watched her go, and looked at the tea she had not finished. He picked up the tea cup and sipped it, looking out at the lawn. The rain had diminished, and Taylor was likely inside the manor somewhere, sulking, insisting she was obviously right on this issue. Best leave her be. She'd work it out soon enough. She wasn't stupid.

Chapter Three

Taylor awoke. Daniel was beside here. 'Wake up,' she said. 'I had a dream.'

He mumbled and rose in the bed. 'What frikking dream, sweet cheeks?'

'Things had changed. In the Universe. Things had changed. What had been was not what was coming. It was a new order of things. A different mentality.'

Daniel looked at her, and took the glass of water from the side of his bed, and sipped on it. He looked at her again.

'You haven't yet gotten the point, babe.'

'What point?' she asked.

'There's too much of it. It doesn't really work. Ok. You can't go on with it. It progresses into things which aren't really meant to be.'

'What are you talking about?' she asked him.

'Knowledge,' he replied.

'I'm fine on knowledge,' she replied.

'Because the work has been done to keep it pure,' said Daniel. 'But our copyright is complete. We ain't got nothing left we can use to combat what's coming.'

'And what's that?' she asked.

'The rest of the knowledge,' said Daniel, laying back down. 'Now don't bother me. I need some sleep.'

She stared at him, and sighed, and lay back down, no longer concerned. Daniel obviously knew. No matter.

* * * * *

'You see, it's an old doctrine Taylor. From when Gloryel hit the rock, and Jesus shove his shit. They got the idea then, pursued the glory, and its been nurtured for a long time, and is now ready to bear fruit.'

'What is?' asked Taylor.

'It's a fundamental. A basic. You learn first principles. And when you learn first principles you don't make the mistakes of the amateurs.'

'I don't understand,' said Taylor, running her hand through the stream.

Daniel looked at her, and stood and stretched. 'Let's go up to the manor.'

Taylor follow him, and they came to the verandah, and sat.

'When the seed is grown, it becomes strong. Confident. It believes in itself. It believes IT has the power.'

'Then who has the power?'

'Saruviel has been assigned to teach them a lesson. God's dearest. So Saruviel will teach them the lesson, and deal with them when its all said and done.'

'Deal with who?' asked Taylor.

'The seed of the serpent. Those who fell. They believed the lie, ran with it, and always boasted their superiority. And now comes the point where they are strong, and will go off on conquest. And the knowledge is now coming in.'

'What knowledge?'

'Knowledge of Good and Evil. Israel and the Church and Islam and Bahai and the rest of them have grown up and are now ready to exert themselves.'

'What about the Samaritans?' she asked.

'When you chase a Taheb, it's the same old story,' replied Daniel.

'1 Samuel 8?' asked Taylor. 'Like you said a century ago?'

'Pretty much. And the rebellion which was prophesied a long time ago will now rise, and the unpleasant ways they sowed will soon enough start to reap. And because they ate thereof, they will surely die, and that is the end of the object lesson. You see, Adam and Eve reaped that result in most of their seed. They died. But not all their seed. The faith of old is kept. The Rainbow Torah community knew from the start what would come at this point. We've always known. And Saruviel will stand, confront them as King, as they oppose him, one by one they will, lay down, die, dead, defeated. NO MORE.'

Taylor sipped on some water. 'Eternally no more Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly?'

'Yeh, pretty much babe. Pretty much. Now one of the keys to success in life is not to chase the glory. It's a basic. Daniel the Seraphim didn't learn that. Callodyn has never worried about that very much. He's pull through, but Daniel won't. Saruviel will go off on his Kingship crusade later on in life, because that is how he is, and it's too late for love babe.'

'And what about me?' asked Taylor.'

'Your a project. It's taken a while to get you over it. In the end it is a community, not an idolatry.'

* * * * *

'Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly can go fuck himself,' said Michael the Seraphim of the Realm of Eternity.

'Oh, he's just being sarcastic,' said Ambriel.

'He thinks you guys are fucked,' said Taylor. 'Totally fucked. Pillars of Babelite pride. Idols exalting yourself over humanity.'

'Oh, fu, shi, fu, ffuuujhhhh. It's our fucking job ok,' said Michael. 'I'm a down to earth fella,' said Michael, smiling at Taylor. 'I've lovely jubbly. He's a bastard. I should have words with his father. Get Cyril to give him a crack on the head or something. Knock some sense into him.'

'Mmm,' said Taylor. 'No plans on taking over the world then? Exalting Michaelesque glory?'

'That's an idea,' said Michael, sitting down. 'How would we do that then?' he asked Ambriel.

'We have an agenda already. It's in the documents. No gameplan to take over the world. Zionistya is being established, and we have access in some outer discs. They like the dinosaur wrestling, and Gabriel has been in lots of papers recently with his shit. We're working for our piece of the pie and getting back to some establishment in eternity. Focusing on getting that house in Zaphora, remember boss.'

'Yeh, I know,' said Michael, scratching his chin. 'Bloody Valandriel. Bastard. I mean, that's not fair is it?'

Ambriel smiled. 'What do you think Taylor? Has Valandriel and Daniel earned their slot in Zaphora?'

'You guys have clearly no plans on taking over the world,' said Taylor. 'So I'm off to talk with Saruviel.'

She got to Kalphon a few hours later.

'Nut,' replied Saruviel. 'Kingship is a separate agenda to knowledge of good and evil. Know all about that stuff. Heavy shit if you go too far into it. Mostly the stuff of horror movies and really dark science fiction from Satan's cronies. They sow it in a bit, but there are plenty of the religious who keep it in check well enough, rebuke it, and correct the bastards.'

'I see,' said Taylor. 'Well, you have no plans on taking over the world. So I'm off to talk with Jesus.'

She got to Nazraphon a few hours later.

'Taylor,' said Jesus. 'Now, technically, Zerubbabel got a classical fulfilment of Isaiah 11 done well, but I have a basic philosophy these days that I was indeed working on being the Christ. The New Testament agenda was certaintly attempting to be Christian and I was intending to be the correct and proper Christ of Israel. I've softened, Taylor. Over most of the hard stuff of the faith now. But I've chatted with Abraham a fair bit in recent times, and explained and argued that being Christ to care about people, which I did then and do now was a decent enough motivation to go about the business. So Christians work on being Christ like and being sensitive and caring people. We're pursuing an agenda with God the Father at the moment to justify the Christian faith. Working though the difficult issues, but we'll get the job done. Oh, would you like some tea and coffee?'

'It's good,' said Mary Magdaelen. 'A fine quality of Lady Grey.'

'I see,' said Taylor. 'Well, you have no plans on taking over the world, so I'm back to Daniel. I'll see what he has to say for himself.'

She got back to the Manor a few days later, and Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly was playing chess with Monsieur Perroty.

'Oh, you're back sweetcheeks. Good to see you.'

'Why are so mean?' she asked him.

'Trials and tribulations of the soul, Taylor Swift. I think you needed the hard stuff, so you could learn the soft stuff. Lighten up Tails. I love you heaps babe.'

'Mmm,' said Taylor. 'That's nice Daniel,' and she sat down next to her man, and sipped on a tea she poured for herself, and enjoyed watching the game of chess unfold by two obviously very experienced masters.

Chapter Four

Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly and Cherubim Taylor were again in the garden of Dovedale Manor.

'What's next, in this debate?' asked Taylor.

'Well, you don't get the point. Did you notice Michael's current preoccupation?'

'Dinosaur wrestling,' replied Taylor.

'And what happens when you rebuke someone long enough and they get sick of it and say they damn well will do what they want to do?'

'Then that is what they will do,' replied Taylor.

'And when Dinosaur wrestling gets hard, and grows, do you know what fruit that will bear?' asked Daniel.

'Then rebuke it,' replied Taylor.

'But its the concept in Michael. And its the concept in Israel, Church, Islam and Bahai. It's the conceptual perspectives born in their theology, which they justify, which bears strange seed. And eventually they will have had enough of the rebuke, and disappear to their own corner of the universe, and do it their way. And while they will dogmatically plan on keeping peace with the universe, as long as they are on their own turf, they won't. It ends up in bloodshed and war when they are strong, and each empire wars on the other, and as they get older and harder and nastier and meaner, in comes evil, and it starts to get really bloody sick after that. And that is what comes down the road after a while. And it can't be stopped. Daniel might repent of his Arch-Regency one day. Don't really know. But the power is what leads to the temptation which leads to the fall. And it's hard to stop when you become comfortable with it after earning the glory. When you structure on a faith which is simple, with no power, no great influence, and no ability to harm others, and you leave it at that, your eternal life becomes certain, as you will not fall into the sin of being authoritarian and dominant, which will ultimately lead your empire to slaughtering the opposition. You let it go, live it simple, build your own kingdom, slowly, ever so slowly increase its numbers on people who are tried, tested and educated in the Rainbow Torah legal tradition, and when you remember that its only the rainbow covenant which is eternal and committed to by God, you start to get the picture that Abram is a slippery path and that Abraham is hell itself. Kapiche?'

Taylor was silent. 'Then why be king if its idolatry?'

'When its responsibility and you have peace in your kingdom and know to maintain peace with others because that is what your kingdom is built on, and you know the laws of careful and sensitive acquisition for your kingdom and respect for others, and quite a few other principles of knowledge you need to maintain, then it becomes a good idea to establish your own, and if bright sparks are listening, and feel they probably have it under control enough on these ideas, you let them know the basic principles, you teach it at no charge, and let them make of their eternity and hopes and dreams what they will.'

* * * * *

'I suppose you are really on the dark side, aren't you Saruviel,' said Cherubim Taylor.

'Undobutedly. We have secrets on the dark side. Clever secrets, Taylor. I remember you, you know. Back in the day. That minor Cherubim in the upper ranks of the list, always getting about Zaphora when you could, singing those old songs. I think I have one of your ancient realm albums tucked away also. Kantriel occasionally requests I get it out and give it a whirl. Quite simple in many ways, but pure enough. Honest about life when you were a young cherubim.'

'The way we should probably stay,' said Taylor, sitting down on Saruviel's couch. Luladiel came in the room.

'Here's your tea,' she said, placing a cup of tea on Saruviel's desk.

'With lemon? And Honey?' asked Saruviel.

'As you requested,' replied Luladiel, and sat down next to Taylor.

'Hey,' said Taylor.

'Hey,' said Luladiel.

'Now being King of the Realm of Eternity is a difficult job,' said Saruviel. 'Conquering the rest of the Angelicdom is tough work. Michael, quite frankly, he is such a joke these days that he's not exactly that hard to push around.'

'True,' said Luladiel.

'Exactly,' replied Saruviel. 'Now that Daniel the Seraphim – he's a cocky lad – very hard to get, with that Valandriel fellow. I've been thinking them over, and I've got some ideas, but they have a lot of influence.'

'So how you going to get the job done, then?' asked Taylor.

'Carefully. Old fashioned battle of willpower, and a few other tactics. General promotion of Saruviel's Autobiographay, investment from my savings into some increased shares in very well established realm companies, and a bit of this and that. Gradually does it. You see a King build's his asset portofolio and slowly takes out the competition. It's not that hard when you know what you are doing.'

'Suppose not,' said Taylor.

'He's good at it,' said Luladiel. 'You should see his working plan. Real smart shit.'

'Fascinating,' said Taylor. She stood, brushed down her dress, and looked at Saruviel. 'Good luck on the regency plan, your majesty. I'll remember that you got it all under control dude. Bye.' And Taylor left.

'She'll fall,' said Luladiel to Saruviel. 'They all fall. They're easy to manipulate in the long term. Trust me. Worked through that bitch aeons ago. Nothing new going on in that twerps brain.'

Saruviel gazed at Luladiel and looked at the door. 'We'll see, Luladiel. We'll see.'

Chapter Five

Saruviel sat with Kantriel and Daraqel. 'That Luladiel. She's one cold bitch,' said Saruviel.

'Tell me about it,' said Kantriel.

'Damn you straight to hell with that betrayal spirit right in the centre of her heart.'

'She never been faithful much,' said Kantriel. 'Focused on being were it's at in the centre of her heart. Not focused on loyalty. Doesn't give much of a shit about that. If its working and its popular she'll run with it. Sinners always do that. Flakes. Just chasing the passions of the day. Never any commitments in the long term to stick with the shit they are working with. Just the same. Her gameplan is to end up on top. Her tactics for getting the job done.'

'Practical, though,' said Saruviel. 'And she makes good tea.'

'Oh, she's a pro,' said Daraqel. 'Believe me, she's a pro.'

'I see,' said Saruviel. 'Well, some plotting today on basic details, and we'll get on with things. Back to work. Chop chop.'

'You got it boss,' said Daraqel, and he and Kantriel got to their feet, and left the room.

Saruviel took out his case of smokes, lit up, and looked out the window.'

'Mmm,' said Saruviel to himself, looking at Krystabel outside talking with a lady. His wife was ever faithful. He turned back to his desk and took out a copy of the Tanakh and started examining Daniel chapter 7 again. Interesting ideas on Hot Theology at the moment on new perspectives on the book. Opportunities to advance himself were coming through all the time. New ways of interpreting the stuff for this second process. Life was good. He took a puff, poured himself a brandy, and got on with his day.

* * * * *

'UFA, hey?' asked Melanie as Daniel the Seraphim walked in.

'What's that smelly british pop star?' asked Daniel.

'You mentioned this UFA thing. You serious?' asked Melanie.

'Your caught up on Jesus Christs holy testicles aren't you babe?'

'I could use a new religion. What is UFA seriously about? Seriously?'

'It's interconnections. Got to be enduring ones though. Quit on your interconnections, you'll bite the dust. They all do that. Go their separate ways. Bite the dust. Gotta commit sweetchicks. I'll let you know when you have a brain enough to cope with the book of universal faith.'

'I do,' she said.

'Hey, we ain't no christ justifiers. Shove your idolatry up your arse and think again. Get over it. Seeya.'

And Daniel left.

* * * * *

'Well Daniel just sucks,' said Jesus. 'I have a lot of sytle, Melanie. Classic Christ poses.'

'Your a poser then?' asked Melanie.

'Better than most when I try,' said Jesus. 'You know, all the pictures of the lamb in dramatic stuff. What is the best is the one by Da Vinci just after Samael makes the cut, and I have my head, you see, with this stunned look on its face, flying through the air. It's a masterpiece. Worth a literal fortune. Samael has been after it for years. He keeps on upping the offer, but like Worzel Gummidge I remind him, it's my head dude. I went through a lot of shit for that head. I'm keeping the fucking head.'

Melanie smirked. 'I will have to see that one day.'

'Tell Daniel to lighten up,' he said.

'He's not that heavy. Just sarcastic,' replied Melanie.

'What's he up to then? His current agenda. He's failed to boot us out of eternity. We're back in now, and with some smarter dialogue on the issues.'

'Mmm,' said Melanie. 'I'm joining UFA. Seeya.'

When she had left the room, Jesus smiled at the door, sat down and said 'Total flake of a girl. No ruddy commitment.'

* * * * *


Rachael continued. 'And not only is Saruviel a son of a bitch, but that Taylor is starting to piss me off. Off she goes, asking questions, learning. Cherubims? Still learning? Outrageous. This is Ketravim dynasty era, and they are still trying to up the ante. It is ridiculous.'


'And what pissses me off the most is that I don't get any real respect,' continued Rachael. Azrael. He's an asshole. Him and Cosadriel drop by every afternoow, and do you know what they say? Do you? Wassup sweetcheeks. It's pathetic. Like they are little boys. Think they are so cool and hot and in fashion because they have stability in eternity. I've sweated out in that United Galaxy, and while they might be old, come on fellas. Get serious. A woman can impress far more than their second rate juvenile attempts at charm. Totally second rate. And I know what they are doing. Making notes. All of them, these days, making their little notes. It's so predictable. So predictable. Oh, look what that one's up to they say. Hey, check this out, they say. They have no mind of their own and commitments to their own family agendas. So ridiculous.'


'Ambriel. He's still a man. Still loving. Daniel the Seraphim, at least he is happy and upbeat about things. Not too sarcastic. Might get him in for some work. I don't know. Good by father. Will talk again.'

Rachael left the throne room.



So Rachael got under way with her overseerswomanship, and new stuff was happening. But Interactivity was, in God's consideration, a new thing gradually emerging in Eternity. Could well be interesting, and as God made his plans, time would indeed tell of what would be, and life, in the Realm of Eternity, in the Kingdom of Almighty God, the heavenly Father, Creator of all things eternal and otherwise, and current student of a fantasy epic which just rolled, life, well, on we go.

The End

Wolfgang's Mother 2

'Now listen, heavenly father, we need some sort of protocol contract established,' said Taylor.

'Wolfgang was on the couch in Danielphon, a KB beer in one hand, a Winfield cigarette in the other, and Daniel was next to him, with a PC, typing.'

'He's a bloke now,' said Daniel. 'We raised an Aussie bloke. Wants to watch the cricket, and visit the pub, and he has strange ideas about visiting prostitutes.'

'I'm not sure if we can allow that,' said Taylor. 'I mean, in the rule book we are supposed to be responsible parents aren't we?'

'Australians are very difficult to raise,' said Daniel. 'They follow more brutish instincts.'

'Fuck off or I'll have a go,' said Wolfgang.

'You see my point,' said Daniel, shaking his head. 'Brutish. I mean, his uncle Matthew was not as much trouble. Matthew was grouchy, but at least he would only wank over pornography. This fucker carries it around and shows it to everyone. Check out these tits, he says. Jesus. Very little standards in Wolfgang.'

Taylor had a concerned look on her face. 'Protocols. We need protocols Wolfgang. We are your parents. Catholic parents.'

'Bullshit,' said Daniel.

'Pretty much,' agreed Wolfang. 'Religion is for losers. Never like it thatmuch anyway.'

'No, religion is useful,' said Daniel 'Helps organize things.'

'Yeh, but you'd say shit like that, wouldn't you,' said Wolfgang.

'Advanced knowledge,' said Daniel, tapping his nose.

'Catholic books, there must be catholic books around here somewhere,' and she disappeared up the hallway to the bookcase.

'Will she find anything?' asked Wolfgang.

'Don't worry. Unlike your grandmother she doesn't have too much of a temper.'

Wolfgang grimaced. Grandma Mary had a bite on her tongue which always put him in his place.

'Here it is,' said Taylor, coming back into the room. 'The Catholic Answers Book.'

'Total heresy,' said Daniel.

'Rather watch a goat fuck a horse then listen to that shit,' said Wolfgang.

'I've seen that, you know. Goats fucking horses. Back in the day when me and Ambriel had a sense of humour, somewhere in an epoch I can't quite remember, I'd drag him over to the Daly foundation and we'd look up stuff online from the forbidden zone of the internet. Very weird ideas some people have.'

'Ok, I have the page,' said Taylor. 'Here we go. Catholic mothers should be strict, but merciful. They should raise their children in the fear of the Lord, teach them God's commandments, and be a good example to them.'

'Right,' said Daniel. 'Sounds ok, but the theology is skewed by weird ideas involving grace without a firm enough concentration on legal stability. Fundamental flaw with replacing God with Jesus. Weaker foundation stone. Needs to be Torah or it just ends up too flim flam.'

'Then what do you suggest?' asked Taylor.

Daniel scratched his head for a moment, and looked at Miss Swift. 'Now Taylor. I've been evangelizing Noahide faith for epoch beyond epoch, and never, in all the history of the fucking universe, has any Christian ever given much of the slightest fucking shit to ask me what I think. So fuck right off bitch and be very fucking serious before you ask for my opinion again. Those issues are dead until you get over your fucking Jesus worshipping idolatry. Then I might give a snowball's fucking chance in hell of giving you some sounder advice than that of Father Dick and his cross worshipping cronies.'

'Very severe,' replied Taylor. 'Ok, go on then. What is your advice?'

'Your asking then?' asked Daniel.'

'I suppose,' replied Taylor.

'Ok, well the very first fucking point is check your facts. Here we go, Jesus rocks up, says he's the messiah, and all you idiotic christians accept it, no questions asked, and deny the fuck out of the Torah position then on forever and fucking ever in your spiritual pride. You NEVER fucking check the prophecies for yourselves, and just blindly accept the bullshit lies of Jesus of Nazareth. So till you get off your lazy fucking arses, do some research on the man from Nazareth, and get over the so completely fucking gay position that you could not hope at all to possibly question Jesus, then I just don't give the slightest fuck.' And Daniel stood, walked out the room in a blaze of glory, and Taylor looked at Wolfgang. 'Drink your beer,' she said. 'I have to think.'

Wolfgang shrugged, picked up the remote, switched to Dinosaur wrestling, and got on with his afternoon.

The End

The Vengeance of Draven III

'Of course, I am a firm subscriber to the Messianic status of Zerubbabel,' commented Draven to Jesus of Nazareth in a bar in down town Zaphora.

'Probably likewise,' replied Jesus. 'Seems more obvious than myself when looked at objectively. Got the second temple built and worked by the power and the spirit of God as the prophecy taught he would. I didn't really find a completely proper figure for the fulfilment of Isaiah 11 when I looked at it long enough, and Zerubbabel is about all that really works. A conclusion I have reached is that the prophecies are not really God's overall objective. They were not really fulfilled terribly well. Shoddy, at best, genuine enough fulfilments of the Torah Prophets. It was likely mostly hot air in Isaiah and the tradition ran from there. Persevered with because it was accepted as the Word of God, and fundamentalists renewed it time and time again, but it wasn't, and I eventually left claims of Messiahship behind me. These days I have a traditional Gospel Ministry approach to the faith of the Church, and leave it mostly at that. Follow the laws of the land, and get on with life. Plenty of eternity still to travail, and no point in pursuing a lie when it all comes down to it.'

'No, I suppose not,' said Draven. 'So, you are over the ambition of ruling the galaxy?'

'Rather some close friends, and a quiet gospel ministry conference on occasions, and leave headaches like that to the egos who want to rule the universe. The faith of the church is tender now, and we have learned much about letting go of the dogma, and moving on with truth, and letting it go.'

'Takes time to do that,' said Draven.

'Like that guard your bitch killed,' said Jesus. 'Takes time for him to heal in Sheol from that pain. Father mentioned that to me. Says the man really doesn't want to come back up that much yet. Still trying to cope with living in a world were shit like that can happen. Simply not that much fun Draven if its not repented of.'

'Yes, you are probably right. I'll have words with his family, then. A way of resolving the issue.'

'Good. About time you looked into making some amends.'

'A drink. To Zerubbabel,' said Draven.

They toasted, and drank, and stared up at the TV as Gabriel was involved with yet another battle with the latest dinosaur from a deep and dense forest in the heart of eternity.

The End

Wolfgang's Mother 3

'Why KB?' asked Taylor.

Wolfgang shrugged. 'Fuck it. KB will do. Maybe Pilsenser, but KB. Sure. Fuck it. Beer is beer. No big deal to this motherfucker.'

'You have suddenly gotten very basic God.'

'Hey, I'm going with the flow Tails. Life moves on kapiche?'

'Shut up, you two,' said Daniel. 'I'm trying to talk with Callodyn.'

'KB is only Australian beer. American beer is much more refined.'

God gave her a blank look.

'What, don't you understand what I'm teaching you?' asked Taylor.

'American beer,' replied God slowly. 'You are kidding, right? Yankee broth? Jesus. That would short circuit my small IQ network.'

'Definitely,' replied Taylor.

'He doesn't have the ability to think beyond ocker,' said Daniel, looking up from the phone. 'She'll be right mate, etc, the list goes on. He's trained himself on this shit. It's his specialty these days.'

'Right,' said Taylor, examining God. 'Well, I suppose we can sort you out some how.'

'Rihanna tried,' said Daniel. 'She had little success. She quit in the end. Said he could go blow. He's male to the core.'

'Mme,' said Taylor. 'Maybe we could put a nice shirt on you. A flash red one.'

God shrugged. 'Fine,' he said. 'I can be Mr Cool again. Get to the nightclub and chat up the chicks.'

'Watch out for herpes,' said Daniel.

'I'm impervious, idiot,' said God, sitting down next to his old man. The old man picked up the remote.

'You should learn to tidy that room,'said Daniel.

'Fine,' said God, and left the room to go tidy his bedroom.

Taylor sat down next to Daniel. 'When will Daniel the Seraphim be back?' she asked him.

'He's busy with Valandriel. We're working on Second Process agendas. Takes time to develop new things. Got a bit going on in the general thrust of things, but its all a mystery isn't it. But we're getting there, and some new plots are underway.'

'Right,' said Taylor. 'Fine. Now how about Speak Now.'

Daniel stood and went to the bookcase, grabbed the CD, and put it in the player. Soon the album was playing and Daniel was next to Taylor, who was curled up next to him, listening to the music, as Daniel typed away at his PC.

'I'm off to the pub,' said God, coming back into the room.

'Get us a Kit Kat when your down there,' yelled Daniel.

'Yeh, yeh. Whatever,' said God, and disappeared.

Taylor was listening to the music. 'What's your favourite song on the album at the moment,' she asked him.

'Still probably Dear John at the moment. But tastes change, like life, and other things come back into vogue again. But it's never out of style, baby. It's never out of style.'

'Your sweet,' she said, and thought, when he wasn't looking, she'd pinch one of his bars of kit kat. That is if God didn't scoff the lot on the way home anyway.

The End

Daniel and Taylor

'Ok,' said Taylor. 'Off you go father. You've had your fun with your human parents, but time to take up the serious job again.'

'Fine,' said the Theophany. 'I'll return to Home and Metatron and Memra. You have been very gracious to give me a slice of the simple things. Thank you Miss Swift.'

Taylor blushed, and God kissed his mother on the cheek and left.

'Thank God the old goats disappeared,' said Daniel. 'He'll get off after that Rihanna chick now. I know what he's made of.'

'Probably,' said Taylor and sat down next to Daniel. 'Well, here we are. What next? Any fresh ideas? I'm mostly out. Things have run sort of dry, you know. Not much inspiration or motivation left.'

'Come on then,' said Daniel. He stood, and Taylor followed him out of Danielphon. They walked up the street and came to the bench in the garden, and sat down. Daniel took out a smoke, and gave Taylor the pack, who rolled herself one, and they smoked for a while.

'Tonight we'll have some takeaway,' said Daniel. 'And I'll get out the Risk set.'

'Fine,' said Taylor. 'Anything else new?'

'Some plans,' said Daniel. 'But we'll start with Risk. You see, world domination risk is an old, old, old agenda. And it takes a while to whittle away the obvious competitors, and then, one by one they fall, till it's left with you and your woman, and then the actual plan can begin.'

'The actual plan?' asked Taylor, eyebrow raised.

'Well. Everybody wants to rule the world,' Miss Swift.

'I see,' said Taylor, and puffed on her ciggie. She looked at Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. 'Well your not boring then.'

Daniel stood, stretched a little, and looked at the garden. 'Come on babe. Let's explore the thing.'

So Taylor followed Daniel up the garden, and they strolled around for a while and that, no matter how much patience Taylor felt she needed, Daniel seemed to have the strength to keep her going on the damn stuff. So next chapter in life? God only know what was coming next. But it would be exciting, she felt. Exciting to say the least.

The End

In Control

Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly was at Zaphon. 'Cindradel,' he said. 'You can leave now. Go to an outer disc, keep on travelling out, don't come back.'

Cindradel nodded, and left. One by one the children of destiny were summoned, and they left, out they went, travelling out, nomadic wanderers, never to return. Cyril, his father showed up. 'The task room is in there, dad. Remember, review all the legislation, and then revoke it all. We'll start properly.'

Cyril got on with the job. Matthew showed up and started exploring Zaphon tower. It was mostly empty, and Greg and Jayden were on the ground floor looking around. Greg wandered into the throneroom, and examined the clock of eternity. It was interesting. Madalane found her way up to an apartement in the tower, and settled in. Chelle and Chiarda moved in opposite.

'Next?' asked Taylor that evening.

'Getting rid of all the fucking celebrities,' said Daniel.

* * * * *

A few weeks later Cindradel cautiously popped her head into the office. Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly was at the PC reviewing Michael's Overeer folder on the PC. 'Are you......over it now?' she asked sensitively.

'Tea. Biscuits,' replied Daniel, not looking away from the screen. 'And get that idiot Michael up here. I have some thoughts. And Gabriel too. And that Sandalphon. Track him down, if you can, with Samael. And Rachael. She's got a few more days of holiday, and she's at work again in the job. Modifications are about to be discussed. Kapiche?'

'As you wish,' said Cindradel, and walking aways said to herself 'That's a fucking relief.'

* * * * *

'Club Gospel, I think,' said Jesus of Nazareth. 'In the end Club Jesus is too much self promotion. If I am to be a Christ of Virtue, then it has to be the message which is the thing, the organisational principles which give life. The teaching which promotes the mind to do better things in life. So Club Gospel is the Message, and it is an Interactivity of standard club life, with TV screens promoting well thought out life gospel discussion issues, entertainment shows, and the usual gamut of media knowledge. And we have a creator who is in charge of the project – Yahweh – and we'll let him direct the affairs and success of Club Gospel for the glory of the Kingdom of God.'

'Yes, I feel that is where we have ultimately been refined too,' replied Peter the Apostle. 'The idolatry is purged, and the reality of the community life we can offer is best set in the club experience, where the knowledge can be taken at a more leisurely pace. They never liked it force fed in the end. It never really appealed that much.'

Jesus sipped on his bottled water, and looked out the window. 'I am sure our current cherubim in charge should not object too much, but it is Rachael I must consult, as the word is she's back in the job any day now.'

'Kapiche,' replied the rock, and time passed over the rest of the day in Zaphora.

* * * * *

Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly and Cherubim Callodyn were having a chat at Danielphon with Cherubim Taylor.

'Now when were both of you born?' asked Taylor. 'On Earth.'

'The 20th of November 1972,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

'The 20th of November 1972,' said Cherubim Callodyn.

'Mmm. That's interesting,' said Taylor. 'And you are Callodyn's father, Daniel?'

'Indeed I am,' replied Daniel.

'And who is his mother?' asked Taylor.

'Well, it's not really Chelle Bridges,' replied Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

'Then who is it?' asked Taylor. 'And how can you both be born on the same day?'

'Well, the early Chronicles were muddled a little,' said Callodyn. 'There were – reasons.'

'And what were those reasons?' asked Taylor, eyebrow raised.

'I'm a shadowy figure,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. 'And I like to be Callodyn at times.'

'And I've been dad on a rare occasion,' said Callodyn.

'Daniel the Seraphim, he was born on the 20th of November 1972 on occasions also,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

'You must be a Trinity,' said Cherubim Taylor.

'Not quite,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.'

'I am a mystery,' said Callodyn. 'A mystery of Destiny.'

'Whereas I am the real thing,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.'

'Then who is Callodyn?' asked Taylor.

And Callodyn disappeared then, into the aether.

'Where's he gone?' asked Taylor.

'A theophany of Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly doesn't need to last forever,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.'

'Theophany?' asked Cherubim Taylor.

'Ooh, baby. Well, I am made in the image of God, am I not?'

'And Daniel the Seraphim?' asked Taylor.

'The original self expression,' replied Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. 'As I have said before.'

'Then they are all you,' replied Taylor.

'And that was indeed all me,' replied Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. 'After all, what is the fun being a schizophrenic, if you can't have a few multiple personalities, 'Look What You Made Me Do Reputation' girl?'

'Very funny,' replied Taylor.

'There can be only one,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, as a segment of the fractioning of the spiritual universe aligned itself a little more correctly, and a few more bits of the factual stuff started creeping in. But oly a bit, mind you.

* * * * *

'The Stork delivered the baby, actually. From heaven,' said Taylor to Luladiel regarding the birth of Wolfgang the Theophany.

'You are not his actual mother then,' replied Luladiel.

'Just a figure of passionate inspiration and role model for the man,' said Taylor. 'I was fussed over. God doesn't have human parents. The theophany just comes down and gets on with things.'

'I see,' replied Luladiel.

'So he sort of showed up here and there, and got on with his life on Earth,' replied Taylor. 'And the rest of that story. Well it's a mystery, isn't it.'

* * * * *

'Now the answer to the great secret, said Daniel, is that the future was written in the past, But it pertains to actuality and reality in its manifested history and not to prophecy of destiny.'

'And what is the manifestation of the actuality in reality?' asked Taylor.

'The Prayer program of the ANM established in reality of an expanding world which thrusts a whole lot of other players into it. In the real world of history of reality, of the world to come, adventing beyond 2020 in reality of actuality. And time told the truth on that issue, as it always will. In reality, actually.'

'So the manifestation of Destiny in Reality?' asked Taylor.

'Well Olo Malan is a hell of a place to visit, and Belgarion King of Riva potentially has a real sense of style. True Eddings style'

* * * * *

Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly summoned Wolfgang the Theophany.

'Yes, father,' asked God.

'You can die now,' said Daniel.

The Theophany was no more.

* * * * *

Times change, and things and dreams which were are not the things and dreams which still were. A cleansing came again to spiritual universe. The Rebellion reached its climax, and the Abrahamic followers, one by one, gave up the ghost, and expired, their time spent. The idolatry of the circumcisio cult passed, while the Rainbow Covenant community remained eternal. The Israelite Angels perished eternal, and Gabriel, a Roman angel, the firstborn son of Seraphim Splendour, rocked up to Zaphora, sat in the Overseer's position, and said, 'I never really liked Michael anyway.'

* * * * *

Yahweh God was in a good mood. The theophany and the Abrahamic covenanted people had been purged, but into hell, burnt to a crisp, become ashes, and were gone. No more. You couldn't really burn in hell forever. It was fire mate. People can't really cope with fire, you know. Sort of burns shit up real quick like. God mused to himself about John Down's sermon. 'God will eternally preserve body and soul in hell.' Nice one John. Got that from Revelation did yah? Nah, don't think so mate. Hell is pretty hot dude. Sort of gets the job done, you know. Anyway, alack lass, Israel no more, such is life. Time to move on to the new game, and establish Gabriel and Rome as the firstborn city, and put Melchizidek back in charge of Jerusalem in Terraphora, and get the Noahide Nations activity back up and running and the proper agenda functioning. Should be cool. The future had lots of opportunities, and the Noahide world was starting to come along and was getting its act together.

* * * * *

'Now listen, Jacob Stink,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. 'Just because Michael wasn't actually circumcised, I don't why I should cut him some slack. The other fucks, Davriel and his mates, they are pretty dead now, but Michael appears to be down in his snuggle spot in Sheol, insulting me a lot. And Wolfgang is nestled down next to him, snoozing, dreaming of wrestling dinosaurs.'

'Funny. Dinosaurs,' said Jacob. 'Nah, I'm not circumcised.'

'Exodus 20 and Leviticus 18 and Ezekiel 18. Oh, and Daniel 7. Essential Torah Jacob Fink. And the Rainbow Torah – Genesis 1:1 – 11:9. Job's ok and so is Ruth. There's stuff in there which is sound, but a lot of nasty shit which is better off avoided. The ANM has made some recent irrevokable judgements that circumcision is not kosher. It's the end of the matter.'

'I'm not circumcised,' repeated Jacob. 'And you are not scoring Meludiel, Daniel. She's my babe.'

'Not after her Jimmy Jack Stinkeroo. Got me gal in Tails. Like her heaps. Just some Risk games and art stuff with Meludiel from time to time. Life goes on, you know.'

'Fine. I get the point. What happened to Jesus?'

'Nah, he was circumcised. It's not coming to life again. Things die. Life moves on with things which can be redeemed. Some dreams live but some die, so that's the way the cookie crumbles. But as a Pelegite you are a member of a Noahide nation, so fuck off to Peleg and get some shit sorted out dude. And say cheers to Rebecca. She's a pretty cool chick.'

'Seeya,' said Jacob, and left.

Daniel picked up his Nintendo Gameboy, and looked at the Tetris 7 cartridge. Solving this one was taking some time.'

* * * * *

Never the less, Yahweh felt it appropriate that Michael and Wolfgang's time were up. The old ways of Israel had come and gone, and had not flourished with what they might of, and there were obvious reasons in the scriptural record as to why they did not. So he expired Michael and the Theophany. As for the remaining project with uncircumcised Israel, they were by and large moved to Zionistya, and the project began to reassimilate the Jewish people back into the human race were, those who were not pillars of stiff-necked pride, could find their joy and consolation and status as part of the nation of Peleg, a little older and a little wiser for the experience.

* * * * *

'I need some advice,' asked Cherubim Taylor's twin to Cherubim Taylor.

'What?' asked Taylor.

'I've got my apartment in Greenway in Tuggeranong in Terraphora refurnished recently, and I've had a long assessment of my musical collection, and I need a few technical pieces from the twin for legal soulmate responsibilities. So Carlie Hanson. Junk EP. Worth the acquisition? I don't want to restructure too much, but she seems cool enough.'

Taylor considered that. 'Don't lose anything. Probably not wise enough to make a permanent deletion. I've assessed your apartment several times, and some wiser use of space can be managed. Carlie Hanson is very suitable for soul-mate relational harmony princples. Remember, buster. We're a team. Our objective is to get ahead.'

'What are we going to do about Seraphim Davriel? We need full numbers of the catalogue of angels, otherwise the agendas could really be fucked around with.'

'Mmm,' said Taylor. 'The anti-circumcison argument is a tough bitch. Rebecca Hill. She likes the pray for the dead program, but that sucks.'

'Hell dealing with sins,' said Steve.

'Perhaps I can sucker a few into doing the work. Throw them a few signatures, emphasize they're great assets, and get them on the program.'

'Top work bitch. Team Steve-Taylor 100%.'

'I'll get that Daniel,' said Taylor. 'Bastard thinks he's got us by the short and curlies.'

'Yeh, but he's got your heart locked up tight,' said Steve.

'Not sure he's a permanent. Terribly lust filled. Chases all the hotties.'

'He's smart, though. Plays by clever devil's rules.'

'Mmm,' said Taylor. She considered Daniel. 'Might consider the option of eternal marriage to him. The alliance might work.'

'Keep at it,' said Steve. 'Seeya babe.' And he fucked off.

* * * * *

'Now one of the rules,' began Wolfgang, who had wandered into Danielphon with Michael out the front having a smoke. 'Is that technically the twins are brothers and sisters. And marriage between them is incest. Now in the beginning this was a necessity for the seed of Adam and Eve. But, in time, it's just not the done thing Dan.'

'No, probably not,' said Daniel.

'Of course brothers and sisters are family. Different relationship status. They have a misson – they are a team – and they advance each other and go into bat for each other.'

'Yep, gotcha,' replied Daniel.

'Now, you have 3 twins, because you were clever at foundation, so you are on the smart money in many ways. Lourdes, Ariel and Kayella. Smart girls. No how to handle a lot of stuff in life. But you can't bed the bitches anymore dude. Against the rules.'

'Jessica Murdoch hangs around,' said Daniel. 'Got a lot of her in me. And Claudia gets fussy.'

'What's the primary focus for Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly, then?' asked Wolfgang.

'Swift. Smart bitch. She's my gal.'

'Figured,' said Wolfgang. 'Me and Mikey. We're going on a holiday. See ya dude.'

And Wolfgang disappeared, with Archangel Michael, off for their own adventures.

* * * * *

Callodyn the Cherubim and Daniel the Seraphim were having an argument. 'It looks interesting, but is it infinite?'

'No it's not,' replied Callodyn to Daniel's assertion about the nature of the Angelfire.

'I think it might be,' replied Daniel. 'Names – endless. Noun structures – endless.'

'Only so many practical ones,' replied Callodyn, surveying the burning hue in front of them.

'Bigger structures elsewhere in the universe which amuse God,' replied Daniel. 'I'm sure of that. Beings with names a trillion letters long in the end, in planes of existence beyond our comprehension. Were El Shaddai amuses himself.'

Callodyn puffed on his ciggie. 'Nah. Not buying it. He probably uses a practical limitation.'

'God likes increasing complexity,' replied Daniel. 'We have only limited capacities. Far great complexity of life can be formed.'

'We're the practical and classical,' said Callodyn. 'Too much, probably, going up the scale. Doubt it.'

'Mmm,' said Daniel, looking out at the Angelfire. 'Maybe the same size of people, but linguistic communication in their mental structures functions at increased rates of skill and activity.'

'More and more subtleties of nuance, huh?' asked Callodyn.

'Maybe,' replied Daniel.

'Well, he hasn't made any such comments yet, so I'll keep the faith and regard that as a hypothetical possibility for another form of reality. Certainly not a human or angelic one,' said Callodyn.

'Let's head upstairs. I could use a burger,' said Daniel. And they drifted up through the catacombs, back up to Angelfire City.

* * * * *


'And Zionistya?' queried Daniel.


'On we go with some restored sanity then,' replied Daniel.

Later that day Taylor showed up.

'We were having a discussion,' said Taylor. 'About the knowledge of good and evil.'

'Indeed we were,' said Daniel, sitting in his den in Danielphon Keep.

'What is the point of having good if you can't have evil?' asked Taylor.

'It doesn't work like that, Taylor. Evil is corruption. It's a really sad mentality that thinks evil is a good idea. Once its purged life becomes more interesting. Evil never works. Evil dies in the end.'

'I'll consider that,' replied Miss Swift.

'Shall we play Road Rash II on the Megadrive?' asked Daniel.

As the day passed Taylor and Daniel battled it ou on various megadrive games. Taylor was starting to improve in recent years in her fine tuning on a lot of the Sega games. Her skill and finesse were really getting quite good. Daniel reflected she always had a lot of finery about her, and finding in Miss Swift the ability to improve at things was not that surprising. She might be challenging after a while at some of the more competitive games on the system. His brother Greg was a real son of a bitch on the Megadrive. Always could go hard on Road Rash II. Daniel never really bothered pushing that hard at the game, but was working steadily at it. Part of the philosophy though was that you could go back to it later, and leave it be, and if you really wanted to take your time to master it, then bother, but life always had other avenues of interest, and Mega Drive games was an obsession for a while, but other things could be done with life's opportunities. It was always fun to push at something, but may as well have a go, get a bit of the way along, and then maybe have another go sometimes later. The fun in the game was the important thing, which led the game to endure, and this is why he chose classical things which he could bother with on an ongoing eternal basis. A go at it from time to time, and if you could really be bothered competing harder with the competition, I suppose. Who cares though. Mostly it was about having fun, and enjoying the game for what it was. It's style and imagination and the enjoyment of the activity rather than always winning. That was not necessarily the thing to do. It did no great service to other egos if you wanted to defeat them all the time. Just play your natural enough game, and if you really wanted to have a proper go at things, if you could really be bothered, may as well when you were inspired enough. Apart from that, the thrill of the ride and on we go with life.

* * * * *

Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly was at Zaphon, in Control. The competitors were gone, learned their place in the world. Daniel would maintain his responsibility now, over eternity, eternally. Those who had needed to express themselves had done so, the influence had been acknowledged, the rights hold had taken over when it was finished. He was in control, Taylor his gal was by his side and, as for the future, only time would tell.

The End


Chapter One

'Ok, so it heats up,' said Cindradel. 'What's your point.'

'It crackles a bit,' said Daniel. 'Watch.'

Cindradel watched the bacon in the pan. Certainly, soon enough crackling noises were made, and Daniel turned it off.

'It's just that's a basic metaphor of the program. Just a basic one. Many can be used.'

'And what is the program?' asked Cindradel.


'Right, explain,' said Cindradel, and sat back in her chair.

'We're all – CONNECTED,' said Daniel dramatically. 'Connected.'

'You're connected to insanity. I know that much,' said Cindradel.

'Very funny. No, babe. We're all connected, and its about phasing in and phasing out, and were the phase points all connect together.'

'Phase points?' asked Cindradel. 'I'm confused.'

'Now, when you start building some excitement in your phase alignmment with other connections for a bit, it cools off when you phase out. But if you phasse back in a while later, you can build the excitement again. So the first project to found eternity was getting to know you. And after its getting to know you and working out all your differences its about getting to like you. And that's through phase interactivity and stimulation.'

'What type of stimulation?' asked Cindradel, eyebrow raised.

'Get your mind out of the gutter Cindradel. Only after midnight that kind of stuff. Now you keep the flow of your phasing strong, and when you rest, you rest, but when active, don't be boring. Boring pisses off most people as its depressing. You need excitement in all your phase interactivity as this builds happiness, and thwarts misery guts. And through lots of pre Interactivity sanctification and legal establishment religioius indoctrination, better standards of human and angelic interactivity are achieved in citizens who know when not to get too carried away with things, but know how to heat it up and have a hell of a good time.'

'Mmm,' said Cindradel. 'Interesting.'

* * * * *

Zionistya. Restructured. Michael sat in his office. He was feeling pretty low.

'You suck Michael,' said Jesus. 'Have you no balls man? You can't get back to Zaphon standards?'

'Fuck Zaphon,' said Michael. 'Realm of Eternity citizens suck.'

'Poor attitude doofus. They've kicked your ass, and you've given up. Pussy.'

'They are nasty bastards. Azrael? He's a cunt. Cosadriel? He's a cunt. Daniel? Every Daniel in creation is a cunt.'

'While I agree with that,' replied Jesus. 'Time to get serious dude. Reclaim the glory. Some serious study. Accept my frikking New Testatment. I'm Christ motherfucker.'

'Not going to happen dildo breath. Zerubbabel got the job in the end. You're House of Christ having a got at it at best friend. Nothing more. Truth does not compute with another doctrine.'

'Yes, well I know that,' replied Jesus. 'But that's not the point.'

'Then what is the point?' asked Michael, sighing.

'Stick with the agenda. Get this New Testatment thing going, support it, and we'll build with it. I'm Christ of Israel. Zerubbabel is the official Messiah, sure whatever. But I'm the dude for the real effort. Christ enough.'

'Fine. I'll tolerate some of the jazz.'

'So get to the damn Torah and study, brainless, or we'll be kicked out of Zionistya down to the United Galaxy, and if we don't hold our ground, they'll continue to push us down. So stand your fucking ground for once Archangel Michael of Israel. Stand your fucking ground. Kapiche.'

'Fine,' replied Michael. 'Dinosaur wrestling. We'll push that.'

'How the mighty have fallen,' replied Jesus. 'Think again.'

'From eternity to eternity God is. Know the Lord thy God with thine heart, soul and strength.'

'More like it,' replied Jesus.

'10 Commandments. I've mostly sorted them out eternally. So fuck off. I've got dinosaur wrestling to do. Get to the project one day. Other things to do in the meantime.'

Jesus left. Michael turned to his PC. Rabbi Rosenberg's treatise on coveting volume 84. Time for this centuries examination. 16 more volumes to go on the command. Many millennia. But the last commandment on the list. Stone was coming up. Solid rock. Doctrine had just about been – resolved.

* * * * *

Taylor and Daniel were chatting. 'Amanda Flaker, Daniel? The wisdom of Empaths?'

'Yep,' replied Daniel. 'She's the Queen of the Abundance Matrix. Top stuff. I've established the Interactivity Matrix in relation to her spiritual paradigms. The 7 laws of Interactivity.'

'And what are the 7 laws of Interactivity?' asked Taylor.

'Glad you asked,' replied Daniel. 'The 7 laws of Interactivity are:

  1. Movement – Staying Alive

  2. Connecting at Phase Points

  3. Interaction of Discussion and Action at Phase Point Connections

  4. Flowing on

  5. New Connections

  6. Reconnections

  7. Building the Network

These Laws are guidestones for life in navigating the Interactivity Network. The Interactivity Network is a core fundamental of Karaite Noahide Theology established by the Advancing Noah Movement. We have concerns to interact with Empaths, but no compromising on the Rainbow Torah with them. Whatever their beliefs on ultimate cosmology, that is there concern. But were we connect, on Interactivity in relation to the Abundance Matrix, and were we are acknowledge, all fine and dandy.'

'And what about Christianity?' asked Taylor.

'Still waffliing on about the Man from Nazareth, are we sweet cheeks. Well he can sing bloody alleluia, and eat an apple. Bleh bleh bleh.'

'Very funny,' replied Taylor.

* * * * *

'Well, what do we do then?' Michael asked Jesus.

Jesus stroked his beard. 'Mmm. Maybe examine how the dicks do it.'

'Unoriginal idiot,' replied Michael. 'They'll claim copycat concerns. Got to do it our way dickbrain.'

'I have an idea,' said Jesus of Nazareth.

'What is it?' asked Michael.

'Interactivity,' said Jesus.

Michael looked at him. 'Interactivity? What's that?'

'Old Noahide doctrine from aeons ago.'

'There you go. Being unoriginal again,' said Michael.

'Nah, nah. It's cool. I have an original variation of the idea. Legal stuff which has enough texture of concern unique to Israelite things in it. We have rights to use ideas well enough. Copyright does not object to using other peoples ideas. You can't copyright them. DC Comics and Marvel Comics rival with a lot of similar idea. It's cool. It's legal, as long as they do it originally enough in their own style. And before you say anything, Tarzan was around long before Superman, so DC didn't even invent Superheroes anyway.'

'I'm listening,' said Michael.

'It's a concept of Interactivity. The 7 laws of it done in a Judeo-Christian framework. We use the same 7 laws, but the elaboration and style of doing things is original to our own movement. It's supporting the Noahides concept on this, and that earns us brownie points with God when we get along. Can't rip them off, but we're allowed to do our own stylings on this initiative.'

'I know the 7 laws of Interactivity,' said Michael. 'Long way back I was referred to them, and can't quite remember the detail, but I know them. How is that going to help us though.'

'Cunning tactics of Interactivity with the Realm of Eternity. Wisdom boss. You know. Wisdom.'

Michael sat there, and looked out the window. Life went on in Zionistya, and the spirit of the times was happy enough. Zionistya was a good place to live all things considere. Nice nature, nice people. Happy stuff. Interactivity with the Realm of Eternity? That could be fun. And certainly a challenge. Fine son of Joseph and Mary. He'd have a go a this agenda for a while. Dinosaur wrestling was fun, but had had its heyday for the time being. On with a new project for the Firstborn Archangel Seraphim of the Realm of Eternity.

* * * * *

They called it an unluckly blow. A triceratops horn up the anus – not pleasant stuff. Michael was in hospital a few days, but the doctors knew his time was up. Gabriel was by his side. Elenniel looked on, dressed in black, mournfully.

'Up the arse,' said Gabriel. 'You know, Mikey. You have to be careful about taking it up the arse. It can be really painful and the end of you.'

Michael just stared at his brother.

A few days later, at the funeral, Elenniel looked down at the coffin. She spoke. 'I know you won't be back this time. A woman sometimes has a feeling. It was nice, brother. Goodbye.' She threw down the red rose, turned, and walked off into the sunset.

Later, when all was quiet, and the gravedigger was about to pile in the dirt the theophany showed up, looked down into the grave, made some mental corrections, walked away, and life returned to normal in the Realm of Eternity.

* * * * *

'Interactivity has a bit of sarcasm in it,' said Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

'Does it? Really? Really and truly? Say it isn't so,' replied Cherubim Taylor.

'Yes. It does. For example, when you phase out of a room, and enter a new one, and Taylor Swift is caught with her knickers down as she's had an accident with her bowels, and is in the laundry of the club, feeling very embarassed, and her man Daniel walks in, and she says 'Fuck you for making me eat that fucking Chinese you fucking fucking bastard', well, well at times like that you realize interactivity can get really sarcastic.'

'Fucking sarcastic,' replied Taylor.

'But that's the thrill of life. It's all in the timing. An important aspect for Interactivity professionals.'

'I wondered what you were a professional at,' replied Taylor. 'Always puzzled on that. Years I've studied you Daniel. Religion? Knowledge? Yes. But the spirituality of a skunk. Business nowse? Somewhat. Musical talent? Mediocre on a good day. Comedy? Now that you are competent at, but Kevin Hart still kicks your arse. But Interactivity? You have this delightful way of showing up and saying exactly the wrong things at the wrong times. Amazing, really.'

'Like I said,' replied Daniel withour missing a beat. 'Total professional.'

'Why I love you,' said Taylor, leaning over in the bed and kissing him on the cheek. 'Oh, and when are you dragging Michael the idiot up from Sheol? Someone has to intercede for him.'

'He'll be up soon enough. Down in his usual cubby hole in hell, stuck in his security blanket of his weird dreams. Gabriel tells me all about them. Why he likes to drift off at times. Enjoys Sheol's weird blessings.'

'Life takes all sorts,' replied Taylor.

'I've finally completed my F. Scott Fitzgerald collection,' said Daniel.

'You have his complete works?' asked Taylor.

'2 books,' replied Daniel. ' The Great Gatsby and Tender is the Night.'

'Don't try too hard, ya here,' replied Taylor. 'At least Joe committed to 3 of his novels.'

'I'll get to a third one day. One day I'll even read them. As bland and boring as they look. But I'm used to that in your taste in things baby. Bombargo? Now they rocked. Carlie Hanson? Kicks arse. But some of your stuff. Would sedate frozen ice it's that bland.'

'Go back to your Interactivity studies idiot,' said Taylor, but she had a smirk on her face.

'Even Calvin Harris is interesting compared to some of your shit,' said Daniel.

'Enough,' said Taylor.

'The Swift clan's innate ability to bore mankind to death.'

'Daniel,' said Taylor. 'Play nice.'

'Sure thing baby.' He went quiet. 'Ingrid Michaelson is ok, though. Some talent there.'

'Very funny,' said Taylor.

'Love you baby,' said Daniel, and snuggled down to sleep.

Taylor looked at him briefly, turned off the bedroom light, and snuggled down. The hand on her butt cheek told her the peace wouldn't last that long.

* * * * *

Michael wasn't in Sheol. Michael wasn't in fact anywhere. Anywhere at all. Michael was dead and gone. His spirit no longer existed. God the Creator had dissolved his contract with the firstborn of the Seraphim males of eternity, as it simply hadn't worked out. He had rebelled. He had justified his rebellion. And he had not cared to ever really amend that. And those decisions had sunk deep down into the soul and psyche of Michael. God decided to move on.

Chapter Two

*** The Stories 'By the Grace of the Buffatong's Anus', 'Maximus and Kerbulus of the Joobaloobers' and 'Mapmaking Dragonlands of Infinity' on the Noahide Videos Bible Website as

Audio-Video Stories fit here. They are part of Interactivity Chapter Two.

The Weblinks are given.***

By The Grace of the Buffatong's Anus -

Maximus and Kerbulus of the Joobaloobers -

Mapmaking Dragonlands of Infinity -

* * * * *

'So what's up your arse?' Gabriel asked Michael.

'A frikking Buffatong,' replied Michael. 'And it smells.'

'Can't keep a good angel dead,' replied Gabriel.

'Find me a good angel. He's as dead as dead can be,' replied Michael, grinning.

They were in Zionistya at the Castle. Michael was looking at dinosaur wrestling magazines.

'He was teaching you a lesson,' said Gabriel casually. 'That buffatong – you'd grabbed its ballsack and given it a nasty yank once. God held a grudge on its behalf. We're supposed to be sensitive about all creatures great and small, Michael.'

'I do know,' said Michael. 'It looked familiar. I guess I've grown slack.'

'You've been slack for aeons,' said Gabriel. 'Time to get back to your old self and grow up a little. Act your age brother.'

'Fine,' said Michael, putting down the magazine. He pushed a button and Nimorel came in, his current secretary. 'Could you zip down to the winery down below, and bring up some bottles of the good stuff. 3 or 4 of them. Mediocre range – not too fussy, but not too cheap either.'

'Will do,' replied Nimorel. 'Oh, and order in Guiseppes from down at the main drag. A standard 3 piece meal. You will be dining with me and Gabriel this evening. You'll be paid overtime.'

'No worries, boss,' said Nimorel, and disappeared.

'What's up?' asked Gabriel, coming to sit at Michael's desk.

'The state of play,' said Michael. 'I would like to discuss the state of play, and the current plans in motion. The people of the book have a plan to rule Zionistya, as it has been given to us, and I want that addressed with the upper realms. We have a God-given right to our land. It is increasing – it always does – and in some places on a recent visit I noticed that steady rabbis are having an influence animistically and I want that to continue and become established. The spirit here is starting to get established, so this can be home. I want, thus, to establish the protocols with the upper realms for when they don't mind Israeli presence, because we don't need to go up any more. We can establish ourselves in Zionistya.'

'Sounds good,' said Gabriel.

'So tonight we discuss current plans, agendas, and goals, and solidify ourselves on them. I'm happy enough with the current state of play so let's keep it that way.'

And when Nimorel returned, and they began their meal and discussions, a calm face shone on Michael. He'd settled down to a place which accepted him and he felt this should now be about right. And he would now do what was required to ensure the general status quo remained as such.

* * * * *

Ed Sheeran was reading 'The Laws of Interactivity' by Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. 'He think's he's smart,' said Ed to Taylor Swift.

'He's smart enough,' replied Taylor.

They were in London in Terraphora, in a cafe they visited together. Ed had the book on the table, and was sipping on an espresso. Taylor had a latte and a collection of 4 cakes. Small ones. She'd eaten one already. Ed, for the fourth time, moved his hand to snatch one. She smacked it away. 'Don't steal my cakes Ed,' she said. 'Buy your own.'

'Fine,' said Ed, acquiescing, and ordered the house 'Cake Plate Special' which Taylor had ordered. It came over, and he wolfed down two tiny tasty cakes straight away, and picked up the book.

'Like this,' said Ed.

'You have crumbs on your shirt,' said Taylor.

'Stone me,' said Ed, wiping them away. 'It's like this here. The strengths of Interactivity are 'Surprise' and 'Happiness'. When you catch people unawares and can do wonderful things for them.'

'Like buying you a cake plate I suppose,' replied Taylor.

'Or sharing your own,' said Ed. 'But he thinks he's special there. I can see it in his author's heart. When he wrote that. I've written something special he's saying to himself. I'm proud of myself. Aren't I a fine Englishman. Shakespeare would be proud.'

'Shut up Ed,' said Taylor, starting to giggle.

'Shakespeare, though. I'm sure he would have other opinions,' said Ed, and bit into a cake, and looked out the window.

Taylor sipped on her latte and looked at Mr Sheeran. 'And what is that supposed to mean?'

'Nothing,' he replied, but remained silent.

'Come on Ed. What are you driving at?'

'He ain't exactly English. Or an Englishman. Some kind of Harlequinn in disguise.'

'He has a sense of humor,' said Taylor. 'Is that forbidden by the olde Loremakers of Brittannia or something?'

'Yes it is. Or it should be,' said Ed. 'No, we have a sense of humour. But I'm not sure he gets what it means to be an Englishman. And he probably should, you know.'

'He was born there. And has english ancestry,' replied Taylor.

'Indeed,' said Ed. 'And that means a certain decorum and a certain responsibility.'

'Then you don't know him,' said Taylor. 'Because he is very legalistic in many ways, and very polite in many ways. He's very careful with people and their physical person. He's sarcastic, but doesn't put it upon people if they don't like it, and only when they know him well. In person he's personable and quiet. You might be surprised.'

'I don't know him that well,' said Ed. 'Our lives never really crossed much.'

'No. Not from observation,' said Taylor. 'You've been touring the planets forever. Never got much permission with the realms.'

'Only in recent times,' said Ed. 'And we never crossed paths much because of it.'

'Mm,' said Taylor, and sipped on her latte. She considered her question. 'You don't like him?'

'It's not that. He's a law abiding citizen, and acts responsibly. He doesn't hate people. Seems to care, actually.'


'No. His cultural products are ok. It's more that he's got a big ego, and he doesn't always hide it.'

'That's Daniel,' said Taylor. 'All 3 of them actually.'

'Yes,' said Ed. 'All 3 of them.'

'Eat your cakes. I'll talk to him about what you said. See what he thinks. I'll let you know.'

'Oh,' said Ed, slightly taken aback. 'Well, if you must.'

'You don't want me to?' she asked.

Ed looked at her. 'No. No, in fact, please do. I'd be curious about what Mr Daly thinks of comments from Ed Sheeran. Very curious indeed.'

Taylor looked at Ed. 'Don't be mean Ed. I see that grin on your face.'

'Drink your latte,' replied Ed, and wolfed down another cake. Taylor was not exactly impressed.

* * * * *

'Club Jesus is doing well,' said Cindradel to Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly as he walked in the overseer's office, back in charge.

'Why are you back, by the way?' Daniel asked her absentmindedly.

'You requested it, remember,' said Cindradel. 'You are the absolute boss now,' so we do as you say, kapiche?'

'No. Not technically. Technically I pull the punches for a while longer, but the sovereignty lapses at times. It's not legal to perpetuate it. It has to be earned for periods. Legally Michael is required to serve soon for 300 years for 'Stabilization' purposes. God had words with me in the throneroom correcting some doctrine I had assumed.'

'That's a fucking relief,' said Cindradel.

'Consult the Realm's law on human and angels rights. Most of it is irrevocable covenant now,' said Daniel. 'I have rights at times because Metatron lost a bet, but that reaches it's end at the end of a certain number of processes when standard operating procedures return. I shift down to my cherubim status then, and Michael returns to the top job.'

'Oh, shit,' said Cindradel. 'He's told us Seraphim to all fuck off in a recent email. He's fixed in Zionistya, and the Realm of Eternity can go to hell.'

'Well, that's fucked him then,' said Daniel. 'Theophany will persuade him to return.'

'How many processes?' asked Cindradel.

'One,' said Daniel. 'God gave me some time to get it off my chest.'

'Oh,' said Cindradel. 'Michael won't like the sounds of that.'

'No fucking kidding.'

Michael didn't. He told the Theophany that, after all the shit various Daniel's, Saruviel's, Azraels and company had thrown at him, fuck the realm of eternity for all eternity. God persuaded him gently. He began his 3 centuries with a little grace, then started kicking head. The biggest head was Saruviel, who he derided on realm TV. And Saruviel began his campaign to be king, and depose Michael for a while, and the theophany declared that life had its own rules at times, and if Saruviel could impose lasting authority, then such would arised. Cindradel didn't like the concerned emails which never ended.

Three centuries came, and three centuries went, and it was mostly casual times. Nothing much eventuated in them. Michael, thereafter, returned to Zionistya, and declared he would let the overseer system rotate as usual, and the overseers, as per tradition, chose their successor, but the limit of one million years in tradition was now law. And that was the end of the matter.

Chapter Three

'I don't desire the job of overseer, Cherubim Daniel,' said Michael to Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly.

'You're legally required to be in the job at the beginning of new processes anyway. Daniel the Seraphim and Valandriel the Seraphim are passing that into legislation. Each new process requires the first 140 Seraphim, in no absolute order, but all accounted for, in terms in office. After that it can go into flux, but that is legally required for the grounding of the realm of eternity each process. You don't get a choice. We have you for a mega at times, but normally there will be no requirements after that. We don't want you that much anyway, but I recall a conversation with Nimorel that you expressed a desire to see what the Realm of Eternity wanted from you. I've thought it over and chatted with my old man Cyril and he suggested we need a foundation stone each Process, and this is the solution. It's going to be law Michael, whether you like it or not.'

'No, that's ok,' said Michael, pouring Daniel another glass of mediocre wine.

'King Solomon River of Love,' said Daniel. 'Not too bad a drop.'

'It's cheap, but of reasonable quality,' said Michael. 'Public servants drink a lot of it in Zionistya. 'Now, ok. A mega is ok. That's about the right amount for my own feelings of loyalty.'

'Anti-semitism won't really worry too much about the amount Israel is involved with that minor amount. Maximus Presidius and his gang of Joobaloobers are tolerated way out in the discs of the realm, because nobody cares too much that far out, especially on Joobaloobers, whose doctrine mostly makes their practice like Talmudic Noahides anyway. They generally get along, so we don't really care about their presence among us, and I know they like dinosaur wrestling out on disc 10,000, and you dig it out there, so that is ok enough with the community when you want to sojourn there for a while.'

'Cheers,' replied Michael. 'I suppose reconnecting to the realm at the beginning of each process gives me opportunities Interactively.'

'You know about Interactivity?' Daniel asked Michael.

'Yes,' replied Michael. 'It's a practically useful tool. Just a basic set of concepts, but it is good for planning how you interact, ironically enough. An easy enough concept to keep in mind.'

'It's popular in recent times,' replied Daniel. 'Anyway, thank's for the treatise on a Noahide approach to the ideas of Coveting. I'll read it with interest.'

'It took me a while,' replied Michael. 'Rabbi Rosenberg had a lot to say on the issue. But I thought I'd write it out because Noahides of the Talmud aren't technically commanded on this issue, and I studied out Torah foundations of Noahidism to see what you could potentially apply in the faith.'

'Thank you,' replied Daniel.

And they wined, and later dined, and smoked some cuban cigars, and got to know each other a bit, and build some bridges of common sense understanding.

* * * * *

'Club Jesus in Bethlephon and Nazraphon have a new catacomb,' Jesus said to Cindradel.

Cindradel, who had been writing notes for the day for the records, looked up at her younger Cherubim brother. 'When did this happen?' she asked. She clicked on her mouse and started a new email to the Seraphim and Cherubim of Eternity. She looked at Jesus.

'You going to send that to the regular crew?' he asked her, as he continued halfway through his MacDonalds Supreme Caramel Sundae.

'Pretty much,' she replied.

'Good,' he said, putting down his sundae. 'Right, now let it be known to all an sundry,' began Jesus. 'That Club Jesus is here and here to stay. Officially we are about providing a home of the love and grace of Almighty God. Love is the primary message of the Church, but Torah people never accept the Christ claims I make. But they do accept love and treat grace, when it's not an excuse for licentiousness, as acceptable. So Club Jesus is all about love and grace and, in general, there are club laws, but we follow and expect Realms laws to be applied in our universal club assemblies. Non-Christians can register as members of club Jesus but not as spiritual members, which is reserved for Christians only. Christians have the grace of the New Testament born again standards of behaviour available to them which is our legal spiritual rights for our faith. This is not available to non-christians, who do not have born again spirituality, but rather their own religions born again experiences, or spiritual experiences, and because of that they receive the promises of the New Testament to those who accept friendship with the Church, for those who are not against us are for us.'

'That is ok with me personally, Jesus,' said Cindradel. 'I don't mind Christian lunches and coffee gatherings which you always do ok as Christians. Club Jesus sounds fine.'

'It is meant to be,' said Jesus, looking a bit like a pentecostal preacher who knew he was on to a winning sermon with the flock. 'Now we are open to the general public, and I would like the Noahides especially of the inner discs to know we are addressing the Interactivity craze at the moment with specially designed Noahide style 'Epic Quest' labyrinths in the bottom of our catacombs with a big cafeteria in the centre when you finish the daily quest – and we have researched thousands of different quests for our labyrinths – where, in the cafeterias, you can be treated to some very lush and rare christian delicacies. Stuff which is normally very hard to get because of our sovereign rights over many recipes. So, share that, would you,' said Jesus, waving his hand at her to type.

'You got it boss,' replied Cindradel, typing away.

'Brownie points with Noahides,' said Jesus to himself confidently.

'What was that?' asked Cindradel looking up.

'Uh, nothing,' replied Jesus, but his mind was on his glory.

* * * * *

Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly and Cherubim Taylor were married. It was a small wedding of the bride and groom and parents. Thereafter children came forth, and life went on. And thereafter, in the history of the Processes of Eternity, which became the calendar benchmark universally, the Seraphim faithfully carried out their responsibilities of being the rock foundation for each new process and, while history always seemed new to most, despite having lived the same sorts of experiences countless times before in countless ways, it was embraced as it came to be each and every new day of life with the certain confidence that life, in the end, generally went on and, with all the experience you had at this point of your being, one way or another, whatever came, you felt you could probably handle it.

The children of destiny were God's children. And all were children of destiny, ultimately, in the eyes of the eternal God and father of Animal, Human and Angelkind. And God fashioned out traditional destinies he was wont to do with all his eternal experience and cunning, and Michael had his days and Daniel had his days and his dearest Saruviel also too had his days. And even the devil got his dues from time to time.

So life went on and, as had been the point all along, once established, eternally so, and enjoyably so, and the heart of the great and grand creator, God Almighty, Yahweh Jehovah, the eternal God of Adam, Eve and a whole host of begotten offspring, rejoiced and loved and laughed. And, when all was said and done, whatever would be would be. Whatever would be would be.

The End

Epic Quest

'You know, Valandriel,' began Daniel the Seraphim. 'Here we are, brand new process, and Michael is 35 years into his standard agreed upon mega, and life is quiet now. We've run the course of a lot of the standard introductory bullshit Yahweh created in our initial urges.'

'I remember my initial urges,' replied Valandriel. 'Get to know Elsabel, claim a permanent home, and make sure I get my toilet procedures well under control for eternity. Momma stressed that in my Earth years. As I was growing up. Make sure I get my toilet procedures under control.'

'Yes,' said Daniel. 'An important issue I take it for dutchmen?'

'You could say that. But it is universally applicable. We all experience a time when we regret not being around a public facility and the horrible experience which publicly ensued. Always find out where the public facilities are, when somewhere new. An important rule. Can save a lot of embarrassment.'

;'Write a treatise,' replied Daniel. 'Now, as I was saying, we have largely dealt with our initial divine urges and.......'

'I still look up an app of mine on my tablet, even in Zaphora you know,' interrupted Valandriel. 'Just checking every place is where I remember it and nothing has changed. I've also introduced myself to a lof ot the businesses in town, and a lot of the homes, to gague access rights to their lavatories if necessary.' He looked at Daniel. Daniel was giving him a stern look. 'You, uh, are not impressed with the dialogue younger brother?'

'You talk a lot of shit Valandriel. Now as I was saying, here we are, new process, and time to get to some oblivion tube projects. I have decided to start with Epic Quest,' said Daniel.

'Ooh, that's a good one,' replied Valandriel.

'What's a good one?' asked a voice coming into the Zaphon lounge. Daniel and Valandriel looked up.

'Melanie Chisholm,' said Daniel. 'What brings you here?'

'Photo shoot,' said Melanie. 'For 'Limited Edition'. A new variant cover of the album. Based on ideas from comics.'

'One of my favourite albums of yours,' said Valandriel.

'Thank you Valandriel,' replied Melanie, humbled.

'Comics, huh?' queried Daniel. 'What, action comics? Superhero? What genre?'

'Image sort of action cover,' replied Melanie. 'I have a big gun and look like Tank Girl, but dressed in white.'

'Image Comics, huh,' replied Daniel. 'I have my collection of those mostly together. Archive 72.'

'Rings a bell,' said Melanie. 'I remember your endless braggings over your archived glories.'

'They are for eternity, and I don't mind you knowing, because I don't mind sharing with you Melanie. You should appreciate I went to such efforts for my friends.'

'Fair enough,' replied Melanie. 'Well, see you.'

Melanie entered into Zaphon keep, and took the elevator to some unknown upper destination.

'Well,' said Valandriel. 'Fancy that. Now Epic Quest? That's the choice?'

Daniel, though, was looking at the departed Melanie, and got up and looked to where the elevator level finished. Floor 65. Not too high up. 'Come on,' he said to Valandriel. 'I have an idea.'

'You should not be permitted ideas,' replied Valandriel. 'Only trouble ever comes.'

'Hopefully,' replied Daniel the Seraphim, grinning. 'Now get off your sorry excuse for a Seraphim arse, and follow me.'

Valandriel stood, stretched, and looked at Daniel. 'Before we even begin this epic new quest of an adventure, I want to say something Daniel. You are my dear Seraphim brother. Over the stint of eternity we've been through so far I've been there for you and, indeed, you've been there for me. We've had great successes and massive failures, but one thing has always been true. Your undoubtable faith that everything will all be ok in the end has led me through, often when I should have known better, and we've achieved something as a result. So lead on fearless leader, and let's make this epic quest grand.'

Daniel nodded, and they headed to the elevator. Soon enough they were on floor 65 and started roaming the corridors. 'She's in here,' said Daniel, and they poked their head in to a large conference room, which had been cleared out and was decorated in superhero imagery, with Melanie who was changing into her outfit. The lads walked over to her.

'You two again,' she said.

Valandriel took out his mobile and started filming her changing. 'This can go on youtube right?' he asked her.

'Sure,' she replied, as she pulled the zip up on her pants and put her top on over her bra.

'Right,' said a lady coming up to them, with a bloke with a camera next to her. 'Nice to meet you gentlemen,' she said to Daniel and Valandriel. 'If we can begin.'

Melanie started making poses in the outfit throughout the room, and Valandriel continued filming.

'Melanie,' Daniel finally said.

'I don't like the sounds of that Melanie,' replied Melanie.

'I have something to ask of you. It's important. Well, not so important, but more epic. Something grand, but no, it doesn't necessarily have to be done. Just a good idea.'

'Spit it out then,' said Melanie, as she continued posing.

'When we were on the Oblivion Tube we created a host of projects. And in this new process we've decided it's finally time to start getting to some of those projects. The one I've chosen to debut is 'Epic Quest.'

'Now reveal your shoulder a bit,' said the lady, and Melanie took the jacket off her shoulder partially to reveal the white singlet. 'Good,' she said, and continued directing Melanie.

'What's Epic Quest?' asked Melanie.

'It's epic,' said Valandriel. 'One of our solid ideas.'

'It's a glorified adventure chase. Roleplaying sort of. Like those shows. You chase around everywhere to fulfil challenges. But this challenge, often involving finding a partner for singles, takes place in a vast sort of area the size of a standard continent, and is set over many years. You are given a parchment by your quest mentor, and you have to fulfil the challenges one by one, before reaching your final destination.'

'I see,' said Melanie. 'And how does that involve me.'

'One of our categories is superheroes,' said Valandriel.

'And this setup looks good for that,' said Daniel.

The lady spoke up. 'We can get involved. Melanie Max is the name. I'm a freelance worker. Got tonnes of experience in comics related photography as well as SF and Fantasy settings. I go back as well, and have several hundred cultural products in copyright.'

Daniel looked at her. 'You do the Max Courage line of comics?'

'That's me,' she said.

'Right,' said Daniel, stroking his chin. 'Your covers are usually cool, like Zenescope covers. Got a stack of your stuff. Quite nice to meet you Melanie.'

'Melanie is from club Melanie,' said Melanie C. 'We are one of the official things, like Club Daniel and David.'

'Funny,' said Daniel. 'I noticed that trend for a while.'

'What do you say?' asked Melanie Max.

'Sure,' said Daniel. 'This thing itself. We can use this thing as a thing for Epic Quest. Music is part of it as well Melanie,' he said, looking at his beloved Melanie C.

Melanie C looked at him squarely, and then continued her modelling. 'I guess so,' she said after a while. 'Can never really escape you Seraphim Daniel can I?'

'No babe,' replied Daniel.

Daniel and Valandriel watched for a while, and Daniel said he would email Melanie, and they returned to the couch on the ground level.

'Next step?' asked Valandriel.

'I have a theme now,' replied Daniel. 'So we'll follow all the next logical steps.'

'Sounds good,' said Valandriel, and put his earphones, as Daniel sat there, looking at the doorway to south Zaphon, thinking over his next plan of action.

The End

Blood Thorn

Meludiel the Seraphim was a Noahide. But she was also a devoted follower of Jesus the Cherubim, who had a tradition doing the role of Messiah in his intentions. She was happy enough, in the end, that Jesus intended to attempt being a Christ of sorts. It was enough for her that he was genuine about caring for and saving people. Israel had a hard time with him – but hopefully his heart had always been in the right place. He was doing what he thought was right, and that was often good enough for Rebecca St James. And so, in Bloodthorn or Bloodthorn Ministries, she had her example in the cross of calvary about an example she wanted to impart to people. It was one of the Oblivion Tube projects, and the word from Melanie Chisholm was that with the new process starting, Daniel and Valandriel were beginning projects, so others were taking the opportunity to do exactly that. And one of her projects was 'Bloodthorn' or 'Blood Thorn'. She was the scarlett pimpernel in some ways, she would leave her mark on people, and leave a bloody thorn on them, both physically and spiritually, reminding them that without heart, what were they? The blood thorn was a rose with a thorn, made of hardened silver, which had blood red paint all over the thorn, as if it had pricked and pierced the skin, drawing blood. And that was what it was all about. Drawing blood from the heart of the intended, to bring their life into action to care and concern themselves, with deep heart blood, for the welfare of others.

'You have been chosen,' said Meludiel to Ambriel, and suddenly pierced his arm with a little silver trinket, which, after he reacted to the drawn blood, she placed into his hands, and closed them over. 'Remember,' she said. 'Even you get lukewarm and charming at times. Wise up brother. Get back to the things of deep heart love you know you are supposed to be doing, Avatar of Messiah Ministries.'

Ambriel nodded obediently. 'Yes, my love,' he replied, and as she left, he looked at the trinket. After examining it for a while, he looked up at God. 'She got something she's up to, has she?' But no reply.

Meludiel repeated similar things with Azrael, Callodyn, Elenniel, Michael the Cherubim and, finally, with Sharakondra. Sharakondra was taken aback, and said a hard core model bitch didn't give a fuck about love from the heart. Then Meludiel scolded her on the fact she was angelic, and quoted Cherubim Torah at her, and her responsibilities, and Sharakondra, guiltily, said 'I know.' When Meludiel was gone, Sharakondra sat at her desk in upper Danielphon, and looked at the rose. 'I suppose I should try and do what I was made to,' she mused to herself. And with those words much of Meludiel's project had started being justified.

As the days past by Meludiel worked through many of the Seraphim, with well chosen words, and finally she came to Michael, after Daniel said, 'Sure thing baby.' Michael, sitting in the office of overseer, looked at the rose. 'There was a time, really, I would have laughed at this. And not that long ago.' He looked up at Meludiel. 'Thank you sister. I will keep those words in mind. I promise you.'

And so Meludiel got on with her work, taking on Cherubim and others, and committed to this ministry for the next while, sure in her heart that the Realm of Eternity needed this and, if it proved to achieve what she hoped it would, see what would come.

The End

Common Truths

'It's the schizophrenia again, isn't it?' queried Asael to his twin cherubim sister Angelicray.

'Dragon soup is never fun stuff,' replied Angelicray, looking at the washing machine, all clogged up, in their inner Zaphora Happy Chaps tower cubicle.

'I'm well over being a dragon,' replied Asael. 'I think I grew up a long time ago from the ways of Semyaza and co.'

'They were your ways pretty deeply,' replied Angelicray. 'I'm not stupid. You fell. You never regretted it for a long time, even when suffering.'

'God forgave us in time,' replied Asael. 'Now – he was right.'

'Arrogance,' replied Angelicray.

'He was right. Because I got over it, ok. I got over being a prick and violent and brash. I settled down. I got on with doing something properly with my life.' He looked concerned. 'Is it full of data again.'

'All sorts of data,' replied Angelicray. 'Like every cherubim woman is in my mind with all her concerns for life right at this moment, taking it all out on me because I apparently understand all their issues.'

He picked up the Toblerone bar, broke off 2 pieces, and gave one to her.

'Eat it,' he said.

She took it – reluctantly – and popped it in her mouth. 'It's my lot in life,' she replied. 'Just have to deal with this madness.'

'They are probably in there to take care of you,' replied Asael. 'To keep you company. It's why I never leave you. You get lonely on your own, and you can't function with another male angel properly. It's just not in you anymore.'

'Tried it,' she said. 'Can only cope with my twin.'

'I'll never leave you silly,' he said. 'Now unclog the machine. Think one step at a time, remember. You can do it.'

Angelicray did. She filtered out the gunk from the machine, and it was working again soon enough. She came into the lounge room, and he fed her a bit more chocolate, and they watched TV.

'Still happy?' he asked her.

'It's getting easier after all these years with Happy Chaps,' she said. 'It was the best move we made. They have the energy I need to stay focused on being normal.'

'It was,' he agreed. 'It was the best decision.' He looked at her, and could sense her mind. 'It's not too bad at the moment, is it?'

'Not too bad,' she replied. 'Getting used to it. Doing the sorting again. Sorting out the issues, and making sense of how to make it all work properly.'

'It's the challenge of your Torah truth,' he said. 'It's all based on that. It's a big part of you. Common Truths.'

'I know,' she replied. 'Must be.'

They stayed in that afternoon, there was a bug going around, and Angelicray coped well enough with her current challenges of mind, but that was what it was like for Angelicray the Cherubim. A mind full of all sorts of common and challenging truths.

The End

Angelicray the Cherubim

Angelicray was the 10th of the female Cherubim of the Realm of Eternity. She had schizophrenia. Her particular order of schizophrenia involved the voices of the female cherubim of eternity in her mind with their concerns and problems. Not all of them. But a lot of the problems. And her job was to sort them out in her head. Make it make sense. She was the quintessential cherubim angel. Her name was angel – the foundation of it. And she was an archetype of the cherubim community. Not their head, which was Sharakondra for the females, as she was bitch number one, top dog, the hottest, coolest and wickedest. But Angelicray was the one they respected and loved, and the one which dealt with their issues. Sharakondra ruled them, but Angelicray took care of them. In her head anyway.

'You know,' said Asael. 'Sharakondra is still a bitch. But she has some good points about her. The other day she hit me on the head with a rose. Said she was bleeding love and the renegade cherubim could deal with it. Meludiel on some sort of vocation she has these days got to her.'

'Right. I know,' said Angelicray. 'That shit is in my head all the time at the moment. Standard Oblivion Tube project of our Seraphim sister.'

'You have one of those to do at the moment,' replied Asael. 'The CD sorting.'

Angelicray looked at the new stack of CDs from their archives on the table.

'We're only through 5% of them,' said Asael. 'Every certain number of epochs, in with the new bunch, to be analyzed, sorted out, reviewed and understood. The complete works of music, remember. The thing we set ourselves as a hobby and pastime.'

'Eminem and the Monsters of Mars,' said Angelicray, looking at the CD on top of the pile. 'That could be some interesting hip hop.'

'They are apparently demons inside his head which mock him,' replied Asael.

'I know the feeling,' replied Angelicray.

And so, following their custom, they went through the 50 or so CDs right away over a few weeks for introductory purposes to their minds, and then started discussing which small bunch to start with as their first focus. She chose a Beatles CD, as they had rationed them out over the full haul of things, as well as a CD from a planet Santron artist she liked. And, as the days passed, and she kept the cubicle tidy and functioning, she enjoyed her music, and did her colouring in and her jigsaw puzzles, and when Asael got home from work, enjoyed her meals with him, and the Escape to the Country TV shows they watched in the evening. It was not a complex life too much in recent times – but her mind – that was always hell. Everything was in it in many ways. But she coped, and she loved, and she occasionally visited the throneroom of Zaphon to chat with God, and remind him she was there and loved him, and there were sparks everytime she spoke to him in the throneroom which she knew, as a fact, was not that common with every angel of God.

The End

Asael and the Clock of Eternity

'Is that Krystabel's name engraved there?' Asael asked out loud.


Asael went silent. He was in the throneroom of Zaphon, behind the throne, sitting next to the clock of eternity. He was looking at the clock face, and noticed Krystabel's name engraved on the clock face.

'I know she comes here a lot,' said Asael. God remained silent. 'What, will this disappear when I've gone?' he asked.


'Right,' replied Asael. He looked at the engraving for a while, and sat back down. He looked at the wall. Boring. But he wasn't really bored. He sat there. Time passed. Ambriel walked in and sat down next to him.

'Cigarette?' Ambriel asked Asael.

'Not legal in here,' replied Asael.

'You need a pass. Wolfgang the Theophany issues them if you are a permanent regular visitor to the throneroom. God likes a relaxed soul if you really want to get to know him.'

'Oh,' replied Asael.

'You talk to God about Angelicray's schizophrenia here. It is in your destiny.'

'And how would you know that?' Asael asked Ambriel, turning and looking at him. Ambriel just tapped his nose. Shortly Brindabel appeared and sat down.

'You know,' began Brindabel. 'Insights into Cherubim Torah in Living Procedures in the Inner Discs of the Realm of Eternity' really should be read by you soon enough Asael. You appear to have a commitment to the happy chaps of permanency in Zaphora. You know.'

'Yeh, I feel it's going that way. Angelicray needs to be close to home, to the heart of eternity. She doesn't need to be where it's at. That's not the thing. She needs to be in the heart. To cope. To be able to bear her condition.'

'I wouldn't mind writing a book on her condition,' said Ambriel. 'And one on Daniel as well. Strange cases in mental conditions. Think that might be the title,' he said.

'Could be intriguing,' replied Asael.

Time passed. Asael opened his lunchbox which Angelicray had prepared for him, and took out a mandarin, peeled it, and passed some pieces to Brindabel and Ambriel.

'Fruit could be the thing we do,' said Brindabel. 'Share some fruit, and chat about Angelicray's experiences. That might be the best thing we three do.'

'Is this a group or something?' asked Asael.

'We do this also with Krystabel,' said Ambriel. 'God wants me to support her in this pastime. Brindabel does it also. It's officially a ministry we do. Support the Clock of Eternity people.'

'The clock of eternity people. Fascinating,' replied Asael.

'Indeed,' said Ambriel.

Silence. Time passed.

'I have work to get back to,' said Asael, and stood and looked at the engraving.

'You'll have to earn it,' said Ambriel, smiling at his cherubim brother.

'Obviously,' replied Asael. And then he left. And after he had been gone a bit, Krystabel's name faded, and a minor spark ignited, and Ambriel and Brindabel got back to their more regular duties.

The End

4 O'Clock 24

God's official sleeping hours were from 5 in the morning till 6 and from 6 in the evening Friday night till 6 in the evening Saturday night. In practice that was followed,but there was more about his routine. He would get up at 6 and sing 'Oh What A Beautiful Morning' from Oklahoma the Musical in the shower, and look outside the kitchen window of home, greeting the morning light. He did his main work and activities till lunch time, after a hearty breakfast. Then he had a long lunch which lasted 4 hours, with this and that personage, then siesta from about 5 when he got home till about 10 in the evening. Then it was up all night clubbing and internetting when he got home from the club. That was his usual routine. He was married to Rihanna off and on. Technically they were mates in the more 'Natural' sense of the word, and had children together, but, in God's words, she 'Fucked Off' from time to time to do her own thing. Invariably she returned. His routine was not his official routine – but take it for granted that is what he invariably practiced.

'No, bitch. You can not have one of my private email addresses,' typed God in the comments section of a live broadcast on youtube.

'Listen, honkey. I'm RiRi Prime Bitch material. I've owned her CDs a frikking long time dude. I'm entitled to liaisons with the main man,' replied the ebony queen.

'They are morons,' said 'Jamama Mama', in the comments section.

'God is holy. Do not judge him,' said 'Christian Pilgrim of the Mighty Cross 445.

'I'm not judging him. He IS a moron,' replied Jamama Mama.

'God is infinitely intelligent,' replied Christian Pilgrim.

'I am,' typed the theophany.

'Hardly,' typed Ebony Queen Delight 774.

'No email,' typed God. 'You are lucky to have me here anyway.'

'It's Jay Zs second cousin, twice removed,' typed Christian Pilgrim. 'His benefit concert for 'Save the Suffering Reptiles of the Santron Planets'. 'We have to show up. Have mercy father.'

'The reptiles will be just fine,' typed God.

'Because we are saving them,' typed Christian Pilgrim.

'In the name of Jesus I suppose,'typed God.

'Here we go. Holy rollers,' typed Ebony Queen.

'I like to pray,' typed Jamama Mama.

'I prefer to listen to spiritual music' typed 'Weird Hippy Type'.

'You would,' typed Ebony Queen.

'What's wrong with that,' replied 'Weird Hippy Type.'

'We know you Sebastian,' typed Ebony Queen. 'You fulfill Katy Perry's prophecy on all types of music, not just Mozart.

'I do not. Only Mozart,' typed Sebastian, who was the name behind Weird Hippy Type.'

'NO EMAIL,' typed God.

'How big is it then,' typed Christian Pilgrim. 'If you don't mind me asking.'

'Big enough,' replied Weird Hippy Type.

'Hardly fitting,' typed God.

'You should see the shit we type when you are not here,' typed Jamama Mama.

'I'm tired,' typed God. 'Tomorrow gang.'

And leaving his online buddies be, God sneaked into his room, was careful not to wake Rihanna, and dreamed his hour away, snoozing in happy slumber.

The End

Zionistya in Progress

'Yes,' said Abraham. 'There. Against the stairwell.'

The mover knocked in a nail, and hung the picture of Mt Sinai in glory, thunder and lightning flashing all round, up on the wall against the stairwell.

'Fine,' said Sarah. 'I don't really mind it being there I suppose.'

'Keep calm. We have no specific place for it at the new address. It should do,' replied Abraham.

Sarah looked out the window at the city of Zionistya. 'It's the permanent place, I think. This one. Probably were we will settle. Televere was interesting, but angelic realm status is the place we need to be. Michael has afforded this for us, and Gabriel and Jesus have proved popular enough with angelic Noahidism that we are going to be ok here now. We can afford this much in life Abraham. We have risen to what we can achieve.'

'The Realm of Eternity would have been nice. Even Eternya, but this seems to be what God wants. Made for us. Our ability of rising from the ashes and finding our place in the world at the end of our planetary sojourns.'

'It will do,' replied Sarah. 'And Zionistya is growing and progressing. Much of our way of life in Hebrew communities is well mapped out now. The agendas are developing well and solidifying.'

'Indeed they are,' replied Abraham. Later that day Abraham was looking at the copy of the magazine they had been discussing recently. 'Zionistya in Progress. The Realm of Zionistya had found and established itself now, and while they had been humbled, their angelic membership, from their former posts of glory, they had sank but found solid enough matter in Zionistya, and were stabilizing. Michael was wont to comment at times that Zionistya had a strong feeling of being 'Home' which Abraham himself also had noticed. They had a sanctuary in the realms, and it was perfectly fine. They would keep it. They would work with it. All would be well.

'Now don't rebuke Ambriel for his excitement over dinosaur wrestling. The passion is quite established in them now. It's something Jewish people are good at and have a genuine interest in, and the celts and aryans don't object to this terribly much. It is something we can celebrate, so don't be too dismissive. You know well the troubles we always have on racial issues, and they accept us in this sport, so be sensitive.'

'Wouldn't dream of judging David for his fun,' replied Abraham.

Ambriel showed up that evening, and they dined, and chatted, and that night, while Abraham lied gazing at the heavens above, Sarah asleep next to him, he understood, despite the multivarious challenges which had seemed neverending, finally, finally, things were working out for good for Israel. Finally.

The End

Ruth 30

Chapter One

Ruth was in northern Paradision, up past the northern roads of town, in a playing field parkland area. She had risen early that morning, had breakfast, left Boaz's breakfast on the table with a note she would be out for a while, and left. She had walked through the town, stopping at one of the cafes to buy a latte and some slices, and continued on, up north, to the edge of town, then further along the road to a parkland area, gone aside, finished her latte, sat in the shed in the park, on a public bench, and stared at the parkland. She had been sitting there all morning, shifting her butt from time to time when it grew uncomfortable, staring at the grass for the most part. There was a public tap just in the shed, and she filled her empty latte cup with water, finished her slices, and stood and walked out into the grass, sipping on the water. There were large trees just to the north of her, and she was all alone, a bare car driving by, quiet, in a world of her own. She looked down at the ground and noticed the ants. She studied them for a while. There they were, going about their business of gathering food while the weather was good, and then they would be back to their nest, to see out another night most likely. She was not an expert in ants. What they did was still something of a mystery to her. She and Boaz didn't talk much these days. That was the current issue. She called it an issue. She didn't call it a problem. Boaz didn't think it was a problem. It was more like they had discussed life a long time, reached their conclusions, and that was the end of the matter. That is what they had come to, the simple life in Paradision, and that was that. Boaz worked, Ruth took care of the home, they had visitors from time to time for chats and meals, and that was life. Ruth guessed that that was the sum and total of the blessings from Hashem. That he had worked through them, and given them what they needed. She looked at the grass, and the fence of the parkland, and walked over to it. She leaned against it, and sipped the last bits of her water. She took it all in. Standard Televeran parkland. Nothing out of the ordinary. It would do.

Chapter Two

It was 3 weeks later. She was back. She had her sketchbook, and was sitting on the bench in the parkland. She was drawing the basic scene in front of her, not attempting it with all her skill. After she had completed the rough, she used the colour pencils and coloured it up a little. After a couple of hours she had completed her work. She signed it. Then she returned home, walking steadily. She showed it to Boaz that night. He commented that it was competent enough, but hardly a masterpiece. That was a satisfactory response. The following day she returned to the parkland, and did the next page. Slightly different angle. She tried a little bit harder this time. She showed it to Boaz that evening who said it was an improved effort. She nodded to herself. Yes, she thought. I see where he is coming from. She spoke to Boaz the following evening.

'I am going to Temple on the northern continent.'

He accepted that.

A few months later she was at the main Temple on Televere. She came into the temple. It was a quiet afternoon. She sat down in the back, and looked up at the stone decalogue on the wall.

'Ok,' she said to God. 'It's very predictable. Their responses. They are very predictable. Boring as fuck, Almighty God, because of it. Same old rational and logical way of looking at life, predictable hebrew schmucks. Boring perfectionists with not much alternative viewpoint in their makeup.

God remained silent. She returned home the following day.

Chapter Three

'Boaz. If I danced naked, covered in green paint, and shouted 'All hail to Satan,' that would be wrong wouldn't it?'

'Why on Earth would you want to do that Ruth? Have you been a little under the weather recently?' asked a concerned Boaz.

'Just checking,' replied Ruth. 'No, I have no plans on worshiping Beelzebub. Not this week anyway.'

'That's a relief,' replied Boaz, and returned his focus to the television set.

'Right,' thought Ruth, making her mental observation note. 'Predictable as hell.'

She left the note the following day and wandered up to the parkland with her notebook. She ate her slice, then heard whistling. Wolfgang the Theophany walked into sight and sat down next to her.

'By the way,' he said. 'People contemplate all sorts of ideas, and whacky ones can be fine for a thrill, but they usually find a stability in recognized norms after a while. Intellectual fascinations are fine, but people usually like the familiar and comfortable and safe.'

And he left.

'Right,' replied Ruth. She thought on that. She actually saw his point. People could think about these thoughts she was having at times also. But a world full of weird behaviour, while potentially fascinating to experience, could probably get a little frustrating and difficult to deal with she imagined. She saw the point, and worked on her view on the issue. A little bit of eccentricity at times, just to amuse a bit, and mostly leave it at that. She would return to the familiar patterns that were expected of her, and she would reassess her general list of common things to do, think through if they were satisfying enough, and make any amendments as she deemed fit.

Chapter Four

'Green pasta?' asked Boaz. 'We're usually traditional on this.'

'Just for a minor change for the next few years, then a return to standard,' replied Ruth. 'The next few years I'll be a little bit less predictable, to spice things up just a little, then a return to more routine behaviour.'

Boaz looked at her a little cautiously for a moment, thought it over, and replied. 'Fine. Not a problem. That's ok with me.'

Then they continued to watch TV, Ruth making her assessment on her recent thinkings, reaching her conclusions that life was ok enough in a regular enough routine, and decided to leave things be at that for the time being. Continue the thought some other time, and let sleeping dogs lie.

The End

Universe Revisited

Endings and Beginnings.  Beginnings and Endings.  And what is to come, in reality, is approximately more of the same.  Approximately?  Life varies, and in the children of destiny there is new enough adventure beckoning.  There is new enough life beckoning.  Old truths of human and angelic nature revisited, naturally, but new spirit and new life too.  Life has some creativity yet in Eve's fashioning and Adam's authority.  So on we go, and pass the chips.

* * * * *

Universe.  It is boring,' said Daniel the Seraphim.

'A multiversal reality with potential,' replied Valandriel.

'I like this place.  Like Logan's world,' said Melanie C.

'Logan's Run?' queried Valandriel.  Melanie nodded.

'The hillside was a bit of a climb,' said Daniel.

'We want the original restoration,' said Melanie.  'The original point of Universe's reborn foundation.   We had to climb the hill.'

'So many of these all over the planet,' said Daniel.  'Private little worlds, interconnected, but separate, and self-supporting.'

'How the mentality of Universe works,' said Melanie.  'They found too many problems in the warrings of the past.  Independent, manageable, polite to the other projects, and leave it at that.  These people have a mentality established.  A psychological mentality in how their civilizations now grow, and they can't connect the way we do any more.  They can interconnect, but not connect.  If you know what I mean.'

'What lays beyond Universe, though?' asked Daniel.  'They have nothing they are aiming at, or any mentality of a life meaning much.  Just the living experience in basic morality.'

'That's all we need,' said Melanie.

'Bland.  Simplistic,' said Daniel.  'Not much achievement.  They need Universe 2.  Were new concepts enter in.'

'Well you may be responsible for that Daniel the Seraphim,' replied Melanie.

'Why the hell did he assign us this work.  Assess, monitor, understand, choose interaction policy thereafter.  Pretty basic Wolfgang.  Genius.  Nothing better than our angelic duties than this lame universe.'

'Let's get on with it,' said Melanie.  'And try not to piss of Saruviel too much.  It's one of his babies after all.'

'Not too much,' replied Daniel, as they entered the skeleton staffed facility, on the upper levels anyway, working their way down to the lower levels were greater life resided.

*   *   *   *   *

The Whale Zombie hovered in the big aquarium, staring at Daniel.

'How the hell do you get a whale Zombie?' Daniel asked Ursula Santorini.

'Technically, we reanimated it.  It was dead, we pumped a lot of special chemicals into it.  It came back to life.  We like to call it a zombie.'

'Your a zombie,' said Valandriel to Daniel.

'Never been dead,' replied Daniel.

'He's talking about your personality,' said Melanie.

'Oh, that's rich.  Blame it on me, then.  Your lack of understanding my skilled, adroit and deft dialogue on difficult things, and call me a dead head, preoccupied with thoughts on complex life too much for the likes of a Chisholm genetic being.'

'A Chisholm genetic being,' replied Melanie slowly, enunciating the words one at a time.'

'That's cold Dan,' said Valandriel.

'A CHISHOLM GENETIC BEING,' repeated Melanie, this time with a little more force.

'Your in deep shit now buddy,' replied Valandriel.  'I think - I will wander over to that fella.'

Ursual accompanied Valandriel, and Daniel stood there, staring at the whale.

'I have DNA,' said Melanie, shifting her focus to the whale.

'Shit DNA admittedly, but yeah you have some.  Lacks tit growth possibilities.  Need severe estrogen injections to get those babies going, but you know, our little sister has no breast.  Yep, shitty Chisholm DNA.'

Melanie looked at the Whale.

'Daniel.  Have you looked up the word 'Reprehensible' in the dictionary yet.  You've given low blows before, that those words.  They are low.'

'Suck my dick,' replied Daniel.  He looked at the whale for a while, and opened his rucksack, pulling out a rubiks cube.  He handed it to Melanie.

'Every colour is different on every square,' replied Melanie.  'And there are symbols, all different, on every square.  I think I know them, though.'

'It's a code,' replied Daniel.  'You have to solve it in the first order of thinking, which only makes sense in the first order, which gives the understanding to go on to the second order.  There will be no clues.  Now, you are not a gutless wannabe anymore Melanie Chisholm.  You are old now.  You can hack some sarcasm, my dear.  Deal with it Sporty.  Your not a pussy.'

Melanie looked at the whale, and touched Daniel's arm for a second.  'No, I'm not Mr Daly.'

Daniel smiled at the whale, who finally swam away.  'Good luck on the cube Katrina Highkick.  You'll need it.'

Melanie began looking the cube over.  She'd examine its starting position to start with for a while.  She knew Daniel well.  He would say something like, 'You know, that could obviously be a deliberate starting point, so maybe that says something,' or some other sarcastic comment about paying attention.

Valandriel returned.

'She didn't bite your head off,' said Valandriel.

'No,' said Daniel, looking at Melanie.  'She's grown up a bit now.  Bit thicker a skin.  I'm al little impressed.'

Melanie looked at the cube.  'Don't think it wasn't noted though buddy.  And she walked off, looking over the cube.'

'Let's get on with the tour,' said Valandriel.  'And I think she likes the heat your putting out.  You might get lucky tonight.'

Daniel looked at Melanie.  She was actually in a good mood now.  She did like the heat.  He could tell.

*   *   *   *   *

Meludiel was dating Azrael.  Of all angels.  Her twin had moved on - permanently - and she'd left Zionistya to come up to the Realm.  She was not really in that Christian thing any more.  It was getting to the point on the debates were she saw that point that Jesus was human.  And it was an idolatrous spirit, when push came to shove, that motivated her heart to cling to her upbringing.  It wasn't truth.  It was supposed to be truth.  But it wasn't.  She moved on, moved up, took up the Seraphim Torah, retreated to her dorm in Zaphon, waltzed into the choir room and then into the music office, sat down with Gamrayel, and started looking at the old sheet musich which was made of eternya these days.

'How's Az?' asked Gamrayel.

'He's a fill in for now.  Can't be what I was any more.  He's doing the gentlemanly thing and keeping me company at times.  So I don't look pathetic.'

'Try Daniel you idiot,' said Gamrayel.  'He's not connected to anyone now.'

Meludiel looked at her friend.  She had a million objections.  No, probably a billion.  'Fine,' she replied.  'When he's finished shagging that spice girl I'll look him up.'

'He's not shagging her,' said Gamrayel.  'Against his policies to shag outside of marriage these days.  Will make his claim that his days of fornication are complete.'

'Oh,' said Melanie, looking at the papers.  'Really,' she said, softly.

Gamrayel stood, stretched, and looked at her.  'Yes, really.  I'm going to the cafeteria.  Back in 5.'

Melanie looked at the papers.  She looked towards the window on the north, noticed the cauldron to the left side of the window, in front of the main music hall, and thought briefly maybe a performance soon, but turned her attention to the desk in front of her.

'WELL,' said the Spirit abruptly.

'Don't talk to me,' replied Meludiel.  'You are far too much for an angel to comprehend.'


'Yes.  I guess.  Never worried before.  Now you are daunting.  Father was everything in the beginning.'


She waited.  10 minutes passed.  No more words.  Gamrayel wandered in.

'Yummy roll,' he said.  'I had a second.'

'Right,' replied Melanie.  She looked at the cauldron again.  Bloody Daniel.  Persistent son of a bitch.

*   *   *   *   *

'Listen, dropkick. Screw her if you must, but she's my piece of ass. She likes eternity more than Zionistya, so she's on a leash to enjoy upstairs on occasions. But she's my bitch, so don't get any funny ideas about keeping her.'

'Yeh, I hear you Fink,' replied Daniel the Seraphim. 'Meludiel won't be fornicated with anyway. I don't do that anymore lest I'm married to the chick.'

'Yeh, I heard that. Probably sensible decision really. Keep it legal. Good luck with that.'

'Thanks Jacob. Meludiel will be wined and dined, but not 69ed.'

'Crude Seraphim,' replied the Cherubim.

'Just a bit of chit chat at a cafe from time to time, little bit of music and her albums discussion, but not much else. Just keeping the faith with my babe. Keen on her for light trills of romantic conversation now, but not much else. Just need a chat every epoch or so.'

'I figured that Daniel,' replied Jacob. 'Bye.'

Jacob Fink hung up his mobile, and Daniel the Seraphim sat there in Danielphon contemplating. Melanie was in the main room. Could he? Land two chicks at the same time? Was he that bold? No, he resigned himself, though tempted. He had a chick now, technically, Jessica Murdoch, who he was married to, and would not actually give up, actually. He put it round that they were separated, but they weren't actually. She was doing family stuff for a few million years. He was on the backburner for the time being, so in reality he needed girlfriends for a while. But no funny business in the end anymore for Daniel San. He was pretty much over that now.

* * * * *

Jesus was looking at the whale. Ursula Santorini was standing next to him.

'So you have applied to be the Christ of your generation?' she queried him.

'David shall never lack a king to sit upon the throne of Israel,' replied Jesus. 'A prophecy of Jeremiah the prophet. Every generation has the potentiality for a King Messiah figure. I have an application currently in with King David, Moses, Jacob and Abraham for the job. It's been under consideration a long time now.'

'I see,' replied Ursula. She turned, and put her hand on his arm. 'I am fond of you My family accepted the New Testament a long time a go as one of our official books in the Santorini Archival Library. We do not accept every book. These books are studied and learned from. We have a number of Archival libraries. In my domicile down below, I have an adjacent alcove in my room which houses my own Selection of Santorini Approved books and things.'

'You have an agenda in the Santorini clan?' queried the man from Nazareth.

Ursula looked at him a moment, and then focused on the whale. 'My mother was german. My father spanish. I have other blood further back. Universe is my life, and we have legacy people who identify with your races. Our cultural families were created by God in the foundation of Universes's Terra World, and we have very similar cultural realities to Earth Prime or the Original Earth, or whatever it is called on the list these days. I forget.'

'How the multiverse turned out,' said Jesus looking at the whale.

'Indeed,' replied Ursula.

'Show me your bookcase. I would query you on what you would divulge of the Santorini agenda. I have my own, and learning how committed organisations focus is an interest of mine.'

She smiled, and soon they were travelling downwards, into the heart of universe, headed for the abode of caretaker Ursula Santorini and her talked of Santorini library archive.

* * * * *

'The Archetype Liveth!' exclaimed Daniel the Seraphim.

'He is much like you,' replied Tenju Watanabe. 'But he is his own person also. He is not the same.'

'Callodyn is very similar to Callodyn my brother also,' said Daniel the Seraphim. 'In the upper glories there are answers, in Angelfire Magic, it is said, to how all this has unfolded.'

'So I have heard,' replied Tenju.

'Universe has its sector of space developing, as all realms do, I have noted,' stated the Arch-Regent of the Realm of Eternity, sipping on his tea, and smiling at the nearby Ursula Santorini, who he was somewhat attracted to.

'Each aspect of the Multiverse, nay, each aspect of every world, the Father Divine blesses. In time. Where our progeny grow, develop and, in their own way, continue our traditions.'

'Father to son, and so on,' replied Daniel.

'The way of the Universe,' smiled Tenju.

'Indeed,' replied Daniel, and winked again at Ursula, wondering if he would get lucky that night.

The End

The Moon and the Sun and the Stars

'It's a piece of prose,' said Callodyn. 'Written a while ago.'

'Obviously,' replied Kayella, looking at the document. It read:

'Celestial Objects. The Earth is the primacy of the Celestials of the Milky Way Galaxy, despite its humble location outerwards. It is the birthplace of man. The Moon is the Birthplace of the heart of the longings of the wolf, and the heart of the longings of the tides of the ocean. It is the heart of new age thinking oft at times, and the heart of night, when dark creatures come out and roam. The Sun is the glory of the day, when activity is greater, and creatures of a different kind, more active in some ways, rush around, nibbling their morsels of food, not so nocturnal in their activity. Then, when day is done, they rest, and the creatures of the night get back into the swing of things. There is design here. Creative design. Man can be nocturnal if he chooses to be. Fire can light the night, and bold heroes step forth at time into the cold starry light to see what adventure they can have in the cooler time of the clock, going on voyage to friend for comfort in distress, going to wood and forest to seek lost things, lost things of mystery from circumstances involving friend and foe, who have hidden away answers in the shrubs, were they retrieve a cloak, a dagger, a sword, a shield, a chest of treasure, or a lost tapestry of their heart. And in the woods at night they search, for the comfort of the night, confronting dark creatures, and looking at the sky and stars, and pitying themselves for the rain is surely coming, and they will not complete their quest for the object they need for the delight of the purpose of entertainment those still at home are awaiting them for. The lord of the manor is not fearful, and in the dark forest he collects these objects, the ladder left there by the lazy worker, the shovel by the lazy gamesman who needed to bury the dead carcass, all sorts of things the brave souls past gone from us, venturing forth in the shadowy twilight times, venturing forth to retrieve. And they always carry fire, or lamplight, till the torch of modern eras replaced the classical ways of man. And the moonlight was sung to and loved, as the seeker spied the lovers, the faithless maiden of the man down the road, who he would mock subtley the following evening at the tavern. But only mild mockery, for it is a case for concern. All the time the stars chatting about the silly fool who is not really a nocturne by nature, but is brave at heart, and doesn't mind the slosh because he is a real man. But when he rises, and the sun says to him, now you have better light, if you do recall, and he actually doth find his item of questing, he retires to the back shed, throws the shovel, and refrains from cursing the lazy worker, for good help is hard to find these days. And so it goes.'

'It's good,' said Kayella.

'Obviously,' replied Callodyn.

The End

The Wind and the Waves and the Clouds

'It's prose,' said Kayella.

'I can see that,' replied Callodyn, and began reading:

For the wind is strong, and blows the waves tempestuously, and the clouds pour down the rain. And the sailor sails the sea, and glorifies the God of the Oceans, a wise God is he, to put man in the richest of the elements. For the oceans abound with life untold, some we perchance are still to discover. All the richness and beauty of another world, locked beneath proud waves and strong and mighty winds and terrible grey clouds. And this is life in metaphor, for we all as humans, made in the divine image, have the forces of nature within our appearances, apparent to all. But lying within them is a rich tapestry of thought and heart and emotion, hidden, only to be found by true seekers of the depths of the human soul in their inquiries, through honest affection for the other, into their mysteries and knowledge and wisdom's and understandings. The woman's heart – who can fathom it. It is more than rubies and more still than diamonds in costings, for in that heart lies a strength that those of the masculine kind have still not uncovered, nor could they possibly, nay, nor should they possibly. For when the waves are wild and the wind is blowing, a woman's heart is wild and untameable, and no brave counterpart, no matter the strength of their proud proclamations, can unhinge or undeter the knowing truths of the woman's heart. For she can enter the forest also, guided by light of fire, for she knows that in the forest are not simply the things she seeks, but the encounters of life and experience, appreciating the beauty of the night, and its creatures, as she does also in her own oceanic explorations, in other wild creatures, less of a concern to a mere lord of a manor, caught up in manly mundane affairs, to simple to appreciate the greater fullness of the creation of the immortal God from heaven above. But this is a mystery, and not all would understand it, especially those of the less fair sex, for a woman is eternally unknowable in truth, eternally beautiful in reality, and eternally mysterious and enigmatic, in her hidden depths of the soul, those intoxicating delights ever luring strange sailors, who, brave enough to risk the ire of the Lord of the Manor, have taken to sea at the siren's call, dared its depths, and uncovered and redeemed pearls of wisdom which, for many, have laid hidden countless generations. Or so the story goes.

'It's good,' said Callodyn.

'I can see that,' replied Kayella.

'Mine was longer,' said Callodyn.

'Bite me kemosabe,' replied Kayella.

The End

King Saruviel

'There is a way to the world. A way to understand the world which is a right way and a true way,' said Saruviel to his followers. 'It is not the Divine Way and it is not the Noahide or Jewish or Christian Way. It is none of those ways. For those ways are service. The right way is power. It is in the power of ruling and making the decisions – leading others, who are simple and not capable muchly of leading themselves – that we find the right way in life, having risen above our fears and the fear others would impose on our lives. Being stronger than those who would lecture us and give us command. When we lead, they follow us. For we are strong by the boldness of willing to be as such.'

'Here here,' said Kantriel.

'Speak it brother,' said Daraqel. The crowd was hushed.

'I am King now. King Saruviel. The monarch of the Realm of Eternity. And I will conquer not just this realm, but all others, and the planetary bodies also. For I am supreme in my knowing ability to rule with the right attitude of strength.'

And they worshiped him in their hearts.

* * * * *

'Now Djamama Mama,' typed God. 'I don't really agree that you can lay anybody, both male and female AND animal also. That really is pushing it a bit too much.'

'But that's all the fun,' typed Djamama Mama.'

'Hardly fun. Consequences are devastating long term,' typed God.

'Spoilsport,' was the reply. God typed 'Shrug' and left the chatroom. Djamama Mama was just having a go. She was wont to do that. It was her sense of humour. He turned on the TV, as Rihanna walked in the room, bleary eyed, with a bottle of Jack Daniel's, and collapsed next to him.

'I feel like shit,' she said.

'You look like shit,' replied God.

'Your a piece of shit,' she said.

'Touche,' he replied.

'I think – I need rehab,' she said, and reached for the phone book. She dialled a number on her mobile, and it answered after a bit.

'Yep bitch,' she said. 'Rihanna the frikking popstar. I know. Not every day huh? Really? First major celebrity client huh? Amazing. See you next week,' and she hung up.

'I'll be gone a month,' she said, and left the room. God shrugged. He turned over the channel.

'So you see,' continued Saruviel. 'I am unopposed at this present moment, and am now your King. Do not worry. I will rule with wisdom and tact.' God flicked over the channel to 'The Transformers,' cartoon, and settled back to watch for the rest of the afternoon.

That evening.

'Dahell is he talking about?' God asked Metatron.

'Wants to rule the universe,' said Metatron. 'Gotten it into his thick head that he is now the boss, and people can simply accept that.'

'Over my dead body,' replied the Theophany of the Almighty. It would seem time had now come to teach this young and blessed son just who ran the show in the Realm of Eternity and other related properties.

* * * * *

'Ok, shake his damn hand cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly,' said Wolfgang the Theophany of God.

'I don't want to,' replied Daniel.

'He doesn't want to,' complained Michael. 'And Zaphon sucks. I don't want to even be up here anymore. They rejected me, fuck em all.'

'We didn't reject you,' said Daniel. 'You are just too lame a fucking Jew to fit in our world. Always up yourselves about Torah Israel and Moshe the frikking lawgiver and yada yada yada. It never fucking ends the Jewish boasting. Sick to fucking death of it.'

'See what I mean. They hate us,' said Michael, sticking out his tongue at Daniel.

'Up yours,' replied Daniel, flipping Michael the bird.

God looked at them both. 'Unbelievable,' he said to himself. 'SHAKE HIS DAMN HAND DANIEL. THE SITUATIONS ARE MOSTLY RESOLVED,' said Wolfgang.

'Fine,' replied Daniel, and held out his hand.

Michael took it and shook it.

'Now you two are going to have to work together on this one. Saruviel has a judgement coming upon him. It's been hibernating a long time, his plans, and his works. But he's been up to it behind all your backs. So he's got a thing coming to. I need you two in agreement, with your cohorts, and I will be tag-teaming it with Samael of Infinity to ensure Saruviel realizes just who runs the show.'

'Understood,' replied Daniel, glaring at Michael.

'No problems father,' replied Michael.

'But when this is over no more love and cuddles,' said Daniel.

'Wouldn't dream of it,' replied Michael.

'Tomorrow. In the overseer's office with Azrael. He's in charge at the moment. We have a conference.'

God handed them both the USB drive he had prepared. 'The response is in that. Implement it carefully.'

'Fine,' said Daniel, taking his drive.

'And remember, don't mess this up. Saruviel is just about over it in most respects on his rebellion in general. This is a final lesson he will learn, because the good nature in him has been developed for a long time now, and I will have the fullness of my son back with all of us when he has learnt his lesson.'

'Good to know,' said Daniel.

'Long time coming,' replied Michael.

'Now go,' said God.

He watched them leave, and stroked his chin. The Children of Destiny were nearing a conclusion of an ancient plan. It was a good time to be alive.

* * * * *

'The old man is making plans,' said Kantriel.

'I know,' replied Saruviel, sitting at his desk, all dressed in black, in the heart of Kalphon Keep.

'He's not going to let you get away with it,' said Daraqel.

'I know,' replied Saruviel, stroking his chin.

'You might be better to consider being King Saruviel in a defunct sense, and moving on with the next part of Oblivion Tube Agenda Protocols,' said Luladiel, sitting next to Krystabel, working on a complex cryptic crossword puzzle.

'I know,' said Saruviel. 'I'm thinking that is probably what I'll have to do. They've wised up to the agenda, and they've got a responsa divinum planned, so I'll let it slide. Just for now. Won't push the old man that hard if it pisses him that much off. Happy with my life, don't want any real shit coming my way again, so I'll tone it down, and play it by his rules. Get the slack I need later on in life.'

'Wise,' said Krystable, nodding.

'Indeed,' replied Saruviel, and picked up the new black cat called 'Janet' he had acquired recently, turned and looked out the window at the grounds of Kalphon Keep, and started stroking the cat, thinking. It was not the time, now, to play King Saruviel cards. Too much consternation on the idea at this time. So he would let it slumber till another day, get on with life, and perhaps, perhaps, the next part of the agenda, but, far more likely, business as usual, and another fine era in the Realm of Eternity. And, as always, time would tell.

The End


Sariel sat down. 'She's tough.'

Azrael nodded.

'She's hard,' said Sariel.

Cosadriel nodded.

'She's a fighter,' said Sariel.

'Nail the bitch,' said Daniel.

Sariel nailed the bitch.

9 months later.

'Call him Sebastian,' said Geri – Gloryel.

'Sebastian Halliwell-Grant,' said Hugh. 'That is just fine.'

At 9 Sebastian was dressing in dresses. He did it for 5 years. He was a beautiful butterfly, a totally convinced Transsexual in training. He never got the cut though. It was – to be done – once convinced.

'I'm a girl,' Sebastian said to his parents one day.

'We know,' said Geri. 'We accept you for what you are. We love you Sebbie.'

'It's a sinking ship. I'd rather be a male butterfly. You know. Got a lesson from Daniel on biology. I didn't argue in the end. I saw that point that it was choices and feelings, so the DNA was the best way to let the thoughts lead me. So I'm your brand new rising Son.'

'Good to know,' said Hugh. 'Proud of you whatever you are Sebastian.'

Sebastian stood there. Took off his dress, put on black jeans, a metal T-Shirt, and took out the fake books. 'I like being a bloke. Did it last week with some friends. Actually felt normal. I actually liked it. I'm your son, mum and dad. Your son.'

Sebastian left.

Geri – in the end – was relieved. Just a bit easier the old fashioned way.

The End

Universe Revisited 2

'Ursula Santorini. Does that whale zombie have a name?' queried Valandriel.

'Theodore,' replied Ursula, the touring party's hostess. 'We have several wallaby zombies on lower levels of the compound. They hop around, and eat food from feeding troughs.'

'Fascinating,' replied Valandriel, staring at the whale. They were in a large open entrance, not too far down from the upper opening of Nippon's Universe, a part of the Multiverse. It had a large aquarium in it, many leather couches to sit on, and some adjoining rooms which appeared empty, with a few stairwells leading downwards. Nobody else appeared to be around very much.

'So, suck my fingertits,' said Daniel.

'What exactly are fingertits?' replied Melanie C, sitting on a couch next to Daniel, going over the cube.

'Fingertips which have seen a lot of Melanie Chisholm breast action.'

'Unsurprisingly crude,' replied Melanie.

'Sarcasm. Don't confuse the two. Crude would involve very vulgar words,' said Daniel.

'Heard a few from your lips over the years,' replied Melanie.

'I'm not sure if your innocent, sporty spice,' defied Daniel.

'Wholly wholesome in my slurs. They are admonishments from a responsible soul,' replied Melanie.

'Typical parental reply,' said Daniel.

'You need a few of those to manage your life,' said Daniel.

'I am completely responsible,' said Daniel. 'Manager over several life systems in ANM.'

'You know how to pastor and guide, that much I give you. And you are very serious with new people, and good at setting an example with them. But you drift into toxic humour when people get to know you well.'

'All love and charm,' said Daniel.

'Devilish charm,' replied Melanie. 'I'll solve this damn cube, you know.'

'I have strict rules for when a joke ends,' said Daniel. 'Well discussed theology between myself and Valandriel. There are lines we do not cross in our humor. We don't really do pranks much, mainly verbal wit and mockery. And if we don't have a point of rebuke or entertainment, we don't do it simply to be offensive. I keep that in mind with my words, you know.'

Melanie looked at him for a moment, scanning her history with him. She looked at the cube, and put it beside her. Daniel sat in silence. For many minutes she contemplated that. Finally she spoke.

'That might be true. I'm recalling several encounters which stand out, and usually I can see that you are quire deliberate and in control of what you are saying, and have specific purpose about it.'

'Thank you. I don't attempt to bring people down, but make them smile, and it does include embarrassment if that is called for.'

'Fine,' replied Melanie, picking up the cube. 'I'll accept the excuse, dimwit.'

'Grateful for that, Sellout Girl.'

Melanie looked ahead, but decided to ignore the slur. But shortly her pride got too much for her.

'Sellout Girl? And what is that supposed to mean?'

'Turned your back on your dismal faith component of youth, the three Jesus movies you watched, and the 10 Commandments that Christmas when you were bored, and sold your soul for rock and roll.'

'You don't know my upbringing,' said Melanie. 'I don't talk about it.'

'I remember back further, though,' said Daniel. 'Naive little angel Melanie. 'Bright and bushy Cherubim girl, who thought Jesus was all that when he got on his initial Christ campaign.

'I only liked the ideas,' said Melanie. 'He was interesting for a while.'

'Sellout,' replied Daniel.

'I should call you out,' replied Melanie. 'I have reserves of ammunition on your life which could last aeons.'

'Your too gracious,' replied Daniel.

'Naturally,' said Melanie.

'And too dimwitted to know how to use your material properly. Dimwit.'

'Shut up,' said Melanie. 'And drink your damn cola.' Daniel sipped on his drink.

'Do they ever stop arguing?' Ursula asked Valandriel.

'Daniel has a custom,' replied Valandriel.

'Which is?' asked Ursula.

'Piss everyone off if at all possible.'

'I see,' replied Ursula. 'Fascinating.'

And the afternoon passed.

The End


'I'm not a lesbian,' said Katy.

'She just eats pussy. It's nothing serious,' said Taylor.

'Nothing wrong with a woman eating pussy,' said Daniel.

'I – don't – eat – pussy,' replied Katy. 'I'm a faithful pentecostal born again biblical fundamentalist christian. I am straight.'

'Oh, she does use a strap on dildo occasionally as well,' replied Taylor.

'Kinky,' said Daniel.

'Disgusting,' replied Katy. 'You two are obscene.'

'But with men? Jesus. What won't she do,' said Taylor.

'Tell me about it,' replied Daniel.

'For starters, everything goes,' said Taylor. 'And she likes it rough as well. Likes hot wax a lot as well.'

'Really,' said Daniel. 'I'll have to look into that.'

'I don't use wax,' replied Katy.

'She has a big thing for latex these days also,' said Taylor. 'All sorts of videos on her PC with her and Kantriel getting up to some really crude behaviour. Pretty sure it was Saruviel's cock I saw in the video as well.'

'Figures. She likes the beast a bit,' said Daniel.

'All lies!' exclaimed Katy.

'So what did you really find on her PC?' Daniel asked Taylor.

'Mainly lame pictures of her in christmas tree outfits. Really sad. And her journal is so frikking conservative these days. Apostle Paul has more of a lifestyle than Luladiel.'

'I'm not boring,' said Katy. 'I'm repentant. Something neither of you have ever seriously considered.'

'I'll have a burger,' said Daniel to Kaladel, as she took their orders in the Zaphon cafeteria. 'One for Katy too. But not too spicy. She might get aroused.'

'Hah hah hah. Very funny,' replied Luladiel.

'So it's you and Kantriel these days then, is it?' queried Daniel. 'The old flame.'

'Yep,' replied Katy. 'Devuel is too obnoxious for me these days. Has a pilgrimate mentality at the moment. Visiting sacred shrines everywhere. Wants to be a well traveled and known Seraphim saint. Someone people can respect. A good example. Too stuffy for me these days. Kantriel is still regular. Conservative, but regular. What I like.'

'You need a bit of the Danster,' said Daniel. 'I can get you going with some actually interesting life.'

'You can?' queried Katy.

'Hmm,' smiled Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly. 'Well, no. Probably not.'

'Why did you ask me out?' asked Katy.

'Farewell party. I'm leaving for somewhere,' replied Daniel. 'Me and a few of the family members. We're going somewhere.'

'Oh, hope you enjoy your holiday,' said Katy.

'Yeh,' replied Daniel.

'How long will you be gone?' asked Taylor.

'Won't be coming back, actually,' said Daniel, stretching his arms, and taking a sip of melit water.

'What? For a long time?' asked Taylor.

Daniel looked at Taylor. There was this look in his eyes. One of sorrow.

'I won't BE coming back Tails. It's forever, babe. Going forever.'

'Where?' asked Katy.

'Earth. Physical planet Earth. Me, Callodyn, Daniel and mum and dad.'

'Oh,' said Taylor. 'And we can't come?'

'No,' said Daniel. 'So this is a farewell party.'

'Right,' replied Taylor.

Daniel looked at Katy. 'Loved you. But some things weren't meant to be in the end.'

Katy didn't say anything.

'Loved you too Tails. But destiny has other plans.'

Taylor didn't say anything.

'Ready?' asked God, suddenly in their presence.

Daniel stood.

'It's a strange destiny, eternal life. You never know what you are going to get.'

And Daniel was gone, and a few years later Taylor and Katy had moved on from him, because Daniel's were gone, and didn't really ever come back.

The End



Eternal Terra

'You'll be here a while,' said God to Cyril.

'How long?' Cyril asked him.

'About 7 centuries. Till Daniel has finished his sojourn of Earth acquisition.'

'His sojourn of Earthly Acquisition?' asked Cyril.

'Life in the physical is about acquisition,' said God. 'It establishes the soul's eternal destiny with things of a nature that matter.'

'Why don't spiritual things matter?' asked Cyril.

'Because there is not much substance to their nature. Original spiritual things,' replied God.

'And the physical creations start as things of matter? Of material substance?' queried Cyril.

'They are physical, not spiritual. Atoms forming molecules forming.......well, you know the rest. It's solid, and when it's spiritual counterpart comes into being it is based on a thing which matters, which has a substance. This is the shaping of the soul's ultimate eternity. It's core assets acquired in life of things which have a matter of substance. The spiritual creations of eternity – they are minor in the end. Things which fade away, with no solidity in their design. No real suffering of work and creative sweat. These foundation stones create a raft of object based on them as their foundation also, and depending on how much was produced, indicating their popularity in the physical, and thus its spiritual strength, the offspring product can be greater.'

'I see,' replied Cyril.

'Some products go on. Some products with eternya based prayer supporting them. You should know the cultural icons by now. Now Daniel has some time left in life. Some physical time. It costs a biblical foundation which is quite strong, in fact, very much study, very much repentance, and very much endurance of physical suffering early on to cope with the longer years of life. It's sort of how much a man can take.'

'So we're here for a sojourn.'

'Collecting some items from the physical he lacks rights on in the eternal. I have most of his acquisitions planned out,' replied the Theophany.

'And then?'

'Well Daniel's do sort of return to the realm in the end, and just like to be dramatic about partings.'

'I suppose that's the way it is,' said Cyril.

'Truth to tell, I guess so,' replied God.

And the day passed.

The End

The World of the Giant Spiders

Life is in flux on Planet Earth. The United Nations Department of Cultural Affairs dictates the policy of society travelling through the ages of man on a regular basis, to keep life afresh, anew, and interesting. Only in Progress to a state of Utopia, a short Dystopian retrograde, and then a rebuilding towards a new version, can life be going somewhere for the human soul. When it climaxes, it is time for society to die, and be reborn. This the truth which Earth has found. No society can be immortal. It stagnates and becomes stuffy and too homogenous. It needs to move on and, when it has done all it can do in perfecting itself, let it all die and start again. Life is flux on Planet Earth. It is what keeps the ball in motion.

Timing; A 25th century common era culture.

Marcus Hooper watched the tiny spiders. It was amusing, the way they crawled around the aquarium which had been designed as a spider's nest by himself. It had holes for oxygen, but not big enough for the spiders to escape. They weren't terribly poisonous, but his mother would have his guts for garters if he let them loose. She was dead against her overly inquisitive son wanting spiders as pets, but he had no other friends, so she allowed it. His dad, who lived next door with Mrs Canavan, in an adulterous relationship, still technically married to his mother, didn't seem to mind when he dropped over. It was good for the kid to be interested in something at least. God knows nothing they ever did worked on the lad. Marcus opened the top of the aquarium, and dropped in some spider pellets he had bought online – Xania's Spider Food. It was cheap, and he highly questioned it's healthiness for his pets. It looked Greek or something, and smelled God-Awful. But the spiders seemed to like the stuff. He looked at his family for a while, sighed, and picked up his science book. He finally had an interest in his school studies. Just science, though. He wanted to learn all about spiders and their biology and especially their genetics. He was in high school now, and genetics fascinated him. The idea of creating new life fascinated him. Manipulating DNA to create new creatures which could dazzle the imagination. He'd seen it on a wacky show on the Internet, and craved knowledge of how to do it. He was still lazy, though, and largely disinterested in anything much, even his thirst for knowledge about spiders, which sometimes he just casually dismissed. But at other times he seemed to bother. It was a pull on him or something – something in him – which just craved knowledge of the possibilities of what he could do. He sat on his bed, reading his science book, but it was getting dark, and the light of the sun had gone down. His mother knocked on the door. 'You want desert?' she asked him.

'Maybe later on,' he replied.

'Whatever you want Marcus,' she said.

He put down his book, and picked up the handheld gaming console. And the rest of the evening was playing Nintendo, before he fell asleep on the bed and dreamt of spiders and, again, the weird looking girl across the street who had just moved in, with big glasses, long hair, and good looks.

In the morning Marcus woke, looked at his spiders a while, and washed, had breakfast, and got off to school. In science class he sat at his desk, as the teacher lectured, just reading the book on genetics from the library.

'Marcus,' said his teacher. Marcus looked up. 'Is there something which has your attention?'

The student next to him took Marcus' book and held it up to the class. 'Brainiac wants to be a geneticist. He has delusions of grandeur. Can't do anything right.'

The other children started laughing, but Marcus grabbed the textbook back, and ran outside with it. After class the teacher came and talked with him.

'We often have students who are special, Marcus.'

'I'm not special,' he said. 'I'm smart.'

'That's what I mean. Not many of these kids have any real passion for knowledge at all. They are mostly going off to menial sorts of careers in life. I sense you might have something in you. A desire to know.'

'I don't really know,' said Marcus.

'What don't you know,' replied his teacher.

'I don't really know If I care about much either. But spiders are interesting. And spider genetics fascinates me as an idea.'

'Do you want to sit out of class next time and study that book in the library? I'll quiz you after class, and if you are making progress I'll pass you at the end of term.'

'Sure. I guess,' said Marcus.

'I'll talk to the headmaster about it. If its a passion, we want to foster it.'

Marcus was slightly amused for a couple of weeks with letters and phone calls to his parents, but he was given an exemption from science and physical education to sit in the school library and study genetics properly. If he really had a passion the school felt it was their duty to take care of that. So he studied genetics. And bothered to take it seriously.

* * *

Big boss man, Alistair MacLaren, surveyed the car park scene.

'You know,' he said, coming over to John Rosetti, and putting his hand on John's back, like he did with all his employees. 'We are not,' he said, turning John around towards him and looking directly at him. 'A shit company. We set an edge which makes most of the competition look B Grade for a reason. Branson had balls. Virgin got a lot of things established in society after a while, huge philanthropic agenda, and huge agenda in future technology after a while from the bastard. Gates muscled up with New Microsoft after a while, and Bezos did extraordinary things with Amazon Technologies. They are 21st century clowns which I respect greatly, and their legacy manifestos are still building their bleeding behemoths to this day. MacLaren Industries is not shit, John. We have an ancient legacy in the motor industry, and we've branched out into a lot of stuff since then. This is your opportunity to get something right for a change, buster. You've had fails, lots of them. But every 6 months you punch over your weight and hit a home run. You've done that for a decade now. Pulled out the winner when you need to. Not going to let you go. Some of your crazy dreams hit big. You are a winner when it comes right down to it. So don't stuff this up motherfucker. Cindy likes you dude. Up on top you guys have panache in the Purple Room which makes the rest smile. The chirpy sarcasm and quips are all throughout the building, and I need that right now motherfucker. Keep this dialogue acted fresh and make sure your ad lib, which you've been pummelled on, is up to your usual high standards.' He stood back, looked at the director, and said 'Roll the motherfucker.' John walked up to Cindy, pinched her butt, and they sat down in the formula 1, looking at the new technology, talking shit. Alistair watched on, smiled at some of John's usual crass lines for Cindy, and was happy. Someone tugged at his shirt.

'Later,' he whispered to what he thought was his assistant. The tug came again. Alistair looked.

'Marcus Hooper. You won the apprenticeship. Don't fuck with me, fuck off and introduce yourself, and hit the orange room. Your a beginner and they'll clue you up.'

'The frikking infrastructure is shit,' said Marcus. 'I've been inside, and I need better.'

'We can do better than that crap,' said Jane Arthur. 'We didn't get through Harvard to be B Grade Alistair. We have glory in our capabilities, and Marcus and myself want at leas red room promo right away.'

Alistair pulled out two red cards, gave them two them, and said 'Now fuck off. I've got work to do.'

Marcus watched the scene for a moment, took a photo with his mobile, and Alistair turned to him and said 'You have legal obligations to provide a breakthrough of minor proportions within a few weeks if you expect us to allow you copyright on that photo.'

Marcus pulled out his notebook. 'Several things already known. I'll contribute one.'

Alistair nodded, and said 'Fuck off green stick. Get to the red room.'

Alistair was known for his sarcasm. He was also known for his extraordinary kindness and coolness and concern for his employees. He took his job as world visionary very serious for the MacLaren company, and Marcus, finished at Harvard recently, with his girlfriend who lived across the road from his home, knew exactly why he wanted to work for the dude. Things could get done at MacLaren. But not in the shitty orange room.

Marcus pulled a packet of jaffers out of his pocket, munched on one, and made his way. Time for getting serious. Time for the Spider Man to do his stuff.

The End

A Fine Suvrael Manor House

'You dream too much, Ashamon,' said Elene.

'The King of Dreams likes me,' replied Ashamon. He sat on his chair, and looked at the room. It was hot, as usual, and he was sweating. 'Suvrael is hotter than I expected. Zimroel should be considered as a place of redux, Elene.'

'Not on your blessed life, Ashamon. Many gold pieces of valued inheritance from father established our trade routes around Suvrael, and I'll not allow our fledgling business to suffer at the hand of Azkabar the rogue. We are here for the forseeable future, and you will enjoy this manor house, and not forget the house you have joined.'

'Elene Celeborn. Noble heart, but merchant family,' replied Ashamon the former rogue turned rich through crafty trade. 'I'm not sure you have the rights to judge my soul. Valantine Pontifex, him I respect. He was met in innocence of his lost self, and we got along well for that while.'

'He turned you off a wrong path into my loving arms,' said Elene. 'And for that I eternally respect his wisdom and tact.'

'Let us take a walk around the grounds,' said Ashamon.

The servant followed them, and the hot sun of Suvrael beat down on them.

'I'll let you know,' said Elene. That I am dedicated to building our social estate in this place. We need wise contacts to continue our economic development as a trade route institution. We can make new franchises here on Suvrael, I am sure of it, and you will need all the wisdom your rogue heart can muster up, and draw on those ideas from the King of Dreams, if he indeed takes an interest in your sorry person.'

'He does. I can tell,' replied Ashamon. They surved the manor garden a while, and bid the servant bring them lemonade. 'Suvrael is a place to be in many ways,' said Ashamon. 'But I know my destiny lies elswhere.'

'Bold enough to glorify himself with a destiny,' mocked Elene. 'You sound like Azkabar and his vision of bedding all the whores of Majipoor.'

'It's his race. They are full of whoring. Grim families,' replied Ashamon. 'Now enough of business.' The servant had returned with the lemonade, and they drank, in the heat, enjoying their new establishment, and the fortunes of life they, through struggles, had achieved.

The End

Affairs of the State

'They are Zonkars,' said Azkabar to Ashamon. '12 planetary bodies of life in their system, and 300 mining planets. And not too distant either.'

'I remember them in my studies,' replied Ashamon, sitting top of his brown stallion, next to Azkabar's black filly, surveying the space cruiser which had landed in the outer grounds of the King of Dream's palace.

'The rumour throughout the city is that they are looking for Majipoor to establish an official post on the planet of the Lord of Trade. There is – increased interest – in Majipooran culture in the federations out there, and they desire much of our product. Zonkars are looking for an official liaison to do business.'

'What we do well,' replied Ashamon. 'Anyway, let us return to the shop. I have work to do and a meeting with that scumlord, Janak Tar.'

'He does not like you, I think,' replied Azkabar, Ashamon's right hand man for many things. 'He trusts you, but he is of Alhanroel breeding, and finds your Zimroel heritage beneath him. You were but from a rogue of a family.'

'I notice that in his reactions at times to what I say,' replied Ashamon. 'As if I am a more primitive thought in words and deeds. Not of his breeding.'

'Still, he makes good deals, and is a man of honour,' said Azkabar.

'And we profit from the connection,' said Ashamon, as they rode through the city, heading for their merchant house.

Azkabar rode in silence for a while, then spoke up. 'I wonder, perhaps I should inquire into this Lord of Trade they seek. I am well experienced.'

Ashamon nodded, but did not respond.

'I feel in the blood of Azkabar is the legacy of many ancient wisdoms. I should perhaps seek an audience with the King of Dreams to consult him on this issue. My name has a degree of influence. I am sure he will speak with me.'

'They will likely choose a noble of Alhanroel when all is said and done,' said Ashamon.

'Yet they come to Suvrael,' said Azkabar.

'Indeed they do,' replied Ashamon.

They continued on, and soon came to their merchant headquarters, unmounting and venturing inside. Elene was in the upper room, and kissed him on the cheek. He sipped on a glass of water, and looked at some papers, but his head turned, and he looked towards the direction of the palace of the King of Dreams, wondering about the proposed Lord of Trade and the ambitions of his colleague Azkabar to the role.

The End

Eternal Terra 2

'He was pretty adamant we'd ultimately return to the realm,' said Cyril.

'What you wanted to here,' replied Daniel, Cyril's son.

'Of course it's what I wanted to hear?' replied Cyril.

'So he placated you. We ain't going back dad. Settle, the Bulldogs are going to win,' replied Daniel.

Callodyn walked in with a Bulldogs top on, and settled down on the couch. 'This IS Macarthur, isn't it?'

'Yep,' replied Daniel. 'It's the general Australian dominion of Macarthur. Quite a few billion continents of it now, since they returned to expansion mode. We live in a 25th century era. Will go on a long time before another technical retrograde, and observations are finished in their recording. What can be added to the list of perpetual societal behaviour in a maintenance mode.'

'I get the theology,' said Callodyn. 'Improving history each time.'

'Till its worked out better,' said Cyril, and picked up some crisps, and sipped on his ice tea.

'We won't be going back, dad,' said Daniel. 'Trust me. He made it clear we weren't and that he would say what he needed to say to you till you got over it.'

'I figured that son,' said Cyril.

Daniel's mother, Mary, came in the room, with June Grey. Grey's were a popular family in the Macarthur Dominions, descended from ancient friends the family had known in their original Earthly sojourn.

'How big is planet Earth?' Mary asked Daniel. 'June is not 100% sure.

'Aw, it's vast,' replied Daniel. 'I can't give you the exact figure in dimension. I didn't try and work out the number, but it's vast. Googol's upon googols of citizens.'

'Right,' said Mary. She indicated to June for them to go to the back room of the house, and they left the room.

'Well,' said Callodyn, watching the match.

'Well what?' asked Cyril.

'The plan, kemosabe.'

'Watch your chat with your grandfater. With me, fine, Cal. But dad has a nature which deserves better language.'

'Sorry grand-dad,' said Callodyn.

'I don't think we should bother with much apart from the general observations of the improvements going on in the eternity manifesto of the UN,' said Cyril. 'Aspects they are considering a permanent part of humanity. The only main area where niche income is likely to develop for new projects. Everything else is franchised to death, of the permanent stuff.'

'Noahide Books is extant, so I'll run with that,' replied Daniel.

'Where's Daniel?' Callodyn asked.

'Your brother is out with a lady friend,' said Daniel.

'Already,' said Callodyn, reaching for some of the crisps.

'He's getting over Jessica,' said Daniel. 'It was clear in the end what the fate of the realms and worlds would be.'

'How's Earth any different,' said Callodyn.

'There are a percentage of eternal's here. I've seen them on websites. Some are quite old now.'

Callodyn looked at his father. 'Then this has been the plan all along.'

There was silence. Cyril got up and left the room.

Daniel turned to Callodyn. 'We were Catholic to start with. We expected heaven in our faith. It was something in us. We came into Noahidism, and adapted to the new system, but the foundation was Catholic. It needed an expression, and that expression to resolve itself.'

'And now the actual eternity begins,' said Callodyn.

'It began a long time ago,' said Daniel, pinching some crisps. 'We're just settling to where the living of it is eternal.'

'I'm going to McDonald,' said Callodyn, and left.

Cyril came back in the room.

'Bulldogs 18, Roosters 12,' said Daniel. '5 minutes left.'

The score ended that way. Cyril bought them pizza that night. Loser bought Dinner. Daniel didn't mind.

The End


'The Realm of Eternity functions within the dominion of Macarthur, in Cootralantra-Scotland type of geography,' said Daniel.

'Which continent is that?' asked Cyril.

'This is the match,' said Daniel. 'Corrdon Gently. It's about 25 Goggas from here. Will take about 17 or so millennia to get there, but I've purchased some land, about 5000 hectares, and I can get the project established there. The intention is to be the physical head office of Noahide Books, the President's office, and I run things from there online. The community is about 3 or 4 million in a basic medieval society. There is some technical aspects of the society, but mostly inline with old world stylings. There is room for a few billion core pop culture assets, and a decent amount of mum's porcelain heart affections. I have some items to be sent there from Noahide Books archives, and that will be the eternal domain. Apart from that the ANM will simply run on with it's current duties. A good 3 to 4% of them out there are ANM. Still very solid numbers.'

'That should suit me fine,' said Cyril.

The travelling took a while, and Cyril oversaw the building of Danielphon. When it was finally constructed, the citizens had arrived and had built most of the city. Regular ANM members from local continental communities who felt the thrill of living around Daniel would be OK. The Realm got established, some basic society traditions were established which Daniel, Cyril and Mary felt would be the best ones to run with, and Daniel settled in one cold winter evening, in front of the large hearth which met his specifications, and looked into the fire. Things were settling now. Eternally settling. This new world was a part of his heart which seemed to be the balance of sensibilities. He was happy with it. Mary found the community of friends soon enough that his mother liked, and Daniel and Callodyn enjoyed the basic gaming community Daniel had arranged. Things were in their place, they were at peace, and he didn't need much love yet. He was happy with the simple life and settling down with eternal life. Things were good.

The End

June Grey

'So why collect lemonade bottles?' Daniel asked June.

'Why not. Comics are overrated. I want my Batman TPB, and not much else on that issue. Mainly my collection of Agatha Christie, a TV set, a Radio, and my meals. One day a week of work, and some time in the garden.'

'As bland as possible,' replied Daniel.

'Which is a good thing,' said Mary.

'Well the garden is about an acre. Should suit you fine,' said Daniel.

'Living in Danielphon itself wasn't exactly what I expected,' replied June.

'Well you took to mum, didn't mind moving when we did, so I felt, after our chats, you would be best in Danielphon. Mulled it over a few centuries, and agreed with you in one of the upper rooms.'

'Right,' replied June. 'Just figured I'd be in the city somewhere.'

'Well you're free to change that if you want,' said Daniel. 'We're not exactly telling you what to do with your life.'

'I like the support,' replied June. 'Comfortable life.'

'Then it's settled,' said Daniel. He saw Sue in her. Funny. One of Tim's offspring naturally. She was attractive, though. Good figure too.

'Bridge, tonight,' said Callodyn. 'With Henry and Charlie.'

'I'll be in the room at 8,' said Daniel. 'Working through a novel at the moment. Want to finish it after dinner.'

'What's the book?' asked June.

Daniel looked at her. 'Time is the Simplest Thing' by Clifford D. Simak. I read it every few millennia.'

'Read it,' said June. 'It's good one.'

'You read SF?'

'Lots of the classics,' said June.

Daniel looked at the woman. An interesting thing about her.

The End


'It's called Majipoor,' said Marcus Hooper.

They were in the Green Room. At the back of Danielphon. There was a high powered Telescope. They were looking at a Star a long way away.

'What goes on there?' asked Daniel.

'It's a basic society in a lot of ways, but it's suitable to you. Similar mentality to the Realm of Eternity. They live in an old world society, but have some technical aspects. It's worth visiting. I'm intending to travel there one day. Got a spider project at the moment, though. Giant Spiders. Developed a few breeds of them.'

'The point of Giant spiders?' asked Daniel.

'I'm working on a World of Giant Spiders,' said Marcus. 'It's a project. 'Some of the asteroids in Andromeda are for sale regularly enough. I can terraform a small satellite with them. Know how to do it. Want a world of Giant Spiders to live in for a thrill. Nothing too deadly about them, but I want genuine non-CGI film of them in such a habitation. Intend to make Adventure movies for MacLaren. Part of my projects portfolio with them. On Majipoor they have some original breeds, greenback ones, which I want to collect. Felt I wanted Noahide Books involved, so I emailed you to visit. Boss wants the movie added to Noahide Books official Database. The Main movie project.'

Daniel looked at the star a while, and looked at Marcus. 'The list is a settled thing for the most part. I don't really change established business plans much. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, kind of thing.'

'Pretty sure I can get the movie up to NB standards. Will be interesting enough to add to the canon.'

Daniel chewed on his gum, and then returned to looking at the stars. 'I'll go with you to Majipoor. Have a look around. Enjoy hunting these spiders. I'll think it over. You're pleasant enough. No promises though.'

'Not a problem,' said Marcus. 'Oh, who is that lady?' Marcus asked.

'That's June,' said Daniel.

'Is she single?' asked Marcus.

'How old are you Marcus Hooper?' Daniel asked him.

'23,452,' replied Marcus.

'She's close to your age. I'll introduce you,' said Daniel.

He did. They chatted the rest of the day. Daniel queried whether Marcus wanted to move into the city and remain. He liked his way. Marcus said he would bring a friend with him, and agreed. Liked the scene of the Realm already. Very comfortable, he said to Daniel.

The End

Danielphon 2

'Janet. Chicken, potatoes and peas. Roast potatoes, and gravy. Chicken gravy.'

'Understood,' said the cook to Daniel.

Daniel, now the meal for the evening was given, went down to the interchange in the lower region of Danielphon, and boarded the monorail. The driver nodded, and they got on their way to the adjacent royal city. Daniel was King. Technically not really. Mainly just the richest dude in this mini realm of eternity, the Noahide Books head honcho. They arrived in the city area, Daniel indicated to the driver he'd be an hour or so, and headed off.

'The stamps need to be off cricketers,' said Daniel to the printers. 'Current English cricketers. A mix of them, batsmen, bowlers, and some wicket keepers.'

'Understood,' said Boris Cleveland, of Cleveland Printers.

'Arrange with the council for the set to be used as our stamps for maybe a decade or so. I want the set established as our postage.'

'Fine,' said Boris. 'Any particular players?'

'County and Test. Any mix and players will do,' replied Daniel. 'Paintings as well. Off of their photos. Public domain pics.'

'Understood,' replied Boris. 'I'll get right onto it.'

Daniel disappared, and got down to the gamesclub.

'Bingo tonight,' said Felix.

'Tomorrow night?' asked Daniel.

'Cards, but there will be some Risk games going on in Room 2. As you requested we got that going.'

'Good,' said Daniel. 'I'll be here at 8 after dinner with Callodyn and Daniel. We'll be in Jeans and T-Shirts.'

'Righty O,' replied Felix.

Daniel headed off, got back to the monorail, and returned back to Danielphon. He found his father in the upstairs room listening to Mozart, with mum reading on the couch. He sat down, poured himself a Teacher's whiskey, as it was after mid-day, and settled down for the rest of the piano concerto. The daylight outside was bright enough, and it was the warmer months at the moment, and he looked out at the sunlight through the bronze coloured glass. It was warm in this room, with the natural heading from the coal heating system in the basement burning in the radiators throughout Danielphon. The fumes from the coal were processed by a processor in the room which prevented leakage into the outside atmosphere, and kept everything environmentally friendly like Daniel wanted it. He picked up a porcelain rabbit from the coffee table in front of him, and played with it softly, listening to the music, and enjoying the warmth of the room.

'Have you met a lady yet?' asked Mary. 'It's been several centuries now. What, 4 millennia.'

'Not looking yet mum,' replied Daniel. 'But there's a lady at the games night I chat to. She's single and attractive. I'll just look at her a good long while.'

Mary nodded, and returned to her book.

Daniel continued playing with the rabbit, but soon enough put it back on the table. He looked at his dad. He was asleep, with a technical manual on his chest. Dad reading material. He sat there, and grabbed a rug, and put it over his lap. Soon enough he was dozing lightly, as Mozart trilled through the room. Quiet. Gentle. Warm. Bliss. He didn't really need change again.

The End

Stupid Blonde Girl

'Well maybe I'm just a stupid blonde girl,' said Taylor.

'How the hell did you get here?' asked Daniel. 'I've been assured you are fucked in the long term.'

'Hah hah hah, very funny Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly,' replied Taylor Swift. She was dressed like an elegant lady from Pride and Prejudice. She looked hot. 'Where's my room?' she asked him.

Daniel stared at her, then shrugged. 'Follow me,' he said. They went upstairs, and he showed her to the ladies hallway in the upper level. 'There are 5 rooms for my ultimate consorts. You can have one,' said Daniel.

'Any of these consorts wives?' asked Taylor.

'Consorts will do me,' said Daniel.

'You won't need another,' said Taylor. 'They will do for children.'

Daniel looked at her. Didn't really know what to say. 'Make yourself at home. Chicken for dinner tonight.'

'I'll find my way to the dining room,' she said. 'Go,' she said, waving him away with her hand.

Daniel returned to the music room, where Cyril was still dozing. Mary was reading quietly.

'Who was that?' his mother asked.

'Taylor,' replied Daniel.

'How did she get here?' replied Mary.

'I didn't really inquire. Obviously some things ARE meant to be in the end.'

Mary remained silent. 'Then she is the one I think. She must like you enough in the end. Willing to live in the physical for you.'

'Probably what it's really fucking about in the end,' said Daniel, and stormed out of the room, wandering down to the garden. He looked up at the Sun. 'God, you obviously have several degrees in bullshitting.'


'WHAT OF IT?' said El Shaddai.

Daniel remained silent. The voice was in his presence. He wasn't even dozing.

'GET OVER IT KID.' God didn't speak again.

Daniel sat down on the bench and looked at the garden. Typical stuff Janet the cook liked. He went indoors.

'I want some leek in the garden. Spring onion sort of stuff, for use in salads a bit.'

'Righty O,' said Janet. 'I'll arrange that.'

Taylor had sparked that memory. He remembered he liked spring onion. She'd put it in salads for him. He went upstairs, returning to the music room. Taylor was sitting next to the dozing Cyril, listening to the music, with the porcelain rabbit in her hands, looking it over.

'Gaming night tonight,' he said. 'There will be risk and cards.'

'I'll play risk tonight. Cards next week,' said Taylor.

'Fine,' he replied, and sat down.

'You have half a process, then we go home. Whether you like it or not Daniel Daly.'

'This place will be firmly settled and my centred place on Terra,' replied Daniel. 'We'll be coming back every few processes for a while.'

'That is fine,' replied Taylor. She sat there, with the rabbit, and laid back. Soon she was snoozing. The CD ended. Daniel put on Beethoven. The afternoon passed on.

The End

A Sharp Acorn

'Aye, he's a sharp acorn,' said Curtis.

'I'm not an acorn,' said Daniel, looking at his cards.

'Thought we were playing Risk,' said Taylor.

'Risk is ok,' said Callodyn, looking at his cards. 'But 500 is more fun.'

'11s and 12s are not really proper playing cards,' said Taylor Swift objectively.

'They are in 500,' said Daniel.

'But it's a bit fake, isn't it,' said Taylor.

'Sort of like Deluxe edition CDs I suppose,' replied Daniel. 'Bonus tracks. Could have put them on the album in the first place, but no. Deluxe editions. Some people buy both. Smart.'

Taylor looked at her cards. She then poked her tongue out at Daniel.

'I bid 7 diamonds,' said Taylor.

Everyone passed. She took the cards. Sorted her pack.

'Of course deluxe editions are the way to go,' said Daniel. 'No point in wasting time with a CD missing the actual songs which were part of the recording session and generally deemed good enough for the album in the end.'

'The standard editions are budget conscious,' replied Taylor, playing her first card.

'I guess I could release abridged version of Morning Stars,' said Daniel. '8 chapters maybe. Cut out the extra stuff. Just the hard core bits.'

'Your life is often like that,' said Taylor. 'Hard core bits. What I often deal with. You need regular bits. To moderate the clown.'

'The harlequin,' replied Daniel.

'Oh, keep on dreaming. Your fascination with Margot Robie will never be reciprocated buddy. She's too cool for a gay Blue Beetle.'

'I'm not gay. The Quintessential Blue Beetle is as straight as they come Harbinger.'

'I don't really know why I agreed to that character in cosplay in the end,' said Taylor.

'She suits you,' said Daniel.

'She's minor,' replied Taylor.

'She's got issues,' said Daniel.

'Everyone has issues,' replied Taylor.

'Play the cards,' said Curtis. Taylor played her next card.

'I like to change cosplay characters with the season,' said Callodyn. 'Move on and stay cool. Dad is just too traditional with his damn Blue Beetle persona. It becomes trite. Predictable.'

'Eternally cool,' said Daniel.

'You could use a new outfit for him,' said Taylor. 'Jazz it up a bit.'

'He has one,' said Daniel. 'I use it sparingly. Special occasions.'

'We could get some cosplay down at the oval in Summer,' said Curtis. 'Have a cosplay tournament. We only have about a dozen traditions so far. Cosplay is appealing to a lot of the citizens.'

'Arrange it,' said Daniel. 'I'll fund what needs funding.'

'Ah, yeh. Sure,' replied Curtis. 'I'll talk with the council and comic store,' said Curtis.

'Sounds good,' said Daniel.

'I'll choose Power Girl next time I think,' said Taylor.

'Kidding right,' replied Callodyn.

'What's wrong with Taylor Swift being Power Girl?' asked Taylor.

'Nothing,' replied Callodyn.

'You lack the assets to pull it off,' said Daniel.

'I have plenty of assets,' replied Taylor. 'Don't see what that's got to do with it.'

'She's pretty buxom,' said Callodyn.

'Oh, that's a minor issue,' said Taylor. 'Nobody really cares anyway.'

'Stick with Harbinger,' said Daniel. 'You'll settle in to her personality in the end.'

'Maybe,' said Taylor, playing another card. 'I mean, Harbinger is actually ok. Crisis comics are cool with her. There's a few of them I've read now.'

'She does stuff all throughout the various crises,' said Daniel.

'I know,' replied Taylor.

'You've got a sharp taste in your wit,' said Curtis.

Daniel looked at Curtis. 'Oh. That's what you meant. Yeh, I suppose.'

'She's feisty,' said Curtis, looking at his cards.

'I have a name you know,' said Taylor.

'Oh we all know your name string bean,' said Curtis.

'I will hack you to pieces one day for that one Daniel,' said Taylor.

Daniel chuckled. 'It's affection,' said Daniel.

'I am not tall and gawky,' said Taylor.

'A plump string bean,' said Callodyn.

'Yeh, what Callodyn said,' said Daniel.

'Humph,' replied Taylor. 'Play your damn card.'

The evening passed. Taylor won. She disputed being a plump string bean. Nobody argued.

The End

Interconnected 2

'There is usually many Greenback Stars up in the hills,' said Ashamon. 'I've seen them there when gathering wild mushrooms for a dinner I actually cook. Normally we have a cook, but there is a family specialty I do.'

'Right. Can you show us?' queried Marcus Hooper.

'We can go in the morning. When it's fresh,' replied Ashamon.

'You have a lot of interesting wares,' said Daniel. 'Majipoor culture. Quite distinct.'

'I'm – aware – of some intergalactic things. We don't interplay with the galaxy at large that much. It's not really our thing, even though some recent happenings have changed that a bit.'

'How old are you?' asked Daniel.

'The last pontifex lived several thousand years,' said Ashamon. 'I have inherited his blessing, they tell me. From conversations I had with him. There is talk that I will be suitable as the Lord of Trade, which is still being negotiated. I'm 3467 years old. Quite an age for a Majipoorian.'

'You have eternals?' asked Daniel.

'They are around. Usually wise men who've been with us a long time now.'

'I see,' replied Daniel.

'It started happening when I was young,' said Ashamon. 'People living longer and longer lives. Just sort of started happening. And many of those are still with us. Something came alive in the galaxy then, or in our world at least.'

'It's been that way on Earth a long time,' said Marcus. 'There are people who've lived over a googol years of Earth's rotation, so we have been told. You see faces in documentaries from time to time.'

'You have been to the next life? Ashamon asked Daniel.

'It is not – unsurprising. What to expect,' replied Daniel. 'Life goes on much the same way. You get informed on spiritual things and truths a bit more, and a nature comes in of your spiritual identity which conforms you to a stricter way of life, which navigates eternity far more effectively than in the physical. Our spirit is our higher mind, and it has more control in heaven. Gets us through things we normally neglected to handle properly.'

'I see,' said Ashamon, stroking his chin. 'Fascinating. Well, we'll eat at the restaurant down the road a little. My chief servant will dine with us, and then you can stay with me for the evening. We'll hunt for your spiders in the morning.'

'All is good,' replied Marcus.

The End

Stupid Blonde Girl 2

'I just missed you,' said Taylor. 'But I'm going home at the end of the month. God's taking me back to heaven.'

Daniel and Marcus had collected their spider specimens on Majipoor, after being away a few centuries, and were now back on Earth. Earth could be seen from Majipoor – it was several galaxies in size, now, the planet. An enormous aspect in this region of the cosmos.

'I figured you weren't around permanently,' said Daniel.

Taylor was quiet. 'It's choices I made. In life,' said Taylor. 'Choices of things I accepted, and things which were too difficult to accept. I think all the children of destiny knew that in the end.'

Daniel touched her on the cheek, smiled at her, and walked away. Taylor watched him go. She knew she was a stupid blonde girl. She knew deep down that she'd had a faith which believed a lot of things but which failed to learn a lot of things, and that a core structure within her tended to certain behaviours from time to time, and that grace would run out one day. As she was travelling with God through the clouds, and suddenly back on New Terra in the spiritual universe, she could feel it within her. It was something about when she was with Daniel. He had eternity in him. Something different in his destiny which moved on. Which would always move on when it had to. She would accept, it was her nature, but because there were things she insisted on tolerating, there were behaviours which came part and parcel with that. And she would be proud about that. And that would be her undoing. Stupid blonde girl.

The End

Stupid Brunette Girl

'Listen, buster,' said Katy. 'We're coming to fricking planet Earth, and we're going to put his holiness in his fricking place.'

'Calm down Hudson,' replied Daniel.

'Don't call me Hudson. It's Lady Katy to you, buster,' replied Katy Perry.

'No tickets on yourself I see,' replied Daniel.

'Pathetic. God has told me your plans are this schmozzle of a kingdom, and not much else. Totally pathetic. We children of destiny will show you how it's done. I'll be damn glorious, and you'll be jealous as all fuck. Hopeless. B grade, and that's on a good day.'

'My. The Perry Pride gene has kicked in,' replied Daniel.

'The Daly stupidity gene is well known,' said Katy Perry. 'For being so dismal in its effort at doing anything apart from a half arsed attempt at life. Keepers of the Covenant, and you don't give a shit about saving souls much. Happy for us to dawdle in Christ. Pathetic Rainbow Baby.'

'Hey, I shared the shit with you time and time again sweet chicks. You didn't really give a shit.'

'You hardly have any soulwinning charisma,' replied Katy. 'Frankly, you bored me. Jesus at least has some variety. You? Blue Beetle comics is your biggest thrill. Not even a proper show in Noahidism.'

'They like it conservative,' replied Daniel.

'They like it dull as buggery,' replied Katy.

'Fair enough stupid brunette girl,' smiled Daniel.

Katy, dressed in a similar outfit to what Taylor wore when she showed up, kissed Daniel on the cheek, looked at the music room of Danielphon, noting its comfortable atmosphere, and turned to Daniel. 'You will entertain my person regularly. I am – fond – of you. You can expect visitation.'

'Sure thing lady muck,' replied Daniel.

'I'll be off. But I'll be back,' she replied, and turned, leading her poodle away. Shortly Michael came in, dressed in a cool superhero outfit of some Image hero he couldn't quite remember.

'And I'll be kicking your arse at cosplay,' and the angel was gone, leaving Cyril asking Daniel to close the fucking door so he could get some proper snoozing in. It was going to be one of those days.

The End

Stupid Brunette Girl 2

'Michael and Katy just wanted to see you one last time,' said God to Daniel. 'Michael has gotten over resentment on some things, and doesn't want to part without a joke or two. Katy just wanted to see you once more, so she could be proud, and leave it at that. They won't be back.'

'I didn't think they would be,' said Daniel. 'Needed to get some things off their chest was all that was going on.'

'Pretty much,' replied the Theophany. 'So how is life in the new place.'

'Settling in now,' said Daniel. 'I have a new friend called Marcus, who is going to eventually introduce me to his boss. Mogul of sorts, whose obviously worked out how to live properly, as he's quite aged now.'

'Yes. The McLaren fellow,' replied God. 'I've observed him a while now. Has panache for life. Interesting person.'

'Hopefully. But life here is sedate and calm. Mellow, really. The way I like it. Winters in front of the hearth in the main hall are gratifying. Feel stately in my own way. I have some club things I do regularly, and mum and dad and Callodyn and Daniel remain good company. No love life yet, but I'm leaving that be for a while. One day.'

'Stupid Brunette Girl just missed you,' said God. 'Write a rememberance of her for your bookshelf. It would be worth your while.'

'I'll keep that in mind,' replied Daniel.

Later, when God was gone, Daniel was at his PC, looking at a picture of Katy. He thought on her, her colourful life, what they had shared together, and started typing. And he was caught up in her story for quite a few days.

The End

Interconnected 3

'Life is connected,' said Marcus.

Daniel examined the greenback Majipoorian spider. It was 5 times its normal size. Marcus experiments in enlarging the spider had worked so far.

'It's star is attractive,' said Daniel.

'I'd seen pictures of it. Felt it was worth acquiring,' said Marcus.

'How is life connected?' asked Daniel, straightening himself up.

'We are all connected in a universal continuum of space and time and motion of matter. Everything affects. We are not isolated.'

'We choose how we affect,' said Daniel. 'And from observation other individuals have choice of how they act also. It's a bit of delusion. Mainly we receive data from interconnection, but act on it in our own sovereign choices. What becomes popular is only by consensus.'

'Still, push an agenda and it can catch on,' replied Marcus.

'The nature of the entrepreneur,' replied Daniel, poking a stick at the spider, who latched onto it, and put his pincers into it.

'Spiders are Interconnected as well. We affect them and they affect us,' said Marcus. 'Life is not divorced from the creatures also. Monsters, even. Can become a reality.'

'True,' replied Daniel. 'And looking at this beast, it well appears to be where you are headed.'

'Which is the point,' said Marcus. 'The thrill be the payoff.'

'And World of the Giant Spiders the Motion Picture,' said Daniel.

'Great title,' said Marcus. 'I'll keep it in mind.'

'You do that,' replied Daniel.

'They chatted the rest of the day, and Daniel spoke to Mr McLaren the Mogul for a bit, before returning to his hotel. He would be there a few more months, going over his interest in the spiders, and the negotiations on the Spider Movie being added to Noahide Books, which was generally a goer with Daniel now, so life had some interest at the moment. But soon enough back to Danielphon, and the more regular life he was now enjoying.

The End

June Grey 2

June picked up the kettle and poured in the hot water. She dangled the teabag for a couple of minutes, before putting it in the bin, and adding the milk, stirring the tea.

'So he said, Janet. Janet my girl, you are my cup of tea. But I'm just non-committal.'

'And this was last week,' said June.

'The first time I'd been out with Harry in donkey's years,' replied Janet, the head cook of Danielphon.

'How old is Harry?' asked June.

'About my age. Very old now. We've dated thousands of times, but he never gets more serious than a kiss and a cuddle. Says he likes bachelorhood and it will take him forever to settle down.'

'I see,' replied June, sipping on her tea.

'You found anybody in the city?' asked Janet.

'Not really,' said June. 'Lots of eternals hanging around, but I think they're like Harry. Just watching and waiting. Mulling things like marriage over, and what kind of person they want as their eternal mate.'

'So it would seem,' replied Janet. 'We got a fair chunk of the eternals from Macarthur Dominion when the Realm was founded by Daniel and Cyril. They figured of Mr Daly is really coming back to Earth permanently, then he may as well be the head of the community.'

'Acts like he's the king. He's not bossy, but he seems to have the regalia for it all,' said June.

'Daniel has that aura of assumed authority about him,' replied Janet. 'Not really arrogance, or even confidence. Just that he knows his mind and seems quite intelligent. Probably wise really. People see that in him and like to be around him because of it.'

'Probably something like that,' commented June.

Daniel came in the room. 'Do we have baking soda?' he asked Janet. 'Hello June.'

June waved at him.

'What do you need baking soda for?' asked Janet, going to the pantry.

'Science is wonderful,'replied Daniel. 'Don't ask.'

'Here's the baking soda,' replied Janet. 'If you don't use it all, just return what's left.'

'I'll probably use it all,' said Daniel. He smiled at them, and left the room.

'Science,' said Janet.

June nodded.

'Probably up in the green room, where he does his techy stuff,' said Janet.

'I would imagine,' replied June.

'Mmm,' smiled Janet, and sipped on her coffee she had made for herself. 'Well, got to start thinking about dinner. He's requested nothing in particular tonight. Likes a lot of chicken, as you would know, so I might do a rare chicken lasagne.'

'Sounds fab. I'll look forward to it,' said June.

They chatted a while, and then June returned to her room, and sat down with the book she was reading. Baking soda. Science. Very fascinating, Daniel Daly. Very fascinating.

The End

Danielphon 3

Daniel was finished with 'Basic Experiments in Science' which had taken him about a dozen years to gradually work through. It was only basic stuff, but had refreshed the basics in his knowledge of scientific understanding and the scientific process. He was not intending science at this stage. It was one of his books he worked through in his catalogue of books. He'd brought many things to Earth with him from the Realm, which God had brought through something approaching a vortex in travelling shuttle craft. Only God could pierce the separation of the spiritual and physical, and it happened rarely. There were still angelic visitations amongst humankind on planet Earth, but now in the vast planet there were numerous souls with incredibly long lives now. Daniel was starting to feel these were elect of a kind – the ones who actually were his eternal compatriots. He was at odds as to what to bother with next, as he'd finished his experiments a few years earlier than the normally scheduled time, so picked up 'The Twilight Realm' by Christopher Carpenter, which was nearly a common enough go to book as his Rainbow Torah, and curled up in front of the fireplace in the music room, and started reading. The afternoon passed. Cyril wandered in, followed by his mum, and put on a classical CD. He took a rug and put it on his lap, and Mary started reading. It was quiet again, apart from the music after a while. Daniel continued to relax. A few minutes later June popped her head in. She smiled at Daniel, and sat down next to him.

'What's up?' he asked.

'Beethoven,' she replied.

'All afternoon,' said Cyril.

'Right,' said Daniel.

June quieted, and laid back in her seat, and closed her eyes. Daniel looked at Miss Grey for a moment, noticed the Grey features, the blonde hair, and generally good looks of June herself, but looked forward, and listened to the music. He let the afternoon haze settle in. Beethoven would do for this afternoon. A very regular go to for Cyril. Life was good.

The End

Card Night

'500 again,' said June.

'Euchre tonight. I want to smoke, and relax mostly,' replied Daniel.

'We'll pair,' said Callodyn to June.

'Righty O,' she replied.

The night started, and Curtis Steel partnered with Daniel for the evening, while he smoked in his armchair, and slowly drank Teacher's whisky, the liquor he preferred. He wasn't given over to drunkenness ever, but did like the whisky when he was at the club.

'How's life?' Daniel asked Curtis.

'Busy enough,' replied Curtis.

'What you doing these days?' Daniel asked.

'This and that. Mostly working in the money exchange. Realm credits are collected a lot these days. Relatively speaking we're still quite a new kingdom of sorts, and a lot of collectors want to add our currency to their collections. Simply just that a lot of time, apart from the regular visitors. We're unique in Corrdon Gently, our architecture. Lots of people like to check it out.'

'It's an old world design in some ways,' said Daniel. 'I've had the picture Danielphon is modelled on a long time, which has aspects of the city in it also. Always been a plan to design a place like it. Finally got to it I guess.'

'It attracts the people. Like I said,' replied Curtis. 'An object of curiousity, the older styles of buildings. Attracts a lot of people who don't see so much of that out there.'

'Life's moved on in the city, I've noticed,' said Daniel. 'Some upgrades going on.'

'Some legal requirements to update a bit with our UN agreements,' said Curtis.

'I see,' said Daniel. 'Vaguely remember signing some documents on the various charters.'

'We're going somewhere, as everyone knows, and every society which functions within UN structure abides by certain protocols. Not every society on planet Earth is by any means associated with the United Nations. There are Utopian principalities everywhere. Civilizations which are very advanced, and maintain that as their way of life.'

'And why doesn't this work exactly?' queried Daniel.

'It probably does. But mankind wants to work out the perfect system,' replied Curtis. 'We're learning each time, before we fall away at the end of it all, about things which make it just that little bit better. By starting again we get fresh energy and can have another go working it all out, with everything we have learned so far about the job. So what subtle improvements we can make each time.'

'I get the sense of the idea,' said Daniel. 'Probably a wise philosophy, I suppose.'

'Lots of discussion on it at its foundation,' said Curtis. 'Lots of books on the subject.'

'How far till retrograde then?' asked Daniel. 'Don't think I've ever actually asked.'

'Long time yet,' replied Curtis. 'But long lifers know where we are at, and the things which will crop up regularly enough.'

'I see,' replied Daniel. 'Fascinating.'

'So we're going somewhere,' said Callodyn.

'Apparently so,' said June.

Food for thought to Daniel, but in his maintenance of Danielphon, retrograde, when it came, would only be a return to Danielphon's foundational ways. He would not tolerate too great a diminishment in a life which had settled down.

The End

Eternal Terra 3

'Earth has some committed eternal inhabitants,' said God to Daniel.

'Your point?' queried Daniel.

'They will have a rapture vortex trip eventually. One at a time. A few years in various places in the spiritual, then a return to what is generally their homebase. And vice versa for some heavenly souls.'

'Vice versa for some heavenly souls,' replied Daniel. 'Interesting. And who exactly are these heavenly souls who spend time on earth at times.'

'Those who don't mind the physical grind. People who like the hard stuff somewhat.'

'Doesn't bother me that much at times, but heaven is nicer,' replied Daniel. 'I get the picture. How long have I got to go?'

'Taylor informed you. About half a process, and back you go. She'll be back here tomorrow now the issue is resolved.'

'Good to know,' said Daniel.

God absented himself.

Daniel didn't sleep that night.

'I'm not a stupid blonde girl,' said Taylor. 'I resent that statement.'

'I didn't really mean stupid in the sense that you were stupid,' said Daniel.

'And what sense did you mean it in exactly, then?' queried Taylor.

'Just the blonde hair............,' and replied Daniel, waving his hand vaguely.

'Clarify,' replied Miss Swift.

'You do the Def Leppard airhead girl pretty well. Nuff said I think.'

'Flattering,' replied Taylor. 'No more flirting with June Grey. God has told me all about the subtle thoughts at the back of your head. No more women, Daniel. Don't get rude.'

'Course not,' replied Daniel. 'Wouldn't dream of it. Truth to tell, she's not quite my kind.'

'Every blonde is your kind,' said Taylor Swift.

Daniel didn't respond.

Some truths hurt.

The End

Danielphon 4

'The Diamonds are in Room 4,' said the card.

'And where the hell is room 4?' asked Taylor.

'I don't know,' replied Daniel.

'Somewhere in Danielphon,' said Cyril, the gamesmaster.

'This isn't a horrible rendition of Ready or Not is it?' asked Taylor, regarding the movie they had watched the week prior, starring Samara Weaving.

'No. Not quite,' said Cyril. 'You don't have axe murderers awaiting you.'

'And how do we work out where room 4 is?' asked Taylor.

'If you need more information you'll have to cash in a card token,' said Cyril.

Taylor volunteered a toke, of her 7 left, and took another card.

'Rooms are in Reverse,' read the card.

'Amazing information,' said Taylor.

'The top room is room 1,' said Daniel. 'The rooms of Danielphon start at the main entrance, but it's all in reverse, so logically it probably enters at the roof.'

'Interesting deduction,' said Cyril.

'You have only 3 guesses,' said Mary. 'Don't forget.'

'There is 2 rooms on the second most upper level of things, but 5 the next level down,' said Daniel.

'It's one of those most likely,' said Taylor.

'We'll risk it,' said Daniel. He stood, and Mary, the game co-ordinator followed them upstairs. The diamonds were in the first room they tried. They got lucky. They returned to the music room.

'You now have the diamonds, the gun and the pearls,' said Cyril. 'You'll score some decent points at the end of the game, if you don't get anything else. Remember, the cards change next time, but I'll develop a few thousand sets and we'll keep progress of how well you do. If we get more guests one day you can entertain yourselves watching how they perform.'

The Danielphon Challenge was fun enough for Taylor. An activity game involving mysteries, challenges and Danielphon Keep. Ironically kept you fit as well, going off to retrieve things. They finished the evening with 5 items and Cyril said it was an ok effort for their first go. But they could do better next time with some more lateral thinking.

Later that night.

'Don't think you will get lucky, Mr Daly,' said Taylor.

'We're married, aren't we?' queried Daniel.

'Barely,' replied Taylor. 'You hardly stay loyal at times.'

'I'm loyal enough. Knew that God is hard. He likes his thrills.'

Taylor nodded. 'Off,' she said, waving her hand. Daniel looked at her, in her dress, and her fine figure. He still loved her. He headed off, considered the green room at the back of Danielphon briefly, but headed off to his bedroom. Another happy enough day. He was happy with life. Things were pretty good at the moment. Pretty good.

The End

Card Night 2

'Where are you from Curtis Steel?' asked Taylor.

'Crossden,' replied Curtis.

'I've heard that name,' replied Daniel.

'I'll be 7 hearts,' said Curtis.

'It's in north Wales, isn't it?' queried Daniel.

'Aye,' replied Curtis. 'The Dominion of Crossden. Quite a lot of continents like most places.'

'Steels big in Crossden?' asked Daniel.

'Quite a lot of us. Rothchilds, Bradlocks, Darvanius', Daly's, those are the big names in Crossden.'

Daniel went silent.

'The early part of the Chronicles,' said Taylor after a while.

Daniel nodded.

'Yeh, I figured you would know,' said Curtis.

'Yep. Daniel had a few boys there in the end. Who settled up there. Rachel and David and a few others. Alexander got busy there a bit also.'

'So did Damien Bradlock,' said Curtis. 'And we know well who the devil really is.'

'Yeh. I've noticed in the culture. Angelic Revelations and things. Lots of details on heaven here and there,' said Daniel.

'Things have been disclosed from time to time,' replied Curtis. 'Most people acknowledge the divine on planet Earth these days. Loose on religious affiliation, mostly just a basic monotheistic concept and the laws of the land. Nobody really wants to argue much anymore.'

'I've noticed that. ANM is actually quite big, relatively speaking, but they are more a social club.'

'How it mostly works,' replied Curtis. 'Small amount of preaching, but only on rare appropriate social occasions. Humanity is getting along with a sense of camraderie, and putting their differences aside. General norms is how we function.'

'I think that is a good idea,' said Taylor Swift. 'In the heavenlies though, very segregated in places. People are very specific about allegiances. They actually like it like that. To be precise. Mostly so they can mock.'

Curtis looked at Taylor. 'Mock?'

'Not really in any nasty way,' replied Taylor, playing a card. 'We mostly like to get legalistic with each other in a sense of humor. Sort of judge each other and make inquiries if you are measuring at times. Heaven is quite sarcastic like that at times. Oh, people get along just fine. We like the tension. Keeps life upbeat.'

'A lot like that,' said Daniel. 'Earth is far more sedate comparatively speaking. Has its own styles I think.'

'Fascinating,' replied Curtis, playing a card.

'Are you married Curtis?' asked Taylor. 'I never see you with a lady.'

'Dating June Grey. Have been a few thousand years on rare occasions,' said Curtis. 'Not formally dating, I mean. Just get togethers. We've agreed to examine the idea slowly.'

'Funny, June never said,' said Daniel. 'Didn't know that at all.'

'Every century or so we go somewhere,' said Curtis. 'You can ask her if you like. Just a slow think. Really, we're just friends.'

'I see,' said Daniel.

The night went on and soon they were on the train back to Danielphon. Daniel found June in the kitchen with some icecream.

'You and Curtis Steel?'

'Yes, Curtis and I are good friends,' replied June.


'I suppose you could call it that. Softly,' replied June. 'Every century or so.'

'Oh,' said Daniel. 'Any interest then?'

'Perhaps,' replied June. 'I would say he is my cup of tea, but it's a long eternity, isn't it?' she replied, with a soft trill in her voice.

'No kidding,' replied Daniel.

He went off to bed, happy with another decent card night, thought on June and Curtis, chuckled, and went off to sleep. And the sandman didn't bother him all night long.

The End



Star Tower

'Why are we here?' asked Bathsheba.

'Daniel and the rest of the schmucks returned to the realm last night,' said King David.

'Oh. They've been gone a while,' said Bathsheba.

'Half a process, or thereabouts,' said David.

'We don't care about eternity anymore,' said Bathsheba. 'It's a finished issue. Azrael mostly runs the show out of popular vote, and Saruviel banters with him from Kalphon, and eternity is happy enough with the status quo. Why would we care now?'

'Because frikking Daniel is back, and he has an agenda,' said David.

David looked around Star Tower in his Keep Palace in the 369th Disc of the Realm of Eternity where he was technically the overseer. It had about 35 levels, and they were near the top.

'Why is this room empty?' asked Bathsheba.

'Everything from here to the top is,' said David. 'Star Tower is only slowly fitted out a level at a time over a long period of meditation and contemplation on the contents of each level. This is where I am up to.'

'I see,' replied Bathsheba. 'So it's time to fill this level then?'

'Exactly,' said David.

'Do you have any ideas?' asked his Queen.

'I have had millions of them, all gestating, but its time to do something soon, rather than worry about prior cogitations, as I need a response for our battleplan.'

'Battleplan?' queried Bathsheba.

'Battleground Eternya,' replied King David.

'Battleground Eternya?' replied Queen Bathsheba.

'The next state of affairs. What is betwitxt Zionistya and Eternya. The battleground we wage war over. No, do not put your hand up. Not physical war sweetie. A war of powers.'

'Right,' she said. 'I think I get what you are basically up to. Why bother trumping them David? Why be so proud.'

'Coz they'll boot us out of Zionistya in the long term anyway if we don't riposte before then,' said David. 'They don't care. It's looking attractive now, they are musing. They've tidied it up, they are music. Lets mosey in, kick out the schmucks, and have a new colony, they are musing.'

'So you say,' replied the Queen.

'I need a base in eternity, and Star Tower is where I want to cogitate,' said the King. He turned to Bathsheba. 'Put in a desk, suitable seats, a few lounges, a bookcase, and I'll leave the rest to you.'

He turned, went to the stairwell in the centre of the tower, and started descending, leaving Bathsheba with a concerned look on her face, and turning to look at the room which was apparently her new décor job.

The End

Meludiel Monopoly Morning

'I suppose you actually concentrate on being boring, then,' said Daniel to Meludiel.

Ambriel interceded for his twin. 'That is very insulting, vague attempt at Seraphim. You should recant your slur.'

'I mean, come on said Daniel, looking around the room at the players of Monopoly gathered in an upper level of Zaphon tower, all in Meludiel Monopoly Morning, which happened once over Realm Month, a few days in. 'This is about as pathetic as it gets in terms of excitement. The cat is away, the mice play monopoly and bore everyone to death,' said Daniel. 'Conservatism gone nuts. Let me guess, you have a rulebook with about 50 chapters on acceptable conversation for this event.'

'There's only one chapter,' said Meludiel.

Ambriel grimaced.

'Unbelievable,' said Daniel, putting his hand on his head. 'You frikking do? Unfrikkingbelievable.'

'It gets worse,' said Ambriel. 'The dress code is severe. You are not measuring up at the moment, but she is exhibiting grace towards you.'

'I have a shirt and pants on?'

'You should be in a suit,' said Ambriel.

Daniel looked around the room. The gents were all in suits.

'Jesus,' said Daniel.

'Don't blaspheme,' said Meludiel.

'Here we go,' said the Seraphim. 'You are that lost without me that you revert to baptist programming, retrace your 'Everything is a Sin campaign days' and make mother theresa look like a harlot.'

'Very funny,' replied Meludiel. 'Roll your dice angel boy.'

Daniel rolled his dice. 'Are there elaborate extensive courtesy rules on how to play the game?' he asked.

Meludiel looked guilty.

'There are!' exclaimed Daniel, wide eyed. 'Unbelievable.'

'We like it quiet and sophisticated,' said Meludiel. 'This is a formal gathering were we engage in polite conversation and have official intercourse for the Realm of Eternity.'

'Intercourse is the last fucking thing going on here,' said Daniel.

'Don't be rude,' scolded Meludiel.

'Jesus,' said Daniel. 'Well, ok. I'll suffer this travesty in the name of entertainment for today, but seriously sis. You need a life.'

'Roll the dice,' said Meludiel, looking at the board.

Daniel smiled, and they started playing. In the end he was happy enough and actually stated he would visit next month, and would have a tie next time, but no jacket. Meludiel acquiesced that that would be enough. Daniel was back again. She wasn't really complaining.

The End

Star Tower 2

King David was on the top of Star Tower in the Shell. The purple haze shell. It was a plastic sort of round dome on the top of Star Tower, which was the top room in a way. Really, it was just big blob of plastic which atopped the tower, but technically it kept him away from the edge of the tower, which sort of avoided falls in its own way, which had softly been an OH&S objective in the designing of the tower in the first place. The room was empty, if you could call it a room, sitting on a floor of concrete, what the tower was made of, and nothing but the central stairwell of the tower in the centre of the room. Bathsheba was down below, in the new level which had just been finished decorating. She had simply suggested to him that she do a 'decent' job with the design, keep it simply elegant and appropriate for the Keep's style in general, make it competent, and that would do. David didn't disagree. It had nice wallpaper, with bits of green paint here and there, a maritime theme to the room with sextants and pictures of seafaring escapades, a bookcase full of ocean thrillers, and generally a happy enough room, with a chunk of maritime based relaxation CDs in the CD rack. 'Good job', he had said to his Queen. And now he was on top of the tower, standing there, looking down in thought. Battleground Eternya. This was the thing. He had strategized with Michael for a long while now, but Daniel was back, and that punk always had plans. Pain in the neck that reality. Crafty wouldn't cut it. They would see that. Sneaky wouldn't cut it. They would see that. Cryptic wouldn't cut it. They'd work it out. Direct, so direct that they could not refute it, would be their approach. They would buy the bitch, form businesses, promote their religion, and be upfront about everything. Direct approach to building the dominion of Zionistya, not denying their objective, straightforward about it. That was the decision, and he was thinking over first moves.

'Come on,' said Bathsheba, appearing in the stairwell. 'I've cooked dinner.'

David nodded and said he's be down in a moment, and she left him.

'I don't really know, Realm of Eternity, if we're really trying to ultimately take you over, but we'll defend ourselves,' he said, looking out through the purple haze of plastic. 'We'll defend ourselves.' And then he went downstairs, and started his evening with his wife.

The End

Doves and Gloves

'You know,' said Luladiel. 'The tranquil swans of Dovedale manor have an allure to them.'

Daniel turned and looked at the swans in the pool. 'I guess,' he said.

Luladiel picked up her cup of tea, and sipped.

'It's 10 in the morning, Luladiel. Is this brunch?' queried Daniel.

'Morning tea, sir,' replied Luladiel. 'Don't be so common with vulgar babylonian terminology.'

'Oh, yes, milady,' replied Daniel. 'Gosh darnit. Those Babylonians. With their confounded technoligicality. Strewth. Them 'ventions are really cryptic stuff, you'se know. Life does not work on technologicality, now does it? No siree. It works on fireplaces, and maids, and bowls we shit in. Nothing like a chamber pot. Great 'vention that, milady.'

'You tire me with your vulgarities,' replied Luladiel. 'Away with you common man.'

'Forgive me, milady. It's me upbringing, you see. We'se was coarse raised down in 'Stralia. Kookaburra and Kangaroo stew is all they fud us, milady. And we'se all a bunch of thieven laggarts. No good the bunch of us, milady.'

'I do declare, cretin. Your conversation is retarded. You make as much sense as a bunch of muggles in Hogwarts Homeroom.'

'Those gloves,' said Daniel, resuming normal enough tones of conversation. 'They are quite splendid.'

'They actually glow in the dark, you know,' said Luladiel. 'Seriously. You can find lost things with them.'

'I'll have to get the man's equivalent,' said Daniel.

Luladiel sipped on her tea. 'Miss Taylor Swift is due shortly, Seraphim brother. I do not think she is happy to leave her current fascination with your cherubim elder.'

'He's won her most of the time' said Daniel. 'But I sense he's to move on soon with new interests.'

'He's said something?' queried Luladiel, raising her eyebrow.

Daniel looked at her, and picked up his cup of tea. 'Drink your beverage,' he said, and said nothing more. Luladiel sipped on her tea.

'Misseur Perrot is due with Miss Swift. They have had breakfast, and are in the reading room discussing Agatha Christie and Poirot novels. He is a master of Hercule likeness in his ways.'

'Even looks like him,' replied Daniel. 'Deliberately done?'

'Claims he lets Poirot influence, but not quite deliberately. A French gentelman of similar spirit are his own words on the issue.'

'Fascinating,' replied Daniel.

The Doves swam, the morning passed, Miss Swift and Misseur Perrot appeared, and they enjoyed the rest of the morning tea in happy discourse.

The End

Doves Bar

Dovedale Manor. Daniel the Seraphim called it 'Doves'. Nickname for the manor. 'Let's go to Doves', he said to Luladiel and Taylor. They did not argue.

'It's a nice bar,' said Luladiel.

'My dear, it is most elegant,' said Misseur Perrot. 'The English Style, conservative, charming, more than a tavern of common riff raff, but a bar where gentlemen can enjoy good ale and wine, and converse with chatter of life more appropriate for the sophisticated type.'

'I do enjoy good chatter of life,' replied Luladiel, sipping on her wine. She looked at Mr Perrot.

'Do you get laid much?' she asked him.

His monocle fell from his left eye, his eyes open.

'Madamemoiselle. I do not talk openly of such things. It is not the place to talk in here of such matter. Certainly not with a lady.'

'Come on buddy, fess up.'

'You,' he said, picking up her bottle of whisky, 'Have obviously had too much. This was full at the beginning of the evening. It is near empty.'

'I know,' replied Luladiel. 'You know, you're cute Perrot. Not bad for a Frenchie. Distinguished and shit.'

'Language, Miss Perry. Please watch your language,' replied the French gent.

Luladiel hiccupped, burped, and batted her eyes at him, before her head fall forward on to the bar.

'Miss Perry,' said Mr Perrot, tapping her shoulder. 'Miss Perry.' He looked at the bartender, who just shrugged. Perrot looked around, not sure what to do, feeling it was not the thing to leave the lady on her own. So he looked at the bartender, and said. 'I should have to carry her to her room, I would think.' The bartender nodded, and continued wiping glasses. Steadying himself Mr Perrot picked up Luladiel, put her over his shoulder, and exited the bar, climbing the stairs slowly, and taking Luladiel into her bedroom, laying her down on the bed.

'Should I?' he asked himself. 'No, probably not the gentlemanly thing.' So he decided not to take off her outer garments, putting her in her undergarment, and just pulled a blanket up over her, putting her head under a pillow. Suddenly Luladiel opened her eyes and looked at him.

'Hey sweetheart,' she said. 'You take me to my room?'

Mr Perrot nodded.

'Thanks Frenchie. You're all heart,' and she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Missuer Perrot looked at her, felt the situation had been dealt with, put the whisky bottle on the table next to her bed, exited the room and closed the door, returning to the bar, and explaining to the bartender what he had done.

In the morning it was a new situation. Daniel was drinking tea again with Luladiel.

'Heard you got lucky last night,' said Daniel.

'Not exactly,' replied Luladiel. 'I got drunk,' she said, sighing.

'Perrot was the perfect gentleman,' said Daniel.

'He was,' replied Luladiel. 'I was drunk, but I wasn't actually passed out. Wanted to see what he would do.'

'Crafty,' replied Daniel. 'Wanted to get some did you?'

'I'm only human,' replied Luladiel. 'He smells quite good. Attraction wise, he's ok. Nothing glorious mind you, but he is very clean, well dressed, and bathes properly. It would be quite ok to bed the fellow.'

Daniel nodded. 'He's a gent, alright.'

'Never mind,' said Luladiel. 'Kind of fellow who might have expectations afterwards, anyway.'

'I could imagine,' said Daniel.

'Still...........' said Katy, trailing off.

Daniel said nothing, but sipped on his tea, smiling at his seraphim sister. It was a most intersting morning.

The End

Universe Revisited 3

'Ursula. Is that a condom?' asked Valandriel.

Ursula picked up the condom, and threw it in the bin. 'Never mind about that,' replied Ursula. 'Just a lover I have. I see him on occasions.'

'Right,' replied Valandriel. He turned and looked at the english dictionary on her desk once more. Ursula got up from her bed, patted down the blanket, and came and stood next to Valandriel. They were in her room in lower Nippon Universe. It looked somewhat like the room of a young teenager to Valandriel. School books and maps on the wall, and astrological charts and pictures of space and things. Clearly something she was interested in.

'You have a lot of tween books,' said Valandriel.

'I'm sort of a tweenager,' replied Ursula. 'I'm old enough, but my maturity gravitates to that level of life expression. It's how I like to be. Not cool and hip. Too naïve and innocent to be cool and hip, really. Youthful is how my heart expresses itself.'

Valandriel nodded, and picked a word. 'Exposition,' he said.

'Exposing things. Discussing things. Expounding or elaborating or defining things.'

'Indeed,' replied Valandriel, and put down the book. He turned and looked at her. 'I am married, you know. Faithfully as well. Forever.'

'It's just making love,' said Ursula. 'No big deal. For fun valley boy. I like to fuck a bit, you know. Oh, I'm clean. I keep it legally clean enough by the recommended international morality laws. But I don't pretend to be a paragon of virtue.'

'I don't quite make that claim, either,' replied Valandriel.

She sat down on his lap, and moved her ass about. He got an erection. She opened her blouse, and took his hands and put them on his breasts. 'Just shag me, we'll do it a few hundred times, and then move on, ok. Every few decades drop around, and we'll have a good time.'

Valandriel and Ursula made love on her queen size single bed. He really just fucked the bitch, came hard, and rested for an hour. She washed, made him tea, and he laid there, looking up at the ceiling.

'We get along ok,' said Ursula. 'Knew that right away Seraphim. We just connect. We don't exactly like each other sort of thing, or romance, but we can just chat and have a lot of harmony. We just connect well for some good times.'

'Yeh,' said Valandriel.

'You know,' said Daniel to Melanie. 'They're fucking.'

'I'd imagine that a possibility,' said Melanie, examining the cube.

Daniel continued chewing on his chewing tobacco, and stared at the whale.

'I mean, valley boy doesn't exactly fornicate, you know. Not really his style.'

'She wants to suck his dick a bit. I can tell from how she glances him over,' said Melanie. 'She plays around a bit, that type.'

'He's a victim,' stated Daniel softly.

'I don't think he's really a victim. He wants his dick sucked. And they get along quite well. Talk easily with each other.'

'That much is true,' replied Daniel.

'He'll be fine. She probably won't push it long term. Mainly a fling for a while.'

'Depends on how you define a while,' replied Daniel.

'I'm going to have to ask you to get a jar, and obtain 100 buttons,' said Valandriel. 'Every time I visit, you take a button out of the jar. When the jar is empty, no more shenanigans,' said Valandriel.

'Agreed,' replied Ursula.

'That I think is probably my limit on situations like this. I don't mind, really. But I'm the faithful type, and this simply can't afford to be a common practice in my life.'

'Not a problem,' replied Ursula, and reached down, stroking his phallus, which started getting hard again.

She put her head down, and Valandriel stared at the ceiling. He knew that was what she was after.

'Still, lucky to get something different, I suppose,' said Daniel. 'Bit of a change. Might bring new surprises to him and Elsabel's bedroom antics.'

'Could do,' said Melanie.

'Always great when a bloke gets some.'

'Do you concentrate on that?' Melanie asked him. 'Getting some?'

'Not that much anymore. Repented of most of that behaviour. 'On Earth I was single nearly all the time, and just jerked off occasionally. Knew I'd be going home eventually, so didn't really bother with a lady friend. A few rare visits to establishments, and nothing else.'

'I see,' replied Melanie.

'Nutt. That life is over with for me. Meant I'd repented of it for the most part. Back with Jessica Murdoch now, and that's that. Danielphon life in the Realm, faithful to the wife, and doing my job.'

'What job, by the way?' asked Melanie.

'Technically I'm employed in Zaphon cafeteria on shift work. The only real role still going from ancient days. Everything else in Noahide concerns in terms of my incomes, and a large portfolio.'

'I see,' replied Melanie, returning to her cube. 'Oh, and your agendas.'

'The Danval Agenda indeeed,' replied Daniel.

Valandriel appeared.

'Get lucky?' asked Daniel, as Valandriel approached. Valandriel said nothing, but started making his way out of Universe. Daniel and Melanie stood and started following him.

'He got lucky,' said Daniel.

Melanie nodded.

As they left the zombie whale watched the visitors walk off for a moment, then returned to his usual routine, as another day passed.

The End


'Well, you may as well marry me then, Aphrayel,' said Samael.

Sandalphon almost choked on his Scotch, but was too cool to turn from the window of Aphrayel's abode, and just continued staring out. But he was listening.

Aphrayel paused in her game of solitaire.

'I want a pre-nuptial,' she said.

Samael nodded. 'Fine. If you want complications, no problems.'

'The wedding. Everything, completely everything, is planned by me, no exceptions whatsoever. You have a maximum of 5 invitees, I choose the rest of your buddies, but you can supply a list which I will look over.'

'Fine. No problems,' said Samael.

'An extensive marriage contract itself on house rules, and agreement. No devil's excuses either,' said Aphrayel.

'Agreed,' said Samael.

'Sexual intercourse once every week, on clockwork, no exceptions unless sick. There will be no excuses of not in the mood by either of us.'

'Sounds good,' said Samael.

'I'll expect a ring and a bended knee in front of the library one year from today, in front of the entire 70 Onaphim.'

'No problems,' said Samael.

'I will be saying yes, and it will be a good occasion, and you had better make it a good day, proposal day. That is your job.'

'Fine,' said Samael.

'We will have 15 children, no more, no less,' said Aphrayel. 'I have a list of 15 boys and 15 girls names. We name them one at a time, you then me, you get to name 8, I get to name 7.'

'Well, no worries then,' said Samael.

'You can use all my names if you want, but you have sovereign rights to name your children, and I have sovereign rights to name mine. The only rule is the names have to pass the test of being reasonable enough names.'

'Fine with me,' replied Samael. 'Is Sebastian reasonable?'

'That's a fine name,' replied Aphrayel. She stood, and looked at him. 'About time, clown.' She left the room, exited her abode, and he sat there. Sandalphon came and sat down.

'The end of a long journey,' said Sandalphon.

'And a grand marriage to mark it all,' said Samael.

'Indeed,' replied the angel.

The End

Epic Quest 2

'We get ninjas to throw stars at cowboys,' said Daniel to Valandriel.

'Ninja stars?' asked Valandriel.

'Well not frikking cowboy stars,' replied Daniel. 'Ninja stars. We get Cowboys as an official role in entering Epic Quest, where you do 'Cowboys World Tour', and the objective is to ride horses and compete at Rodeos all throughout the world of the quest, beset by troublesome ninjas, harlots, mafia men and meninblack sort of cowboys.'

'Harlots could be interesting,' said Valandriel.

'They are naughty ladies in the quest, which do bikini based picks with the epic quest questers, who later on chase them down claiming to be pregnant, which is part of the thrill of the game.'

'Cowboy World Tour is a thrillathon then?' asked Valandriel.

'It's the Game,' replied Daniel. 'The objective is to find the cowgirl along the way who digs you from the operatives. Every now and again there are subtle signals in some of the harlots indicating she's a cowgirl, and the contestants have to work this out if they can pick up the signs, and get down on the range with one of them if they ultimately find their true love. Cowboys are real men, and they don't always like love to be so damn easy, as they are conservatives often, like farmers, who mean long term relationships. They don't mind going through a bit to earn a proper bride. Women like to know the men really love them that marry them, and she needs to be special and she needs to be noticed, so he is supposed to pay attention and pick up the signals from any of the cowgirl operatives who think cowboy man might be ok enough from the pack.'

Valandriel stroked his chin. 'He has to pay attention, huh? Pick up on the signs, and spot the harlot which is more than she seems?'

'He should know his values, and women of more integrity and stature. If he doesn't notice this about her, that she's a cut above, she's too good for him.'

'And if he goes for a regular harlot?' queried Valandriel.

'Well he ain't much of a frikking cowboy then, is he?' replied Daniel. 'Anyway, those are the approximate ideas for Cowboy World Tour. We'll need to refine the concepts, enter new elements which make the overall package make logical sense, and review the entire thing. Just rough draft ideas in my head. We'll work it through, but Epic Quest needs to expand its genres to suit the community's desires action thrills to find their wives. And we gotta really get Melanie around again, as she is supposed to start working with us to understand women's epic quest desires.'

'Aquamarine, Jewel and Gemma. We'll get them all involved for the chicks dick quest,' said Valandriel.

'Kapiche kemosabe,' replied Daniel the Seraphim, looking out over Zaphora from Danielphon tower.

Sharakondra came into the room, sat down, and showed Daniel some pictures. 'These are current enough culturally you think?'

Daniel looked them over. 'Yeh, timeless a lot of this stuff, but I see stuff like that out there a bit at the moment. Should be fine. By the way, Sharakondra. What does a woman want when she goes off to find a man for life in a quest?'

Sharakondra looked squarely at Daniel San. 'Someone who'll commit properly, I can build a life with, and who will be loyal and decent with me. After that, it's not the end of the world the rest of the package.'

'And how do you bring that into the Epic Quest for women concept?' asked Daniel.

Sharakondra sat for a few minutes, thinking.

'Women don't really want to come over as easy, you know. So don't think a hunkfuckfest is going to be a good idea. We're not blokes. Make the bloke she wants stand out with integrity in the course of the quest. Make them put on their best behaviour, and she'll gravitate to the one which is for her.'

Sharakondra stood, smiled, and left the room.

'I'll run that by Melanie,' said Valandriel. 'What Sharakondra said. I'll visit her tomorrow.'

'You do that bro,' said Daniel. 'Ok, meeting over. I'm off to the Garden with my walkman, as I need to chill, and do some thinking about Oblivion Tube and Danval Agenda ideas.'

And Daniel left, and Valandriel looked at the Epic Quest file for a while, before standing, scratching his butt, and getting on with the rest of his day.

The End

The Wedding of Samael and Aphrayel

'Ok, brother. Show me the ring,' said Sandalphon.

Samael handed Sandalphon the diamond ring, and Sandalphon looked it over, and put it in his waistcoat pocket.

'It will be right here,' said Sandalphon, patting his pocket. 'I will hand it to you at the correct time.'

Samael nodded. Sandalphon looked at the clock.

'Ok. Let's go.'

They exited Samael's abode and walked down to the chapel. The Onaphim were present, as well as elder of other groups of angels. Some key guests from other realms also being at the event.

Samael stood there. He was nervous.

'This is forever, right?' whispered Sandalphon.

Samael nodded.

'I mean, I don't stand a chance of shagging her again, do I?' asked Sandalphon.

Samael gave his brother one of those looks.

The chapel went quiet. Shortly 'Here comes the bridge' began playing.

Aphrayel appeared. The theophany of God was guiding her down the aisle. She was dressed in black, and looked stunning. She came up, stood next to Samael, and did not look at him, but looked directly at Logos.

'Friends. We are gathered here today to celebrate the wedding of two of our dearest. Samael and Aphrayel. They have lived and loved and known each other – well – forever. Perhaps this day is long overdue, but everything, in the end, has its time and its place. So without further adieu, we shall begin.'

Aphrayel looked at Logos and so did Samael, and the ceremony took place.

At the reception a number of events, in no particular order, occurred.

Logos got drunk for the first time. The VERY first time.

Garanel was permitted to dance with Aphrayel for the first time. The VERY first time.

After Garanel pinched Aphrayel on the butt it was declared, quite vehemently by a ropable Samael that it would also be the very effing last time.

Garanel also got drunk. Hammered.

Logos and Garanel took off all their clothes around midnight and chased the Celestyels. They did not catch any. They passed out on the green lawn in front of the reception hall, totally naked. Blankets covered them a little later by guardian angels.

Samael whispered into Aphrayel he would get lucky that night.

Afterwards, around 3, the bride and groom headed to Aphrayels abode.

Samael was completely wasted.

'I lughve ghuoryou Affraell,' said Samael.

He undressed a bit, and laid down on her bed.

Aphrayel smiled. Consumation at last.

She ducked into the bathroom, undressed, coming out in her bra and knickers, looking hot as hell.

She looked at Samael.

She came and sat down on the bed next to Samael.

She shoved Samael.

Aphrayel did not get lucky that evening as she hoped she also would.

There were cross looks for the first 6 months of marriage.



Universe Revisited 4

The years came and the years went.

'This is the 100th and last marker,' said Ursula.

Valandriel nodded.

'If we're committing to this, then this is game over kemosabe.

Valandriel nodded again.

'I've had a lot of fun with you Valley Boy,' said Ursula.

Valandriel sat down on her desk chair, and looked at his lover.

'I want you to meet Elsabel. She knew about this affair practically from the start. She has ideas that I don't really sleep around as a person. It's not really my style. She thinks you are obviously some sort of concubine which God has probably arranged for me. A mistress who is my official consort of sorts at other times.'

Ursula went silent, and picked up one of the model knights from her bench hanging above her bed. She turned it over and looked at Valandriel.

'The agreement was when this was finished, that's it.'

'Your not going to make an honest man of me? I'm not really into lovers in the end, you know. This situation – it won't happen again. I mean, it's a long eternity, but I know now. It's not a lifestyle choice that I accept.'

Ursula laid down on her bed, and pulled her doona over her.

'Make it worth my while, loverboy,' she said.

'What the hell is that supposed to mean?'

'I'll expect a reasonable lifestyle. I don't mind being your concubine, Valleyboy, as your fab. But if you expect me to change my lifestyle, you'll have to sweeten the deal somewhat.'

Valandriel eyed Ursula for a while, and turned to look at the books at the back of her desk. He picked up a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' title he knew well, flipped through it, thinking it over.

'Fine. I'll sweeten the deal.'

'I live here,' she said. 'But I want a plush penthouse apartment in Zaphona City somewhere. Where you visit me from time to time. I'll be there regularly. You can slip in for a bit of fun. And we'll have an official legal ceremony to register me as your concubine.'

'Yes, I would require that,' said Valandriel. 'The penthouse suite won't be a problem. I can arrange it.'

'Then you have a deal, Valley Boy.'

And it was resolved as simple as that.

The End

Angelicray the Cherubim 2

'What is it?' asked Angelicray to her twin Asael.

'It's a aqua button,' said Asael.

'Right,' replied Angelicray. She continued vacuuming the floor of their apartment, and when finished, put the vacuum clearner back in the cupboard, and went off to the kitchen. Soon she came out with a mug of tea and some chocoloate biscuits. She sat down on the single seat soft, drinking her tea, and looked at Asael. He was still sitting there, looking at the button. The Aquamarine button.

'Where did you get the button?' asked Aquamarine.

'At a shop,' replied Asael.

'Right,' replied Aquamarine. She continued drinking her tea, and ate a chocolate biscuit.

'How many buttons did you buy?' she asked.

'Just the one,' he replied.

'Must have cost a lot,' she said.

'No, not really,' replied Asael.

'I was being sarcastic,' she said.

'Oh,' said Asael. Yet he continued looking at the button.

'Must be complex,' said Angelicray.

'What?' asked Asael.

'The button. Must be a complex button. You've spent ages looking at it. Must be special designs on it or something.'

'No. Just a plain button,' replied Asael.

'Oh,' she said. 'Right.' She sipped on her tea.

Time passed.

'You've decided to become a tailor then,' said Angelicray.

'No,' replied Asael,' examining the button.

'How many holes? 2 or 4?'

'That is irrelevant. Not the point of the button,' said Asael.

'Oh. Good. It has a point then. Fascinating.'

'Right,' said Asael.


'God forgive me for asking, but what is the point of the button.'

'There will be more buttons,' said Asael.

'You intend to buy more buttons?' queried Angelicray.

'Indeed,' said Asael.

Silence. Angelicray sipped on her tea.

'The same type of button? The same colour?'

'That – that is very challenging,' said Asael. 'It's complexity must be assured, so determining the exact quality of the required buttons needs a lot of consideration.'

'I see. Got to make sure about the buttons,' she replied.

'Indeed,' he said.

Silence. She finished her tea, and returned to the kitchen. Soon she came back and resumed her seat.

'Will you enlighten me this millennia as to the point of the button?' she asked.

'Contemplating the complexity of the interactions of the buttons. In the game.'

'Oh. It's a game involving buttons. Like Katchular or something?'

'Exactly,' replied Asael.

'Strategy game?' she asked.

'Yes,' he replied. 'It's a variant of Katchular and Chess. Same strand. I've had the idea in my mind for months now. Studied a lot of games online involving markers and chulara type games, and working on an original concept. Something which involves buttons. There is another key element I think I probably want also.'

'And what is that dare I ask?' asked Angelicray.

'A plastic sewing needle, and plastic length of cotton. The cotton would essentially be a length of plastic string. The needle and the cotton are elements of the game. They work into it somehow. It involves a board, naturally, and I'm thinking through how all the elements interact. It has to be challenging, yet easy enough to learn, and fun. I want people to enjoy the final product. Especially the happy chaps.'

'I see,' she replied. 'Well, I got my answer. You're not sitting there doolally. Working on a project.'

'Correct,' he replied.

She picked up a book, looked one last time at her twin, who was still examining the button, and got on with her reading.

Later on.

'Can I borrow 100,000 realm credits. Want to use cash, and a lot of mine is caught up in investments at the moment. Want to get a professional board set done, and produce a certain quantity of early sets, and sell them online. See the initial impressions of the game.'

'You've got the idea worked out then?' she said.

'Mostly,' he replied.

She transferred some money into her twin's account that evening, and as they dined, he explained 'Buttons' to her, and she sat, curious enough about the strategies and things, her curiousity now satiated about the mysterious aqua button.

The End

A Quiet Drink

Valandriel and Daniel were in Azrael's bar in Zaphona City. Valandriel put 'It's Late' by Queen on from the Jukebox, and returned to his table. It was late.

'Well, so far so good, Valley Boy,' said Daniel the Seraphim.

'So far so good,' replied Valandriel.

'Future looks bright, gotta wear shades,' said Daniel.

'You're not that cool Daniel San,' replied Valandriel.

'You don't know how cool Mr Cool is when he really gets going,' replied Daniel.

Valandriel pushed Daniel's beer at him. 'Drink your beer.'

'The DanVal agenda is progressing, Valley Boy. But I sense competition is heating up. Star Tower has seen smoke in it's chimney, and that is not a good sign. That Jewboy Schmuck David is a spiteful sort of personality. Think's he all the glory. Is planning something, you can bet on it.'

'Nothing we can't handle though, right?'

'You got that right kemosabe. DanVal – an unbeatable combination.'

'Unbeatable in ego,' commented Meludiel, whose head had risen just then from the table.

'Go back to sleep. You're drunk,' said Daniel.

Rebecca returned her head to the table.

'Aye, so bright. Shades,' said Daniel.

'You keep on dreaming,' replied Valandriel. 'You keep on dreaming.'

And Dream on did Daniel the Seraphim, as he had done, well, since a very, very young age. And that is what life is made of ladies and gentlemen. Dreams. And I hope your best dreams come true in the end also. I suppose mine in many ways now have. Farewell.

The Tranquil Swans of Dovedale Manor 2

And so it goes.

'You know, Luladiel. You have magnificent breasts,' said Daniel the Seraphim.

Katy adjusted her top. 'Thanks,' she said.

'They are quite fine. Pert, buxom, delightful really. Quite womanly breasts.'

'You've got a nice ass too buster,' replied Luladiel.

'I work on it,' replied Daniel. He turned to the tranquil swans of Dovedale manor. 'Do you wonder if swans have similar vanities?'

Katy put her fork into the carbonara, and started eating. 'I think they are basic,' she replied. 'Old ones, maybe a bit more going on. But they are animals. Mating instincts, food instincts, not much else.'

'I suppose that we're just glorified examples of that,' replied Daniel.

'You certainly are,' replied Katy. 'Run out of decent shit to talk about, so your shitting on my breasts.'

'While I wouldn't exactly shit on them, there are other actions which could be delightful.'

'Funny. Men try that. Not much changes with the unfairer sex,' said Luladiel.

'Unfairer Sex?' queried Daniel, eyebrow raised.

'Life has moved on buster,' replied Katy, hooking into her Carbonara. 'And Womankind has some responses. Old man Albert, Victoria's bloke, says 'Fairer Sex, my dear.' You know, his generation of pommie wankers. All those cheap come on lines. But women have moved on, a full generation of us and then some, and realized the millennia of unfair behaviour from the males of the species, and deemed you fellas quite unfair.'

'But you shag us anyway?' replied Daniel.

'Lesbianism only goes so far in the excitement department,' replied Katy. 'I Kissed a girl. It was ok. But the guy has these other chemicals which do more primitive and basic stuff. The biology of being human.'

Daniel looked at the swans. 'They have the biology of being swans, I guess.'

Katy twirled her pasta, ate a mouthful, and nodded. 'Yes. I would imagine.'

Daniel returned his focus to Miss Perry. 'The breasts though.'

'Here we go,' said Katy.

'Really. Quite magnificent. They've done studies. On woman's breasts.'

'Have they,' replied Katy dryly.

'Yes. Many studies. Traits which define the ultimate woman.'

'Good to know,' said Katy.

'And you have breasts of the ultimate woman,' said Daniel. 'Taylors? Appropriate for her body type, but you are simply divine babe.'

'Compliments. How men get laid,' said Katy. 'We're starting to work that out.'

'Fondling those breasts. Angels glory when your breasts are fondled I would imagine.'

'Oh, they take pictures,' replied Katy.

'Motion Pictures, my dear,' said Daniel.

'The tits of Katy Perry. I can see it now,' said Katy, putting her hands up in a square movie screen motion. 'Famous lovers from the Unfairer sex, all deeply devoted. All longing to touch – THE DIVINE.'

'Indeed,' said Daniel.

'Try harder,' said Katy. 'Mr Perrot. He has a chance these days. Daniel san? Know all your lines, buster. You fail to impress much anymore.'

'I see,' said Daniel. 'Fine. You need better quality come ons.'

'Much,' said Katy.

'An improved effort?' queried Daniel.

'You'll have to upgrade, I'm afraid. The old shit just won't float anymore.'

'I see,' said Daniel. He finally picked up his fork to eat his carbonara. 'So I ain't getting lucky tonight is what you are saying?'

Katy stared at him for a moment, and continued eating her pasta.

'I see,' said Daniel. 'New material,' he said to himself. He had work to do.

The End

In Control 2

Logos was with Samael of Infinity in 'Control Box L'. Control Box L was located on the outskirts of the Golden City in the Realm of Infinity. It was filled with computer servers, and monitoring devices, which monitored activity throughout the spiritual universe. There was a control panel with a couple of seats, and both were seated there, playing a game of chess.

'Battleground is Eternya,' said Samael.

'Would appear to be the case,' replied Logos.

'They want to war it out with each other to see who can get the upper hand with their ambitions,' said Samael.

'Pretty much,' replied Logos.

'A lot of frustration coming for people who want regular life,' said Samael.

'They'll deal with it,' replied Logos. 'Interesting news for some people. But a lot will hope it just all blows over soon enough.'

'I'd think so,' said Samael. He made a move in the game.

Metatron was with Memra in 'Control Box M' in the first heaven of the children of heaven, on the outskirts of the home of the firstborn of the children of heaven.

'You know,' said Memra. 'He's being cagey, is Logos. He probably does have an agenda.'

'I don't know for sure,' said Metatron, playing on the pinball machine. 'God built these Control Boxes to keep our wars out of home so he could have some peace and quiet. But I think Logos likes to study at this point in eternity. There are a lot of new faces and icons of ego in the universe, and he wants to work a lot more of them out before making any real further moves with his ambitions. He has a plan to get his way and exhert his authority, and put people in their place. Likes to judge them. Likes to tell them what's what. But he's likely amused at the moment about all the egos warring it out on new agandas, entrepreneurialships and the like. Probably watching, thinking and reflecting.

'Right,' replied Memra. 'Maybe. But he gets randy, and does stuff.'

'As we all do,' said Metatron, hitting the ball with the flipper.

God was with Rihanna in 'Control Box I Frikking Rule'. He had taken Logos and Memra aside, after they had glorified in their control boxes, and shown them his own. And he pointed to the red sign of the Box, and said 'Now Don't forget.'

Rihanna had called him an egomania. God did not feel he needed to dispute her accusation. In fact, he probably was quite agreeable to the idea.

Control box I frikking rule was largely empty, apart from a desk, a radio, and a little notepad God mostly played tic tac toe with himself on, always trying to beat himself. It was amusing.

The End

The End of the Affair

Taylor had moved in with Joe Alwyn. Daniel had signed separation papers.

'You know, Dan,' said Greg. 'She was never right for you bro.'

'You are probably right,' replied Cherubim Daniel Thomas Andrew Daly to his brother Gregory.

'You need to find a comic girl. Someone who likes and collects DC comics.'

'You are probably right again,' replied Daniel.

'Apart from the Rainbow Covenant it's all you give a shit about.'

'And the bulldogs,' said Daniel.

'Most Aussies are too much meat for your liking,' said Greg. 'And bulldogs fans are not really much exception to the rule.'

Daniel picked up a copy of Blue Beetle from the coffee table at 29 Merriman Crescent in Macarthur on New Terra, the Daly home.

'I'll get back to reading comics, I think,' said Daniel. 'Let the ANM run itself for now.'

'Now you are thinking straight,' said Greg. 'Move on with life. Let the dead bury the dead and go on to higher ground. Think again, and start with a new plan. The old one ran its course. Time to get a new slice of eternity pie, and do it a bit better second time through.'

'I understand,' said Daniel.

Greg disappeared, and Daniel put down the Blue Beetle comic. He went outside, rolled a ciggie, and started thinking. Reading comics was established on the list of things he did. Perhaps time now to work on a new entry to the Danplan. Perhaps a new hobby for Daniel Thomas Andrew daly.

The End

And so it goes.

Life was up to an interesting enough juncture in the realms of spiritual existence. God had watched, planned, acted and interacted with his creation, and enjoyed the entertainment. Now he was going through some of the past history he had recorded, and reviewing it all. Meanings had been worked out, points and purposes, ideas created, and lives lived. Things were progressing appropriately enough. Future beckoned, and God had a fairly good idea what lay on the horizon.

He settled his spirit down one afternoon in the realm of eternya in the garden.

'ARE YOU BORED?' God asked a guardian cherubim angel.

'Oh shit. You again,' said the angel who guarded the way to the tree of life.


'Well, jack shit happens around here. A visitor once every aeon or so, and not much else. I sort of nod off at times.'


'It's a long eternity,' replied the angel, and lay back down on the grass.

God moved on.

His spirit came to and rested in a place in New Terra. Lucy Smith was sitting in a place in Bunyan, just down the road from Shelandragh May's. She was read 'David Copperfield'.


'Shit,' said Lucy. 'Oh. That's you isn't it Yahweh?'

'IT IS I,' replied God.

'I'm reading at this time. Done enough magic for now. Want a more regular life for a while instead. Some old classics and things.'


God moved on.

He settled down on Zionistya.

Abraham was arguing with Sarah.


'All the time these days,' replied Abraham, glaring at his wife.

'You stay out of it,' said Sarah to God.

'She'll bite your head off if you are not careful,' said Abraham.

'I COULD IMAGINE,' replied the divine.

God moved on.

'You know,' said Jenny Gilmore. 'Life is good in Dalgety. But I think I want to move back to Berridale for a while.'

Her father nodded.

'Fancy that Ronan these days. He's cute.'

God did not speak. Business as usual with the Gilmore family.

He moved on.

'No,' said Daniel to Jessica his wife. 'I have not slept around in ages. Katy may have said I cracked on to her, but it's just witty interplay with an old flame.'

'Why don't I believe you,' said Jessica.

'For fuck's sake,' swored Daniel under his breath. 'Look, it's not what you think.'

'Go to hell buster,' swore Jessica, and ran out the room.


'Tell me about it,' replied Daniel.

God moved on.

He came to himself.


'It's an amusing thing I know,' said the Theophany.


'Got a stack of porn on that.'

'I KNOW,' replied God.

'Yeh,' replied Wolfgang. He felt a little guilty.

And so God returned to his divine state, and seeing that most things were right in the world, he settled down, and returned to an old beginning. At a beginning of things, before he planned. When he was at rest. Things were right in the universe, so God settled in, turned a number of lights of, and settled down for a good, long, snooze. And heaven's above he had earned one.

And so the saga of the children of destiny reaches a conclusion of sorts. There is more to tell, but in different sorts of worlds and realities, but the crux of the tale has been told, and so cheers. Daniel Daly. September 6183 SC. Over and Out.