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DC Vs Marvel

The Booster Crew: The Empire of Nippon

Anima Reborn

Details on the Blue Beetle Corps

The Blue Beetle Corps

Man of Steel: An Apokoliptic Sense of Humour

Details on Lobo-Bots

Justice League: The Coming of Greta – Movie Plot

Blood Metal

Batwoman – Movie Plot

Batman Vs Ghostmaker (Movie Series) – Movie Plots


Reach for the Stars: Crisis in Space

DC Vs Marvel

Marvel Vs DC - The Motion Picture

> Opening Scene
> Space. The camera zooms in on the 'Split Infinity' space diner in outer space. There are space bikes parked out the front. Thanos is at the bar and orders drinks. He returns to his seat and passes his buddy a dirnk. He says 'How about a wager?'
> The scene shows lobo walking past at the back of the bar and gnort chashing after him saying 'Mr Lobo' etc
> Darkseid says 'The terms of the wager?' to Thanos.
> Thanos says 'When worlds collide, there are always winners and losers. I use my powers and manipulate the heroes from my half of infinity to pit them against the heroes from your half of infinity.'
> 'And whoever wins?' replies Darkseid.
> 'Takes the spoils,' replies Thanos.
> 'Mmmm,' says Darkseid, stroking his chin
> The next scene starts with 'Life loves a tragedy' by Poison playing and Tony Stark, drunk, in a gutter, broke and depressed. He struggles to sit up and wanders along the street to a park and sits on the grass looking at the setting sun. Lifting a bottle of grog to his mouth, looking at the sun, he says 'I gotta sort this shit out.'
> Lobo is hired by Thanos and Darkseid to do the dirty work. Lobo convinces the heroes of Marvel U and DC U that there is a threat from an alternate universe and they must rally their resources to fight this power. Lobo tells the Marvel Heroes that Thaons is worried about the opposing universe which could destroy this one and tells the DC heroes that Darkseid as the same concerns. Tony Stark is the first one tempted with an offer from Lobo for finances to get him out of his shitty situation. Tony asks Lobo where he is from and Lobo says 'Out there'. Tony says 'Your frikking blue dude' and Lobo says 'Way out there.' Lobo deceives the heroes and the Marvel heroes are taken to Thanos homeworld were they are branded on the arm and trained to take on the threat. The DC heroes are taken to Apokolips and likewise branded with the same brand to take on the threat also. Later on when Black Widow and Black Canary are fighting they see each other's brand, after the heroes thinking they have to fight for their universes survival, and work out they have been played agianst each other. The song 'Confident' by Demi Lovato is playing, and the video for that song is a core idea for the movie.

Blue Beetle & Booster Gold were not taken to Apokolips deemed not too heavy a hitter to have to be worried about. Blue Beetle has developed a gigantic 'Diamond Press' in a large Kord Industries laboratory were he has produced 'Diamond Blades', which he attaches to a Battle Suit made of reflective material which resists and thrusts back attacks from weapons. On the left arm he has a shield which is developed now for hand to hand combat and on the right arm he wears the battle-blade attack weapon, which has the diamond blades and his traditional air gun built into it. Booster Gold already has a traditional battle armour suit. Wearing these suits they infiltrate Apokolips, confront the Wolverine and manage to knock him out, and later Wolverine is chained to a bench, and Superman, who has been not part of the combat, deeming it beneath his concerns, addresses him. Blue Beetle says 'No hard feelings', as Superman explains to Wolverine, as he has learned from Black Widow and Black Canary, that the heroes have simply been played against each other. Wolverine is released, and agrees to work with Superman and the heroes to combat Apokolips and Thanos.

The Booster Crew: The Empire of Nippon

Chapter One

'Rocking in New Jersey,' said Booster Red.

'Don't let it get to your head,' replied Booster Gold.

'He can be excitable,' said Goldstar. 'Runs in the males of the family.'

'Pass me a beer,' said Booster Red.

'That runs in the family also,' said Goldstar.

'Booster!' said Skeets.

'Yes,' replied Booster Red and Booster Gold in unison.

'There are 3 men approaching, armed with swords. They are Japanese in appearance.'

Booster Gold looked up and saw the three men. They were dressed in modernistic Samurai outfits.

'Booster Gold San,' said one of them. 'You have information we require. Information of the 25th century. We are willing to pay much cash for such information.'

'Business is good. Timeline concerns means I don't discuss futurology,' replied Booster Gold.

'That is �" unfortunate,' replied the Samurai. 'We will need to persuade you then.'

The three samurai took out their swords and pointed them at the three heroes. The ensuing melee was a whistle and dance of action and mayhem, which resulted in the three samurais lying unconscious on the ground on the shore of the ocean, where the Booster Crew had been enjoying their twilight party.

'What do we do with them?' asked Booster Red, sensitively touching the fresh cut to his cheek.

'We call the police,' replied Booster Gold. 'Skeets. Notify the New Jersey Police Department. We have three men guilty of aggravated assault, and yes, we will be pressing charges.'

'Certainly, Booster,' replied Skeets.

The Booster Crew waited till the NJPD had arrived, then the men were handcuffed and taken into custody.

'We will need that information,' said the Samurai again. 'If you will not divulge it, drastic measures must be taken. We will pay you one billion American dollars for certain core details about the society.'

'Take em away, officers,' said Booster Gold.

They got back to their party, and Goldstar finally spoke. 'You know, one billion is a lot of cash. I'd be tempted. I am tempted.'

Booster looked at her. 'Timeline issues always cause problems. It's hell resolving them. If we divulged too much information the space-time continuum would alter drastically. Things could change, and in ways we wouldn't like. It's too risky sis.'

'Yeh,' said Booster Red. 'It's too risky.' But there was no sincerity in his words.

Chapter Two

'You're getting fat Batman,' said Robin.
'There are always critics,' replied the Batman.
'When are we fighting crime.  It's been years.'
Bruce Wayne looked at his newspaper.  'Crime is finished in Gotham City.  The turmoil of Two Face and the Ravages of the Riddler have spent their strength, and the Penguin and Catwoman dare not raise their head.  Gotham has been conquered by the power of the Bat.'
'You're getting fat,' said Robin.
'I thought it was Nightwing,' said Bruce.
'It is,' replied Dick Grayson.  'Somebody has to keep Bludhaven in check, and you would rather read sport headlines than do any heroics these days.'
'I'm - out of action.  Enjoying retirement,' said Batman.
'I thought heroes go on forever,' replied Batman.  'The Dark Knight has to return eventually.  Gotham will need you one day.'
'It would take the Vengeance of Bane to move me, Robin.  It would take the Vengeance of Bane.'
Dick shook his head, and sipped on his tea.
'Bane is not in business anymore.  Gone into contract work with the KGBeast in Bialya.  They're no threat.'
'I don't know,' said Bruce, looking cautiously at Robin.  'I've been monitoring them.  Times come and times go, and sometimes grudges last.'
'You're fat, Bruce.  Get to the gym.'
Bruce sighed.

* * * * *
In lower Bialya Booster Gold was watching through the binoculars at the tank.
'It has the white flag raised,' said Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle.
'Not sure if I trust that white flag,' said Booster.
'Hey, you,' said a voice behind the two members of Justice League International.
Booster and Beetle turned their heads.
'Not you again,' said Ted.
Bane had a rifle pointed at them, and the KGBeast was up the rise a little, walking down to them.
'Da.  They will make fitting sport.  Batman likes these two clowns.  Gotham will be fun for sure.'
'Our contract expires soon,' replied Bane.  'The Queen has had her service, and we can get back to some old business.'
Booster didn't flinch, but it was Beetle who spoke.  'Time's change, Bane.  And things change as times change, but Justice never loses in the end.  Don't expect for it to go down without a fight.'
Bane grabbed Blue Beetle by the neck, and brought him close.
'It wouldn't be vengeance if it was any other way,' he grinned, and punched the Beetle in the face, lights out.

Chapter Three

'Wake up sleepy head,' said a voice, and Ted Kord the Blue Beetle felt a rush of water splash on his face. He opened his eyes, and reached for his aching head.

'Don't worry,' said Queen Bee of Bialya. 'Bane wasn't trying to hurt you – at least not permanently.

'Small mercies,' said Beetle. 'Gosh, I'm hungry. Do you have MacDonalds in Bialya? I could use a Big Mac.

'We're not in Bialya. We are in the royal temple of Ashigaru Tanakewan. In the heart of the Empire of Nippon.'

'Never heard of him,' replied Blue Beetle.

'He rose to Shogun, but made his fame from deeds as an Ashigaru warrior,' said Queen Bialya. 'And Bialya currently has dealings with the Empire of Nippon, the true heart of Japan.'

'Fascinating,' said Blue Beetle, looking around in the dingy room which looked like a dungeon. 'Why have you kept me alive?' he asked her. 'And where's Booster?'

'We have need of you and your connection to Jamie Reyes,' said the Queen. 'The Scarab is a powerful weapon, and in the war of power which is coming in this galaxy, the winners will only triumph with power at their disposal. Apokolips never plays games in the end, and Bialya does not intend to be on the back hand of the wrath of Darkseid. You see, it's all about a Scarab and the minerals which it was dug from. When it was found by the Reach. It's made of the same stuff as one of the gems or stones.'

Ted wiped at his eyes, and looked at the Queen. 'And what stones or gems are they exactly?'

'Why the millennial stones of course,' replied the Queen. 'What else?'

'What else of course,' replied Ted Kord sarcastically.

'I see you do not understand. Let me enlighten you,' said the Queen. 'In the beginning of things there was a void. And then the God of the Covenant fashioined things, and life was formed in the Universe. Yet the God of the Covenant formed a son, who rebelled. Lucifer Morning Star. The angel Samael. There were other angels as well, many of them, some who rebelled, and some who did not. Apart from the angels, the Endless were fashioned as well as the Lords of Order and Chaos, and many other powers which fill the Infinite Universes of Creation. And from time to time Yahweh gets involved with things, and does crazy and wonderful things in our world. And the Millennial stones were such things fashioned, Power Stones, to give us chase for glory to exalt those with the will and wit to get on with life.'

'Evil reduced to getting on with life,' quipped Ted.

'Morals can be very relative when it comes to power,' said the Queen.

'Says every supervillain who has ever lived,' replied Ted.

'Now your Jamie Reyes has good access to the Reach, who know where the minerals for the Scarab came from, and likely have intimate knowledge on the location of the Power Stone, one which would quite wonderfully give us powers just like your blessed young apprentice.'

'I see,' said Ted.

'Booster is in the other room. We have need of his knowledge also. Co-operate, you will be returned to him. I'm sure you'll see it our way in time Blue Beetle.'

'Cheers,' said Blue Beetle, as Queen Bee left the dungeon with the armed guard who had been with her, leaving Blue Beetle flabergasted and wondering what his next course of action would be.

Chapter Four

'We'll have to rescue them of course,' said Michelle, sipping on a beer in Gabriel Mathieu Carter's Booster Gold International sponsored apartment.

'Why?' asked Booster Red. 'I'm inclined to negotiate with the Queen and persuade Jamie to give them the information they are after. The cash seems worthwhile to me.'

'You were always the soulless one,' replied Michelle. 'I remember when we were young. You would cheat at Monopoly and always be the banker. Conveniently.'

'Gotta make the cash some way,' replied Gabriel. 'Besides, they don't have access to time travel to the 25th century. It wouldn't be a problem. And who cares about Scarabs and things. Always supervillains. We fight em. The government pays us to do that. We'd be without a job if we didn't have em.'

'You are despicable,' replied Michelle, and stormed off.

Gabriel emailed his reply to the queen and they arranged a meeting in Nippon. They flew on British Airways, and arrived at the temple, deep in the heart of north Japan.

'I don't think I can help you much,' said Jamie to Queen Bee.'

'There is a struggle, both on Earth, and in this galaxy,' said one of the Nippon warriors. 'The old Axis of powers is reviving to ensure we do not end up slaves of Apokolips and so on. It is in your best interests to support the Axis at this time.'

'Not sure,' said Jamie, looking to Michelle for support.

Shortly Blue Beetle and Booster Gold were brought out. Booster looked at his brother. 'You would,' he said. 'I saw this coming.'

'It's a datafile,' said Booster. 'With detailed information on the 25th century.' He handed the USB drive stick to the Nippon warrior.

'Thank you,' replied the armed man. 'We will transfer you the money upon reviewing the file.'

The Queen looked at Jamie.

'I can give you the coordinates for a Reach outpost which is not too heavily protected. They can potentially access the information you need.'

The Queen nodded.

Shortly Blue Beetle and Booster Gold were on the return flight with the others, heading back to the states.

'Traitor,' said Booster Gold, not looking at his brother.

'I'm sure they'll never know the difference anyway,' said Booster Red.

'Huh?' queried Ted.

'The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland in the 25th century,' replied Booster Red. 'Rewritten by yours truly with some truly fantastic history and invention.'

Michelle touched Gabriel on the shoulder. 'I should have known better,' she said.

'Despicable,' said Booster Gold.

'Dishonourable,' said Blue Beetle.

'And quite a lot of cashola,' finished Booster Red, which brought a chuckle from all those present.

The End


It had hurt like hell. I mean, it had practically killed her, but when she was split in half, and her to half entered the ghost zone, she was left in a half-life – literally – her eyes perpetually open. Anima had been in limbo. Floating, in a half life. Not really alive. Not really dead. And she had floated their, some thoughts in her head, some pain at times at her torso, but mostly a limbo-state of existence which she feared might be her eternity. She thought on family in these years, that she might have tried harder, that she might have loved them better, that she might have been more of a 'Hero' like she claimed to be. And she thought on her friends and the team-mates she'd had in Titans and Blood Pack. And, gradually, these thoughts consoled her, and gave her mind and what was left of her being some consolation. They were memories which kept her heart going, gave her something to contemplate, and a meaning to be. Not that she had much of a choice about that anyway. And, finally, after years in this state, a decade or so, she could not tell, she felt finally content that, if there was a God, he had sorted out something of an eternal life for her, as her heart felt ok now, and her memories made her strong. And she found happiness enough with that. And was content enough with that. And then, one time, floating there, almost smiling, a voice said 'There you are. Found you at last.' And she looked, and it was the Animus, and she smiled. And slowly he performed his magic, and healing took place. It took several days, weeks probably, but soon enough her lower body had regrown, and she started moving and kicking, and she was whole again. 'Awesome,' she said to the Animus. 'But how do we get out of here?' 'I HAD TO WAIT TILL YOU WERE WHOLE AGAIN. OTHERWISE YOU WOULD INDEED HAVE DIED FOREVER.' And then he opened a portal, and Anima travelled through, and landed outside a manor in what felt like America. She stood there, looking at the beautiful sights she had not seen in a long time, and gazed at the warm sun. 'Back, are you?' asked a voice. She turned and look. It was Batman. 'Ah, yes Batman. The Animus found me and healed me.' Batman nodded, and came forward and cradled Courtney Mason in his arms. 'Good to have you back, Anima.' 'It's good to be back,' she smiled warmly, and he motioned her to follow, and she came into the Batcave, and he fed her cookies and hot chocolate, and Anima was reborn, whole again.


'Parasites suck,' said Courtney.

'I have a parasite problem,' replied Batman. 'All over the Batcave. Here is some Parasite Killer, from Wayne Corp. Clean. You have finished your cookies and beverage. I will have Alfred prepare your room, while you detox the batcave grasshopper.'

'Grasshopper?' queried Anima, eyebrow raised.

'So young. So much to learn. I don't know,' said the Batman, shaking his head. 'Alfred will check your work in half an hour,' said Batman, as he stepped into a stairwell, and climbed upwards.

'Great,'said Anima, looking at the control panel. She pushed a button. 'Unauthorised User' flashed up on the screen. 'Funny, Batman,' she said. She looked around and noticed a bookcase. She went over and pulled out a folder. 'Golden Age Supervillains' was on the cover. She turned over the page and the first profile was on the Joker. 'Ooh,' she said, and started reading. Half an hour later she had learned much about the Supervillains of Gotham, and sighed, picking up the can of parasite killer. Working her way around the Batcave she sprayed here and there, till she noticed an older man looking at her, sitting at the Control Panel. 'Mr Wayne will be impressed. Studying about Supervillains first, but still doing your duties. Very good Miss Anima.'

'Mr Wayne? Bruce Wayne is Batman?'

'He doesn't mind you knowing Courtney. He assumes you will keep the information confidential.'

Courtney kept on spraying. 'If he gives me a job,' she said.

'You are Mr Waynes ward from this time onwards. Anima learned much, but she fell short somewhat. Defeated too easily. She need a fresh induction course to get her up to scratch. That much should be obvious to yourself. Even Mr Wayne once had to refocus. When Bane bested him for a while.''

'I heard about that,' said Courtney.

'There are not actually any parasites, but nice to see you are obedient. Follow me,' said Alfred.

Anima grumbled a little, tossing the can on the floor of the Batcave, but a stern look from Alfred made her pick up the can, and put it carefully back on the Batcave control panel. Then she followed him up the stairwell into the heart of Wayne Manor.


She looked outside the window at the grounds. Grasslands, a lake in the distance. She would visit that tomorrow. She picked up 'Pride and Prejudice' which Alfred had suggested she might like to borrow from the library, and laid down on her bed and read the first chapter. She was familiar with the story, but when the chapter was finished she was tired, and slept. That night her body adjusted more to life back in the physical earth domain, and in the morning she felt more regular still. She sipped on orange juice at the breakfast table, and Damian looked her over once, but mostly ignore her. 'Who's the chick?' he finally asked Alfred.

'Miss Courtney Mason, Damian. Formerly known as Anima. She has been out of action for a while, but is in recovery now.'

Damian bit into a power bar, and chewing, stared at Anima. 'You got what it takes, babe?' he asked her.

Courtney sipped on her juice, and Pride and Prejudice was in her head. 'Hardly a distinguised member of the Wayne clan, are we Damian?'

'Oh, she's posh. I see,' said Damian. 'Right up herself. She'll crumble in the heat of Gotham nights. Dead as a dodo.'

'I can bring the heat,' said Courtney, leaning over and glaring into Robin's eyes.

'Sure you can,' he said. 'Out on the court. Take me on at Bball. See if you have what it takes.'

Courtney glared at him, and looked at Alfred. 'Thank you for the eggs and toast Master Alfred. I'm going over to that lake.'

''As you wish Miss Mason,' replied Alfred.

Courtney stood, and put her plate on the sink, and as she left she glared at Damian, who stuck his tongue out at her.

'Women,' said Damian.

'Indeed,' replied Alfred.

Courtney wandered down to the lake, and found Bruce Wayne practicing martial arts moves. She sat down on the grass, watching him. After a while he spoke.

'Sometimes a superhero can think themselves infallible. That they are the good guy and can never get hurt. It's just not true. Justice doesn't prevail unless we do something about it.'

Courtney nodded. Bruce continued his training.

'When the bad guys come, sometimes they come hard, you know. And they are not merciful at times. They like to play tricks and pranks. Often that is what does them in. Gotta have the last laugh, leaving opportunities to take them down. But sometimes they want to play hard. You have to be ready for that, or this simply isn't your business.'

'I got used to a lot of that, but Prometheus was my undoing,' said Courtney.

'Best be ready next time, or he'll finish the job,' said Bruce, taking a towel, and wiping down his sweat. He started walking back to the manor, and looked at her. 'Keep your cool. Think about your person at every moment, and where the bad guys are, and what weapons they have at their disposal. They are key factors for staying alive.'

'I understand,' replied Courtney.

'See you up at the manor,' said Bruce.

Courtney watched him go, and looked out at the lake. But in her head she was thinking over the Batman's advice.


'Look there,' said the Masked Avenger.

Anima turned, and from the other side a block of wood hit her in the back.

'Should have seen that coming,' grinned the Masked Sidekick.

'Get stuffed,' replied Anima.

'Look there,' said the Masked Avenger, in a new direction.

'What do you think I'm stupid? I won't fall for the same....' and suddenly, from the direction the Masked Avenger pointed in a block of wood hit Anima in the guts.

'Bastard!' said Anima, gasping for air.

'It's official. She's a moron,' said the Masked Sidekick.

'Bite me Damian,' replied Anima.

'No. It's the Masked Sidekick,' replied Robin.

'And I'm the Masked Avenger. Remember the name,' said Bruce Wayne the Batman.

'Criminals don't think like this,' said Anima defiantly, in a training room hidden in Wayne Manor.

'Criminals are not the most predictable of creatures at times. You never know what to expect,' said the Masked Avenger.

'So expect anything. And everything,' said the Masked Sidekick, raising his baton, and rushing in at Anima.

She sidestepped, wacked out her leg, and Robin tripped, went rolling, but came to on his feet, ready for more.

'Nice move blondie,' said Robin. 'She almost has some style.'

'Almost,' said the Masked Avenger.

Then, with the Masked Avenger and Masked Sidekick trying, but not too hard, they put Anima through her paces for the rest of the morning. She ducked planks of wood which fired out at her from all directions, and made that many martial art moves at the Masked Heroes suggestions that she lost count. But after a few hours, when lunch approached, she was indeed exhausted, but felt she was getting the point. Being a vigilante was hard work, and you needed to be ready for anything.

Soon enough it was lunch, and Alfred had made them ham and salad rolls with juice.

'She performed, adequately,' said Bruce Wayne to Alfred.

'She looks quite bruised,' said Alfred.

'Tell me about it,' replied Anima. 'They hit me from every angle.'

'How Master Bruce likes to play the game,' replied Alfred.

'Obviously,' said Anima, looking at Bruce.

'You're getting up to scratch again,' said Robin. 'Didn't really know you back in the day, but dad talked about you a bit. But, by the time we're finished with you, if Prometheus shows up again he'll be the more sorry for the experience.'

Anima went quiet.

'Sorry,' said Damian, and touched Anima on the arm.

'No. It's ok,' said Anima. 'I don't hate Prometheus. But he is a bad guy. I'm not about revenge though.' She looked at Batman. 'But I am about justice.'

'Then she has learned what she needs to know,' said Bruce Wayne.

'Quite apparently,' said Alfred.

Later, back in her room, she looked at the full body mirror, and made some moves. She was in her Anima outfit again. Soon enough she would be out there, taking on crime. Re-engaging with superhero work. Would she pull through this time? She knew what to do. She had experience. But it hadn't been enough the first time. Whatever else, expect the unexpected. That much she had learned from Bruce Wayne. That much she knew was par for the course in fighting crime as Anima the New Blood.


Not far from Wayne Manor, on the Wayne Estate, further out in the sticks, in the 'Wayne Wastelands'.

'What is this place?' Anima asked Robin.

'The Wastelands. We do training her,' replied Damian. 'I also come out here to sleep sometimes. Hard stuff. To stay hard for the streets. Just me, my knapsack, and cheese sandwiches. And a few bottles of water mixed with juice.'

'The hard life, huh?' replied Anima.

'Dad is rich. I'm not stupid. But one thing is he says he does as Batman is fight for the common man of Gotham. We're not rich because we're bastards. What we believe, anyway. Grandfather cared about people. So does dad. I'm a bit reckless in a lot of ways, but I give a damn about Gotham and being a protector guardian. We work on the dark side of the law. It's what superheroes do a lot of the time. We don't always employ the most legal of methodologies, but it's how we get the dirty work done. And dealing with cretins like the Joker and Penguin sometimes you have to learn how to deal with the dirty work. Why I come out here. To stay in the element.'

'To stay in the element,' repeated Anima, kicking an aluminium can in the dirt. She looked around. 'It has a weird sort of feel to it. Like a wasteland indeed. Sort of desolate and in despair in some ways, but there's a comfort in it as well.'

'You've noticed,' said Damian.

They pushed up inside of a run down building, which was in, according to Robin, a deliberate state of misrepair. To keep it hard and tough. They sat down against a wall, and Robin drunk some of his water. He passed the bottle to Anima, who took a sip.

'We stay here tonight. Remember, expect the unexpected. Dad often likes to surprise me.'

She slept well, but woke often. An owl hooted, and it was a full moon. Late in the night she heard some footsteps, and looked. A dark figure was at the entranceway. It spoke.

'I am Dark Steel. Are you ready to rumble?'

Robin was already awake, with his baton, and Anima came next to him. They attacked the Dark Steel, who repelled them as if they were nothing. Robin hacked at Dark Steel with an overhead thurst, but it ricocheted of the dark figures head, and had seemingly no effect. And Dark Steel started laughing, came over to them, picked them both up easily, and threw them against the wall, which cracked a bit. Anima shuddered, and felt fear, but just as suddenly as Dark Steel had shown up, he was gone. And they were left alone. She slept cautiously the rest of the night.

That morning at breakfast.

'Oh. It's you,' said Robin. Anima, coming into the room looked. It was Superman with Bruce Wayne at the Breakfast table.

'Funny,' said Robin, rubbing his sore head. 'I didn't know how someone could be so strong.

Superman sipped on his tea. 'I have no idea what you are talking about Robin,' but there was a knowing smile on his face.

'Not fair Bruce. Putting Superman against us.'

Bruce Wayne just smiled. 'Remember, be ready for anything. Even Dark Steel,' said Batman.

Anima took that to heart. She would not forget.


'Now you are ready, at the least, to re-engage,' said Alfred, in the Batcave. Anima had her clothes she came into the Batcave on. Bruce had requested she put them on that morning, and said 'I wish you well. Talk to Alfred now.' And she had followed around Alfred, who had an occasional word, then led her down to the Batcave.

'What now?' asked Anima.

Alfred pointed.

'Back out the way I came, huh?'

Alfred nodded. Anima made tracks. Coming out into the fields near Wayne Manor, she looked at the manor a brief while, and looked heavenwards towards where the portal had opened up and Animus had dropped her down to Earth. He was nowhere to be seen or felt at the moment, but she could sense she could contact him if she really needed to. She looked in her wallet which Alfred had given her. 500 dollars, and a note. 'If you really need help, you know who to call.' signed 'Bruce.' She sighed. Back to the real world. She looked around. It was about mid-day, so she tracked herself down to Gotham bus stop in a long walk. She found the interchange, having bought some fast food, and sat there, eating her food, sipping her cola, and looking around. Perfectly innocent 20something lady, having a meal, waiting on a bus to who knows where. New Olreans? Maybe. Metropolis even? Maybe. But she just ate her meal, sat there, thinking. And it struck her after a while. She was a new blood. With awesome power, and potentially awesome responsibility. But she was also Courtney Mason. And back in the day, ironically, she had something of a plan to get on with a regular life when it came right down to it. Superhero work intervened, such was life. But, right here, right now, with nothing particularly better to do, she finished her meal, looked at the city, felt it may as well do as home, and Bruce and Damian were where she needed them to be, so made her way around the city, found a job exchange place, and went in, and explained her situation. They gave her details for a halfway house, and sent her out on a temp contract with Gotham mail. Gotham mail liked the looks of her, and gave her a 3 month contract for mail sorting. She took the job. A few weeks later she was in a shared flat in Gotham suburbs with 3 other ladies, working types, in her own room, doing mail work. And she was looking at study courses. She was a superhero – potentially – potentially at the drop of a hat. But for now, Anima reborn was about getting on with the rest of her life, re-engaging with the real world and, whatever else came her way, she would get on with being plain old Courtney Mason. And that much brought a smile to her face.

The End


The Celtic Peoples of old had Interminglings with Ancient Egypt at times. An old member of the Daly clan had interminglings with an ancient Egyptian who had Scarab technology. An injection from the scarab technology into an old Dalaigh clan member mixed in with the DNA and remained latent in the mutation in the DNA. Things changed genetically somewhat, with alteration to this bloodline. When Bloodlines occurred, a parasite was involved with Daniel Daly, who bit into Daniel, and genetic information triggered latent Meta Human abilities. Daniel was left for dead, but recovered in hospital. Later on, in Macarthur, he was up in Macarthur Ridge when, picking up an ordinary beetle, he suddenly felt a surge of energy. This was scarab based energy in his mutated DNA. It was the standard sort of Scarab energy of the Blue Beetle. Daniel became a 'Blue Beetle' Metahuman, with super strength which comes in at times, and the ability to be extremely agile and jump great distances. He also has superb climbing abilities like a beetle and can climb up walls and along ceilings with no difficulties. He becomes the fifth of the Blue Beetles after Sandra Bullock, 'The Quintessential Blue Beetle'.

After Daniel comes the sixth Blue Beetle who is a member of the Legionairres, Computo, Danielle Foccart, who is caught in a Time Problem, which is resolved by Booster Gold, but leaves her in the current era. After an encounter with Jamie Reyes, a scarab is placed into her body by the Reach, and she becomes the Sixth Blue Beetle.

The seventh Blue Beetle, completing the Blue Beetle Corps, is an alien member of the Reach.

The Blue Beetle Corps 17: Camping Out

They were in a forest, outside of El Paso.

'Watch,' said Scorcher, and engulfed a pine with flame.

'Cool,' said Cloudflame, and did one herself.

Firefist, watching on, smoking a ciggie, chuckled. He watched for a few moments, enjoying the fire, before getting the fire extinguisher out of the back of the van, and dowsing the burning trees.

'Why'd you do that?' asked Scorcher.

'Don't want any undue attention,' said Firefist. 'Besides,' he said, looking around. 'This is nature, and I don't have anything against creation. It's now how I work.'

'Fine,' said Scorcher. He turned to Cloudflame. 'Let's roll.'

They took off, several feet from the ground, screaming around the tracks of the forest, leaving burning tracks in their wake, before finally coming back to their campsite, and settling down.

'So, bossman. What's the plan?' asked Scorcher, settling down to eat some of the barbecue Firefist had been preparing.

'The Harbinger. She's been making a name for herself as an Emissary of the Divine, apparently, for the protection of the south-west states. My employers want her turned to their service. She serves the Ultimate Lord of Order, and his underlings currently. We are to bring her to the darkness.'

'Awesome,' said Cloudflame. 'Turn the bitch against heaven, and into hell's employ. Amusing.'

'The Lords of Order and Chaos are not quite on that sphere of reality. Only ultimately above them do religious motifs interfere. They dwell on the spheres which affect the more mundane of us all. Were real people live real lives.'

'And not caught up in the sanctified things. I get it,' said Scorcher. 'Mum's a Catholic. Some of mankind work on more serious tones in their behaviours, and get involved in religious circles of life. The hardcore stuff in some ways.'

'Where 'The Lucifer' sometimes gets involved, but he has a level of his own in the end anyway. Not that big on too much religion,' said Firefist.

'If we wanted to get more serious, we can't defeat the ultimate power, can we?' queried Scorcher.

'I don't think anything can in the end,' said Firefist, roasting a marshmellow. 'If we call that God Almighty, he probably has the whole world in his hands and does what he wants to do. I remember that song.'

Cloudflame stared into the fireplace. It was getting dark. 'I probably believe in God. I probably believe in being kind as well, and thoughtful. Probably wouldn't murder anyone. I'd kill. But I wouldn't murder. If you know the difference.'

'Possibly an issue for consideration,' said Firefist. 'Anyway, enjoy the meal, and we shall now sleep soon enough.'

He put on his earphones, listening to Mozart's 21st Piano Concerto, 'Elvira Madigan', and settled down in his sleeping bag. Cloudflame came and kissed him on the forehead, before settling down also, while Scorcher finished his meal, and sipped on a beer, and smoked, and looked at the moon.

The End

The Blue Beetle Corps 18: The Yankee Wicker Man

'Behold, America Burns!' exclaimed Firefist, and pointed his flamethrower at a Wicker Man Uncle Sam, pressing the nozzle, and flame erupted, engulfing the larger than life dummy. The gathered neo-nazi goons all gloated, while Harbinger stood at the edge of the clearing, observing.

'Shouldn't you go in and arrest them?' Harbinger queried the Blue Beetle Corps.

Ted Kord spoke first. 'I have marshmellows,' he said, bringing a pack of marshmellows out of his knapsack. He grabbed some sticks, and came up to the burning wicker man to start roasting them, as the nazis danced to nazi rock and roll, and Firefist stood with Scorcher and Cloudflame, revelling in his glory.

'You're making a mockery of this Ted Kord,' said Harbinger, glaring at Firefist, who saluted her in a mocking response.

'They have a permit,' said Ted Kord.

'A permit?' queried Harbinger. 'This is legal?'

'American citizens have the right of protest. It's in the constitution,' said Ted, roasting the marshmellows.

Daniel Garrett was observing the nazis. 'They are starting to get a little wild, I think.'

Daniel Daly was eating the marshmellows with Ted Kord, and Jamie and Sandra was seated on boulders, beneath Daniel Garrett, observing the madly dancing nazis. A police wagon was a distance away, with 2 officers standing next to their car doors, one with a megaphone, observing carefully.

'USA!' yelled Firefist at the Blue Beetles.

'USA!' yelled Ted back, and continued cooking his marshmellows.

'They are committing abomination against your nation,' said Harbinger loudly to Daniel Garrett.

'We are a free nation. And we don't dictate that people have to agree with everything commonly accepted in our nation. It's the freedoms we are built on which we believe in.'

'I don't,' said Harbinger, and using her powers caused the wicker man to extuinguish its flames, and caused a wind to blow against the Nazis, sending them tumbling.

Firefist, observing this, went over to the police officers, and was yelling at them for a while. Shortly, in response, the police officers came over to Harbinger.

'Maam. We'll have to issue you with a caution. Do not make trouble. These are legal protestors.'

'Unbelievable,' said Harbinger. She glared at Daniel Garrett, who shrugged, then flew into the skies, and flew off.

'USA!' yelled Firefist, as the nazis restarted the burning wicker man.

And as the wicker man burned, Harbinger observed from the clouds above. A game of politics and legal trickery was unfolding. She would be wiser the next time for the experience.

The End

Blue Beetle Corps 19: Manifestation in El Paso

'What is it?' asked Sandra Bullock.

'It's a manifestation. Of a Lord of Chaos,' said Harbinger.

'In the centre of El Paso, a crowd of Nazis and American Citizens were gazing up at a large giant, well, ghost. Or something like that.

'People are kneeling. Bowing to it,' said Daniel Daly.

'That's what it wants,' said the Harbinger. 'To gain their worship through fear.'

Suddenly Firefist, Cloudlflame and Scorcher started running through the centre of El Paso, exploding and blowing up objects in scorchy flames of fire.

'Work, Jamie. Follow me!' yelled Ted. Ted and Jamie, with Sandra staring at Daniel Garret and Harbinger for a moment, hesitating, before yelling for Daniel Daly to join her, went off to deal with Firefist and his accomplices.

Daniel Garret stared at the Lord of Chaos. 'This is a big job for the Blue Beetle Corps.'

'Why I'm here,' said Harbinger. 'Powers that be knew Chaos was going to make a move. It wants a stranglehold here. Part of its overall objective.'

'How do we defeat it?' asked Daniel.

'Takes a Lord of Order to really sort it out,' replied Harbinger. 'But I'll have to suffice.'

She hovered in the air, and as the crowds watched in fear, came up to the large Chaotic ghoul.

'Begone fowl lord of misrule,' she yelled at it.

'I think not Harbinger,' replied the creature.

Harbinger pointed her hands at it and poured an energy burst towards it, but it just absorbed the energy, and suddenly flung it back at the Harbinger, sending her plummeting to the ground.

'Nasty,' said Daniel. The crowds only feared the more, and started chanting in a weird way. The Lord of Chaos was obviously controlling their minds. Harbinger got up and returned to Daniel Garrett, while Firefist had been dealt with by Ted Kord, who had him in an arm lock, and Cloudflame and Scorcher were surrounded by the other Blue Beetles.

'I have an idea,' said Harbinger. 'Why I think I've been sent here. Daniel Daly. The new guy. He has Blue Beetle Scarab energy in him also, doesn't he?'

'We've all been touched in a way,' replied Daniel Garrett. 'Even Ted is not left without something of the legacy of the Scarab.'

'Then that is how we shall respond,' said Harbinger. 'BEETLES. GATHER TO ME!' Commanded the Harbinger. The Blue Beetle Corps, as one, gathered in front of the Harbinger. 'Stand. In a circle. Summon your scarab energy. Focus it above your heads. In a blue sphere.'

All managed to participate, even Daniel Garret. And, as the Lord of Chaos struck further fear into the crowed, the Harbinger addressed him. 'FOWL CREATURE. Chaos always thinks it can rule unopposed. It always believes it will triumph. Taste the wrath of the Blue Beetle Corps.' And summoning the reserves of energy within her, she focused the blue scarab energy, and blasted it right into the heart of the Lord of Chaos. It glared at her for a moment, and sensing the energy too much for it, diminished, and escaped back into the void of a portal, back to its own realm of darkness. The creature had been vanquished. The Blue Beetle corps were exhausted, but managed to help the police in rounding up the nazis, and soon enough they were being led away, with Firefist in handcuffs, glaring at Daniel Garrett.

'You win this time, Beetle. But we'll be back.'

'Count on it,' said Scorcher.

'They won't tell our mothers will they?' asked Cloudflame.

Later. Back at Blue Beetle Corps HQ.

'The Scarab energy obviously has more to it than we have encountered so far,' said Jamie Reyes.

'It is a force which can do much good. But much harm also, if corrupted.'

'So it's best in the hands of the Blue Beetle Corps,' said Daniel Garret.

'Let's party,' said Ted.

And they celebrated well into the night, even Harbinger getting a little tipsy, as in her cell Cloudflame had the worst tongue schlacking from her mother, while Firefist brooded on his planned revenge.

The End

Blue Beetle Corps 20: Words from the Guardian

'Well, Sandra,' said the Guardian. 'How is it working out?'

The guardian who had given Sandra Bullock her duties was in the Blue Beetle HQ, speaking with Sandra Bullock.

'Oh, fabulous. I have a lifetime membership to the Blue Beetle Corps, which guarantees magazine articles every issue, and all sorts of benefits.'

'That should be pleasing,' said the Guardian.

'Dealing with nazis. That's fun. But nothing compared to a Lord of Chaos. That's all fun and games.'

'You are being sarcastic,' said the Guardian.

'You reckon?' replied Sandra.

'These are the duties of a Blue Beetle. It is a life of being a hero and a protector.'

'Guess I don't have much of a choice,' she replied.

'You would change your destiny?' asked the Guardian.

Sandra looked around, at the club which had started to become her home, at the pictures of the other Blue Beetles on the wall, at the thing which was now something personal to her, and looked squarely at the guardian.

'No. Probably not,' she replied.

'Then all is good,' replied the Guardian. 'My work has not been in vain.'

'Anyway, perks. There is always perks in a job like this,' said Sandra.

'The public good,' said the guardian, starting to float away, as Sandra followed him.

'You know, good retirement options. Top draw at sporting events and such.'

'I am sure your government can assist,' said the Guardian, floating towards the entrance to the club.

'We get a salary. Not great, but it's something,' replied Sandra.

'There you go,' said the Guardian. They were now outside, and the Guardian was about to ascend to the skies, and looked at Sandra. 'You have acquitted yourself well, Blue Beetle Sandra Bullock. But there is likely many more adventures you will have to go through before your heroic deeds are done.'

'I figured that,' she said. 'About those perks, though.'

But it was all in vain, and as the guardian ascended upwards at an incredible rate, Sandra was left with no perks, and Ted and Jamie pulling up to the kerb, with two lovely looking ladies.

'You'll love the club,' said Ted to one of the ladies.

'We're in charge also,' said Jamie.

'Oh, here we go,' said Sandra, and soon enough the Blue Beetle Corps were arguing amongst themselves about who was in charge of the club house, while a guardian of the universe sailed through the heavens, happily on his way back home to Oa.

The End

Man of Steel: An Apokoliptic Sense of Humour

Man of Steel 2 - One of the Councillors on the Council of Krypton was from Kandor, and thought about Jor El's warnings in contemplation. While publically he sided with the council against Jor El, when back in Kandor he spoke privately, and they agreed with the general conclusions Jor El had made. Steps were taken. Having understanding of Jor El's plan to send his child to a distant planet, Kandor had been reduced in size with Kryptonian technology, and one of the robotic droids had placed Kandor secretly in Kal El's ship as it headed for Earth. In Man of Steel 2, Kal El finds the city of Kandor in its tiny holding cell. Using the scant technology he still has, he is able to take the city into orbit, and it is transmogrified back to regular size and becomes the floating cloud city of 'New Krypton'. Superman now has a new issue - harmonizing Kryptonians with humans. All is well and good, till a ruddy Czarnian bounty hunter called 'Lobo' shows up, gunning for Kryptonian blood.
When Superman is in front of Kandor in Orbit in the upper atmosphere, smiling, showing the glory of New Krypton to Wonder Woman, proud of himself, a blast of laserbolt hits him from behind. Superman gets up, dusts himself off not affected very much, and turns and looks. 'How you going buddy. Nice to meet you bastich,' says Lobo, on his space cycle. And Wonder Woman, looking at Lobo says 'He could be a problem.'
Man of Steel 2: New Krypton has started with an understanding of the galaxy they are part of and that there is a life in the galaxy of multiracial species. They quickly see themselves as part of the community of the galaxy. A line of a councillor of krypton from Kandor is 'New Krypton must take its part amongst the communities of this galaxy. We must lead where we lead, and follow were we follow. It is our new life and our new home, and Kal El, you must represent us at times, for Earth looks to you, and we wish to live in peace and harmony. Be truth for us, Kal El. Be justice for us, Kal El. Be a Superman for us, Kal El. And when the races of this galaxy meet us, they will no we mean them no harm, and intend to live in peace.' And when New Krypton is happy with its ethical stance, Lobo the Czarnian shows up, and tells New Krypton, 'Welcome to the party Kryptonians. Greetings from Darkseid,' as Lobo proceeds to rumble around New Krypton, flirting with the Kryptonian women, and being 'the Main Man'.
Man of Steel 2 - Kal El has been follow Lobo around New Krypton, as the 'Main Man' does his thing, with Wonder Woman, folllowing at a bit of a distance, with a very stately goddess gait in her step. Looking very polished. After a bit Wonder Woman catches up to Superman, as he has stopped in a part of the city, watching the Lobo ride around the city on his cycle. 'He's a laugh riot,' says Wonder Woman. 'I don't trust him' replied Superman. 'No. Obviously he is another emisarry from Apokolips. Perhaps he should be apprehended.' Superman, who is carefully watching Lobo, replies 'He is causing some tension, but he's not guilty of anything yet. Flirting with kryptonian women, and tough talk it not grounds for evicting him. We must show peace if that is what they come with.' 'I see,' replied Wonder Woman, turning to gaze at Lobo. Lobo continues his laugh riot around New Krypton, before coming down to Superman and Wonder Woman. 'Well, it's be a rush,' says Lobo. 'but I got places to go, people to kill, that sort of thing. Seeya bastich.' And he heads off back into space. Supes and WW make some comments, and then the next scene sees Lobo at the edge of New Krypton, laughing, and says 'Enjoy this Kryptonians' and tosses a 'Starro' onto the side of New Krypton, who attaches on, and starts crawling towards the heart of the city. Lobo then blasts away back into space.
Man of Steel 2 - Clark Kent is back on Earth at mom's. He is helping her bring in the washing. 'A lot of fuss about that city in the sky,' says Martha Kent. 'Tell me about it,' replies Clark. 'You were new to everyone. Zod shook things up quite a lot, and people haven't really settled yet. They get nervous, you know.' 'I know,' replied Clark. 'Your father felt it best, in the end, that something like that city up there shouldn't really happen. it could cause you too much tension. Fitting in. But Clark. Sometimes what has to be just has to be. Whether we like it or not.' Clark puts down the washing on the kitchen floor, and looks to his mother. 'Whether we like it or not,' he replies to her, and she nods. The next scene has Clark, in the later evening, looking at a picture of his dad, while sitting on his bed. He lies down, and looks at the ceiling. A flashback now happens - Jonathon is with Clark, chopping wood. Clark suddenly gets a surge of energy, and the wood goes flying when he chops it with the axe. 'Sorry dad,' he says. 'No need to apologize,' replies Jonathon. 'Your life is going to have these problems.' 'It's dealing with it which is my main obstacle,' says Clark. 'All this power - life ahead for me. I want a good life. But its going to be problem after problem and obstacle after obstacle.' 'Life is obstacles,' says Jonathon. 'People come along, and you wave your hand at them, and greet them, and think they could be something good for you. And they turn out being the biggest pain in the neck in the world. But it's not so much them which is the problem or the obstacle in the end. They are not the problem in life. That is what life is full of, all over this world. it's how we deal with those obstacles which defines us Clark. It's how we respond to problems which sets us apart.' Clark thinks on that, and the scene returns to Clark on the bed, who lies looking at the ceiling, then turns over to sleep.
Man of Steel 2 - Aquaman is in a pool on New Krypton, flirting with Kryptonian women. it has a statue in the centre of the round pool, and Aquaman is enjoying himself. A starfish creatures floats up and Aquaman looks at it. 'Mmm,' he says. 'Kryptonian Starfish.' He picks it up and looks at it. It spits out a little bit of ink at him. 'My, Your a feisty fellow aren't you,' says Aquaman, and laughs a little. Suddenly the Starro lurches forward and attaches itself to Aquaman's face. Aquaman comes under the control of Starro. A Kryptonian woman says what's the problem Arthur, and he turns and she sees his face with the Starro creature, and screams. The creature then reproduces another starro which attaches itself to the woman's face, and the Starro breeding starts happening in New Krypton.
Man of Steel 2 - Scene: Apokolips. Various shots of the cruel world. Then Darkseids throne. 'You delivered the creature?' asks Darkseid. 'All done and dusted,' replies Lobo, lighting up a cigar, and looking dreadfully cool. 'Good. Return to Earth, and monitor the situation. Keep me informed.' 'Extra cashola for surveillance,' replies the Czarnian. 'You will have your money,' replies Darkseid, and turns and looks out the segmented circular window at Apokolips. Lobo heads off.

Man of Steel 2. 'Clark, can I speak to you?' asked Wonder Woman. Superman turned in the hallway around New Krypton, and looked at Diana. 'What is it?' he asked her. 'That,' she said pointing. Superman turned and looked to his right. 'We are Servants of Starro. We love him and he is our Master. Serve the Great Starro,' said Aquaman, a Starro fish on his face. 'I see,' replied Kal El. 'And who is this Great Starro?' Aquaman jumped over the barrier into the hallway. 'He is a Sovereign Aquatic Power. He originates in the Heart of the Universe, and is spreading his way of Salvation to all the peoples of the galaxies. Trust in Starro. He will guide you.' Superman looked at Wonder Woman, and looked at Aquaman. Then he noticed out in the parks of New Krypton the Starro creature had multiplied rapidly, and was on the face of hundreds of his fellow Kryptonians. 'Starro is your saviour!' yelled Aquaman, and lunged at Superman. Superman resisted, but a Starro creature leaped out and attached itself to his face, and started growing. He yanked it off, though, before it could latch on properly. 'Resistance is useless,' said Aquaman. 'There is only Starro.' Superman backed off, and grabbing Wonder Woman retreated down the hallway. They made their way around New Krypton, seeing everyone being captured by the Starro creature. 'Not exactly the best of introductions for your people to Earth, is it?' said Wonder Woman. 'I have a feeling that Czarnian might be involved with this,' said Superman. 'That thought had also crossed my mind,' said Wonder Woman. 'What next?' 'We retreat to Earth. New Krypton should be fine for the time being. I need to think how we are going to safely enough get rid of this problem.' Superman and Wonder Woman came to a flyer, and took off to descend down to Earth. Watching them, though, was Lobo the Czarnian, who had a chuckle on his face.

Man of Steel 2 – 'Watch the Hull,' said the Starro Kryptonian. 'I AM watching the Hull,' said Superman. 'We can't afford it to crack,' said the Starro Kryptonian. 'Starro is Saviour. Not Devastator.' The two Supermen beings righted the ship, and flew it to the nearby dock. Then they turned their attention to the robots running around New York. 'I can handle this. There is no need for Starro to get involved,' said Superman to the Kryptonian. 'Starro is Saviour,' said the Kryptonian, and flew off to start fighting the robots. Superman watched him go, shook his head in frustration, then took off too to combat the robots which had started attacking the East Coast of the USA. Later, when the robots had been defeated, Kal El retrieved a camera from his flat in Metropolis, and returned to New York City to take photos of the defeated robots as 'Clark Kent'. The following morning he was in the office with his editor of the Daily Planet, Perry White. 'I don't like the headline,' said Perry to Clark. 'It won't float. People appreciate what the Starro Kryptonians did for them.' Clark Kent was about to take off his glasses to wipe them, but thought better of it, and looked strictly at Perry White. 'We can't trust them. People need to know that. Starro is an unknown entity, but I suspect darker powers at work.' 'They saved Metropolis. They didn't have to. We're running with a new headline. If you don't like it, I'll get Catherine Grant to do the story. Starro hasn't done any harm yet, Kent. Get used to it.' Clark gave Perry a frustrated look, then sat down at his desk. Lois looked at him. 'They don't have your concerns, do they Clark?' 'I see a whole pit of trouble coming on this,' said Clark. 'Starro. He's a device of something darker.' 'You think Apokolips?' asked Lois. 'Won't deny that thought has crossed my mind,' replied Clark Kent. 'Well, good luck proving it. It's not like your Superman and can fly to Apokolips to confirm your conclusions now is it?' said Lois, looking at her computer screen. Silence. Lois looked up. Clark Kent was nowhere to be seen. 'He's always doing that,' sighed Lois, and started typing at the computer.


'It's like this Darkseid. You are up to some sort of plan.'

'Kryptonian,' replied Darkseid. 'Your people are dead and gone. This new world which has magically appeared is not a reality. It is not a truth of the galaxy. They ought not be. I don't know what zone of reality they have emerged from, but they will not be tolerated.'

'Kandor was preserved from microsizing,' replied Clark. 'They have resided in Kryptonian owned estate always.'

'Kryptonian owned estate?' queried Darkseid.

'I purchased the land of the fortress of solitude a while ago,' replied Clark. 'I have a mortgage with First Metropolis.'

'If you need inter-galactic finances, we have a loans department,' said Darkseid. 'Our credit is good intergalactically. It always has been. I take care of that.'

'I'm not here to discuss finances,' replied Superman. 'New Krypton is valid and true. We are slowly working it out with Earth. We will be accepted in time.'

'Your people pose a threat. We can not assess their responsibility with their abilities. They're great strength under a yellow sun. They are – a problem,' said Darkseid, sitting down on his throne, and picking up a glass of alcohol.

'They're punks. Easybeats,' said Lobo, emerging from the shadows.

'Why doesn't it surprise me that I find you here,' said Superman to Lobo.

'Czaranians like to travel. What can I say,' replied Lobo.

Superman glared at Lobo for a moment, and returned his focus to Darkseid. 'We are not a threat. Kryptonians are not a threat. I repeat, we only have good intentions.'

'That,' said Darkseid, sipping on his drink. 'Remains to be seen.' Darkseid stared at Superman, who stared back, looked at Lobo momentarily, and left. He'd seen enough.


'Starro Loves me,' said Bruce Wayne, taking the flyer from a woman with a Starro on her face.

'Take the Star, friend. Starro has a way of life. Once you accept Starro, your life will change. You will be reborn. His great sacrifice is saving this galaxy. Take the star. You will feel peace unimagined.'

'I'll be fine,' said Bruce, and the lady moved on to her next customer. It was like this everywhere. People infected by the Starro. And now the alien had a new tactic – copying religious tradition. It was obvious, but society was no longer so much afraid, rather bewildered. What the hell was going on? Bruce crumpled up the flyer, and threw it in a public bin, and continued on his way. He reached the Wayne Enterprises building, and entered in.

'Mr Wayne. Good to see you. I am sure Mr Fox can accommodate you.'

'I have this pass code,' said Bruce. 'Lucius arranged it.' He presented the pass to the receptionist who examined it then scanned it, typing some details.

'You know your way around Bruce,' she said. 'I'll leave you to find your way.'

Bruce nodded and headed to the elevator. Down in the basement he came to a laboratory, and sat down at a PC bringing up an old file. He started reading. He had work to do.


Flowers,' said Hippolyta of Themyscira. 'It's raining flowers.'

Diana turned and looked out the palace. She walked forward to the edge and looked skywards. Flowers falling everywhere. One landed on the palace floor, and she bent down and picked it up.

'What is it?' asked Hippolyta.

'I don't know,' said Diana, returning her focus to the skies, and the falling flowers.


Jimmy Olsen presented the flower to Perry White. A starro was on his face. 'Starro Loves you Perry,' said Jimmy.

'Thanks Jimmy,' replied Perry. 'You're all heart.'

Perry White sat down at his desk, examining the flower, as Lois walked in.

'Boss. About Jimmy.'

'Don't say it,' replied Perry. 'Those Starro creatures are everywhere.'

'Invasion of the body snatchers revisited,' quipped Lois.

'Tell me about it,' said Perry, looking at the flower, and throwing it in the bin.

Clark Kent came in the room. '3 articles from my reserves,' said Clark. 'They should be up to scratch. I need a few days off Perry.'

Perry waved him away and as Clark left he smiled at Lois, who acknowledged him, holding her coffee cup.

'Chief. The angle on the story.'

'Jesus has returned as a starfish,' said Perry.

Lois chuckled. 'Seriously boss, what are we supposed to say?'

'Cover the news Lois,' said Perry, taking a bottle of scotch out of his draw. 'If there is ever a time for this, it's now.'

'Cover the news,' repeated Lois, and left Perry's office room. She sat down at her PC, looked at her fingernails for a moment, and looked across the table at Clark sitting opposite, typing at his PC.

'You look busy,' she said.

Jimmy came by and said 'Starro Loves you,' to Clark, and gave him a flower.

'Uh, thanks Jimmy,' said Clark. He returned to his typing. 'Unprecedented Times, Miss Lane,' said Clark. 'Aliens, Aliens and more aliens. Mankind is adapting to new changes. We have a new galaxy we are just going to have to come to terms with.'

'I read Intervention in high school. I know all about alien contacts,' said Lois. 'Not exactly what we had in mind, though. Saviour Starfish, and beings of amazing power.'

'The universe must have a sense of humor,' replied Clark.

'Something like that,' said Lois, and turned her attention to her PC. She typed for a while, and then said ''Clark,' and looked up, but Clark was gone. 'He's always doing that,' she said, and returned to her typing.


Aquaman is serving Wonder Woman a plate of fruit.

'There are many advantages in joining Starro. It's a universal credit network,' said Aquaman.

'How so?' asked Wonder Woman.

'Starro has faithful adherents everywhere. They have a lot of cash to invest.'

'Fascinating,' said Wonder Woman, taking a piece of fruit.

Lobo walks and sits down and takes some of the juice from the pitcher.

'Hey sweetheart,' he says to Wonder Woman. 'If you're ever looking for a real man, hit me up.'

'I'll keep that in mind,' replied Wonder Woman.

'Lobo,' says Superman, from the doorway.

Lobo turns and looks. Then he return to the plate in front of him. 'What do you want Kryptonian?'

'Czarnia. You genocided your own people,' said Superman.

'Been around the traps have you?' replied Lobo.

'I've seen a few worlds now,' said Superman. 'Met a number of societies. Czarnia was destroyed by one of it's own. Killed all the planet based residents.'

'Killed ALL the Czarnians,' said Lobo.

'Not from what I have heard. Round the galaxy, places here and there, they live. In peace. Making a new life.'

Lobo took out his cigar, and lit it, leaning back in the chair. 'No concern to me. They weren't loyal to Czarnia. They didn't care. The planet is all mine.'

'Why you killed them all?' queried Lobo. 'To rule your homeworld?'

'What of it?' replied Lobo.

'One might call that a galactic offense,' said Superman.

'The Guardians of the Galaxy have no beef with me. They don't want to mess with the main man.'

'Justice might call one day,' said Superman.

Lobo stared at him. 'No so called Justice League can take down the main man. Believe me.'

Silent Tension.

'Fruit,' said Aquaman, offering the plate again to Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman smiled and accepted a piece of fruit, while Lobo sauntered and Superman glared.

Superman walked over and pushed Lobo from behind.

'Bad move,' said Lobo, and stood, looked at Superman, and hit him in the chest. Superman was thrust against the wall. He gritted his teeth.

'What kind of moron kills his own people? How you going to frikking survive without your own kind? Everything I had was taken from me when Krypton was destroyed. This place is my new life. But you? You did it on purpose. That's reprehensible.'

Lobo glared at Superman, and then sat back down, sipping on his juice. Superman walked around to the other side of the table, and sat down next to Wonder Woman. Lobo looked at Aquaman seated next to him, who smiled, and said 'Starro loves you.'

'You know, Lobo. Life has weirdly left you alone so far. Your bounty hunter work must be doing us all some good I suppose. But there are prices to pay for lunacy,' said Superman.

'I'll get by just fine,' said Lobo.

'All your family. Your people are your family. You killed them all. How can you celebrate anything about Czarnia without its citizenship.'

Lobo looked at Superman, and looked down at his plate. He did not reply.

'Has it ever been on your mind?' asked Wonder Woman.

'I think about it,' said Lobo. 'I did what I did for a reason. Czarnians have a pretty savage sense of humour you know. They take this kind of thing.'

'Mmm,' said Wonder Woman, and looked at Superman.

'All the culture and lifestyle they would have with you,' said Superman. 'The friendship.'

'Run my own ship,' said Lobo looking down still. His words had softened.

Superman stood. 'I pity you. You don't even know what you had. It's gone now. There are others, though, out there. Czarnians. Still around. If there is any sense left in you Lobo Bounty Hunter, you'll track them down, and rebuild Czarnia. It's about the only redemption you can hope to achieve.' And Superman took one last look at the Main man, and left. Lobo just continued staring down.


'This is the place?' asked Lobo.

The green skinned man got off the back of Lobo's bicycle, and looked around.

'About 50 clicks in that direction,' said the man. 'The brotherhood require a pilgrim to walk the distance naked with no food or water. Hide your belongings in the rocks here.'

Lobo looked in the direction, and unclothed, putting the bike in a crag with his clothing.

'They will expect 10 years of your life. Standard Galactic years. The atonments being made are challenging and difficult. Oneness with the universe is affected by genocide. It causes great harm.'

Lobo did not reply.

'It can't really be atoned, you know. It's too late for that. Only adjusted too and you live being tolerated. It's very long before you will find favour. Once you admit your crimes.'

Lobo sighed, and started the trek. Superman had won the conversation. Lobo had admitted it. There had been words of logic which he'd never admitted. Things and explanations which Lobo didn't give a damn about, but which put into perspective the fool he had been,and the coarsness of his heart. He had his work as a bounty hunter, and the killing would continue afterwards. But he'd work on code in these 10 years, develop it carefully, and make sure he didn't piss off too many more Kryptonians.


'They have too much power,' said Granny Goodness.

'We must respond,' said Desaad.

'They will ply nobility and a way of life which disdains the truth,' said Granny Goodness. 'There kind never understand. They never understand the Dark Side of life.'

Darkseid sat on his throne immobile.

'Lobo has scampered to the Brotherhood of the Light,' said Desaad. 'He will no longer be of any use to us. Word has come through that the Kryptonian lectured him on morality. This is what their kind do. They preach. They lecture. They exalt themselves. They proclaim standards, then betray them all day in their actions. They are inconsistent bufoons, and under their growing power this galaxy will fall into such blandness that life will be unliveable.'

'I am aware of all of that,' said Darkseid. 'Our lesson of humour will continue. I have made available to myself a second choice to work with the Starro being to accomplish our purposes. This one will not be so gullible.'

'Who is it?' asked Desaad.

'Yes, do tell,' replied Granny Goodness.

'My old sparring partner,' said Darkseid. 'I've had him in a dungeon for months now. He has finally agreed to my terms of release. He'll fulfil the contract we have arranged, and then he will be free to leave. Bring him forward,' said Darkseid.

Men came forward, and a being resembling Darkseid in some ways stood before the throne.

'Mongul,' said Desaad. 'I had heard Warworld lacked its leader at this time.'

Mongul was in chains, and glared at Darkseid. 'Free me. I'll keep our arrangement.'

Darkseid made a gesture with his hands, and the guards took off the chains. As he was rubbing his wrists he spoke.

'Would you have me kill the Kryptonian?'

'If necessary. But it is a return of the favour. Lecture him. Teach him that we shall not bend the knees to Krypton or Earth's sense of moral fairplay. We are made of tougher stuff than that. And lecture him hard.'

'As you wish,' replied Mongul, and the two lords of darkness glared at each other.


'Mr Biden. Mr Johnson. I wish to express our thanks to you for acommodating our embassy in the skies. New Krytpon the City of Kandor is eternally grateful,' said Kal El of Krypton.

There were cheers as the two world leaders shook Superman's hand, and the reporters took photos in bucketload.

'ALL HAIL STARRO,' yelled a voice from a speakerphone. The crowd cleared as proud boys, covered in Starro's, marched forward, and Donald Trump, an extra sized Starro on his face, in a Jeep, came onto the whitehouse lawn, and halted in front of the world leaders on their dais.

'That election was rigged,' said Donald. 'But Starro forgives you. He loves everyone.' Donald turned to the people. 'Receive the love of Starro. We love. We love you all. Starro is strong and merciful.'

The democrats in the crowd started talking to each other. The small contingent of Republicans scratched their heads. 'You sure Donald?' yelled one Republica.

'A new adherent,' said Donald, and a tiny Starro lept from Donald's face and landed on the Republican's. 'All Hail Starro,' he yelled instantly.

Lois was watching on and took a photo of the newly received Starro member. 'Amusing,' she said.

'Krypton is welcome. Long live Starro,' yelled Donald, and the jeep turned and made its way off, the proud boys retreating.

'He is a new person,' said Joe Biden.

'It's been good for him,' said Boris Johnson.

Superman came down and stood next to Lois.

'We might have to address these Starro's eventually,' she said to him.

Superman looked at the Starro citizens in the crowd. Something soon might need to be done.


'Clark,' said Lois. 'You should look.'

Clark came over to the window. Down below was a crowd of Starro citizens surround a big beefy fella. He didn't look human. 'I need to go to the men's room,' said Clark.

Shortly Superman was down in front of the warrior.

'Mongul,' he said. 'I've seen you in pictures around the galaxy. You are feared.'

Mongul had two henchmen beside him with Starro's on their face, but he did not have a Starro on his face.

'Superman. Straight-laced aren't you?'

'Always,' said Superman, stepping up to the dais.

'Let's wrestle,' said Mongul. 'Just a wrestling match.'

Mongul jumped down onto the pavement, and motioned for Superman to join him. The crowd made some room. They began wrestling. Strength against strength. Standard wrestling moves were made, choke holds were used for a while, but wrestled out of, and pins were made momentarily, but escaped from. Eventually there was sweat on the two warriors faces. Mongul slapped Superman on the butt, and got up.

'You wrestle well, Kryptonian.'

Kal was breathing heavily. 'Yeh,' he said, catching his breath.

'Let's do bit of boxing,' said Mongul. He waited a moment, and Kal nodded, and he came forward and hit Superman in the arm, at the shoulder. Superman rubbed it for a moment. It stung. He looked at the face of his adversary and hit him in the gut. Mongul flinched, and bent over for a second. 'You hit well Kryptonian. Can you take a punch in the face?' Superman stood there, then nodded. Mongul came forward, and bashed Superman on the nose. It hurt like hell. It started bleeding. Superman wiped it and looked at Mongul. Then he swung at him and hit him in the cheek. Mongul was flung back a bit, and grabbed his face. 'Yes, you do hit well Kryptonian.' He looked at the crowd who were cheering. He looked up at the Daily Planet, and then looked at Superman. 'Don't expect it to always go your way Kryptonian.' Then he returned to the stage, and started talking to the crowd. Superman looked at him for a while, then returned to the Daily Planet.


The giant Starro creature was with Batman. 'I am satisfied with the terms,' he said to Batman. '500,000 citizens around America will suffice.'

Over the next few hours Starros fell of most peoples face on the globe, apart from around half a million in America. Starro departed the world.

The following day at midday Clark and Lois were chatting. 'An arrangement has been made,' she said.

'Don't know who by,' said Clark.

'Then investigate,' said Perry. 'And we've got work to do. No more coffee break.'

The Lois sighed, and they got to their desks, and got on with their day.


'They have a sense of what is on the horizon. The rest is up to you Darkseid,' said Mongul.

Darkseid was watching the tape of the fight. 'This should be enough,' said Darkseid. 'They will get more lectures soon enough.'

Granny goodness bit into an apple. 'May we return to our focus on New Genesis now?'

Darkseid nodded.



Lobo-Bots. Lobo-Bot was a Czarnian Android Bounty Hunter. He was in storage in Deep Archive 4 X in the catacombs of Czarnia. There were 17 of these Lobo-Bots. At a certain point they reactivated, and their job is to track down the 'Lobo' and bring him to justice for executing Czarnia. Lobo-Bots work with 'Jugular X' who is a robotic Terror-Cat-Droid, who goes straight for the Jugular. These robots find robots in their brigade if they have been destroyed, gather their parts, and repair them. This is why Lobo can never quite get rid of the pesky Lobo-Bot's who haunt him around the DC Universe.

Justice League: The Coming of Greta – Movie Plot

Aquaman emerges from the ocean in the north atlantic on and island and comes on to it. A man in a traditional clothing style, with a black beanie on his head, is confronted by him. I'm looking for a fella, says Aquaman. You won't find him here. Best you leave, says the man. Aquaman continues on, and Mera confronts him on the side of a road, and says 'you know, you really should look the part,' and he puts on a white traditional shirt over his aquaman suit and black slacks. They come into a traditional village, and Aquaman talks in the tavern. They tell him where he can find his man.

Batman is in a crag on an island in the southern atlantic. He climbs up to a cave, and bats come flying out, and he grins at that. He goes into the cave.

Wonder Woman is on St Helens. She comes into a church, and is led to the catacombs by the priest. The priest says 'it's deep down in there,' pointing. Wonder woman continues to explore.

Superman is on pluto. He is in a dark cave, seeing with his vision. He is looking around for something.

Aquman finds his man – the trickster. He confronts him. The trickster (played by Mark hammil) says his glory days are well behind him. 'She chose you,' says Aquaman. 'For whatever reason she has.' 'then I guess I'll have to get my tricks in order,' replies the Trickster.

Batman retrieves the desired object.

Wonder Woman retrieves the desired object.

Superman retrieves the desired object.


Aquaman is examining a large black long shape under the water. Superman is trying to penetrate it with super strength and then x-ray vision. 'It's no good. You've tried that already,' says Aquaman. Superman gives up, and again reads some of the writing on the side of the obelisk in Kryptonian. Wonder Woman reads some in her language. Aquaman reads some writing in Atlantean. Batman is in a hokey underwater suit. Aquaman says 'nice suit' in a mocking tone. 'You got a problem with it?' replies Batman. Batman reads out the writing in English. The messages are from 'Greta'. They are a warning of doom for the planet if they will not repent and learn the ways of universal harmony. This has not been spelled out, so the team fears the worst.

Possibly JLAGreta stuff

it might have the comedic element. That might work ok.

Greta shows up and she is huge like galactus. She is a giant green woman sort of divine being. She has long hair in sort of thick strands, sort of like dreadlocks in some ways. She is like galactus perhaps. She has a host of servants with her. She descends into the ocean depths from her spacecraft. The JL go down to confront her. Her hosts start filming when the JL arrive. 'Who are you?' asks Superman. 'I am Greta. The Judge of your world.' 'Who appointed you?' asks Superman. 'I did!' bellows Greta, and the ocean thunders. The JL right themselves, and Batman says to WW, 'Look,' pointing at the host. WW observes they seem to be filming what is going on. Greta goes on to explain that humanity is abusing the earth and is not properly fit for galactic civilization. And because of this they are to be judged. The movie goes on with Greta judging the world and unleashing calamity after calamity for the JL to take on, saving people and the planet. Greta says 'And because you have failed the world, I will judge you by the very things you have failed in.' She now unleashes the disasters:

THE DISASTERS Caused by Greta

Avalanches in the Alps. Moral Lesson: Global Warming

Rubbish Monsters attacking New York from the Ocean. Moral Lesson: Littering the Ocean

Smog Monsters attacking Beijing: Moral Lesson: Smog

Oil Monsters attacking Alaska. Moral Lesson: Oil Spills

Sand Monsters attacking Cairo. Moral Lesson: Soil degradation

Fire Salamanders attacking Rio Di Janeiro. Moral Lesson: Burning forests in the Amazon

Finally, when judgement is complete, the JL come back to Greta. 'You've destroyed us,' says Superman. 'You've had your say.' Greta nods. 'Indeed, Supemran,' and she gives anotehr brief lecture. 'We are at your disposal,' says superman, bowing. 'Very well. I will now accept the offerings,' says Greta. Aquaman brings 'The Trickster' into view in front of Greta. Trickster presents the offerings of fine gems and precious metals from their solar system which the JL found at the beginning. Batman says 'I went through hell getting that 'XXX' (whatever it is). A host of greta comes forth and inspects the goods. He turns to Greta and sayd 'The offerings are in order, your glorioius one.' Greta nods, and turns her attention to the Trickster. 'Now. Entertain me.' The trickster now starts cracking jokes and doing stupid tricks and things. Greta finally starts laughing. Finally, when the show is over, a host comes forth with tablets with contracts in them. 'Electronic signatures. Waving rights on our claimed copyright,' says the host. 'Superman says 'Whatever then'. Batman, while signing says 'Unbelievable. ' Aquaman says 'All for the show'. When the signatures are in order Greta looks at them, satisfied. 'Your world has learned a lesson. Heed that you do nto forget.' Then she raises her arms, and all over the planet everything starts returning to normal, and people are back to life again. Then the Greta show leaves, the JL crack jokes about what has gone on, that they should do their own movie, they compare themsleves to members of the Avengers, and that's the end of the story.


Part One

Alexa Bliss ran into the wall headfirst, and collapsed, as the Shadow Lord took her body and escaped the wrestling arena. He dragged her outside of Metropolis, south, then west, into backwaters, and placed her on an altar at Midnight. Then he chanted, and plunged a dagger into her heart. The next morning, the sun was bright, and the birds were chirping, and a snake was slithering in the grazz. Alexa awoke. 'Far out,' she said. She felt herself. She didn't feel right. She looked at her hands. They were all wrinkly and sullen. 'God Almighty. Am I dead?' She got to her feet, climbing down off the altar, and noticed her whole body was like this. She took her compact out and looked at her face. She looked like a frikking Zombie. Suddenly she laughed. She didn't know why she laughed, she just did. 'You know who you are?' she said to the reflection. 'You are Zombie Quinn.' Alexa was fascinated with Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad. She had pictures of her everywhere in her flat. Now she would be Zombie Quinn. She wandered the forest for days, and noticed she didn't need to eat or drink much, and didn't need to sleep much. Then she found a cave, and wandered down into it. She descended, further and further down, as it seemed to lead her on. Then she found lava, and it was that new villain. The Batman Who Laughs.

'Bout time, sweet cheeks,' he said.

'How did you know I would find you?' she asked him.

'It's in your head. All that you need to know is in your head. We're not stupid, my buddies and I. We have work to do you know. Bloody work to do.'

'Right,' said Alexa. 'I'm Alexa Bliss. No.No, I'm Zombie Quinn.'

'Of course you are,' he replied.

'I, I LOVE YOU,' she said. She came over to him, and reached up and grabbed his jaw. 'Don't forget it buster.'

'ZQ. You are a crazy lass. I like you.'

'It's miss frikking ZQ to you buster.'

'Yes dearest,' replied the Batman Who Laughs. 'Of course you are.' And they laughed and cried, and then spluttered a bit, and set about their dastardly plans.

The End

Part Two

'Just a drop of blood, Mr Wayne. For security analysis for Wayne Corp,' said the worker Bruce didn't recognize.

'Did I authorize this?' asked Bruce from his desk.

'Various authorities in the organisation,' replied the worker.

Bruce sighed and rolled up his shirt. The worker took a syringe, prodding his arm, finding a suitable place, and injecting the needle. It hit first time, and she gradually took 100 mils of blood.

'That should do just fine Mr Wayne?'

'Wonderful,' replied Bruce, as the bandage was attached and he got back to his work for the day. The worker left the room with the vials of blood in a case, walked to the elevator, went to the ground floor, and exited the building. At the bottom she exited Wayne Corp, came out on to the street, and walked down the block, getting into a red car.

'Here is the blood,' said the worker. 'Wayne won't expect anything,' she said.

'Wonderful,' replied Bloody Mary. 'I'll transfer the money immediately. Have a nice day.'

And the worker exited the car, checking her bank account 5 minutes later noticing the money had been transferred, grinned, and got back to work.

In the car Bloody Mary was looking at the blood. 'We have you now Batman,' she said, put the blood away, and indicated the to the drive to drive on.

* * *

'Fight me Superman!' yelled the creature.

'It's Doomsday,' screeched a citizen of Metropolis. Shortly Clark Kent, with his hearing, had rushed out of the Daily Planet, changing into his Superman outfit, and flown quickly to the site of the melee going on. It WAS Doomsday. At least, it looked like Doomsday. Superman flew in and bashed him from behind. The creature reacted by turning quickly, grabbing Superman, and plunging his bone claws into Superman's arm. They penetrated, and the bones had cylinders in them which quickly sucked out some Kryptonian blood. About 100 mils. Superman pulled away, and gripped his arm. He used his X-Ray vision to burn the wound, and it cauterized quickly. He looked around. Doomsday was gone. A lady screamed at him 'He Went up, into the clouds, and disappeared.' Superman looked, but there was no sign of the creature anywhere. His arm still aching, he calmed down the people and started turning cars up the right way, repairing some of the signs of the melee.

* * *

'Excellent, vile creature,' said Bloody Mary, taking the vials of blood.

'It wasn't pleasant impersonating Doomsday, said a man, taking off a high powered Doomsday tech-suit. 'But it got the job done Miss Mary.'

'Indeed it did,' replied Mary, flicking the side of the test tube with her finger. 'Kryptonian blood. We have him now.'

* * *

'All is going according to plan, master,' said Zombie Quinn, deep in the heart of the Earth.

'Excellent,' said the One Who Laughs, and cackled a vile cackle.

The End

Part Three

Greta turned to Manga Khan. 'Your robot. Is it for sale? It is witty. I like wit.'

Manga, sitting at his PC, waved Goddess Greta away. 'Leave me. I have negotiations.'

'The Cluster business can wait till another day Manga. I am bored. Bored, Manga.' She came up and stood behind him, looking at the computer screen.

'What is that?' asked Greta.

'Blood cells,' said Manga. 'I am collecting samples from outstanding Earthers at the moment. Quite a lot to choose from. Have arrangements with a new fella I ran into. A laughing bat. Grim Knight sort of fella. Was on Earth, and he agreed to the terms.'

'What? You are collecting blood? For what purpose?' asked Greta.

'I wasn't always hot gas, you know,' replied Manga Khan.

'Your hot air never ends,' replied Greta. 'It is why you are such an amusement to myself.'

Mongul walked past them, scratching his balls and saying 'Where is that wench?' A moment later Lobo followed, took a swig of alcohol, and continued on after Mongul.

'So you had a form?' she asked.

'I am from the Khan dynasty. We have a proud tradition throughout this galaxy. Several powers are Khan blood. Old Yuga's lad Darkseid is very feared on Apokolips. Tricky dealing with that miserable fella.'

'I would imagine,' replied Greta. 'How will the blood help you?'

'Formative ingredients of a new body. I am looking for outstanding human's currently, but also I damn well need a drop of that Kryptonian's blood, and it looks as if I've got it now. That will help me no end, especially in worlds of the yellow star.'

'You are drawing the blood to become a god?' she asked.

'Why thank you,' replied Manga Khan.

Greta frowned. 'I am sure it will be a thrill for you then. You might even prove a fitting consort.'

'My dear, I would be charmed.'

Greta sighed, and went off to look where Mongul and Lobo had gone. 'Good luck with your endeavours Manga. Let me know how it goes.'

'Will do dear Greta,' replied Manga, as he continued staring at the screen, happy at the progress of his plan.

The End

Part Four

Wonder Woman looked around the Headquarters.

'It's run down J'onn,' she said.

Martian Manhunter said 'Max had it locked up, and it fell into ruin. Juveniles run through here on occasions, turning over chairs and spraying graffiti.'

'Obviously,' replied Wonder Woman, looking at some Graffiti which read 'The Justice League International is a Joke.' 'Why are we here again?' she asked.

'Max has been going through reformations, yet again. He's been bad and good and bad again, and all over the place. He's never really sure where his head is at.'

'My first encounter with Mr Lord back a long time ago was challenging,' said Diana.

'I recall that' said J'onn. Max offered the world a lot of choices then, before moving on to reunite the Justice League International. And now he's at it again. Reforming the Justice League International for new world threats. Probably a concept of atonement in his thinking, or some such.'

'One could imagine,' replied Diana, walking through the cobwebbed filled headquarters.

'The objective this time is for a more serious league, still with the traditional JLI team, but bringing the heavy hitters in. And Max is negotiating with Hawkman again. Saying it will be different this time.'

'Always after the Hawk,' said Wonder Woman.

'I'll be arranging a cleaning crew come in here next week. It will be our base of operations. This new era of the Justice League yet again will have an international focus. Batman and Superman feel it's time for a change again, and this old idea could be fleshed out a bit. Potential in bringing the heroes an international focus.'

'As there has always been,' said Diana. 'Let me know when we have our first team meeting,' she said.

Martian looked around. 'Here we go again, I suppose.'

'Here we go again,' echoed the Amazonian.

The End

Part Five

Karnality lifted her weapon and pointed it at Superman. 'Hasta la vista Kryptonian,' and she pulled the trigger on the ultra high grade plasma cannon. A bolt shot forward at lightning pace and his Superman in the chest, ravaging his uniform, which was rare, and singing his chest. 'You are not that tough son of Jor El.'

Superman picked himself up and started circling Karnality. She had light green skin. 'Where are you from Karnality?'

'Here and there. I knew Krypton before it exploded. Yes, I'm that old. Knew your father Jor El as well. He was high on the council. I liked him. You'd disappoint him though. He was more decisive. You are too soft. Need a lesson or two.' She put down her cannon and lurched forward with the speed of Superman, and plummeted into his legs, knocking him down, then she started punching his head. Superman fended her off and picked her up and threw her at the base of a nearby statue, thudding into it. She groaned, stood, and rubbed her back.

'Hope you enjoyed that,' said Superman. 'Why are you causing this trouble? Do you have a point to prove or something.'

Karnality started circling Superman, then blasted heat vision from eyes at superman's torso. It burnt him also, and he turned away, and flew up into the air. She stared up at him. 'I don't have the power of flight. Your advantage Kryptonian. But I can jump high,' and she did, grabbing Superman's feet and latching on.

'Why do you want this trouble?' asked Superman, looking down at her, as he tried shaking his feet.

'Hey, I'm the new girl in town. Maxima recommended that you would be a bit of fun.'

'Maxima,' said Superman, grabbing Karnality, and flying down into the ground, crashing her into the pavement. 'Is a pain in the neck too.' Karnality lay there a moment and Superman stood over her, looking down at her face.

'That actually hurt Kal El,' she replied. She gingerly got to her feet, and Superman was on guard.

'No need to worry any more. We've had a bit of fun,' she said, putting up her hands. Superman lowered his guard, and looked around at the damage, when Suddenly Karnality crashed into him, pummelling him into the same statue base as before. She proceded to punch his face a few times, and his nose started bleeding. Eventually she stopped and said 'That will do Kal El,' and stood, and pulled away. Superman got to his feet, and looked at her. They were both sweating and breathing heavily. 'If you want trouble, I will meet you head on,' said Superman.

'Not our species kind. Making trouble. Fun, sure. We like to put people in their place.'

'So you say,' replied Superman.

She picked up her plasma cannon, and sat down at the base of the statue. She waved Superman to come and sit next to her as the crowd which had gathered watched on animatedly. They were both in a sorry state.

'They got some of your blood,' said Karnality. 'I saw the news report of the fight. Figured that might be going on. Figured I know who's behind it. Manga Khan. He is collecting blood at the moment.'

'The cluster guy,' said Superman. 'Old trouble for the Justice League International. We're reforming the JLI right now. Looks like fate has sprung it on us at the right time.'

'Thing often happen for a reason,' replied Karnality, getting to her feet. She put out her hand and Superman took it and shook it. 'Your father was a good man. You obviously care also. Just need to fight a bit harder son of Jor El. I'll be seeing you.' And she smiled, turned and, with her plasma cannon in hand, walked off the scene. Superman watched her go, puzzled, but looked at the mess, and the police present, and went over to give a report of the incident.

The End

Part Six

'She's under,' said Ra's al Ghul.

'Good,' said the One Who Laughs.

'She'll need a week of programming for regular routine to feed and clean and clothe herself. She is quite docile in this state, and will need to be worked over till she follows. She should alread know how to do what you ask, you just need to tell her.'

Bloody Mary came forward and looked at the Zombie Quinn laid back on the seat. She opened up a box, and took out a Scarab. 'Zombie Quinn,' said Bloody Mary. Zombie Quinn looked at her. 'This is a Scarab. It will give you instructions for things you will be accomplishing in the near future. At a later date. Hold the Scarab.' Zombie Quinn put out her hand, as the others watched on, and the Scarab enfolded itself around Zombie Quinn's hand, and sent it's tendrils up her arm lodging in the back of her skull, piercing her head and brain. The Scarab whirred excitedly for a while and, just as soon as it had begun, it finished, retracting its tendrils, and falling off Zombie Quinn's hand, taken by Bloody Mary and put back in the box. 'Our work is finished,' said Bloody Mary. 'She's all yours. I will consider your fee paid Dark Knight.'

The one who laughs looked at his beloved. 'You have a lot of work ahead of you, don't you dear. They shan't forget you any time soon.'

* * *

'Prometheus arise!' declared the One Who Laughs,' at the lava pit. Out of the lava a figure started emerging, and took shape, rising up, and stepping out onto the cave floor.

'Hell. I've been Forever Evil. It's different to taste physical life yet again.'

'I have work to pay off your debt. I can cast you back into the pit. Fulfil the terms and I'll free you.'

'What are the terms?' asked the naked man.

'The Lord Manga Khan has paid hansomely for some blood, and we have most of what we need. But there is some blood which is particularly potent which I have become aware has returned from a deathly experience. It is a strong bloodline, from days past, and it has a fight of the Animus I crave within it. I knew you had dealings with her, and defeated her. What better way than a visit from the man she hates the most.'

'Anima. Trash girl,' said Prometheus. 'She should be a lot of fun.'

'Acquire some blood. Do what you will with her after that. It is of no concern.'

'And they are the terms?' queried Prometheus.

'They are the terms,' replied the One Who Laughs.

'You'll have your blood. And I some hunting to do.'

And the two howled a vile laugh in the heart of the world.

The End

Part Seven

Courtney Mason, the superhero formerly known as Anima, now Reborn, and working in a factory in Gotham city, was on her lunch break. She sat on a bench, drinking a bottle of milk, eating her salami sandwich, and looking at her fellow workers walking around the factory grounds. She was earning ok, and life had restarted in Gotham. She had a flat, she had no boyfriend, not yet anyway, but she had things to do, and was collecting Comics. She'd found a few old issues of 'Anima' down at the comic store in the city, things developed from news reports on her, produced by DC Comics which were the major publishers going round. She was always fascinated reading her old adventures. They were true to a certain extent, often based on real events, but often imaginary extras. She also collected a lot of Batman at the moment, impressed by him. She felt guilty, though. She'd seen Iron Man 2, and had a crush on Robert Downey Junior, and purchased a quiet amount of recent Iron Man comics from the dread number 2 Marvel Comics. They didn't really cover superheroes from the real world – just made up ones from the Marvel Multiverse. Fascinating, though. She felt they too had their own life to them. She liked to submit her rare and expensive comics to CGC, getting them slabbed, and was proud of her elite 9.8 collection, with some choice items in them. It was her current hobby, gave her something to do, and it passed her time, alongside her CD collection and DVDs.

'Courtney. Can I get a shot of your blood,' said a nurse. 'We need it for the medical.'

Courtney looked at the lady in white who had sat down next to her. 'Uh, sure I guess,' replied Courtney, rolling up her sleeve.

'Won't need much at all,' said the lady. 'Just a few drops. Hardly worth going into the office for.'

'Sure,' said Courtney.

The nurse inserted the needle, drew a little blood, and sealed the vial, placing it in a box. 'Thank you very much Courtney. I'll see you around.' And the lady walked off.

'Funny. Never seen her before,' thought Courtney to herself. She continued on with her meal, and 10 minutes passed, and she was about ready to get back to work, when she heard a hissing noise behind her. She turned. It was a pussy cat.

'Awww, pussy. Are you in trouble?'

'No. But you will be,' said a voice.

Courtney froze. She knew that voice. She knew it well. It was the voice which had killed her. She looked up from where she was bent down patting the cat, and the face of her mortal enemy, Prometheus, glared at her.

'Round two bitch,' he said. And he kicked her in the face, sending her sprawling.

As she recovered, she ripped off her clothes. Some of her armour was on underneath.

'Come and get me, bastard,' she yelled at him.

He approached. 'You were easy first time.'

She lunged at him and with a hard hit, pummelled him in the neck. He reached up for it, but grabbed her own neck and started strangling her. She grabbed his hands, and wrestled for a while, but soon she was getting faint. Then he threw her to the ground, and started kicking her. Soon she was a bloody mess, and he bowed down to her face. 'I got the blood I already needed, Mason. I could kill you. But I think I'll save that for another day.'

Courtney spat at him saying 'You're all heart.'

He chuckled, and then, with one last blow, hit her in the face, knocking her out. And then she was gone, and Anima was lying unconscious on the ground, in a sorry state indeed.

The End

Part 8

Manga Khan was twirling a vial in his fingers, sitting at a table in Greta Goddess's mansion, who came over and sat down next to him.

'I'm bored. All my guests have left. What's that?' she asked.

Manga flicked the vial into Greta's hands, who caught it with the skill of a Goddess. 'Ooh, she says. It's metallic. And liquid. Quicksilver is it?'

'Not quite,' said Manga, and put his arms down on the table and put his head in them. 'It's a metal substance. Expensive. Difficult to obtain. From the heart of most worlds in reality.'

'What is it?' she asked.

'Rare. Expensive. The foundational sort of stuff right at the nucleus of worlds. You have to go through the fires to find the stuff. But it makes the worlds go round, and is essential for my new body. But it needs life. It needs blood, if I am to have the substance I need.'

'Blood Metal,' said Greta, her eyes lighting up.

'It will give me the power of a god in some ways,' said Manga Khan. 'When I get the blood I need. But I need the blood to have the life I need. To have the Flesh and Blood I need to be alive.'

'Having problems with your cronie?' asked Greta, flicking the vial back to Manga Khan.

'Some. They've run into difficulties,' replied Manga Khan.

'Difficulties?' asked Greta, eyebrow raised.

'Oh, they have obtained the samples I need, but the Grim Knight in my employ has worked out my agenda. We chatted, and he put two and two together, and now has his own plans to find his own Metal. In the heart of Earth. And the Blood Metal Creation which will come forth from that feral wannabe is probably not in any of our best interests.'

'So it's totally backfired,' smiled Greta. 'The best laid plans often come undone. You'll have to deal with it I suppose.'

'That's the problem. It will likely mean an old adversary. A man as cunning as they come, with just as much of a diabolical side as me on a good day.'

'Oh, jolly good,' said Greta. 'Do keep me informed,' she replied, as she wandered away to find her next item of amusement.

'I'll do that,' sighed Manga Khan, his head returning to the table.

The End

Part 9

'Mr Lord. I have Green Fury on the VideoLine. She says it's urgent. End your ex-wife asks if you still can make it to Paris next week for the meeting with the Conglomerate.'

'Thank you Ms Wootenhoffer,' replied Maxwell Lord. 'Ruddy Green Flame,' Max muttered to himself.

'Problems Mr Lord,' said L-Ron, his Personal Computer Assistant.

'Nothing I can't handle L-Ron.' He flicked on the screen.

'There you are,' said Beatriz DeCosta, the Superhero Fire. 'About time you answered my call.'

'What can I do for you, Beatriz,' asked Max. 'Need a new gig.'

'Modelling is hardly fitting work for a superhero. I am sorely tempted to go back working for Checkmate with how bad it's getting. Haven't signed an autograph in years. You are a second rate agent, Maxwell Lord. Second rate.'

'Oh, come on Fire,' said Max. 'It can't be that bad. You're a member of the Justice League International. Truth, Justice and the American way. All that jazz.'

'The days of glory for the Justice League International are long gone,' replied Fire, hotly. 'Kids these days don't even know who we were let alone who we are now. Like we're forgotten, and the regular Justice League of America rules again. We made headlines, Max. Headlines. We were the next best thing. People were taking bets on how we'd performed. And now? I mean, if I don't get to my hairdresser soon, if I can even afford it, I'll be totally frazzled. I need some real work, Max. Real work.'

'I know, I know. I've been working on it,' said Max. 'Got this gig with some reformed members of the Injustice League. Should pay well.'

'What is it?' sighed Beatriz.

'Regular kids party tricks. They love superheroes, you know. Everyone does. You'd be perfect.'

'You are kidding, right?' asked Fire.

'These days, you know,' said Max. 'I mean, Blue and Gold are in the Restoration Business. Power Girl has had to resort to the One Star Squadron to get anything going for her, even with all her buxom assets.'

'Give me the number,' said Fire.

'I'll email you,' said Max. 'Thinking of you, Fire,' and he flicked the screen off. He sat there, looking out at the city, when his secretary Ms Wootenhoffer buzzed him again.

'Yes, Ms Wootenhoffer,' said Max.

'It's, uh. It's someone you should probably talk to. He says he knows you. I seem to recall the details. He's on the screen.'

'Fine,' said Max, and flicked on the screen. There, in front of him, a face he'd sooner rather forget. The inimitable Manga Khan.

'Maxwell Lord. Old friend. How you been?'

'It's been a while,' sighed Max. 'How's business for the cluster?'

'Never better,' replied Manga Khan. 'Now, I have something I need done. Sticky work. Requires heroes. Heroes who are not that necessary for you all. Expendable sort of heroes. Disposable sort of heroes. The Justice League International comes to mind.'

'Oh,' said Max. 'And you can pay?'

'I can pay,' replied Manga Khan.

'Then I'm all ears,' replied Maxwell Lord.

The End


'He's been insisting on seeing you,' said the Arkham guard to the Batman. Batman walked into the padded Arkham cell, and glared at the Joker.

'Batsy. Long time no see,' said the Joker, and burst out laughing.

'What do you want Joker?' asked the Batman.

'Now, where are my manners. Sit down, sit down,' said the Joker, indicating the table with two seats. Batman sat and Joker joined him. A chessboard with chess pieces was on the table.

'You move first,' said Joker. 'I'm hardly white now am I?' Batman made his move and Joker responded.

'Now Batsy, I have a few things to say. In all this recent kfuffle I've had a lot of fun. Bloody times indeed. And that Blood Metal. Toxic stuff. But alack alas the heroes triumphed again, and I'm all locked up nice and tight, aren't I'

'Where you belong,' replied Batman.

'Of course it is,' said Joker, as their game of chess continued. 'Now, I want to share a little philosophy with you Batman. In life there are good guys and there are bad guys. And that is sort of the way the world is.'

'Good guys and guys who need therapy,' said Batman.

'Oh, I've had tonnes of that, I can tell you,' replied the Joker. 'But it's never worked. It never will. You want to know why?'

'I'm sure you are going to tell me,' replied Batman, making his next move.

'Because that is just not how the world works. If it's all rosy all the time, you know what that is?'

'Peace and quiet,' said Batman.

'But oh so boring,' replied the Joker. 'Face it, Batsy. Without me, you are out of a job. I bring that spark to life. That humour. That Joke. That – killing – joke.'

'I could learn to live without it,' replied the Batman.

'But you'd be bored,' said Joker. He looked right at Batman. 'Don't try and save me Batman. I'm not meant to be redeemed. Everyone knows that. I do the dirty work, and you get the glory when you finally catch me. It's how it all works. You're the hero, I'm the villain, and never the twain shall meet.'

'A grim reality I learned a long time ago, Joker,' replied the Batman.

'So it's the way it goes,' said Joker. 'I'm not a moral guy. I'm the joker. The wild card in the pack. And I trump everything,' said the Joker, making his next move.'

'But,' replied Batman. 'There is always a Knight to keep you in check. And that is checkmate I believe,' said Batman, making his move.

Joker looked down at the board. 'Blah. I hate chess,' he said, and tossed the chessboard onto the ground, pieces flying everywhere.

Batman stood and looked at Joker. 'I'll always catch you, Joker. Crime will never pay.'

Joker grinned. 'But it's oh so much fun playing the game.' And then he started laughing and going wild, and Batman glared at the clown prince of crime, and left the cell, leaving a wild joker laughing his head off, as the world turned once more.

The End of Blood Metal


(Sent as Tweets to DC initially)

Go for Lindsay Lohan in a new Batwoman Series after the current one ends. Do it about 3 years later. Batwoman should still be hot. Lindsay is a much better choice and will be well received in the role. Do the Batwoman movie with 'Lindsay Lohan' and her enemy played by 'Megan Fox', also with Shia Lebouf as a villain in the movie. Megan and Shia have a kickass final scene with Batwoman. Lots of car and cycle chases, and canal scenes, and the Batboat chase. Megan and Shia are caught and sent to Arkham at the end of the Batwoman movie, and Commissioner Gordon is in the movie. NO Batman, though. Just mentioned. In the Batwoman movie starring Lindsay Lohan as Batwoman, Batwoman encouters 'Chronos' played by Shia LeBouf, who has a giant Clock set up in his HQ. 'Time is running out for Gotham, Batwoman. Who will you save? Will it be?' She has 3 choices. She rushes off to save Maps & Olive (Gotham Academy). In the Batwoman movie Megan Fox 'The Flying Fox' chases Batwoman around Gotham in the first half. Batwoman works her out, and chases Flying Fox around Gotham in the second, saying 'The Hunter has become the Prey. Ironic Justice.' So the Batwoman Movie. 'Batwoman' (Lindsay Lohan' VS Chronos (Shia LeBeouf) and 'Flying Fox' (Megan Fox). Set in Gotham City. Lots of Bike, Car, and Batboat chase scenes. M to MA15+ rated. Nobody gets killed, but has coarse language. Lots of sarcasm. The Batwoman movie has similar feels to the early Batman movies starring Michael Keaton. Chronos is trying to change 'Time' in Gotham, and run things backwards, forwards quickly, and all the timetables and computers are in a mess. There is a crazy gas in the air. In the Batwoman Movie Batwoman goes down 'Vertigo Alley', where Maps and Olive (Gotham Academy) are held prisoner. They are the first choice of ones she has to save. Vertigo Alley is all crazy, with Vertigo Illusions, and she sees things which aren't real. In the Batwoman Movie the 'Time Bandits' (Dwarves) serve Chronos as his henchmen. Flying Fox rivals this with the 'Skunk Girls'. Chronos says 'They really stink.' Flying Fox replies 'Bite me.' Chronos replies 'Love to, but I've a dinner date.' 'Men,' says FF. The end of the Batwoman movie is 'New years Eve' celebration, and Batwoman, Maps & Olive have a party on the rooftop at the end of the movie. 'It's been a hell of a year,' says Batwoman. 'Wait till the next one,' says Olive. 'I'm sure it will go off.' 'Wonderful,'. The Time Bandits have 'Mini VW cars', and chase Batwoman. 'I hate VWs,' says Batwoman. 'Unless they are white. White ones. They rule.' 'These guys have green ones,' says Maps. 'Enviro friendly they may be, theyr'e going down,' says Batwoman. She takes em out 1 at a time. The time bandits retreat to Chronos HQ and say Batwoman is too tough. 'My turn' says Flying Fox, and sends out her Skunk Army in the 'Stinkmobiles', little 'Aston Martins'. They think they're james bond, says Maps. 'I''ll give em the Batfinger then,' replies BW. Batwoman Movie: Time Bandits and Skunks chase her, then FF chases her. BW works all this out, then in 2nd half, chases them around with Maps and Olive. Finds HQ, and defeats bad guys. Also Canal chase with Batboat. Chronos is fussy about time in the Batwoman movie. Gotham must work according to the wonders of time. Space, that can be interesting, but time is the key. It's all about not being on time, to cause a little chronotical mayhem. That's a laugh riot. Villains are funny . The song 'Wind up Toy' from the album 'Hey Stoopid' by 'Alice Cooper' is Chronos theme song for the Batwoman movie. Chronos is introduced in the movie as growing up with his parents and being an obsessive inventor of toys. He goes through all the toys, which are wind up toys, but his parents hardly approve of his choice. But he says 'Everything changed when I found clocks and time.' In the flashback scene of his youth they are all dressed in white.

Batman Vs Ghostmaker

Kimbra - Our 12 Batman Vs Ghostmaker Movies - I'm Alfred and Kimbra is Ghostmaker

We'll do a Batman movie together Kimbra. Privately made. You are a female 'Ghostmaker'. I'm probably 'Alfred', who has a crush on the Ghostmaker, when she barges into Wayne Manor. Batman looks you over and says 'Who the Hell are You?' 'A Female Sir,' I reply as Alfred. 'And quite a dishy one as well.' Lot s of 'cool' action and charm, semi-comedic, and highly intense at times. I'll develop the script myself off of comics ideas from Batman, and we'll do a series of maybe a dozen films with 'Batman Vs Ghostmaker' and Alfred marrying Ghostmaker in the end. I'll work on it eventually in this adventing world to come, and it will be a project for us a long way down the track. Sort of looking for you to be a good friend. I am fond of you, and want a good friendship with you eventually. Hope you like the idea Kiwi Dollface.  


In the third movie Alfred has some 'Good Intent' towards Ghostmaker.  Ghostmaker is obsessed about competing with Batman.  Not really in killing Batman, which is not her intention, but about rivalling him and taking him on.  She notices Alfred, and in the third movie Alfred makes a move on her in Wayne Manor.  She is dining with Bruce Wayne, and Alfred pours out some champage, and touches her white gloved hand briefly as he is pouring out the wine.  Ghostmaker looks at him for a moment, noticing his admiration for her, and, as he leaves the room, she looks after him as he leaves.  She is touched a little by the touch, and is curious about what is going on there.  Batman makes some comments about Alfred, being single, and that 'He obviously likes you'.  'I...noticed,' replies Ghostmaker.  Batman is played by Christian Bale.


In the third movie Alfred takes Ghostmaker to a club and they do 'Good Intent' style dancing.


I dress like Alfred in 'Batman Vs Superman'.  Same sort of Alfred.


I'll have to take lessons for the dancing.  Ghostmaker dresses like Kimbra in the Good intent videos.  It's the same

dancing as in the videos.  The same cast from the video could be the people at the dance club.  Alfred probably knows

them well as friends, and he chats to them when they get to the Club.  Lines like 'Who is this Alfred?'  'My She's a Catch'

and so on are made about Alfred's date Ghostmaker.  They drink at a table after the dancing, and Alfred shares details

of the single life he has lived.  'Serving the Wayne family has never been a chore.  It has been a duty of honour I am honoured

to have been given.  They've been a home for me in life, when other avenues of family where not always so forthcoming.

I am eternally indebted to them.'  'Bruce Wayne.  He's Batman,' says Ghostmaker.  'I've been trailing him.  Followed the Batmobile

till it disappeared outside of Gotham.  There was only one place it could have gone.'  Alfred smiles at her.  'An interesting

observation.  I'll be sure to share that with Mr Wayne.  He's be doubtlessly amused by the idea.'


Ghostmaker fights with long staffs with blades.  She waves them around, and thrusts them at Batman.  In a final scene of a movie Alfred is watching on intently, when Ghostmaker beckons Batman to come fight her.  He says to Batman 'For God's sake don't hurt her Bruce.'  Batman replies 'No promises Aflred.'  They fight it out and Batman eventually knocks away the blades, and punches Ghostmaker in the face, knocking her out.  Later she is in hospital, with a bruised nose, as she comes to her senses, with Batman and Alfred and Commissioner Gordon standing there.  'She caused trouble for Mr Wayne,' Alfred says to the commissioner.  Batman stepped in and sorted her out.   Gordon nods and says, 'Oh, where is Mr Wayne?'  'Uh, he is engaged, sire.'  Gordon looks at Alfred, and then gives Batman a long knowing look and says 'Right'.  'You've got time to serve,' Batman says to Ghostmaker.  'It was worth it,' she replies.  Alfred comes and stands over her.  'I do hope so, my lady.'  She smiles at him.


After the Dance.

'You know, it's really a miracle,' said Bruce Wayne, watching Alfred dust, and dance around the library.

'What is sir?'

'The change which has come over you in the last few days Alfred.  This is NOT Mr Pennyworth.  He has been kidnapped.  And by the Ghostmaker herself it would seem.'

'Indeed sir,' replied Alfred, unperturbed, continuing his dusting.

'It's really a doppleganger,' said Dick Grayson.  'Somebody has cloned Alfred, and injected some go go juice into him.'

'Go go juice?' asked Bruce, eyebrow raised.

'Go go juice,' said Dick.  'They sell it down at the mall.  It's advertised everywhere.'

'I am NOT on go go juice,' stated Alfred.  'Simply in a good mood, master Dick.'

'Obviously,' said Dick Grayson.

'It's like he's 20 years younger,' said Bruce.

'I forget how old Alfred is,' said Dick.

'Information privvy to Thomas Wayne, rest his soul,' replied Alfred.

'I think I might have seen an employment form once,' said Bruce.

'Yes.  You pay Alfred of course.  Never really thought about that.'

'Yes.  I am on a healthy enough stipend,' said Alfred.  'Though I have not much need of it.  I live here, and the estate provides my bed and board as part of my employment.'

'Clothes, I guess,' said Bruce.

'Wayne Enterprises fits me out,' said Alfred.

'Oh, we do do we?' asked Bruce, eyebrow raised.

'I see your own tailor. The family tailor,' said Alfred. 'Worked out long ago.'

'The way he's dancing about he might need some new threads soon too,' said Dick. 'He thinks he's Fred Astaire.'

'A butler in love,' stated Bruce.

'Indeed,' finished Alfred, and made his way to the next room to continuing his dusting.


INTRODUCTORY SCENE OF 'The Dark Night: Ghostmaker's Good Intent (Third in the Dark Knight Ghostmaker Series)


We're here at the scene of the front of the Gotham Gazette, where the Ghostmaker has just left, having shot Two-Face in the chest.  Two-Face is in Intensive

Care at Gotham Memorial Hospital, and Ghostmaker is nowhere to be seen.  Eyewitnesses account that the alleged Assassin, in her war

with the Gotham Underworld, is getting more and more brutal in the methods she employs.  No confirmed killings, but all signs point to a number

of gangland deaths at the hand of the Ghostmaker.  The question is, should we complain about another masked vigilante dealing with the

criminals of Gotham.  In a city like ours, this is just par for the course.


'You're going down, Penguin,' said the Ghostmaker.

'In your dreams, Ghostmaker.  Harvey always had bad eyesight.  Sort of the crooked eye,' said Pengui, waving his hand at his eye.  Ghostmaker stared at him.  'Can't see so well out of one eye, if you know what I mean.'  Ghostmaker continues staring at him. 'Sort of cause he had this accident, and half of his face got covered in acid.  Sort of wrecked one of the eyes.  But that is what we criminals deal with on....' 'Get to the point,' said Ghostmaker, interruputing him.

'DIE GHOSTMAKER,' Yelled Penguin, and suddenly a group of Penguins cronies came on the scene, and surrounded the Ghostmaker. Penguin watches for a moment, and makes his getaway, while the rest of the scene has Ghostmaker fighting then defeating Penguins cronies (she doesn't kille them).


This Ghostmaker is Ghostmakers sister, who has concerns for her brother, but also her own concerns.  She doesn't have the same motivations as her brother, and sees herself more of an 'Avenger' and 'Vigilante'.  Similar to the Punisher.


The Villain psychopath 'Dirty Scream' was in Ghostmakers face.

'Listen, bitch.  You die if you mess with the scream.  I go for the jugular.  I don't play pretty.'

Ghostmaker stood silent like a ghost, and reached her hand out and touched 'Dirty Scream' on the shoulder.

'I know what you did,' she said softly.  'And I forgive you.  But I will still kill you.'

Dirty Scream, dressed in black, with a red crown of thorns on his dirty t-shirt, lunged at her with a dagger, which she

easily fended off with her staff.

'I am merciful,' Dirty Scream.  You'll make a good ghost.  Hell won't be forever.  You're too evil for God to allow that.  Down into

dark death, no more to return.'

Dirty scream lunged at her again, but missed, and yelled 'Stop saying that crap.  There is no God.'

She was suddenly behind him.  'I pity you, you know.  Never known love.  Never known true peace.  Your father probably hit you.  He

probably even abused you, didn't he?'

'Shut up bitch.  You don't know anything about me,' he screeched.

'No.  But I know your type.  I've long known your type.'

'Die,' he screeched,and lunged again, but missed as she stepped aside, and he collapsed on the alley floor.  He lay there,

and starting sobbing.  'You don't understand.  Nobody understands,' he said, whimpering.  But as he looked around, Ghostmaker

was nowhere to be seen.  The he heard a faint voice which said, 'I'll be watching.'


The Dark Knight: Ghostmaker and the Disillusioned

Ghostmaker has first taken on Dirty Scream.  She, with her access to Gotham Criminal records from

an inside source who supports her work, has information on unresolved cases involving psychopaths.

Tracking down 3 of the Psychopaths in this movie, she uncovers them one at a time, finally killing the

3rd and last of them, while letting the first 2 live.  Batman shows up after Ghostmakers work for the

first two psychopaths, and finds them in a state, and hands them over to the police.  He is able to

deduce the work of this sister of ghostmaker, who also shares his name, but with a different agenda,

and is caught between stopping her, and the secret heart of him which approves of what she is doing.

For the third and final psychopath, Batman is present, and intercedes for the psychopath, and fights

Ghostmaker.  It ends in the sewers of Gotham and, inadvertantly in the struggle, the villain is washed

down the sewers and drowns, and Ghostmaker gets away.  Batman finds the villain later, and considers

the situation, and whether he should allow ghostmaker to do what she is doing or not.  this is the 2nd of the

ghostmaker movies, the third being Ghostmakers Good intent.  In the first movie it is more focused on the

male ghostmaker, and based somewhat on Batman 102, but the sister is introduced in that movie and

it explains her origin and motivations for what she is doing.


Just had an idea where John Constantine is smoking in Tokyo at midnight in the rain outside a bar. Logan Wolverine is beside him smoking a cigar. They talk shit for a bit then Constantine says 'Well fuck this. Lets go shag some geisha girls.' Black Label stuff.

Logan flicks away his cigar and says 'Don't mind if I do,' and follows John Constantine inside the bar. The bar is dimly lit, and they sit down and order beers. Geisha girls come up to them after a while.

'Logan San. Nice to see you again,' says a geisha.

'Nice to see you to sweetheart,' replied Wolverine.

'Who is your friend? He looks handsome,' said the Geisha Girl.

'I'm all that and more, child of sin,' replied Constantine.

'Yeh, we sinners,' says the Geisha Girl. 'What of it? Everyone gotta make a fucking living one way or another in this shitty world.'

'I aint faulting you fer it,' replied Constantine. 'In fact, it's exactly what I'm looking fer.'

They are about to go off with the Geisha girls, when large men come into the bar, and surround them.

'I hate days like this,' says Logan.

'Tell me about it,' replies Constantine. 'What do you guys want?' asks Logan.

And the story begins.

'Reach for the Stars: Crisis in Space'.

The Reach are back to conquer Earth and enslave the superheroes with Scarabs to bring them into service to the Reach as leaders in their battles. The Reach succeed for a while. Company wide and Blue Beetle No 1.

The Reach have reached an agreement with the Guardians of the Galaxy that Hal Jordan is a troublemaker, as are all Earth's Green Lanterns, and that humanity is a bastard case which needs to be conquered and controlled. They state their plans to the council of the guardians, dare them to disagree with them, and leave. The Reach land at the Kuiper Belt, and monitor Earth. A dominion ship is stationed there permanently, watching Earth. It doesn't interfere with Earth activity. The Reach ship lands on an asteroid next to the dominion ship. Through the front windows they glare at each other. On Earth Jamie Reyes is having one of those days. Ted Kord, on a Blue Beetle designed skateboard, shows up and suggests they go down to the skatepark. Jamie follows and Ted skates around for a while, and they chat some smalltalk. Jamie starts going on about the scarabe, and Ted is sitting there and says 'Of course, they look like that, don't they?' Jamie looks where Ted is looking, and a Scarab is in the air, monitoring them. The Scarab then suddenly flys away a distance to the other side of the skatepark, and lodges itself in the back of a man. The man walks forward for a while, starting to scratch his back. Ted and Jamie approach. 'Peacemaker,' says Jamie. 'Something like that,' replies the Peacemaker. His eyes glaze over. 'Your gonna have to conform eventually, you know. The Reach rule in the end.' Then his body transforms into a 'Golden Beetle', takes to the air, and flys away. Jamie is about to follow him but Ted puts his hand on his shoulder and says 'Let's wait this one out. Let the dust settle a bit. I want to investigate.'

* * *

'No, I don't want to drink some blood Zombie Quinn,' said Harley Quinn to her doppleganger.

'We can make it batblood if you like. That could be a thrill,' said Zombie Quinn.

'While that would impress me no end to the Batman and his sense of humour, I'll pass thanks. Don't you have anything to do today?'

A scarab flew in through the window and lodged itself in Zombie Quinn's back.

'All hail the Reach,' said Zombie Quinn. 'You'll learn your lesson eventually Harley. We're not pussy Manhunters. We play hardcore bitch. Don't forget it.' And instantly she became a red and blue beetle, went to the window, and flew away.

Harley, looking out the window at the departing Zombie Quinn said 'Not something you see every day.'

* * *

Fire and Ice were on a date. Not with each other. With a guy they'd each agreed to go on a date with – a blind date – to assess if either of them were suitable for him.

'The name is Wild Dog,' said the man, in the hockey mask, sitting down at the table.

'Will you take off the mask, Wild Dog?' asked Ice.

Wild Dog looked around. 4 people in the restaurant had their mobiles ready to click if he would. He spoke to the restaurant. 'I need to date also. I'm asking you, don't take my photo.'

'We have rights,' said a lady on the table opposite him. 'We should be allowed this scoop. It can go on social media, and we could make a lot.'

'I also fight hard core crime. It's in your best interests to keep my id secret.'

She looked at him. 'Ok. I guess so,' she replied. The rest put down their mobiles. Wild Dog took off his mask. People looked. The lady picked up her mobile. 'Can I have one for my personal interests? It won't go online.'

He nodded. The lady took the photo.

'So, that's what you look like,' said Ice. 'You're handsome enough.'

'I always thought you were cute too Ice Maiden.'

'What's that behind you?' asked Fire.

A scarab slipped down Wild Dog's bag, and lodged in his spine. Wild Dog's eyes glazed over and he looked at Fire and Ice. 'You two are nothing but trouble. All hail the Reach.' And he transformed into Green-Grey Beetle, and flew out the door.

'It's all your fault Tora. You always drive them away.'

'I know,' said Tora. 'And I liked him too.'

* * *

The Reach have created an Oxygen Field around a section of the Kuiper Belt, and are bringing in temporary facilities on various of the asteroids. The dominators observe casually and remark on the things their competitors are up to. Superman has surveyed their activity, flying out and watching. He knows it's the reach, and is concerned they are planning something.

The Reach start activating various heroes and villains on Earth with their Scarab technology. After causing much chaos in sparring matches, the Reach Beetles lure the heroes of Earth to the Kuiper belt and imprison them within the Oxygen field they have created. The heroes are pressured into service to the Reach in exchange for Earth being left alone by the Reach. Various groups of Heroes are involved in tasks throughout the galaxy, fighting battles for the Reach to help them build their Empire. Eventually they have had enough, and a resistance having formed, they return to the Kuiper belt, and battle it out with the Reach and their minions. The heroes ultimately prove successful.

Atom and the Hawkman have been with Cyborg in his ranch basement monitoring everything that has been going on. Ray Palmer (The Atom) has been putting together Cyborg's design of a certain object. They had been approached by a Scarab, the Atom had, but Hawkman had grabbed it, and was too strong for it to get away. Hawkman had belted it with his morning star, and it has whirred right down to very low level activity. After dismantling it in Cyborg's ranch basement, they began to construct their own scarabs. They'd had a discussion, you see. Hawkman had stated that 'The heroes will probably win this fight.' Cyborg had replied 'Probably.' Atom had said 'So what.' Then Hawkman had said 'Then let's teach the Reach a lesson.' The lesson they intend to teach the Reach, when the heroes have conquered them, is to place their own scarabs into the Reach to get them to do 'Guardian Duties' around the galaxy as their service to inter-galactic society and to atone for their crimes. This is achieved.

* * *

Anima continued hitting Prometheus in the face, pinning him on the floor. 'Die, Die, Die,' she yelled time and time again. 'You cut me in half, drain me for blood and leave me for dead, and show up again. Just die,' and she continued punching.

Batman, having defeated his adversary, gingerly got up from the ground, and walked, with a limp, and blood on leg, over to Courtney. He looked at Anima pummeling Prometheus face.

'I think he's had enough, Courtney.' Courtney finally stopped, and burst into tears. She looked at Prometheus, with blood all over his face, and broken teeth. 'Hah,' he managed to say. 'Is that all you got?' Courtney collapsed, and lay on her back next to the bleeding Prometheus.

'You're a tough bitch, Anima,' said Prometheus.

Courtney, despite herself, laughed through her tears. 'Thanks,' she said.

Gingerly Prometheus managed to lift his right arm, and it fell on Courtney's chest, his hand near her breasts. He squeezed one. 'And you have nice tits.'

Courtney looked up at the skies. It was going to be one of those days.

On the adjacent Asteroid Superman was in a sorry state. Karnality next to him was pretty bloodied up also, and Wonder Woman equally shoddy.

Antaxx, Locus and Darter stood in front of them. The Scarabs were in their backs, and they were ready for more.

'This century is such fun,' said Locus. 'Chasing after you back in time is unusual. We saw the end of you, and we know you died. Maybe today is that day Superman.'

'I've heard the story from Booster Gold,' said Superman. 'Nobody lives forever, and I can accept that. Whatever my future self of the year 3000 achieved, I am sure his heart was in the right place. But today is not your day Locus.'

The member of the five glared at Superman, and rushed forward again using her power and the Scarab to sink a blade into Superman's arm, who flinched, pulled away, and based Locus in the head. The other two were also struggling.

Up above the asteroids in Space the Dominators still had their tractor beam holding the Reach Ship in place. From the deck of the ship Hawkman looked out at the Reach opposite. '500,000 souls,' said one of the Dominators. The same terms as Starro. 'That should be fine,' said Atom. 'America will host your race. The starros have proved – amusing.'

'We board them now,' said Cyborg. He focused the viewer on the fights below. 'Batman and the others have defeated their opponents,' said Cyborg. 'Superman and Wonder Woman and Karnality are finishing off the heavy hitters.'

'If they can,' said Atom.

'If they can,' echoed Cyborg.

At the bottom of the pit on Asteroid X4, Fire & Ice and Blue & Gold, in chains, where chatting.

'All the action's going on above,' said Blue Beetle.

'We're missing it,' said Booster Gold.

Fire was filing her nails. 'I guess,' she replied.

'What you gonna do?' asked Ice.

'You two have the power to break these chains,' said Blue Beetle.

'So we can join the fight,' said Booster Gold. 'Batman needs our help.'

'I suppose we could break the chains,' said Fire. 'If we were in the mood.'

'Yeh, if we were in the mood,' said Ice.

'You know Tora,' began Beatriz. 'I think it's about time girls ruled the Justice League International.'

'Jesus,' said Blue Beetle. 'You are kidding aren't you? Bwah hah hah ha. That's classic.'

'I'll have to put this in my diary,' said Booster Gold. 'Fire and Ice present the unthinkable to Blue & Gold.'

'Well, we'll just have to enjoy our little hole,' said Fire.

'Make yourself comfortable,' said Ice.

The heroes sat in silence, bound by the chains.

'I suppose some voting structures can be rearranged a bit,' said Blue Beetle. 'The Super buddies are an equal opportunity employer after all.'

'Girls in charge,' said Fire.

'Girls in charge,' said Ice.

'Look, we'll think it over,' said Booster Gold.


'I don't know,' said Blue Beetle. 'We can stay home then. Eat chockie bikkies. Listen to jokes from Lord Slime. Could be fun. Lighter duties. Catch up on some old Oprah shows and stuff. Board games perhaps.'

'I could spend more time at Booster Gold Industries,' said Michael. 'Make some new investments.'

'Then we have a deal?' asked Fire.

'Sure,' said Blue Beetle. 'Scouts honour.'

'Girls in charge,' said Booster Gold.

'I don't know if we can trust them,' said Fire.

Ice blasted the chains with an ice blast, and kicked them, and they cracked. 'We'll just have to Beatriz.'

'And get us up out of here would you,' said Blue Beetle.

'I'm going to smell for a week,' said Booster Gold, as the girls grabbed them and flew upwards.

Blue, Gold, Fire & Ice find the battles are all over, and reflect on that. Everyone is amused when the Reach leaders are brought down to the Asteroids, and fitted by Cyborg and the others with Special Scarabs. The Reach are now enslaved to undo all the damage they did with the heroes.

The End